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Beautiful Heated Air

Nothing is more heavenly than an extended ski trip. After a day amongst white, frozen waves, you begin to defrost in your hotel room, eager for tomorrow. Hoping that your room’s warm air will dry your boots quickly, but it never does.

However, there is a better way!

In fact, you can dry your snow ski boots while you enjoy a nice cup of… well, whatever you drink. Sounds pleasant, and I can make it more so when I tell you that the drying process is expedited.

After all, who wants to wait more than a few hours to have their ski boots dry and ready to go?

Time is money, it’s precious, and wet boots can quickly waste it away. Fear not! With the best ski boot dryers, you can kiss damp boots and that gross splotching sound that they make goodbye!

There’s more to be said, read on to hear all about it.



Best Ski Boot Dryer

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

  • Brand:DRYGUY
  • Material:Synthetic

Best Build Quality

PEET Multi Electric Boot Dryer

  • Brand:PEET
  • Material:Other

Best In Safety

 KOODER Gloves and Boot Dryer

  • Brand:‎KOODER
  • Material:nylon 

Best Portable Boot Dryer

MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer

  • Brand: MaxxDry
  • Material:Neoprene. Polyester

Best Versatility

 DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer

  • Brand:DRYGUY
  • Material:Plastic

Best Versatility

Jobsite Original Gloves and Boot Dryer

  • Brand:JobSite
  • Material:Plastic

The 6 Best Ski Boot Dryers

A ski boot dryer would seem like a simple contraption, but there is more to them than just keeping your footwear moisture free. The ski boots dryers deliver a service that not even direct sunlight can compete with.

The point is, that a good boots dryer is great but the best ski boot dryers listed below are lifesavers.

 1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

snowboard boot warmers

The Dx forced air boot dryer receives top marks in just about every category that matters. It reaches high temperatures without damaging the inner liners and materials of your boots. This is because of how quickly it dries your gear.

The more time something spends on a boots dryer, the more likely it is that the gear will be damaged in some way. A dryer that can completely dry your gear in only a couple of hours completely circumvents this issue.

snow boot dryers

Keep in mind that there was no way to make this high-grade heating possible had this dryer been battery-operated.

Surprisingly lightweight and with rapid release ports for a speedy end result, there aren’t many negative things that you can say about this dryer.


  • Drying Time: One to two hours
  • Weight: Five pounds
  • Best Feature: Does not damage liners or garments
  • Warranty: One year
  • Battery Powered: No, comes with a power cord


  • Rapid-release drying ports that completely dry wet ski boot in under two hours.
  • Comes with a one-year warranty that will give you peace of mind.
  • Despite reaching one hundred and five degrees Fahrenheit, won’t damage your gear.


  • Extra accessories have to be purchased separately.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

The price of “DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer” varies, so check the latest price at

 2. PEET Multi Electric Boot Dryer

best ski boot dryers

When a product comes with a full twenty-five-year warranty, you know that whatever it is that you just bought is built to last. However, all of this durability and longevity had to come at the cost of something.

The Peet dryer is heavier than all of the other boot dryers on this list. When you’ve got a heavy-duty build you’re gonna be heavy. Fortunately, even the drying process benefits from the extra weight.

best portable boot dryer

Capable of taking your wet boots and drying them completely in only three hours, much less if they are only damp. You can also dry two pairs of boots at the same time, even if they are both made from different materials.

It’s a beast but a gentle one!


  • Drying Time: Three hours
  • Weight: Six point forty-four pounds
  • Best Feature: Can safely dry several fabrics and materials
  • Warranty: Twenty-five years. WOW!
  • Battery Powered: No, power cord included


  • This awesome dryer can dry and won’t damage the following materials: leather, rubber, vinyl, neoprene, canvas, synthetics, fleece, felt, and microfiber.
  • Can dry two pairs of boots quickly and at the same time.
  • Has an energy saver design that uses less electricity than a light bulb.


  • Weighs a bit more than the other dryers due to high-quality build.

PEET Multi Electric Boot Dryer

The price of “PEET Multi Electric Boot Dryer” varies, so check the latest price at

3. KOODER Gloves and Boot Dryer

best boot dryer

The Kooder boot dryer costs less than a few gallons of gas. Now that is one heck of a selling point, but it doesn’t end there. This dryer isn’t just the cheapest one on the list but it is also one of the lowest weighing.

Taking into account these two factors, it is surprising just how effective the Kooder is at drying your boots. Depending on the size and wetness of your boots, this dryer can have them ready to go in four hours.

It achieves this goal by having a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree heating range. Every inch of your boots will be purged of any moisture or wet snow. You plug this dryer into the wall but its power cord is capable of withstanding several pounds of pulling pressure.

Suffice it to say, this one won’t break down on you.


  • Drying Time: Four hours or more
  • Weight: Eleven ounces
  • Best Feature: Incredibly lightweight build
  • Warranty: Not available
  • Battery Powered: Not battery powered


  • Has complete three hundred and sixty-degree heating.
  • Comes with fantastic temperature controls that prevent overheating.
  • Has a heavy-duty cable that can withstand several pounds of pulling pressure. Nothing stops the heating fun.


  • Can’t heat multiple ski boots at the same time.

 KOODER Gloves and Boot Dryer

The price of ” KOODER Gloves and Boot Dryer ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer

best boot and glove dryer

Despite this boot and glove dryer needing several hours to dry your gear, it has several other features that saw it catapulted onto this list. For one, it is safe enough to be left on overnight.

Most dryers shouldn’t be left on as we sleep because it could prove fatal. Fortunately, the MaxxDry releases hot air in spurts, preventing any insane build-up of heat from occurring. Not only does this eliminate the possibility of a fire starting, but it also prevents your boots from getting damaged.

best shoe dryers

The MaxxDryer is another product that was built to last and it comes with a thirty-year warranty to prove it. By far, my favorite feature has to be that it can dry boots that are up to 16 inches long.

There isn’t a pair of boots that can beat this dryer.


  • Drying Time: Several hours
  • Weight: Two point seven pounds
  • Best Feature: Can dry boots up to sixteen inches tall
  • Warranty: Thirty-year warranty. WOOW!
  • Battery Powered: No, power cord included


  • Can easily become a gloves dryer without the need for any accessories.
  • Is safe enough to leave on overnight as it drys your wet ski boots.
  • Has fluted pipes that improve airflow and maximize efficiency.


  • Wish I could dry more pairs of boots at one time.

MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer

The price of “MaxxDry Ski Boot and Glove Dryer ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer

ski boot dryer review

What caught my attention about the Dryguy Travel dryer was the open frames alongside the bottom exterior of its build. What these open frames do is release heat in an incredibly efficient way.

Spreading out the warm air evenly. The next interesting thing about this dryer was its compact size. With a small and tiny build that doesn’t weigh an inch, you can store this dryer in any ski boot bag you own.

what is the best boot dryer

Don’t even worry about power outlets because the Travel has an AC/DC adapter that can be plugged into your car or home. This is what true portable design is. Being able to go anywhere and work everywhere.

Despite its size, it only takes a few hours to completely dry your equipment.


  • Drying Time: Several hours
  • Weight: One point twenty-five pounds
  • Best Feature: Can be used at home or in your vehicle
  • Warranty: One year
  • Battery Powered: Comes with power adapter


  • Has an AC/DC power adapter that can be plugged into your vehicle or home.
  • Hybrid design that uses fans and heated air to dry your boots quickly.
  • A small and portable ski boot dryer that can be taken anywhere.


  • Only heats up to ninety-nine degrees.

 DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer

The price of ” DryGuy Travel DX Boot Dryer” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Jobsite Original Gloves and Boot Dryer

ski boots dryer

As the name would suggest, this is another dryer that can handle and work with all kinds of gear. Warm ski gloves and boots only being the tip of the iceberg. What I like most about this dryer is that its versatility is multifaceted.

You can choose from three different options, with each option increasing the amount of gear that you can dry at the same time. Whatever great option you end up choosing, each one has the same heating modes.

There’s extensive drying, timed modes, and even a thirty-minute pre-heat mode.

Take into account these different features and keep in mind that all kinds of different gear can be dried using the Jobsite Original, and it is easy to see why I named it the king of versatility.

ski boot dryer


  • Drying Time: Depends on which option you choose
  • Weight: Depends on which version you choose
  • Best Feature: Comes with a warm-up mode
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Battery Powered: No, power cord included


  • You can choose from three options, with each option capable of heating more pairs of boots than the last.
  • Multi-purpose drying ports that can handle whatever you throw at them.
  • Several drying modes for different levels of wet gear.


  • Quality ski boot dryer but comes with no drip tray.

Jobsite Original Gloves and Boot Dryer

The price of “Jobsite Original Gloves and Boot Dryer” varies, so check the latest price at

Consider the Following For Getting The Best Ski Boot Dryer

Ski boot dryers are great. Heavy boots, long boots, short boots, all boots! With a proper portable ski boot dryer, they can all be heated and treated to a good time. But wait a moment! You don’t want to get this wrong.

Purchasing a low-quality dryer can be dangerous at worst and a waste of money at best.

I don’t like those odds.

Below, we’ve listed the three features you’ve got to look out for in order to get a high-quality dryer that won’t waste your time… or light your house on fire.

Portability Of An Air Boot Dryer

Portable ski boots dryers are game changers because being able to dry your gear anywhere means that you’ll always be ready to take on the slopes. But what exactly makes a warmer portable? The answer is a great design.

You may have noticed that none of the dryers we have listed above are battery-operated, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be portable. The DryGuy Travel Dry Dxis a portable dryer because of its lightweight and compact design.

This is key, you want a dryer that is small in size but still capable of drying your gear.

The Drying Time Of Your Ski Boot

This may be the most important feature to look out for. Boot dryers that can completely dry your gear in as little time as possible are essential. The whole point of a dryer is to dry your boots and prevent any bad odors from sprouting.

The faster the drying process, the better. The Dryguy force airis the best in class, thanks to its powerful vents that completely dry your gear in only a couple of hours.

However, there are several options above that’ll get the job done within a similar time frame.

A Good Boot Dryer and Versatility

How does versatility fit into the equation? How does one even gauge the versatility of a dryer? This quality is measured by how many items and how many different kinds of items a dryer can dry.

But that’s not all. All the different ways a dryer can be used and how it dries your gear can also count toward its overall versatility score.

TheJobsite originalis the most versatile dryer on the list because of the different heating modes that it comes with, among other factors.

My Final Thoughts

Best boot dryers seem like an unneeded luxury, that is until you’ve tried one. It’s not until you experience the amount of time saved, the removal of bad odors (as well as their prevention), and their convenience, that you realize that a ski boot dryer is a necessity.

How many hours of skiing can you squeeze in with the time saved by ski boots dryers? It’s difficult to quantify, and that’s a good thing.

Seriously, before you head out, place your dry ski boots onto your dryer. After a few minutes, you’ll be getting a warm interior for your feet to cuddle up in. Skiing will never be the same.

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