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Motor Mount, Adventure Ready

A stalled yak? That would be a disaster. Many imagine the aforementioned and immediately cast aside motorized kayaks.

Unfortunately for them, even the best-built bass boats, I’m talking the ones with those fancy flush-mounted rod holders, are not sufficient for the chunder.

Tempestuous waters can not stand in the way of the best-motorized kayaks. Never again will you have to struggle paddle out of harm’s way. Simply rev up your engine and set sail for waters anew.

Be warned! Not all small kayak trolling motors and motorized kayaks stand on equal ground. Some are better than others and the cream of the crop is listed down below. Reel in those anchors, next stop, the best-motorized kayaks on the market!



Best Overall

Old Town Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight 45 Pounds
  • Length: 12 feet

Best Lightweight

Wilderness Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight 95 pounds
  • Length: 14’1 feet

Best Features

FeelFree Lure 11.5

  • ITEM WEIGHT: 87 pounds
  • LENGTH: 10 feet

Best Budget

Pelican Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 44 Pounds
  • Length: 9’5 feet

For Kayak Anglers

Colorado Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 68 pounds
  • Length: 9 feet

Best Durability

Sea Eagle Motorized Kayak

  • LENGTH: 12’6 FEET

Best Sit On Top

Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

  • Item Weight: 144.5 pounds
  • Length: 13’8 feet

Best Speeding

NuCanoe Motorized Kayak

  • Item Weight: 77 pounds
  • Length: 12 Feet

Best Affordable Premium

Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler

  • Item Weight: 77 pounds
  • Length: 10 feet

9 Best Motorized Kayaks

Need a lift? Catch one with any of the great fishing kayak with motor options listed down below. We’ve got everything on offer, from the Old Town sportsman autopilot 120 and its remote-controlled capabilities. I’m serious! To the Sea Eagle FastTrack Angler and its impenetrable hull.

Where’s the bar? Because it has just been raised to a much higher level. Electric motor? Trolling motor? What is there to a kayak with motor? It’s more than just about power. Efficiency and weight play a significant role in your kayak motor performance.

Be sure to keep in mind that there are even some kayaks listed below that don’t depend entirely on their motors. Like the old fashion way? Then I would take a gander at the Pelican Sentinel 100X.

1. Old Town Motorized kayak

electric kayak

This one isn’t a beater. The Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 120 stays true to its name. A high-voltage yak that was made for octane ripping through the bayou. Despite having been constructed from a single layer of polyethylene, this yak still has plenty of fortitude to its build.

How’s it accomplished such a strong build with a built-in trolling motor that doesn’t dandy with even strong currents?

Well, its overall frame is made from a single piece of polyethylene. This is a yak that was constructed from disparate parts. Yes, it is one layer thick. However, this is vast contradistinction from having anything to do with how many parts make up this particular model.

Aye, it’s got storage space for your through-hull wiring kits and gear mounts, but what I really want to touch on is its remote-controlled capabilities. Grandiloquent and one hundred percent true. You can actually steer this motor kayak through with a Bluetooth-enabled remote.

motorized kayak

Oh yeah, this one is a far cry from those paddle kayaks of yesteryear. Serious anglers may be flummoxed by the influx of such a grand technological advancement, however, any dear old casual such as myself will gladly take a remote-maneuvered yak.

The best part is that this motorized kayak offers one seat and one seat only. No need for sharing.


  • Build materials: Single Layer Polyethylene
  • Weight: One-hundred and fifty-two pounds
  • Best Feature: GPS-enabled trolling motor
  • Comfort: Cushioned floor pads
  • Weight Capacity: Five hundred and fifty-eight pounds


  • This yak can be maneuvered using a Bluetooth-connected I-pilot remote. Paddles who?
  • The floor pads have been cushioned to provide stability and comfort to your bottoms.
  • Has a dual-layer Textilene mesh seat that keeps you refreshed and ready for reeling in those Arowanas.


  • Its price will more than sting your wallet. Rip and tear a hole right through it, I’d say.

Old Town Motorized kayak

The price of “Old Town Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Wilderness Motorized kayak

electric kayak motor

Look, I’m not the best prognosticator, but I’d wager one hundred bucks that you’ll be partaking in some solitary kayak fishing every now and again. If this sounds great or rings true, then you’ll want to lend me your ears. The Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K weighs far less than the other best fishing kayaks.

Most kayak anglers will appreciate its slender file and high-roosted seating. It’s a comfortable seat, that one. Situated many clicks away from the gas motor, and is a solid contender for some hands-free fishing.

Right around now is when the naysayers should start chiming in. They’ll start off by sounding the alarm on its featherweight frame. “Oh, but a kayak of this build will crumble under any amount of rattle.” “What happens when you chunder? Can you even count on it to get you to the shoreline?”

electric kayak

Valid questions, however alarmist they may be, but I assure you that the Wilderness Systems A.T.A.K has got an answer to them. It’s a tactical angling kayak, hence that oddball of a name it comes attached with.

As such, its nimble design and heavily padded foot braces work in tandem to deliver a kayak model that won’t resist your command. It’s the world’s first tandem kayak. Tandem as in design-build, not its actual seating capabilities.


  • Build materials: Polyethylene
  • Weight: Ninety-five pounds
  • Best Feature: Easily adjustable foot braces
  • Comfort: Padded foot braces
  • Weight Capacity: Five hundred and fifty pounds


  • This yak has a suspension-style seat that gives you great stability and visibility.
  • Has a streamlined design but is heavy on storage space. Stern and rear hatches and even a covered tank well.
  • SlideTraxs are littered throughout the structural frame for attaching and relocating accessories.


  • The slim-fit design won’t play well with wider paddlers. Great motorized performance, though.

Wilderness Motorized kayak

The price of “Wilderness Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

3. FeelFree Lure 11.5 with Overdrive

fishing kayak with motor

It’s a yak with overdrive in its name. I’d gamble that you were anticipating a motor performance on par with a Hellcat and a steering system that could maneuver the Titanic through the icebergs.

Yeah, maybe anticipate less. These are motor kayaks for a memorable kayak fishing experience we are talking about. Not rocket ships. Pedal power can only get me so far, and my leg muscles even less so.

I need at least an electric trolling motor that can chug me out of the rapids. The last thing I want is to boof this yak over some edge unintentionally. That’s the only kind of boffing in my book, the unintentional kind.

All the coequal, the FeelFree Lure comes with the world’s first, or so they claim, patented pedal + motor integrated system. When you need to stretch the tendons and strength the ole hamstrings, engage the pedal drive.

Nonetheless, for the kayak angler that would rather kick back and ponder, the built-in motor will get you to where you need to go. Or to whence one came from. Despite all that I have jawed about. Do not give credence to the idea that this yak will handle a bony just fine.

Stay away from such terrain because you will damage the precious underbelly of this hyped and suped-up fishing kayak. Finally, in case you were brooding on where the Overdrive comes into play. It’s in the number of attributes and extras that the yak has to offer.


  • Build materials: Cast aluminum
  • Weight: Ninety-eight pounds with a seat
  • Best Feature: Dual-drive system
  • Comfort: Patented Gravity Seat
  • Weight Capacity: Four hundred and twenty-one pounds


  • Its cast aluminum and supreme-duty build deserve their plaudits.
  • The Gravity seat won’t send you hurling into space, but it will keep your tush snug.
  • Has spring-loaded deployment assist for easy sinking into the water.


  • The forward and reverse Motordrive are sold separately.

FeelFree Lure 11.5 with Overdrive

The price of “FeelFree Lure 11.5 with Overdrive” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Pelican Motorized kayak

kayak with motor

Alright, we’ve made it through the motorized fishing kayaks that come ham-fisted with innovative additives. But what of those that just wish to kayak and fish and then fish kayak? Enter the Pelican Sentinel 100X. Come now that is one hell of a name!

The Pelican Sentinel 100X comes with all the rod holders that you could lust for. Although does this kayak fishing featherweight arrive with a motor installed? Nay that will have to be procured singly. Without question, a red mark for the Pelican Sentinel 100X?

This viewpoint is not to the hilt. Rather, I’d look at it as a blessing in full costume. Why? Because the price of the Pelican Sentinel 100X drops significantly thanks to its motor-less frame. Should you acquire a Minn Kota motor, or all other kinds of electric motors, in the near future, simply strap it into place and set off.

That is what makes a good motorized kayak. Choice. Its flotation services depend on your choice, and there isn’t anything obnoxious about its design. A dearth in magniloquence a flaw it is not. However, its maximum weight capacity, dancing near the two hundred and eight pounds mark, pales in comparison to its contemporaries.

best motorized kayak

The Pelican Sentinel 100X has got a muli-chine flat bottom that breaks up the current’s mightiest blows. Not quite stable enough to build a house of cards on, but stable nonetheless.


  • Build materials: Ram-X plastic
  • Weight: Forty-four pounds
  • Best Feature: Easy to transport
  • Comfort: Strong and stable
  • Weight Capacity: Two hundred and seventy-five pounds


  • Has an astonishingly lightweight build that makes for facile transportation.
  • An undemanding build that can be stowed away in the snuggest of crannies.
  • Constructed from Ram-X materials made for stout waters and waves.


  • Does not come with an electric kayak motor. Nor does it arrive with a motor mount.

Pelican Motorized kayak

The price of “Pelican Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Colorado Motorized kayak

choosing a kayak

What’s the Colorado XT Pontoon doing here? Based on its denomination, inflatable, it should not vacate a space among all the elites of the best-motorized fishing kayak world. Find a moment of grace within yourself. This boat has got an air of quest to it.

Examine its liberal appearance. Opened on all sides, practically a seat that is accompanied by two smaller canoes that have been attached to its bottom. Each canoe-like part being fashioned to either side. Does the Colorado XT Pontoon make the most of this outline?

In my opinion, yes! The Colorado XT Pontoon has an abrasion-resistant PVC bottom. Crags and jutted edges all amount to naught when coming up against a PVC exterior. Furthermore, this durability is highlighted by a tough nylon cap.

Holding the juggernauts in place are powder-coated steel tubes. Even trolling motors need a break. For when you want to act as the sole power source of your ride, make use of the seven-foot aluminum paddle that comes with this yak.

motorized canoe

Need to partake in a little kayak angling. That should be a yes otherwise, what is the point of purchasing such a craft? Then lock your seven-foot baton into place using the bronze oar locks that come built-in to this yak.


  • Build materials: Steel tubes
  • Weight: Seventy-seven pounds
  • Best Feature: Twenty pockets
  • Comfort: Non-slip footrests
  • Weight Capacity: Four hundred pounds


  • Have snacks, mobile devices, books, games, and anything else that needs to be stowed away? No problem, this yak has twenty pouches for you to use.
  • The best visibility is at the grand river.
  • Find security within the non-slip footrests that have been molded into the boat.


  • Not a seacraft for staying crisp in. You will get soaked.

Colorado Motorized kayak

The price of “Colorado Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Sea Eagle Motorized kayak

fishing kayak with motor

Good friends are hard to come by, and good boon companions are close to extinction. Practically kissing it. However, in case you are one of the blessed few that can rely on both, then you need to acquire the Sea Eagle FastTrack.

This is the premier yak for parties, groups, and high times at low tide. The Sea Eagle FastTrack can amply fit up to three individuals on board. I’d wager it can sneak on four on board. Provided that everyone sucks in their stomachs.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack has quadruple overlapped seams. An astonishing amount of security. The seams are without equal the most vulnerable and fragile part of any kayak or even piece of attire.

By having a quadruple overlapped build, the Sea Eagle FastTrack ensures that what was once seen as a weakness is now one of its greatest strengths.

Arrived have the halcyon days of great build quality. Not just are the seams top bar, but so too is the overall build of the Sea Eagle FastTrack. Its core frame is stitched together by one thousand denier thick materials. Splattered about where necessary are two thousand denier thick sections.

kayaks with motors

I’ll go on record and proclaim that even if one were to deliberately attempt to tear into this yak, they’d probably fail. I just can’t fathom how any body of water could ever rupture this inflatable jaw-dropper.

But I’ve jawed on enough about this titan. Take a gander at its features, pros, and cons.


  • Build materials: One thousand denier frame
  • Weight: Forty-five-pound hull
  • Best Feature: Low-weighing engine
  • Comfort: Padded seat
  • Weight Capacity: Six hundred and thirty-five pounds


  • Stand proudly atop its crocodile hide non-slip floor padding.
  • Has built-in fish rulers for assessing your catch and then feeling unsatisfied with it.
  • A heavy-duty build that is nigh indestructible.


  • Has a substantially narrow design. A tight fit in general.

Sea Eagle Motorized kayak

The price of “Sea Eagle Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

best kayak

The quintessential sit-on-top has made its entrance. This fishing kayak sports an oddly indecisive tapered and wide blueprint. Scratching your head already? Yeah, I don’t blame you. As far as fishing kayaks go, they aren’t meant to be an okapian monstrosity.

Surprisingly, the Hobie Pro Angler 14 makes it work! Unlike other motorized kayaks, the Hobie Pro Angler 14 was meant to be a planeswalker. At its stern, you’ll find a sharp point. Like a knife jutting out and slicing the water in front of it. However, as we transcend this point, we arrive at the yak’s midsection.

Here, we encounter a wide and bustling section. Why the drastic change? What the Hobie Pro Angler 14 was attempting to do was taper its nose to enhance its performance in choppy waters while simultaneously benefiting from the stability that such a wide berth delivers.

The result is a one-hundred-and-thirty-eight-pound olive-colored black sheep that wins you over with its performance. Once again, unlike the other best-motorized fishing kayaks on this list, the Hobie Pro Angler 14 decide to innovate on even the most basic yak traditions and staples.

fishing kayak electric motor

Did it succeed? In my honest opinion yes. While I personally was not impressed with it as much as with other pedal kayaks. It did take plenty of risks and managed to pull them off.


  • Build materials: Hard plastics
  • Weight: One hundred and thirty-eight pounds
  • Best Feature: Tapered and wide design
  • Comfort: Padded seat
  • Weight Capacity: Medium


  • I enjoyed the multiple design risks that it had. Really set it apart from the rest.
  • While not a highlight of the Hobie Pro Angler 14, its padded seat was more than comfortable.
  • Stable and yet speedy, a true trailblazer for those craving innovations.


  • It’s not an aesthetically pleasing yak by any means.

Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak

The price of “Hobie Mirage Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

8. NuCanoe Motorized Kayak

load limit of a wind catcher

Efficient acceleration and high speeds are all we strive for. With the dawning of new years comes an even greater incessant need to shave as many seconds off the clock as possible. The NuCanoe Frontier 12 bought into this trend wholeheartedly. Slimming down to ensure that it had a say in the confabulation surrounding time.

At seventy-seven pounds, the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is certainly one of the more low weighing fishing kayaks on the market. As far as motorized kayaks go. Despite its nimble frame, you shouldn’t have to worry about carping.

The seating accommodation is high mounted, and if there was ever a time in which you found yourself submerged, it wouldn’t take you long to crack through the surface once more.

Alongside its high mounting options, the NuCanoe Frontier 12 sports a couple of cup holders and even a pair of scupper holes. And here I thought that the NuCanoe Frontier 12 was only about going fast. Gobsmacked, I am!

high weight capacity kayak

The most surprising inclusion into the NuCanoe Frontier 12 is a roomy deck. And I mean “roomy.” Capable of housing a large crate or container and companioned by gear tracks and a vault replete with a hatch sack.

Speedy even has a rod chamber and steering handle inserts. Not only does it go fast like a sports car, but now it can also share a sports car’s steering system.


  • Build materials: Polyethylene
  • Weight: Seventy-seven pounds
  • Best Feature: Speedy design
  • Comfort: Padded fusion seat
  • Weight Capacity: Six hundred and fifty pounds


  • Has an awesome sleek design that gets you out of troublesome clusters with little effort.
  • No hassle pick-up and transport thanks to the NuCanoe Frontier 12’s low weight and handles.
  • More than enough room to house all your precious gear.


  • As is the case with most speedy options, this is not your heavy-duty juggernaut.

NuCanoe Motorized kayak

The price of “NuCanoe Motorized kayak” varies, so check the latest price at

9. Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler

Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler

What’s an affordable premium? You’d have to ask Jonny to find out! The Jonny Boats bass 100 Angler yak is the classic option. Forgoing the kaleidoscopic arrangements that most yaks today go full-frontal into. The Jonny Boats bass 100 Angler yak managed to appear even more unique than any of its competitors.

This motorized kayak prides itself on acting more as a blueprint. It’s not the finished product but rather a clean slate for you to iterate upon. A status quo that was made possible by its highly-customizable base model.

The Jonny Boats bass 100 Angler can be operated as a paddle-only vessel or as a mechanized trawler. While its length may not be astounding. Ten feet is more than enough to billet any of your belongings.

Should you require more lodging, you can always employ the rear compartment that has a roof made of bungee cords. Stellar! One of my personal favorites of this motorized kayak was the soft foam stand pads that dotted the floor.

powered kayak

Sometimes my walkers need comfort, and I found those pads to be more than adequate. Now, it must be said that these pads did have non-slip qualities to them. However, they were not the most secure. Well enough to stand on but not as secure feeling as other options.

A damn fine yak that minces no words.


  • Build materials: Sturdy plastics
  • Weight: Seventy-seven pounds
  • Best Feature: Oversized tankwell storage
  • Comfort: Foam stand pads
  • Weight Capacity: Four hundred pounds


  • Replete with a rear storage space that is bungee fitted for maximum security.
  • Comes with Gunwale UNI-Track accessory rails that’ll settle anything you’ve got for them.
  • Planing hulls are a dime a dozen, but this yak’s design has been uplifted by several innovations.


  • I couldn’t find any issues with this motorized kayak. Clear across the slate.

Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler

The price of “Jonny Boats Bass 100 Angler” varies, so check the latest price at

Looking For The Best Motorized Kayaks? Know This

Motorized kayak, anyone? Not all motorized kayaks are coequal. Subtle variations from one model to the next can have a drastic impact on performance and comfort. And what of those that prefer to solely paddle their way out?

Many factors have to be taken into consideration. Do you desire to know the benefits of a motorized kayak? Perhaps your aim is to understand what makes for a distinguished motorized kayak.

All of this information can be acquired down below. It’s about more than just brand name recognition. Getting a quality motorized kayak is a serious business. Especially when you take into account just how much they cost.

Never again worry about return policies or struggle to explain to your coworkers why motorized kayaks are the way. Read on to find the answers you need.

The Benefits Of Motorized Fishing Kayaks

Motor Range

Motor range? What could that possibly allude to? The range of a motor does not correspond to how rambunctious the motor is. It instead refers to the distance that you’ll be able to travel per charge.

You see, most kayak motors are electric. Electric kayak motors run on a charge, and how much charge each one has is dependent on its battery. Here is where the misconceptions begin to take root.

Common amongst many kayakers and paddlers is that a yak’s motor is to be engaged at all times. Erroneous! A kayak’s motor is to be used to help supplement your paddling when embarking under harsh conditions. Making it easier for you to travel is the main objective of a motor.

fishing kayak

Account for the fact that no matter the motor, you won’t get farther than ten miles out. Ten miles can be stretched out exponentially when supplemented with paddle strokes.

Back-breaking labor. I don’t think we will ever get rid of it. Compare the aforementioned performance to that of a regular paddle kayak. You’d have to be quite the athlete to travel further than a couple of miles. Especially in torrid conditions.

Yeah. I’d rather take it easy, start the engine, and lightly paddle away.

Faster With An ELECTRIC Motor

No bombshell revelations here. Watercrafts fitted with electric motors assuredly travel much quicker than those without. Eye-opening? No. But it is something that should be discussed.

Electric motors will not be able to get you across the country. Be that as it may, they can help you travel at a velocity significantly higher than what a simple paddle can offer you. Top-of-the-line motors will propel you to around five miles per hour.

Sedated? Perhaps for a vehicle on your average highway. Especially the ones near me. People drive like maniacs! However, in the world of kayaking, these speeds are quite fast. Relativity. It properly lodges everything into perspective. There isn’t much more to say about traveling at high speeds.

Enjoyment skyrockets. As does the amount of time saved per journey. Now you won’t be experiencing any jet lag but a great benefit this is nonetheless. Kayaking need not be asphyxiated by the theme of relaxation.

Sometimes, some of us enjoy living life on the fast lane. At the very least, having the option is always nice. Consider the momentum gained as well. Five miles on water translates to a lot more when supplemented by your paddling.

I don’t know about you, but for me, five miles is plenty quick. Remember, you can unleash the full potential of your high-speed kayak and venture into uncharted territories with confidence by equipping yourself with the best GPS for kayaking.

Sore Arms Begone!

Unwinding. An action that is impossible to complete without a comfortable setting. Absent plush pillows and comfy slippers, motorized kayaks fare far better in this regard than solely paddle-driven kayaks. Why’s that?

Exertion, it’s a matter of exertion. How comfortable can you really be if there isn’t any time to relax? Consistent movement is desired, but that can not be achieved without throwing in a few paddle strokes.

Far from unwinding. The only thing you’ll be winding up is a sweat. An occurrence that is not common with motorized kayaks. When you insist on continuing to sail along the river bank without lifting a finger, a kayak motor is there for you.

You’ll arrive at your desired location with less sweat, if any at all, and completely refreshed. Arms no longer trembling with exhaustion. Free to flail around in your new resting spot.

It’s a feature that is long looked over but a vital one nonetheless. My day is always brightened up when I’m not dog-tired upon arriving at my destination. It’s nice to be able to sightsee and kayak without needing to nap all afternoon long to recuperate the energy.

Maybe that is just me? I should eat healthier.

Trolling Motor

Trolling motors? Are you flummoxed by them? What on Earth could constitute the amount of good press that these little motors have garnered? One word. Control. A trolling motor significantly increases the amount of control that an angler may have over their craft.

A watercraft powered by a trolling motor is able to have its movements manipulated. Delivering a consistent performance regardless of the weather or the strength of the North wind. How does it get this done?

A trolling motor can be shifted about, most notably on the Y axis. A feature that allows it to bypass the current. No matter how strong and lethal the current may be. It is this prime feature that enables motorized kayak anglers to control their vessel with utmost precision.

I’ll tell ya, this is one of those features that you’ve really got to experience for yourself. Words are not possible to fully grasp all of the benefits that a good troller brings with it.

Enhanced control and consistent performance to boot. Miles ahead of anything that paddling kayaks can offer. And the best part is that not much work is required of you to enjoy these benefits. You can learn how to mount a kayak trolling motor for perfect control and maneuverability.

What Makes A Quality Motorized Kayak?

Waterline Length

Waterline length is one of those concepts that should be defined first before being explained. A vessel’s waterline length is the length of said vessel at the level where it sits in the water.

Irrespective of weather conditions, a yak’s waterline length determines how fast a watercraft can travel. Generally, the rule is that the higher the waterline’s length, the faster your ship will travel.

kayak with small motor

Why does waterline length affect speed? Well, because the more your watercraft is underwater, the less that the outside winds have to claw at it. Minimized drag is a good thing. At least in terms of traveling by water.

Resist fighting the elements. A well-designed motorized kayak will do just that. Truly, going with the flow.

The Weight of a Fishing Kayak

Weight of kayak? Does this really need to be explained? Admittedly, it is a simple concept. The more you weigh, the less energy that needs to be expended to move you. If expedience is of the utmost importance to you, then get a lightweight kayak.

They aren’t that hard to come by. Which is odd. I mean, wouldn’t a motor significantly weigh down a kayak? Sometimes. The truth is that for all the weight that even the most hulking motor adds to your watercraft, it adds a coequal amount of power.

Added thrust is what gets you moving with greater ease. A heavy motor is a good motor.

Seat Placement and Comfort

Napping in broad daylight. Does there exist a more reinvigorating experience? I doubt it. But if your kayak doesn’t even have a padded seat, how can you possibly even dream of catching some shut-eye?

Fortunately for us, unearthing a comfortable motorized fishing kayak is not at all complex. Comfort on a vessel can be broken down into three features. Your seat should be padded. The foot braces should be adjustable and padded.

And finally, the floor of the kayak itself. What should you be aiming for? Anything that is non-slip and foam padded as well. Unlikely. It is unlikely that you’ll find a foam floor, but anything non-slip should be at par for the course.

High Stability

High fortitude. Do not let the waves unsteady your craft. Any kayak with a planing hull, multi-chimed for added effect, will easily be suited for the job of steady traveling.

motor powered kayak

Furthermore. It is only with such high stability that one can dream of a big catch. Or even fast speeds. None of these tasks and goals can be met without a strong foundation.

The best-motorized kayaks for stability have a planing hull. Capable of rising up out of the water once enough force has been spent. Onward!

Why Power Your Kayak With A Kayak Motor?

Why not? Annoying, I know, but it is a better question. Motorized kayaks unlock several gates. Travel farther, faster, and with enhanced stability and efficiency. A player of all trades and an authority of several.

No longer will you have to suffer from noodle arms. That alarming feeling of all your muscles canceling out on you upon being forced to exert themselves. Gone are the days of two-mile round trips. Push further still into the unknown.

A motorized fishing kayak allows us to do all of the above. Bringing with it a mountain of benefits. You would be wise to take advantage of such brawn and hardiness.


What Type of Motor Do I Need for My Kayak?

Assuredly, you would not want to chunder. As such, be sure to purchase a motor that you can handle. Many always see the most powerful option as the only option. What a great way to wreck your yak. What motor your watercraft should employ is one hundred percent dependent on its size.

A sixteen-foot dinghy will want a twelve-volt motor, and that number only grows equal to the size of the dinghy itself.

Are Motorized Kayaks Good?

I’ll say! A motorized skiff is far easier to contend with. More so than a regular ol’ paddle kayak. How could it not be? I mean, the motor is doing all of the heavy lifting. Not only does a motor make transporting your skiff an undemanding task, but it also increases its weight capacity.

The more power in the rear, the easier it is to steer clear! Chunder, hard currents, bad days, you can’t dodge ’em all, but you’ll get pretty close with a motorized kayak.

What Is the Best Motor for a Kayak?

The best motor? There are many options. However, no choice has become more ubiquitous than the Minn Kota motor. Pontoons powered by minn kota are able to glaze through any conditions.

Infinitesimal, this performance boost is not. You’ll know when you are employing a strong motor kayak because the waters will feel significantly smoother. Any fishing kayak geared up with such a core is sure to deliver.

My Final Thoughts

How serendipitous of you to stumble upon this list! Not only do you now have a wealth of yaking options, but you now know how to spot a quality motorized dinghy from a mile away. Ponder, what kind of terrain will you be skating across?

You shouldn’t be boofing with a skiff that has a built-in motor. Nor should you attempt to cross any bonies with a dinghy that has a lowered rudder or fin. You’ll damage the most important parts of your yak and go home in tears. Or, at the very least near tears.

Yaks are expensive. Care for them and reap the rewards threefold. Remember, unlike the best solo canoes, kayaks offer an affordable option to experience the joy of paddling without breaking the bank.

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My name is Adrian Salazar and I have been wrapped up in the world of water and other extreme sports since the first time I went kayaking. When I’m not working hard trying to deliver the best writing that I can, I am usually out on a lake or hiking up a mountain. My world is completely dominated by writing and the mix of adrenaline and peace of mind that can be achieved while engaging in new sports. I will use my knowledge, experience, and mistakes, to inform you about the best ways that you can become a part of the world of extreme sports. You can count on me to give you my informed and unbiased opinion about any sporting equipment you may need. I know from personal experience that extreme sports are something that you need to head into completely and accurately informed. Let my experience guide you.


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