Mahogany Sessions is a creative take on what a youtube music channel should be. The director makes quite intimate recordings in handpicked locations, usually chosen for their interesting acoustics or ambience.

The shooting style is consistent through videos, always recorded in a single shot, wandering around the performance in a very natural way, making you feel like you’re actually there, walking in a private set created exclusively for yourself to enjoy.

You’ll see many up and coming talents as well as more known names like Jack Garratt, Massive Attack, Charlie Cunningham, Fink or Joss Stone. The channel was born in 2009 and now has more than 450 000 subscribers. 400+ videos have already been published, so if you like the style, you just hit the jackpot (at least for a few weeks).

Check out the Mahogany blog.

Best Of Mahogany Sessions:

Jack Garratt plays “Weathered” in a sweet little flat in north London. See more of him hier.

Ady Suleiman plays “What’s The Score” in a vineyard, south of France. Check his site hier.

Laura Marling plays “Wild Fire” in a lovely setup with her band. See more hier.

St-Paul and The Broken Bones play “All I Ever Wonder” in a courtyard. Check them out hier.

Alice Phoebe Lou plays “Nostalgia”, this girl got so much talent! Check out her site!

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Jim Thirion

Ik ben een actie sport videograaf met een achtergrond in snowboarden, kitesurfen, wakeboarden en vele andere 'ings. Na 10 jaar in Zuidoost-Azië te hebben gewoond, ben ik in 2020 in Frankrijk gestopt voor een snelle olieverversing en een pandemie en zou ik binnenkort weer kokosnoten moeten gaan splitsen.

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