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Pranburi Kitesurfing Guide: Insider Tips for Your Thailand Adventure
Considering including Thailand in your kitesurfing travels? Here’s why Pranburi should be top of your list.   So, nomad; you’re thinking of doing some kitesurfing in this neck of the woods? Kudos! We reckon it’s a pretty dang good place to do just that (just read our full Thailand kiteboarding [...]
Pranburi, Thailand: Complete Adventure Travel Guide 2019
Looking for an authentic, offbeat destination in Thailand? Find out why Pranburi should be on your radar.   Nestled between a winding river estuary and a protected mangrove forest, Pranburi is quickly becoming the destination of choice for a rising number of nomads seeking a mix of peace, authentic culture, [...]
Best Places to Stay in Kalpitiya for Every Kind of Traveler – Updated for 2019
Looking for the perfect accommodation in Kalpitiya? Here's our rundown of the best places to stay.   If you visited as little as 5 years ago, you’ll remember that the question of ‘where to stay in Kalpitiya’ returned few easy answers. Your options were limited to a small handful of [...]
Kitesurfing in Kalpitiya – A Complete Guide to the Best Kite Spots – 2019
Traveling to Kalpitiya? Here’s exactly what you need to know about the local kite spots, conditions, season, and clubs.   Sri Lanka plays a starring role in the kiteboarding industry, having long been the home of factories and test centers for big brand names like North (err... make that Duotone), [...]
Ultimate Guide to Kalpitiya Diving (Updated for 2019)
Find out everything you need to know about the Kalpitiya diving scene in 2018/19   From the time of the Tamil Kingdom to the rip-roaring watersports events of just last summer, life in Kalpitiya has always revolved around the sea.   Photo: Jeremy Bishop   While the town has long [...]
5 Adventurous Things to do in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka
Looking for exciting things to do in Kalpitiya? You’ve come to the right place. From learning how to kitesurf on the famous flat water lagoons to paddle boarding through the wild mangroves, this article will walk you through our take on the coolest outdoor activities and things to do in [...]
Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne and Back: 5 Easy Ways to Travel – 2019
You can travel from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne (and Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh) via bus, train, private car/van, or motorbike.   The Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne route is a well-trodden trail for backpackers, kitesurfers, and all you nomads looking to swap out the city [...]
Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka: 5 Epic Kite Spots Along The West Coast
If you’re down for some flat water fun and strong wind kitesurfing, Sri Lanka is for you   Sri Lanka has just topped Lonely Planet’s list of must-visit destinations for 2019 (mysteriously followed by Shenzhen in second place… huh. That’s a head-scratcher). So I thought to myself: There’s no better [...]
5 Best Websites to Book Tours and Activities Online – Adventure Sports Special
Looking for the best booking platforms to book the craziest adventure experiences in the wildest locations?   Outdoor adventure travel is the word (or… words) of the day, ladies and gents. I’m talking trekking through the Thai jungles, kitesurfing in the Moroccan desert, and paragliding over the Balinese countryside. If [...]
Surfing in Vietnam: 20+ Bangin’ Breaks for Your Next Adventure
Curious about surfing in Vietnam? Read up on the best waves around the country (and when to score them!)   If you read our monster guide to surfing in Asia, you’ll already know that we’re pretty bonkers about the big ‘Nam. Now, windsurfing and kitesurfing has been big in Vietnam [...]
Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park: 7 Coolest Outdoor Adventures
Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park (sometimes called Sam Roi Yod, which we can literally translate to Mountain of 300 Peaks) is a drop-dead slice of paradise on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand. Filled with marshes, mangroves, mountains, farmland, beaches, islands, and tiny authentic villages, Khao Sam [...]
Surfing in Thailand: 10 Badass Spots for Surfing Nomads
And the million dollar question is... Is there surfing in Thailand? Surfing in Thailand often gets overlooked, since most wave riding nomads tend to head for Bali or the Philippines if they’re planning to hit up the best surf spots in Asia. So here’s the deal: Can you surf in [...]
A Pool Gap in Paradise: New 2.0 Wake Park in Siargao, Philippines
Siargao Wake Park - Philippines   Siargao Island, the undisputed surfing capital of the Philippines, is now home to a brand new 2.0 cable park, naturally named Siargao Wake Park. Since the discovery of its incredible waves in the 1980ies by surf photographer Tony Aruzza and his friend Steve Jones, [...]
We’ve Found the World’s Best Watersports Sunglasses (And We’ll Never Need Another Pair)
Are the Lip Typhoons the best polarized sunglasses for watersports on the market?   When it comes to finding the best watersports sunglasses, the struggle is real. From the spray and salt that’s inevitably getting splashed in your face to the sweat that’s pouring out of you, it’s safe to [...]
9 Best Cable Wake Parks in Southeast Asia – A Wakeboarding Playground
You'll find in southeast Asia some of the best wake parks in the world   Europe tends to jump to the forefront of our minds when we think about the world of wake, but today, wakeboarding in Asia is taking off in a big, big way. Ever since cable technology [...]
Kitesurfing in Thailand: 9 Best Kite Spots – Ultimate Guide 2018
Traveling to Thailand? Check out the best kite spots in the country! The Monsoon season has just arrived in Thailand's gulf, check out the windguru forecast for Pak Nam Pran! Wind forecast for undefined provided by   Remember that island that Roger Moore jetted off to in The Man [...]
14 Best Countries to Surf in Asia: Ultimate Guide for Surfing Nomads
The surf in Asia is awesome   It’s the home of hordes of famous rippers, the host of a zillion world-class surf comps, and the stomping ground of the biggest and baddest names in surf. No doubt about it: Asia’s got some of the best places to surf in the [...]
Could Goa Become the Next Hot Digital Nomad Destination?
"Times they are a'changing"   Goa, with its long-held history of attracting backpackers, hippies, and vagabonds galore, is the sort of place a digital nomad would love to love. Between the smattering of beautiful beaches, quirky culture, and affordable cost of living, Goa has kept up a glowing reputation as [...]
Kitesurfing in Vietnam: 9 Best Spots for 2018
Kitesurfing in Vietnam is worth writing home about   The wind is strong, the weather is warm, and the beer is cheap. ...and did we mention the length of the coastline? ( it’s 3,444 km, FYI). By all accounts, kiteboarding in Vietnam is awesome.   Season for kitesurfing in Vietnam [...]
7 Best Kiteboarding Locations in Asia (Updated – 2018)
Asia’s kitesurfing game is strong   It often passes under the radar of the international kiting community, but in reality: Asia has some of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. It’s the home of big name kite brands like North, Core, Carved, and Best. It’s the stomping ground of [...]
Go Wakeboarding in Chiang Mai at Canyon Wake Park (New – 2018)
The first cable park in all of northern Thailand   That's it! Chiang Mai's Canyon Wake Park now joins a dozen other cable parks in Thailand, all spread between Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket. In the last decade, Thailand has built itself up as the most popular destination in [...]
Mongol Derby: The Toughest Horse Race in the World
“Khorton muur un mara bon.”   I look the Mongolian man directly in his eyes as the words escape my lips. The only words I could speak in Mongolian translated to: “Give me your fastest horse please.” The hardened man’s eyebrows lifted out of both curiosity and respect. He sized [...]
The Ethical Shitfest Of Being A Freelance Writer
It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, man.   I took an ethics module in my last year of college. During one class, we were put into groups of 4 or 5 and asked to discuss which outcome we thought was better: Flying a plane full of people into a building [...]
Falling Face First In The Digital Nomad’s Life
And there we go.   Just over a year ago I was fresh out of college, living in the U.S., working as a waitress, and spending my free time and money on going out. I was terrified of people asking what I did for fun or questioning me about my hobbies [...]
Discover Kenya’s Best Spots With Kiteboarding Brothers
Kitesurfing the Indian Ocean in Kenya   With constant trade winds throughout most of the year and water conditions that'll blow your wildest fantasies out of the water, kitesurfing in Kenya is an unforgettable experience for kitesurfers of all levels. This awesome trip video from Swiss crew Kiteboarding Brothers proves- with style- [...]
5 Coworking Spaces in Hanoi Digital Nomads Will Love in 2018
Your one-stop-shop guide to finding the best coworking space in Hanoi   From the weirdly wonderful city life to its fast-growing entrepreneurial scene, Hanoi is an awesome choice for digital nomads and location independent workers looking for a mix of culture, adventure, and business opportunity. Located in North Vietnam, Hanoi [...]
ISTUDIOMO – An Independent Wakeskate Film
Just good tricks, sick shots and bangin' tunes   The old-school rider-part format of the eighties that shaped most of the skate, snowboard and surf industry is still alive and well thanks to the guts and perseverance of American wakeskater Andrew Roehm, who throws here a dedicated and imperial piece [...]
Why Extreme Sports & Remote Work Make a Happy Lifestyle
The Millennial's Dream   Being raised in a time of limitless connections, digital nomads are computer savvy, multi-skilled, 90% multilingual, and all yearn for a life of perpetual movement and meaningful experiences. I first became aware of the digital nomad community when I learned how to kitesurf, so the connection [...]
Extreme Nomads Selection: 5 Best Dark and Twisted Netflix Originals Shows
We love Netflix.   (And no, we didn't get paid to say that)   For most digital nomads living in foreign lands. watching traditional TV channels is slowly becoming an awkward thing, like a long lost habit from a previous life  - so having the bingeable wonder that is Netflix [...]
Tattoo Artist Profile: Nazareno Tubaro – Buenos Aires
It's the contrast, man.   Who is Nazareno Tubaro? He's an Argentinian tattoo master excelling in a unique style called black work, a style as old as tattooing itself, where the filled up black part of the piece is much more present than empty space, a bit like a negative [...]
All The Best Bangers from 2017 Indmar Trick Of The Year
The Wake Awards   Each year The Wake Awards see the nomination of the best American athletes in wakeboarding and wakeskating through an open video contest, where the craziest trick landed (and obviously shot) gets the winner some cash and glory. The competition saw a monumental switch double mobe from [...]
5 Reasons to Consider Becoming a Freelancer (& Why you should do it NOW)
It wasn’t long ago that society considered the freelance life to be something ungrounded, irresponsible, and pretty much just a foolish substitute for “proper” work. Fast-forward to today, and already more than 35% of the workforce are freelancers- and the number is only set to rise further as our work-life [...]
How to go Full Nomad: 45 Awesome Location Independent Jobs
Just do it.   What do you think of when you think about a job? Don’t think too hard about it; the first thing that comes to your mind will do. Free dental? A pension scheme? Morning rush-hour commutes? Or maybe it’s that corner office. Us? We think of a [...]
Top 5 Picks From “Mahogany Sessions” (That You Should Listen To Right Now)
Mahogany Sessions is a creative take on what a youtube music channel should be. The director makes quite intimate recordings in handpicked locations, usually chosen for their interesting acoustics or ambience. The shooting style is consistent through videos, always recorded in a single shot, wandering around the performance in a [...]