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Just good tricks, sick shots and bangin’ tunes

The old-school rider-part format of the eighties that shaped most of the skate, snowboard and surf industry is still alive and well thanks to the guts and perseverance of American wakeskater Andrew Roehm, who throws here a dedicated and imperial piece of film, a 4 years long project made available for free, “because we want this film to reach every possible person it can. We can’t hide this film behind a paywall, behind a subscription, or any other barrier. We need this film available to the world, we need wakeskating known by the world.”

To support the artist – Check out istudiomo.com

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Jim Thirion

I'm an action sports videographer with a background in snowboarding, kitesurfing, wakeboarding and many other 'ings. After 10 years in Southeast Asia, I've stopped home in France in 2020 for a quick oil change and a pandemic and should be back splitting coconuts shortly.


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