The Wake Awards

Each year The Wake Awards see the nomination of the best American athletes in wakeboarding and wakeskating through an open video contest, where the craziest trick landed (and obviously shot) gets the winner some cash and glory.

The competition saw a monumental switch double mobe from Steel Lafferty that made the cut. A few other guys blew our minds off too, like John Dreiling with a board bending rail to rail transfer, or Cory Teunissen’s massive stalefish double backroll.

For the girls, Anna Nikstad wins the first spot with a KGB 540 off the kicker.

For more info, check out The Wake Awards.

Indmar trick of the year – boys

Indmar Trick of the year – Girls

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Jim Thirion

Sono un videografo di sport d'azione con un background in snowboard, kitesurf, wakeboard e molte altre cose. Dopo 10 anni nel sud-est asiatico, mi sono fermato a casa in Francia nel 2020 per un rapido cambio d'olio e una pandemia e dovrei tornare a breve a spaccare noci di cocco.

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