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We cover all sorts of sports in all sorts of places. Kitesurfing and board sports in general are what we talk about the most, but you’ll also find hiking and sailing content, and more random stuff, we keep an open mind. You can explore our content either by destination in our travel category, or by activity in our sports category.

We specialize in destination guides covering specific activities in interesting regions, for example these guides to the best wake parks in Asia, the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka, or the best hikes in Ireland, but we also zero in on all the outdoor activities available in a specific spot, like our monster guides to Hua Hin in Thailand, Phan Rang in Vietnam, or Siargao in Philippines. Never done a particular sport before? We’ve recently started to publish starter guides like this complete guide to learning wakeboarding at a cable park.

We’re also proud affiliate partners with a few brands in the action sports industry that we love and we publish gear guides and test products / services in both sports and tech that we think our readers will be stoked with.

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