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Are you looking for your next destination? Can’t live without your favorite sports?

Extreme Nomads is a tool to help you find and compare the best locations around the world

to do the adrenaline sports and outdoor activities that you love.

Just select a destination, or a sport, and start exploring.


Average local and national internet speeds for WiFi and 3/4G, plus need-to-know info about SIM cards and data



Details about the best adrenaline sports and outdoor adventures in each place, from spot guidance and seasons to where to rent your gear



Reviews and recommendations of the top coworking spaces and work-friendly cafes in the area



Advice for short, medium, and long term rentals, including how to find the best deals and what prices you should expect to pay


A peek at what it’s really like to live there, plus insider tips on the best farmers’ markets, shops, restaurants, bars, and more


Planes, trains, buses, and bikes; everything you need to know about how to get to your destination and, once there, how to get around

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The Story

Boardriders, snow seekers, mountain climbers and ocean divers. What do we all have in common?

A love of the outdoors? Sure. A passion for adventure? Definitely. A burn for a life of meaningful experiences and deeper connections? Now you’re talking.

If you’re as crazy for adrenaline sports and outdoor adventure as we are, you know that this stuff is more than just an activity or a sport. It’s a way of life.

Lovers of the outdoors and doers of action sports know travel is the glue that holds our global community together. It’s what allows us to seek out the best conditions around the world- be it wind, waves, snow, mountains, or reef.

To travel the world in pursuit of your passions is an invaluable gift- although to many, it may seem like little more than a far off dream. But in our fast-changing world, we know there’s an opportunity to make this dream a reality for anyone brave enough to put their most adventurous foot forward.

Our platform is dedicated to providing the resources and inspiration you need to create a life where your passions come first, whether that means discovering how to become a digital nomad, finding location independent jobs, moving to a new country, or simply seeking out the best places to surf, kitesurf, windsurf, wakeboard, ski and snowboard, dive, hike, paraglide, climb, or paddle. Each of our guides has all the information you’ll need to get started and make the most of a new destination; a destination you choose based on its sports, outdoors, and adventure offerings.

We hear you; life on the road is all well and good, but what about when it comes to work? How can a life of movement be sustainable? In our world, the answer really does lie in working smarter, rather than working more.

It’s about designing flexible work so that your play gets the time it deserves. It’s about knowing that the best session of your life could come today. Or tomorrow. Or any day, actually, because you don’t need to wait for the weekend or annual holiday to do what you love anymore. It’s about achieving a life of balance.

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