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Looking for your next nomad destination? Are sports, outdoors and lifestyle deciding factors? Extreme Nomads is a handcrafted destination guide to learn everything you need to know about:

Local Lifestyle
Internet – Wifi & Mobile
Sports & Outdoors
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Travel Information
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Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy

The Team


Extreme Nomads is a side project by freelance writer Grace Austin, and sports videographer Jim Thirion.

Embracing the digital nomad lifestyle for the priceless perk of traveling the world as we work along, we are pushed to explore the unique opportunities presented by online income models.

The Community


Extreme Nomads is focused on providing accurate and relevant information, acquired through first-hand experience or with the help of fellow digital nomads, sports professionals and amateurs around the world. If you see any wrong or dated information, or know something that you think would be useful for others, please let us know. You can also join our facebook group to ask any questions regarding a spot, a country, a sport or simply say hi!

Cover Picture: Nainoa Shizuru