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When you do something with all your heart, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. But when you go fishing without proper gear, you move between fishes, gasping for air.

What does it imply? A long wide deck board with a flat hull and essential accessories is your savior. Because a shorter board with a slim profile will force you to swim because Rohu needs some space.

A great fishing paddle board not only offers enough gear storage, a sturdy surface, and a necessary accessory but also allows a chance to catch fish without performing a snake dance and caring about stability every time you cast a bait caster.



Top Pick

Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 Inflatable

  • Color: Sea Green/White
  • Sport Type: SUP Paddling

Most Durable

Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board

  • Color: Red terre
  • Sport Type: SUP Paddling

Budget Friendly

Aqua Marina Inflatable SUP Board

  • Color: Grey/White
  • Sport Type: ‎SUP Paddling

Best Performance

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package

  • Color: Blue
  • Sport Type: Stand Up Paddleboarding

Ideal for Fishing

ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable SUP Board

  • Color: Green
  • Sport Type: SUP Paddling

Highly Functional

California Board Company CBC 10′

  • Color: Camouflage
  • Sport Type: Fishing

Now that you have learned what stands important while buying a fishing paddle board read on to find out about some of the greatest champions of this recreational activity on the market.

6 Best Fishing Paddle Boards – Top Picks

I have chosen six of the best fishing sups for you, so read on and find your savior, crown it, pay for it, and then make it pay for your tasty dinner.

1. Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 Inflatable

fishing paddle board

What do whales have for dinner? They eat fish and ships. Well, I have reservations about their full course meal because I love my human fellows. Let me introduce you to the Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126, a hunter of the stunning creature of the deep.

The moment I led my eyes on it, I decided to fork out the required amount just to hold my fork against the mouth-watering fish and because I refused to get eaten by the whale.

The board is a dream of every fisherman out there, as this SUP has to offer terrific fishing gear. This inflatable fishing paddle board seems to be designed specifically for a fly fishing adventure.

Now, let’s talk about its engineering. The tip/nose of the board boasts a vast area to safely store your bare essentials, saving your day literally. On the deck, you’ll find the availability of four-rod holders to ensure a worry-free ride with pals. This way, you can bring multiple rods to this exhilarating journey.

It also features a ruler that can measure the fish and mock you for bringing tiny poor fish on board every time. For excellent buoyancy and superior stability, this board features a 1000 denier drop-stitch traction pad for optimum width and length, a wide-shaped back, and a pointed nose. One can also attach a SUP motor for speeds.

The board boasts 6 inches thickness which adds to its sturdiness and strength to bear the weight of 2 adults up to 500 lbs. If talk about the whole package, it involves two paddles (a single blade for stand-up paddling and a double blade for paddling when seated), a swivel chair, a dry bag for gear storage, and a manual double-action pump.


  • Length: 12’6”
  • Width: 40.15 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight: 44.09 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 500 lbs.


The board seems to be specifically made for your fishing tours, with its task-oriented engineering, the board has a lot to offer.


The company claims the board to be inflated within 7 minutes; however, in reality, it takes about 15 minutes with a double action pump.

Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 Inflatable

The price of “Sea Eagle Fish SUP 126 Inflatable” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board

fishing paddle board

Are you sick of the wear and tear and corrosion of the boards you had bought before? And you are reluctant to buy a new one, but the tiny humans want to explore the waters with hues like emerald greens and turquoise blues?

Speaking of rivers, let me introduce you to the King of the river – Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board. The board terrifically handles the lakes and rivers, owing to its sturdiness and qualities like UV resistance and corrosion resistance.

Despite being exceptionally low weight at 20 lbs, the board can handle up to a maximum of 330 lbs. At 34 inches, it is wider than many paddleboards on the market, giving you extra space for SUP paddling with much-needed stability.

This artistic board, with its attractive red terre color and terrific carrying capacity, is the right choice if you want to bring along your fishing partner. Besides being spacious, it is slip resistant. It comes with an aluminum paddle that is adjustable in length but doesn’t offer a kayak paddle. Neither does the board features any kayak conversion kit.

If we talk about additional accessories, the board boasts 5L waterproof backpack for storage, three fins (removable) for directional stability, a double-action fast inflating pump, a waterproof mobile phone cover, and a leash.


  • Length: 11′
  • Width: 34 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight: 20 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 330 lbs.


The exceptionally lightweight board is easy to carry to the travel spots.


Mousa inflatable paddle boards for fishing do not offer kayak conversion kits.

Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board

The price of “Mousa Inflatable Paddle Board” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

fishing paddle board

Aqua Marina is one of the most applauded brands for the quality products they offer. It offers a specially designed, exquisite fishing paddle board with all the bare essentials you need. For instance, with two-rod holders, it lets you easily carry your equipment without causing any unwelcoming trouble. This rod holder capacity is what I am rooting for!

The most prominent feature of this dedicated fishing SUP is the fish cooler box that comes along with it. The exciting part is that you can use it as a seat, as this will provide you with a different angle for fish hunting than if you are sitting down on the deck.

This best fishing paddle board, with its 10 feet and 10 inches long and 38 inches wide profile, features a maximum of 300 lbs. carrying capacity. The board boasts a cooler box with a backrest, a high-pressure pump, a detachable fin, a backpack, fishing rod holders, independent side chambers for stability, and a paddle.

If you have got any back problems, you might want to consider this board for a comfortable experience. But be aware that some models might not be offering the cooler box in the whole package. Do your homework, and spend money wisely.


  • Length: 10’10”
  • Width: 38 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight: 27.1 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 300 lbs.


The board comes cheaper in comparison to its alternatives in the market.


Aqua marine offers a weight capacity of 300 lbs. which doesn’t seem suitable for carrying two adults on the board.

Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board

The price of “Aqua Marina Drift Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Board” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Bluefin Cruise SUP Package

fishing paddle board

Bluefin Cruise SUP is our top best choice for its versatility as it can go with any style, be it any fishing adventure. It means you can have different paddling adventures as it features fins and advocates stellar tracking and stability, courtesy of its ability to get pumped up to 28 PSI. This particular capacity of this inflatable SUP paddleboard makes it exceptionally rigid and sturdy.

This inflatable fishing SUP offers an optimum length of 10 feet 8 inches for 2 persons to stand on, along with its 33 inches width and 6 inches thickness. Its spaciousness allows you to do SUP fishing easily without making your board feel poky. And please don’t worry about slipping while saving the fishes you did catch, the deck pad is as secure as Fort Knox.

The Bluefin Cruise SUP package features a fiberglass two-piece paddle as lightweight as a feather, making paddling an easy task for you. Also, it comes with a double-action pump for inflation and deflation, a coiled leash, a kayak seat, and a bag for storage.

Speaking of storage, let me introduce you to its storage area near its nose. It is equipped with D-rings for better safety and security.


  • Length: 10’8”
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight: 38.8 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 287 lbs.


This effortlessly controlled inflatable fishing paddle has a lot to offer. Besides just fishing, it can also allow you to kayak in white water or SUP paddling in angry or flat waters. How versatile!


The board doesn’t come with rod holders.

Bluefin Cruise SUP Package

The price of “Bluefin Cruise SUP Package” varies, so check the latest price at

5. ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

fishing paddle board

This premium inflatable paddle board offers an exhilarating experience on rivers, lakes, and oceans with its 11 feet long length and 6 inches thickness. Such width and length offer balance and stability while standing sturdy and rigid. Despite that thickness, length, and width, the board weighs only 29.1 lbs.

One can use this board not only for fishing or paddle boarding but also for sunbathing and doing exercises like yoga. What an all-rounder! The board has to offer a non-slip EVA deck pad, which is manufactured of high quality yet soft. The traction pad offers a good grip and keeps you from falling while catching fish for your delicious dinner.

The board has 3 detachable fins at its bottom for better trekking in water. This capacity keeps the board steady while improving the overall stability and speed of this fishing SUP.

Like most fishing paddle boards, this stand-up paddle board also comes with a dual-action pump, 11 feet long aluminum paddle, repair kit, backpack, three removable fins, and a waterproof bag.


  • Length: 11′
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Thickness: 6 inches
  • Weight: 29.1 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 330 lbs.


The board shows off its sturdy and ergonomically made paddle and handle.


Some customers seem to complain about the quality of the waterproof bag, its zippers, and buckle, proclaiming them to be of low quality.

ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The price of “ADVENOR Extra Wide Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board” varies, so check the latest price at

6. California Board Company CBC 10′

fishing paddle board

California board company offers a completely different feeling while out fishing. The board is a complete package because it comes with a gear rack, a metal rod, and a cooler mount. Isn’t it all that we want on our fishing tours?

The 10 feet long board boasts a 33 inches width and 5 inches thickness. All these properties work in your favor if you ride this goal-directed board. The custom-molded shape of the board boasts an eps foam core and a wide deck with an attached traction pad which gives it a stale experience.

If we talk about solving the gear storage issue, the board has got you covered. Unlike many paddle boards in the market, California board company offers a dual bungee system at the nose and rear of the board. Well, I see you packing bags of gear now, but hold on, do your homework on its weight carrying capacity first.

The camouflage patterned board gives off a tough look while doing competition with the competitive boards on the market. It supports up to 275 lbs. of weight, so better not mess with it by carrying heavy loads.

Now let’s talk about its accessories, which include a metal rod, a metal rack, a paddle leash, a camera mount, and an aluminum-made paddle. Not to mention, the metal rack is the main USP of this product.


  • Length: 10′
  • Width: 33 inches
  • Thickness: 5 inches
  • Weight: 26 lbs.
  • Carrying capacity: 275 lbs.


This is a great board that offers complete and appropriate fishing gear for a fishing journey. The most prominent accessory it possesses is the practical gear rack with a rod holder.


The hardboard isn’t inflatable, so it makes it difficult to carry, transport and store.

California Board Company CBC 10′

The price of “California Board Company CBC 10′” varies, so check the latest price at

Things To Be Noted Before Buying

Here is a list of things that must be kept in mind while choosing the best paddle board for a great fishing trip.

Board Stability

Stability is all you need, especially if you are a newbie to fishing and paddle boarding. Always consider the size of the board (A larger board with a long length and wide deck offers more stability), the number of fins offered, and the shape and profile of the board (a flat hull is preferred) before buying it.

As it tells you a lot about your experience in water, whether it would be tranquilly fishing in the river, or swimming in the water pretending to be a mermaid.

Board Weight Capacity

A board that suits your body weight is the key to a great fishing experience. How? Because instead of fishes catching you, you end up catching fishes.

Besides your weight, always take into account the weight of your carrying items. Sum it up and then select the board with a complimentary weight. But always remember that a heavy-weight board will slow you down a bit, as it will be difficult to paddle. Also, if you are a heavy rider but end up buying a lightweight board, be ready to change your journey from fishing to swimming.

You must choose the boat that is compatible with multi-person it will help you.

Storage Space

Before buying a board, kindly check if it has enough gear storage space and mandatory tie-down points like D-rings and bungee cords. One cannot fancy going fishing without taking along essential equipment. Also, when you are done catching a fish, the fish and you always need some space to accept what just happened.

Board Deck Pad

The deck pad of the paddle board must be made non-slip and sturdy. It also should be comfortable to stand on to avoid swollen feet. You cannot risk slipping when your wife is waiting for you to come home with a bucket of fish and not a twisted ankle. I mean, who did you think was going to prepare dinner?

Board Accessories

Who doesn’t want something extra for the almost same price? And who even wants to go fishing without proper fishing gear? I certainly don’t, and I’m sure you also don’t fancy it. So, make sure that the board comes with a complete accessory package. The most important of them are bungees, tie-downs, and rod holders.


Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Good for Fishing?

Inflatable boards prove to be more suitable for fishing due to the thickness and lightweight quality they provide. They sit higher on the water than an epoxy board or hard ones and are easy to transport.

How Can I Stabilize My Board Enough That I Feel Confident Casting and Reeling In Catches?

You are required to downsize the amount of gear you are bringing to balance the board because you are doing more than just standing. You need enough stability to switch between rods, cast, and baits. And the most important of them all, you are expected to reel in big fish without focusing on staying balanced.

In addition to that, you are required to minimize movement or disruption, and keep your head and shoulders up and in line with the body to keep from falling.

Because when you look down at the water for baiting, you push your center of gravity forward and fall like you intended to. So, keep a straight posture and loosen up your knees a bit to tackle any wake or water movement.

Are There Any Benefits to Stand-Up Paddle Boarding?

Yes! Indeed, paddle boards make great gear for fishing as the view they provide is unmatchable. Moreover, they are comparatively cheaper and fun to use. The size and slimness of the paddleboard also allow you to explore spots you couldn’t dig before with the big arse boats.


SUP fishing lets you explore new horizons, especially those high and shallow spots you couldn’t reach with a big boat.

You are required to decide if you want to go solo or if you want to fish along with your partner. If your journey involves two adults, pick one of the paddle boards that feature a maximum carrying capacity of 500 lbs, so you can be sure you don’t go home without your fellow. For one person, a fishing paddle board with a carrying capacity of 300lbs. or less can work.

Besides that, go for a paddleboard that has a lot to offer. I mean, fishing is a messy task that demands a lot of attention and equipment. So, better not to risk going fishing without essential accessories and coming back with one fish because you couldn’t save more.

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