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A few words about Indonesia


Known for its idyllic beaches, smoking volcanoes, and unearthly komodo dragons, exploring Indonesia is like dreaming with eyes open.

Nestled in between the Indian and Pacific oceans, Indonesia is a melting pot of colour and culture. It’s an island nation that sits bang in the middle of the ancient trading routes between the Far East, South Asia, and Middle East, and has therefore acted as a canvas on which other cultures have made their mark.

The country is made up of a chain of thousands of volcanic islands, some still spewing ash and molten lava from their craters in the clouds. Yet in between centuries-wide eruptions, extreme nomads head for these hills to put their trekking skills to the test.

From the deepest jungle sanctuaries filled with tigers and orangutans to the sprawling city streets of the capital in Jakarta, life in Indonesia beats to its own vibrant rhythm.

Before you set of on your own Indo adventure, get to know the country a little better by brushing up on the most interesting facts about Indonesia.

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