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Just do it.

What do you think of when you think about a job? Don’t think too hard about it; the first thing that comes to your mind will do.

Free dental? A pension scheme? Morning rush-hour commutes? Or maybe it’s that corner office.

Us? We think of a job the way we think of a passport.

We understand and appreciate its worth, we take care of it, and we value it. But it’s not the thing itself that we love.

It’s what it allows us to do that gets our fires burning.

Remote Work & the Downfall of the American Dream

As our world becomes more and more connected by virtue of the internet and cheap airfare, our collective desire to experience new horizons is growing in ways we’ve never seen before.

Our ideals are changing- fast.

Where once the pinnacle of “success” meant nailing down a decent job with a good salary and a stable contract, to many people “stability” now translates to hindrance.

What we’re now seeing is a movement of people prepared to sacrifice stability for the unpredictable and pack in their office job to pursue something more flexible- and empowering.

The Rise of the Digital Nomad Lifestyle & Location Independent Jobs

How to go Full Nomad

Opting for a location independent job offers the ultimate freedom: being able to work wherever and whenever you want, traveling as you earn.

Here’s some more good news:

There are many jobs that allow for this kind of flexibility.

And for those who start totally from scratch, more often than not they’ll already have a handful of incredibly valuable skills that they can immediately apply to a brand new, location independent job.

45 Location Independent Jobs

Below we’ve categorised the opportunities according to whether the job is conducted fully online (digital nomad), partially online (part digital), offline, or outside of conventional payment schemes (money-savers).

Digital Nomad Location Independent Jobs

The rise of the digital nomad lifestyle is what first gave way to this sudden surge in interest of location independent jobs, but first- what is a digital nomad?

It’s someone who needs nothing more than a laptop and a wifi connection to carry out all of their work, which means they’re free to enjoy the priceless perk of traveling the world, meeting new people and exploring new destinations whenever they want.

Nowadays, the question of how to become a digital nomad isn’t a hard one to answer because the skills needed to nab a job like this are so incredibly diverse.


  1. Graphic designer
  2. Video editor
  3. 3D artist
  4. VFX artist
  5. Sound – Music maker
  6. voice actor

A piece of work we’ve done in Hanoi for Halonghub, a booking platform for boat cruises in Halong Bay. Working as a videographer or presenter in the travel industry is a sure way to get you moving around.


  1. Web designer
  2. Application developer
  3. Systems administrator
  4. Data analyst
  5. Game developer
  6. Programmer


  1. Blogger
  2. Social influencer
  3. Social media manager
  4. Writer
  5. Translator
  6. Digital marketer


  1. Language teacher
  2. Virtual assistant
  3. Nutritionist
  4. Virtual coach


  1. Sales expert
  2. Market researcher
  3. Accounting – tax – banking expert
  4. Trader
  5. Dropshipping

Part-Digital Location Independent Jobs

Location Independent Jobs

Part digital jobs often require you to be in a suitable location to carry out your work, but may not specify where that location needs to be. You just need to be somewhere where there’s a market for your skills.

Or in the case of a location being specified, then it’s likely that it’ll still allow for (and be enriched by) travel.

  1. Photographer
  2. Videographer
  3. DJ
  4. Drone pilot
  5. Sound recordist
  6. Airbnb manager
  7. Researcher – science, medicine, archaeology, humanities, arts
  8. News Reporter

 Offline Location Independent Jobs

Not all modern nomads are digital, and for those that like to keep things old school and offline, there are tons of active, outdoorsy, people-oriented, offline jobs that allow you to travel the world as you earn.

  1. Sports instructor
  2. Yoga teacher
  3. Hospitality industry
  4. Sailor
  5. Air travel staff
  6. Cook
  7. Tour guide
  8. Tour operator
  9. Adventurer


Earning means different things to different people.

In some scenarios, the value of money can suitably be replaced by accommodation, food, and other practical perks.

Offering up your skills to a host in need can present the perfect opportunity for both of you to get exactly what you want, but without the need for money to enter the equation.

  1. WWOOFing
  2. Hostelfing
  3. House sitting
how to go full nomad 45 location independent jobs

Location independent jobs are slowly but surely becoming the new norm as more businesses recognise the benefits to themselves and their employees. The skills you already have may very well translate to new location independent jobs that’ll allow you to shape a life where work, play, and rest are in balance.

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