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Who Are We? is a web project launched by Irish copywriter Grace Austin, and French videographer Jim Thirion. With a passion for extreme sports, traveling and storytelling, we created this site to help active nomads navigate the world with a listing of the best destinations sorted by sports and digital nomad friendliness.

We also offer services to brands, from copywriting, content marketing, photography and video production, to consulting services in water sports related projects, such as cable parks or sailing schools. Currently based in Pak Nam Pran, 3 hours from Bangkok, we are ready to fly all over Asia and Oceania for the right gig.

Grace is a copywriter specialized in travel and sports. Originally from Cork, Ireland, she studied chinese culture in university, which was the starting point of her nomadic life. After a first year abroad in Shanghai where she took her mandarin to fluency, she then moved on to Hainan Island, where she discovered kitesurfing and SUPing, before moving on again to Vietnam and finally Thailand. Her regular clients include Bstoked, the Kiteboard Tour Asia or Hanoi Go.

A talented storyteller with an upbeat personality and a captivating voice, she is also sought after as an on-screen and off-screen presenter.

Jim is a videographer and photographer also specialized in the tourism and extreme sports industries. After finishing a cinema school in France in 2008 with itchy feet, he booked a one way flight to Thailand for what was supposed to be a 3 month backpacking trip, and eventually fell in love with the country, which became his main winter base for the last 10 years. Having worked mostly with the Kiteboard Tour Asia and other action sports brands in the last decade, he excels in producing adrenaline-fueled films that captivate the spectator and bring in that powerful “wow effect” that widens eyeballs and marks the brain for good.

With an extensive background in seamanship thanks to a previous career as a deckhand in the yachting industry, and being an avid snowboarder, wakeboarder, kitesurfer and sailor, Jim is able to capture these sports perfectly as well as produce unique POV shots that will make the difference in the competitive adventure travel industry.

As we start growing an audience through our destination guides, blog activity and social media, we will open up services to brands looking to reach this audience, such as brand ambassadorships, social media campaigns and advertising opportunities.

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Cover Picture: Jim Thirion