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Is it not fun when we go on trips and indulge in water activities? I mean there is some uncanny connection with water that somehow brings peace and harmony to us. The best way to cherish water adventures is by taking motorized kayaks, they are lightweight and fun to drive.

No need to think you will be requiring some expert guide to learn how to use a kayak because it is simple to use. The kayak design is made particularly in a way that anyone who loves water adventure can drive it!

You will need to keep a few things in mind before you step into kayaks! I was once new to this activity and struggled a lot with how to paddle! So, keep in mind for kayak angling one must know what degree of force you will need to put to make your kayak move smoothly. 



Best GPS Kayak

Old Town Motorized kayak


  • Item Weight 45 Pounds
  • Length: 12 feet

Best Durable Kayak

Jackson Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight 140 lbs
  • Length: 13 feet

Best Comfortable Kayak

Wilderness Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight 95 lbs
  • Length: 14’1 feet

Best Designed Kayak

Pelican Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 44 Pound
  • Length: 114 inches

Best Balanced Kayak

Colorado Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 77 lbs
  • Length: 108 inches

Affordable Price Tag

Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 120 lbs
  • Length: 164 inches

Best For Experts

NuCanoe Motorized Kayak

  • Item Weight: 77 pounds
  • Length: 12 Feet

Best Performance Kayak

Sea Eagle Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: ‎45 Pounds
  • Length: 12’6 feet

Smooth Ride Kayak

BKC PK11 Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: ‎68 lbs
  • Length: 10 feet

Plus, there are advanced kayak motors in which you are not required to paddle at all!

We can find many kayak models around us, just be sure which one best suits you! If you are fond of fishing like me then you should grab a motorized fishing kayak. 

This way you would be able to catch some fish and enjoy the water’s freshness!

 9 Best Motorized Kayaks

I am going to list some of the best-motorized kayaks which I have tested and also some that my fellows have used, and we adored them!

1. Old Town Motorized kayak

400 lb weight capacity kayak

Well, I have used old town motorized kayaks and to be honest, I love how they look rusty and have motor mounts that can bear long lengths. Has trolling motor which can take you to a deep water surface.

You must have an idea that kayaks are not meant for deep surfacing, they float on water surfaces but if your kayak has a built-in trolling motor then you can go a little deep in water! It is an autopilot with 120 fishing machines.

Customizable accessories which you can use according to your requirements. Made for ideal weight capacity so no need to worry because now with this you can carry some extra stuff. 

The total length of this awesome motorized kayak is 12 feet, comfortable enough for tall people. It comes with breathable seats which give you endless comfort on long drives.

large man kayak


  • 331 lbs weight capacity.
  • 45 lbs weight
  • 12 feet long with a 37-inch width.
  • Only one person can fit in this kayak.


  • Have built-in GPS to give you accurate location and you can visit more sights.


  • If you are not an expert with motorized kayaks then this might cause you issues while understanding the function. 

Testers Verdict

I particularly admire the battery life which supports wilderness systems, going on long routes is suitable with this kayak. Also, gives you the exact position for better adventures. Old town sportsman autopilot ability is famous for these kayaks. 

What I slightly don’t like about this kayak is the motor mount, which causes a lot of sounds and you need to learn how to use an automatic kayak. It is always easier to learn manual kayaks. 

Old Town Motorized kayak

The price of “Old Town Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Jackson Motorized kayak

Jackson Motorized kayak

The best fishing kayak is offered by Jackson, they not only provide you the kayak to ride but also the space to take all fishing accessories. They have all gears set for fishing lovers, they have gear mounts installed already in the kayak. 

These are rare and particular models of the kayak which have outstanding performance and easy paddling. It gives stability that allows you to stand and enjoy your fishing time. It comes with components that include a number of rods and paddle managing points.

If you want something comfortable and lengthy then this fishing kayak is 13’9 feet long and stable in sailing on deep waters with maximum speed. It is the smoothest motorized kayak available on the market.

high weight capacity kayaks


  • The maximum length of 13 feet 9 inches.
  • Total weight 140 lbs.
  • Weight capacity above 475 lbs.
  • Width of 37 inches.


  • Kayak anglers spot the fish positions and let you experience hands-free fishing.


  • The cost is pretty expensive for these motorized fishing kayaks. 

Testers Verdict

Our fellow team used this best-motorized kayak and loved the fishing experience. They loved its weight capacity and also, is long enough for tall people. 

The only drawback is its price. It sounds pricier in terms of other kayaks available on market. Since you are getting everything in this, so it’s worth the price bomb!

Jackson Motorized kayak

The price of “Jackson Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Wilderness Motorized kayak

kayak for tall guys

This kayak model gives anglers a great option that is compatible with motor mounts and gives innovative features. Can be used for relishing the environment and fishing experiences. The deck offers steadiness and stability. 

This is also a lightweight kayak that can load a maximum of 550 lbs. Has an easy-to-install feature for all the accessories. Built-in motors can reduce the extra cost of installing the motors.

Comes with wilderness systems that provide comfortable sitting and durability on long routes. Comes with 3 air pro max seating which is high quality for relaxing sitting.

kayaks with high weight capacity


  • Weight capacity of 550 pounds.
  • 95 lbs weight
  • The width ranges from 34 to 35 inches.
  • The length of this kayak is 14’1 feet.


  • Comes with a roomy deck and pedal drive. 


  • Does not come with hardware that is meant for seating. You will need to buy it separately. 

Testers Verdict

My fellow members loved the ample amount of storage space that this kayak gives. It has plenty of space for people who are tall and healthy. Seats are also comfortable.

When my friend bought it, it did not include all the essential accessories, and some parts had to be purchased separately. 

Wilderness Motorized kayak

The price of “Wilderness Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Pelican Motorized kayak

no limits adventure kayak

I remember I got this motorized kayak for my trip and loved how light it weighed. You can safely carry it anywhere. Comes with the best kayak motor which keeps you stable even when overspeeding.

Provides safety guidelines for new users which is pretty fun because not everyone is an expert, I also read the manual! Made out of RAM X material which is suitable for its durability and can stand tough environments. Gear tracks provide an accurate location for finding the fishing spots near you!

It supports hull design which can give you space for storage. Paddles are super stable and easy to use. Its skill level is made to bear strong currents. It has a power unit that can keep up the battery last longer than you can think.

kayak with highest weight capacity


  • The item weighs 44 pounds.
  • Weight capacity of 275 lbs.
  • Length of 114 inches.
  • 30 inches width


  • Removable storage space lets you store extra equipment for longer journeys.


  • As it is made up of plastic, it might get slightly torn up at speed. It is not meant for waters with a rough surface.

Testers Verdict

My personal experience says that this is the best performance kayak I have used so far, not only paddling is easy but also has ample dry storage area and comfortable seating. 

The only disadvantage of owning this one is the material it is made up of. Plastic is not usually recommended for quality kayaks and it does not support a built-in motor. 

Pelican Motorized kayak

The price of “Pelican Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Colorado Motorized kayak

choosing a kayak

Easy installation and carry it anywhere in a bag with you. You will never need to worry about water adventures with this motorized kayak. Tough nylon and abrasion resistance which is the best material for seating and covering.

It comes with a portable bag with 2 drink holders. Rod holders can be placed in three different places for an advanced and easy fishing experience. Huge storage capacity with 20 pockets so you can now store as much as you want for your extra stuff. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

Powder-coated steel tubes for durability and stability on rough water surfaces. The best kayak fishing experience you can ask for. This kayak comes with wheels that let you move smoothly on fishing spots. 

large person kayak


  • The width is 56 inches.
  • The length goes up to 108 inches.
  • 77 lbs weight
  • Maximum weight bearing of 400lbs.
  • The capacity of up to 2 people.


  • Its seat and footrests can be adjusted to a wide variety of leg capacities.


  • Do not have trolling motors attached to it. 

Testers Verdict

Our team members loved how its bladders are made for heat and cold resistance. Can even ride on high waves for greater visibility. Supports a full anchor system so you can have safe water adventures. 

The drawback in this is that it does not come with a motor installed and also it gives you low-speed traveling which is perfect if you prefer to enjoy mother nature!

Colorado Motorized kayak

The price of “Colorado Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

best kayak

The best-motorized fishing kayak has state-of-the-art motor performance. Is labeled under electric motors which promise to give stable kayak movement. Gear mounting plates will help your kayak stay cool even if you are going on long routes.

The highlight of this fishing kayak is that it can bear up to 600 lbs of weight at a single time.  Supports kayak anglers which is famous technology for finding the accurate location of fishing areas.

It comes with rod holders and a motor mount. Supports the space for dry storing of your stuff. Even though it is fully motorized but still comes with paddles for smooth working. Gives a 3 year warranty.


  • 164 inches long.
  • 38 inches wide.
  • Total weight of item is 120 lbs
  • Load capacity 600 lbs.


  • Anyone can drive this good motorized kayak even if they are a beginner or an expert. 


  • It comes with a hefty price tag which is out of reach for many kayak lovers.

Testers Verdict

My friend bought it and claims to have had the best time of her life! According to her, it bears greater weight along with extra storage for your traveling things. Can sail on big to small water surfaces. 

What my friend disliked about this kayak is the price. Although she insists it’s totally worth the price but she says it might have been better if she bought another one with extra accessories. Its price ranges up to $4,449. 

Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

The price of “Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

7. NuCanoe Motorized Kayak

load limit of a wind catcher

If you are looking for some real badass kayak adventure then get this motorized kayak instantly. This one has an electric motor and also comes with a motor handle. It uses Frontier 12’s which gives the whole system greater stability.

This one gives you greater fishing quests and is ideal for kayak anglers. It comes with rods and trolling motors. 360 degrees mobility which enables you to excess your accessories smoothly while sitting anywhere.

Allows you to go to lengths according to your schedule without worrying about battery life. Have comfortable seating. The gas motor results in greater speed because they give extra power to your kayak and efficient results.

high weight capacity kayak


  • Item weight 77 pounds.
  • Seating of up to two people.
  • 20 feet wide and 12 feet long.
  • Weight capacity of 650 lbs


  • The built-in motor gives stable and durable rides on water surfaces that are even rough. 


  • This fishing kayak can not bear long lengths with a gas motor. It has chances to burn out in the middle of your adventure.

Testers Verdict 

This kayak fishing is loved by our team members because it is easy to use and stable on water surfaces. Can occupy 2 people at a time. Have resistance against UV rays which is a must on such journeys.

The drawback is that its gas outboard will not last long, so it can be used for recreational purposes on shorter trips.

NuCanoe Motorized kayak

The price of “NuCanoe Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at


8. Sea Eagle Motorized kayak

guy kayaking

Every dreamer needs a rigid kayak that can endure strong currents, and waves, and gives an agile performance.  This one comes with an engine capacity of 34 lbs with electric thrust to boost the performance.

These best motorized fishing kayaks are all about creating memorable journeys to fulfill the needs and desires of a fisherman! It gives an added 29% durability to the kayak for better performance.

Has 4 chambers on floors to cover wider space for many people on a single kayak. Motor kayak with fast trackers which gives the speed to your boat. Also, it have 4 valves for exhausting air from the kayak.

Can be deflated which means you can carry it anywhere you want and enjoy your time on the water. You can inflate it back in just 7 minutes with the ideal pressure of 3.2 psi.


  • The capacity of up to three people.
  • Load capacity is 635 lbs
  • Length of 12’6 ft
  • Width of 3 ft


  • These motorized fishing kayaks help to minimize your time of installation. Say goodbye to the never-ending hassle!


  • The pack-up bag does not come with a strap for wearing which makes it heavier and tougher to carry in hands-on long distances. 

Testers Verdict

Well, I rented this one out on my last year’s trip and loved how I and my friends used a single kayak instead of multiple motorized kayaks. It has the best pre-installed angler which gives greater accuracy in terms of location and fishing spots. 

The only flaw we found in this one was its backpack which lacks space and is not designed well for carrying on long distances. Plus, this one is not considered a tandem kayak, it is not under $1000 so might seem pricey to some!

Looking to buy the best inflatable kayak? Check out our complete guide.

Sea Eagle Motorized kayak

The price of “Sea Eagle Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

9. BKC PK11 Motorized kayak

top heavy people

My friends bought these fishing kayaks because they love to flex a variety of colors in such stuff. This one gives you an option to buy your favorite colored kayak. 

It also has a trolling motor to support fast speed and stability and for enhanced working of overall kayak. It comes with two paddles so maximum of 2 people can roll it.

Comes with immense storage space for your advanced fishing trails, and has a rod holder and pedal power for a full fun experience while you catch fish in the water. Built in handlers for smooth sailing and coming on land.

You can adjust your seat according to what you like, different levels are available! It gives 5 years warranty along with 1 year warranty for repairing of parts.


  • Accommodate weight up to 420 pounds.
  • Has single-person seat available.
  • Weighs 68 lbs
  • Length of 10 feet and 5 inches.
  • Width of 34 inches.


  • Comes with rod holders, a paddle, 2 hatches, and a drain plug. Mostly you have to buy these separately but this one is ready to go! 


  • The seat belts are made of plastic which is not much durable. They can easily be broken if extra pressure is put on. 

Testers Verdict 

The reviews are good, it is easy to set up, has many anglers ready for your trip, and strong steering system. Also, it has a smooth pedal drive. It is ready for action the moment you buy it!

The flaw in this one is the quality of its seat straps and like other boats available on the market, this one lacks more feature coverage. But the devil is in the details, right!

BKC PK11 Motorized kayak

The price of “BKC PK11 Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

What To Look For When Buying a Best Motorized Kayak

Here are some tips you should consider before you place an order for buying motorized kayaks.

Motor Compatibility:

If you are not a person who can handle manual kayaks then try to find out electric motor kayaks. They are easy to use and cut off half the effort required to keep it moving. 

There are some specific motors available for enduring the currents and waves. These motors would keep the stability alive throughout your journey.

 Best motorized kayaks have motors installed already for durability and to keep the kayak away from breakage or water containment. 

A kayak motor is a must, remember if you are going on rough water surfaces you would want it. 

Trolling motor would keep your kayak agile and gives you a comfortable seating experience. 

Any built-in motor would allow your kayak to have long battery life and won’t let gas outboards burn. These can keep the kayak active and give out faster speeds. 

Motorized Kayak is heavier compared to simple kayaks you can also buy a kayak rack to make it easier to move your kayak from one place to another.

Pedals and Paddles:

Firstly, learn the difference between paddle kayaks and pedal kayaks. The paddle kayak is meant for rough and tough water surfaces while pedal kayaks are for calm waters. 

Bass boats are also part of kayaks which promise to give you a safe journey over water and these are awesome because they always come with gear tracks. 

You need to make sure if your kayak is coming with other anglers because you are going on a fishing trip! You need paddling in your fishing kayaks for easy flow in fishing areas. 

I would say any kayak has premium features if its paddle is sturdy and strong to bear the long distances over bad surfaces. Even if it means high cost, you should always buy that kayak! The right motor would provide support to the paddling of your kayak. 


As I and my friends together go on kayak adventures, we try to occupy models which are meant for at least 2 to 3 people. You can always go into water alone but size does matter, right!

Some lack the capacity for taller people and some lack the capacity for healthy people. Both of these kayaks are not comfortable or reliable. 

The average size of kayaks you should consider should be 10 feet long! There are some that range from 6 feet long to 16 feet long. 

Size also does not mean the length of the kayak only but also the width and the leg space available to you! Those that come with greater size quality are worthy of the investments! 

Weight Capacity:

Kayaks are not only for carrying people in them but also for the accessories which you are taking along. The weight capacity level can vary from 200 pounds to 600 pounds. 

It should have an optimal weight capacity so if you have to add an electric motor, wilderness systems, and an additional power system, your kayak would tolerate your weight plus the add-on accessories. 

Remember the key to success in using kayaks, which I learned after many experiences, is to keep equipment with you all the time. This will add some weight to your boats but you can be safe from any hassle. If carrying the equipment Necessary for you then you must go with plus-size kayaks.

If you have electric motors installed on your kayak then go for higher weight capacity as these add around 100 pounds as a whole to the kayak’s total weight. 

Storage Options:

Many models come with rod holders, battery, paddle, and motor storage options. Though you do not need to worry about adding on extra stuff because the majority of kayaks come equipped with this! 

They have separate built-in storage options which you can use for putting your accessories. Do not make a mistake as my friend did, before buying any kayak check the premium features which include the storage option! 

The storage capacity depends on the kayak’s weight, height, and length of your kayaks. Many have inside and outside storage racks that are mounted inside the walls of the kayaks! 

You can go make your storage options through hull wiring kits. These give you extra space and also remember that your kayak can bear the extra weight. 


Now, this is the most important thing to consider! If you are buying kayaks because you just want to add on a new hobby then never invest in highly-priced kayaks.

If you are a pro and most of your time is spent on the water then you can go for the tandem best-rated kayak, these are usually under $1000 and come with all the features you are looking for. 

Look for Minn Kota (an electric trolling motor) in your new kayak because they are cheaper than the electric trolling motor and have the skill level for covering larger areas. With more speed capacity the price gets hefty! 

Always go for quality models, never compromise on your kayak’s quality because it could be a one-time investment, and keep an open eye on important things such as power, paddling, anglers, speed, and motor. 

These should be part of your kayak and the prices can vary from $790 to $4500. It depends on the quality of the kayak. 


What Type of Motor Do I Need for My Kayak?

If you are going on long routes and rough water surfaces then you need a motor that supports the speed and can support the long battery life. 

The best motor is up to 12 volts which can carry the weight and also sustain the toughness without burning the Minn Kota. There are some which have fewer volts like 6 even but then you can’t take them on deep waters. 

Are Motorized Kayaks Good?

Yes, these are the best ones available under the tandem kayak. These are not at all costly, though there are some which are costly, but their performance is trustworthy. They give stability and durability for a longer time period.

These also come with greater anglers, power, and paddling systems. These models use GPS tracking which helps in spotting the best fish areas.

What Is the Best Motor for a Kayak?

The best motor available in the market is scuppered holes, this can carry weights up to 600 pounds and gives steadiness on tough water surfaces. 

With this motor, there are fewer chances of burnouts and leakages in the kayak and paddling becomes easier because fewer efforts are required. 

Do I Need a Motorized Kayak for Fishing?

Yes, you need a motorized kayak for fishing because these models are best for anglers and give the best location for fish spots. 

They also come with rods and provide you with the best fishing experience, they also tend to be safer than manual ones because with the manual you need to be quite active and it can get tiring. 


I know you must have made up your mind about which kayak is best for you and your trips. By now you are fully charged to order from the list above and being honest with you, you are on the right path regarding this.

You need some validation and reasons before any of your purchases. When it comes to orders related to your adventures, then for those which are costly, you need some proper guidelines and considerations. 

By now you are aware of the importance of models having anglers and motors. Also, about their storage space and weight capacity. 

Those which give you comfort and can go to lengths without burning out in the middle of nowhere! You know the price of kayaks you are going to invest in and you are also well aware of the things your fishing kayak must cover. 

If I tell you about my experience while buying my first ever kayak, it was the best! I had my money invested in an autopilot fishing kayak which gave me smoothness and accuracy on my quests. 

Those have electric motors which could go for days and I would never need to worry about battery life! Also, had enough capacity and storage area, and, bonus it came with a GPS tracker.

I am telling you these points so before you get yours! You know what is the importance of any specific models available in the market! 

We are hoping that this article has helped you with the answer to find out the best-motorized kayak according to the motor mounts, paddles, storage areas, battery life, and cost. 

Keep visiting our website to find out how can you place an order for your kayak, go on the best trips of your life, get all the necessary items added to your kayak, and last but not least choose the one that’s best suits you! 

Let us know if you have any queries in the comment box.

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