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Gliding effortlessly above the water on a paddle board while taking in breathtaking sceneries and enjoying the connection with the elements; is what’s so alluring about SUP.

It’s a really fun activity as long as you have the right gear for it.

Often people are willing to invest a lot of time and money to find a high-quality SUP paddle board, forgetting about the key importance of the paddle.

Experienced paddlers will tell you that the perfect paddle board won’t take you very far if you don’t have the right paddle. Your body’s energy is transferred to the water through the paddle, which makes it your main tool to move the paddle board forward. 

So, let’s help you find the right paddle for a smooth ride.



Most Lightweight

Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass

  • LENGTH: 64 -86 INCHES
  • WEIGHT: 18.05 oz

Most Durable

Isle Carbon Hybrid

  • LENGTH: 67-83 inches
  • WEIGHT: 27.3OZ

Highly Adjustable

Thurso Surf Carbon Fiber

  • LENGTH: 96 inches
  • WEIGHT: 31 OZ

Best Affordable

Abahub Carbon Fiber

  • LENGTH: 67-86 Inches
  • WEIGHT: 30 OZ

High Performance

Werner Session Fiberglass

  • LENGTH: 70-86 INCHES
  • WEIGHT: 32.5 OZ


Ocean Board SUP Paddle

  • LENGTH: 67-86 INCHES
  • WEIGHT: 850 OZ

High Quality

WOOWAVE SUP Paddle Adjustable

  • LENGTH: 68-84 INCHES
  • WEIGHT: 2.08 OZ

Most Versatile

Crazy Abalone Carbon Fiber

  • LENGTH: 68-86 INCHES
  • WEIGHT: 23.84-25.44 OZ

Best Sup Paddles for 2023

We have reviewed in this article the best SUP paddles; there are eight high-quality options. Whether you are into surfing, racing, or recreational paddling or are a beginner or experienced paddler, we’ve got you covered.

1. Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass

best sup paddle

You’ll be cruising smoothly with an Aqua-Bound Malta sup paddle. These fiberglass paddles (carbon shaft and molded paddle blade) ensure durability and are lightweight, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride without having to worry that your joints and muscles will get fatigued.

Weighing only 18.05 oz (511 gr), the Malta sup paddle is the lightest paddle on our list. The fresh, eye-popping colors make it one of the prettiest on the list, too.

Malta paddle can be easily adjusted to 3 lengths from 64 to 86 inches (162 – 218 cm), while the T-grip will provide you smooth paddling comfort. This lightweight paddle comes backed with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

sup paddle

The Malta Fiberglass delivers on all fronts, so if you are looking for an ultralight, high-performing, super durable, and comfy paddle, that’s the best option for you.


  • Length: three adjustable lengths from 64 to 86 inches/162 – 218 cm
  • Weight: 18.05 oz (511 gr)
  • Material: fiberglass blade and carbon shaft
  • Floatable: yes
  • Blade Offset Angle: 10°
  • Brand: Aqua-Bound
  • Guarantee: two-year warranty against manufacturing defects 

Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass

The Price of “Aqua-Bound Malta Fiberglass” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Isle Carbon Hybrid


If you are a serious paddler looking for a durable and responsive paddle, Isle Carbon Hybrid is an excellent choice for you. It’s ultralight, weighing only 27.3 ounces (774 gr).

You’ll have a lot of fun with these well-engineered carbon fiber sup paddles, which will be very easy to maneuver in your hands. The carbon provides just the right amount of stiffness for a much faster paddle stroke.

Energy is transferred more evenly due to its high-end construction, so you will need way less energy, giving you the perfect stroke.

Isla Carbon paddles are fixed sup paddles (83 inches/210 cm), so you will have to cut to your size. The top handle is not glued in place; it is fixed with tape so you can cut the shaft to size. The handle fits snugly, and the tape holds it nicely. Our recommendation is to try it out in the water before cutting it. 

The advantage of the Isle’s fixed paddle is that the power difference is unmatched when compared to a height-adjustable paddle. On the other hand, the ease of transportation changes for fixed paddles. 

The manufacturer stands by this product, offering a 30-day guarantee (Risk-Free Returns within 30 Days) and 1-year warranty on materials.

carbon sup paddles

The Isle Carbon Hybrid paddle has a thought-out design and high-quality materials and is lovely to look at. It is an excellent, sturdy paddle at a fair price, a great option for all skill levels, and an obvious choice if you’re into high-performance paddling.


  • Length: fixed, 83 Inches (210 cm)
  • Weight: 27.3 ounces (774 gr)
  • Material: carbon & fiber
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: ‎ISLE Surf and SUP
  • Guarantee: 30 day guarantee + 1 year warranty on materials 

Isle Carbon Hybrid

The Price of “Isle Carbon Hybrid” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Thurso Surf Carbon Fiber

paddle board paddle

THURSO SURF Carbon Hybrid is a very light and strong paddle, highly adjustable to fit all heights ( from 71 inches/180 cm – 87 inches/220 cm) and configurations (standing to kneeling to sitting). 

You’ll find it easy to assemble, featuring a double-lock installation system that takes under 20 seconds to set up. Its versatility goes even further; you can convert it into a kayak paddle in seconds by replacing the t-bar grip with a second paddle blade. Keep in mind that you would need to purchase an additional paddle blade if you want a paddle for kayaking.

THURSO SURF Carbon Paddles’ hybrid construction (with a Carbon shaft and a Carbon Nylon blade) ensures durability. It feels robust like it can take a beating during even the most powerful strokes.

The blade’s design maximizes all four phases of the stroke, while the slightly curved tip makes for a clean, fast catch. The paddle blade shape (featuring a 10 deg dihedral angle ) will help you get the maximum power from each stroke. 

best paddle board paddle

THURSO SURF, a reputable brand, stays true to its mission to offer the best performance while striving for the lowest possible cost so everyone can experience the thrill of paddling. They stand behind their products 100%, offering free refund or replacement if you have any issues with the THURSO SURF SUP Paddle.

This high-quality paddle is great  if you are a  beginner, casual paddler, or intermediate paddler looking for an affordable product to boost your performance, no matter if you’re cruising, surfing, or racing, 


  • Length: 3 Piece Adjustable 71”/180 cm – 87”/220 cm
  • Weight: 31 oz/870 grams 
  • Material: Carbon Hybrid (Carbon shaft and a Carbon Nylon blade)
  • Blade Angle: 10°
  • Brand: Thurso Surf
  • Floatable: yes
  • Guarantee: free refund or replacement in case of any issues

Thurso Surf Carbon Fiber

The Price of “Thurso Surf Carbon Fiber” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Abahub Carbon Fiber

best paddleboard paddles

If you need a paddle with a super light full carbon fiber shaft but with a tough blade that can withstand rough conditions better than a carbon blade, Abahub Carbon Fiber is your best choice.

The blade, made of fiberglass polypropylene, provides durability in an affordable price range. The blade’s shape adds more power and stability to the stroke while reducing the flutter of the paddle.

However, the blade feels a bit heavy, but that’s a slight downside if you don’t want to worry about where you throw it around.

A full carbon blade would be much lighter but damages more easily than a composite blade and, of course, is more expensive. So this makes it difficult to find a better 100% “semi-carbon” paddle anywhere near this price.

The carbon fiber shaft has the right amount of flex – so your arms and shoulders won’t have to pay the price and won’t get tired on long paddling adventures. The shaft is well-made and sturdy. Easy to put together, the edges are smooth, has an anti-twist channel system while paddling, which means less fatigue for you and more distance covered.

The etched surface of the handle is ergonomic, allowing for a firmer, non-slip grip when wet.

carbon sup paddle

The paddle head itself is perfectly sized – it’s smaller than a standard introductory paddle so that you can increase your stroke rate and get more cardiovascular involvement to turn paddle boarding into a workout vs. tiring out your muscles with an oversized paddle head.

Abahub Carbon Fiber paddle can be assembled and adjusted easily from 67″ to 86″ (170cm to 218cm). It’s suitable for paddlers above 5 feet/152 cm. The locking mechanism for the adjustable shaft is sturdy, keeping the sliding shaft in place without sliding or rotating out of position.

The three-piece paddle comes inside a well-made, generously padded carrying bag to protect it while carrying it around. The included bag is exceptionally nice, much better than an “included” case usually is.

Abahub Carbon Fiber is a good paddle for beginners to intermediate paddlers. Looks awesome and works well. It’s pretty solid and withstands bumps and scrapes. All these qualities are offered at an excellent value, so you can’t go wrong with it.


  • Length: 1 x 3 Section Adjustable 67″/170 cm – 86″/218 cm 
  • Weight: 30 oz (850g)
  • Material: carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass polypropylene blade
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: Abahub
  • Guarantee: replacement or refund with “No Question Asked” warranty.

Abahub Carbon Fiber

The Price of “Abahub Carbon Fiber” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Werner Session Fiberglass

Werner Session Fiberglass

 Werner Session Fiberglass is a paddle perfectly suited to whitewater play: whether you’re attaining, surfing the wave, or maneuvering downstream, you’ll be pleased with its bomber strength and light swing weight.

This premium performance full-strength whitewater build features a fiberglass shaft and an impact and abrasion-resistant blad. So you’ll experience the lightness and strength of a high-quality paddle without having to worry if the blade will get scratched by rocks in the bottom of the water. 

This three-piece paddle can be easily adjusted from 70 to 86 inches (177cm – 218 cm . Werner updated this model with a new, improved ABS palm grip and optimized shaft flex & strength.

The manufacturer offers one year warranty, so you’re all set for the first paddling seasons.

What makes this paddle great is its versatility: you can have fun playing in the rapid waters but also chilling, floating the flats with the family. 


  • Length: 3-piece Adjustable 70 – 86 inches (177cm – 218 cm)
  • Weight: 32.5 oz/921 gr
  • Material: GRP (Glass fiber reinforced plastic)
  • Blade Angle:
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: Werner
  • Guarantee: 1-year manufacturer warranty

Werner Session Fiberglass

The Price of “Werner Session Fiberglass” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Ocean Board SUP Paddle

best paddle board paddles

 Next on our list is a paddle suitable for beginners or casual paddlers.

OCEANBROAD SUP paddle combines the carbon fiber shaft’s lightness with the nylon blade’s toughness.

You’ll love the lightweight material and sturdiness of this three-piece adjustable paddle. You can easily adjust it from 67 inches to 86 inches (170cm to 218cm), so it’s ideal for you to share with families and friends of various heights.

The curved blade is very efficient and easy to paddle with. Without worrying about flex or fluttering, you will feel its powerful and stable stroke. This model features an upgraded patterned oval handle that’s quite rough in your hands and an extra clamp to double secure the third section with almost zero tolerance. 

best paddles for paddle boarding

The paddle comes with a nice, well-made travel bag, making it easy for you to carry around or store it away.

The Oceanbroad is a fast and smooth paddle designed to last – you won’t get a more durable paddle at a better price. The best bang for your buck you’ll find at this price point!


  • Length: 3 Pieces Adjustable from 67″ to 86″ (170cm to 218cm)
  • Weight:  850g (30 oz)
  • Material: carbon fiber shaft and nylon blade
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: Oceanbroad
  • Guarantee: replacement or refund for any quality issues

Ocean Board SUP Paddle

The Price of “Ocean Board SUP Paddle” varies, so check the latest price at

7. WOOWAVE SUP Paddle Adjustable

stand up paddles

 WOOWAVE SUP Paddle is ideal for beginners, casual and intermediate paddlers who want an affordable, high-quality option.

It’s built with durable materials, featuring a fiberglass shaft and a nylon composite blade. Thanks to its tough blade, the paddle can endure a harsh environment – mud, rocks, salty water – so you can use it without being concerned about damaging it.

The three-piece paddle is easily adjustable from 68.9 to 87.4 inches (1.75m-2.22m), ideal for paddlers above the height of 5 ft/152 cm.

sup carbon paddle

With a robust design and tight fit of pieces, this paddle feels light and rigid. It has a variable tension lever lock, features a sturdy latch, and it works beautifully. The upper part is sealed, meaning it is guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water when the parts are together.

The manufacturer offers a free replacement exchange lifetime. 

One downside of the Woo wave paddle is that it feels thick and heavy on the paddle end. It’s built strong, but you might expect it to be lighter for carbon fiber. Other than that, Woo wave is an excellent budget option that will deliver you a few years of fun.


  • Length: 3-piece paddle adjustable from 68.9 to 87.4 inches (1.75m-2.22m)
  • Weight: 2.08 lbs/943 gr
  • Material: fiberglass shaft and nylon composite blade
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: Woo wave
  • Guarantee: Lifetime quality guarantee

WOOWAVE SUP Paddle Adjustable

The Price of “WOOWAVE SUP Paddle Adjustable” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Crazy Abalone Carbon Fiber

sup paddle reviews

Crazy Abalone Carbon Fiber is a premium, high-quality ultralight paddle. 

It features a carbon fiber shaft with an ergonomic carbon fiber handle, and the dope design of the carbon fiber blade will get you compliments on the artwork.

You’ll find it easy to travel with this paddle because it breaks down into three pieces, which makes it ideal for inflatable SUP. It’s also easily adjustable for a wide length range, from  68.89inch/175 cm to 86.61 inches/220cm.

Its clever design ensures the stability of the stroke and prevents blade flutter by using a slight dihedral power face. The paddle performs very well, delivering simple operation and ease to control.

This paddle has a T” type grip which could be considered less comfortable compared to a “palm grip” paddle, at least until you get used to it.

The manufacturer offers a “super guarantee” for this product, meaning they provide a return if the quality issues are caused by their production process or during shipping

Crazy Abalone paddle is highly versatile –  perfect for both beginners and professional paddlers. Whether you’re cruising, grooving, touring, racing, or surfing, you’ll have fun with this excellent quality, lightweight, and amazing-looking paddle. 


  • Length: 3 piece adjustable from 68.89 to 86.61inch(1.75-2.20m)
  • Weight: 23.84 to 25.44ozs(675-721g)
  • Material: carbon fiber
  • Floatable: yes
  • Brand: Crazy Abalone
  • Guarantee: SUPER GUARANTEE

Crazy Abalone Carbon Fiber

The Price of “Crazy Abalone Carbon Fiber” varies, so check the latest price at

What To Look For While Buying Sup Paddle

Choosing the right SUP paddle for your needs could be confusing.

But you can simplify the decision process by narrowing it down to a few main criteria. Take into consideration your paddling style and level, your height, and your body weight.


Most people will take an average of 1500 strokes in one hour of paddling. Imagine how quickly your joints and hands could tire out if you use a heavy paddle. That’s why it’s important to invest in the lightest paddles you can afford if you are into long trips or racing.

On the other hand, if you are a casual paddler going out with the SUP just a few times a year, you can choose a more affordable (and a bit heavier) paddle option. The weight of a paddle is determined by the materials in its composition. You will need to look for the best material.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common options for shaft and paddle blades:


You’ll find it used in the paddle blades and grips of the entry-level paddle. This material is durable and affordable.


Shaft paddles made of aluminum are lightweight and affordable. (not as light or stiff as fiberglass carbon or fiberglass paddle) 


Lightweight and stiff, which means efficiency in transferring the power of your stroke; fiberglass paddles are cheaper than carbon ones and more expensive than aluminum paddles.

Carbon fiber:

This is the lightest sup paddles’ material. It’s also the most expensive, but it pays off if you are into long-distance paddling

In the Features section, you’ll find the materials used for the construction of all the paddles reviewed in this article. Also, you’ll get the exact weight info for each.

Ease of Adjustment

Adjustable paddles allow you to set up the correct length according to your paddling style. Also, due to its versatility, you can share it with friends or family members of different heights.

Here are the main adjusting systems which can mean a difference in convenience and ease of use: 

Hole and Pin Adjusters 

Pro: The cheaper option

Con: Difficult to use

Plastic Lever Adjustors

Pro: Clever design

Con: The plastic handle can irritate your palms

Cam Lever Length Adjusters

Pro: Easy to use

Con: More expensive than the other adjusting systems

Locking Mechanism

It’s essential to choose adjustable paddles that have a solid, well-constructed locking mechanism. Otherwise, it will be challenging for you to adjust the height or to take the paddle pieces apart after you use them.

Because of sand, salt, or dirt getting into the joint, the paddle shaft joins, and ferrule lock mechanisms can become too tight.

On the other hand, the locking mechanism can wear down over time, making your paddle loose.


Aesthetics doesn’t affect paddle performance, so this is probably not one of the main criteria when choosing your paddle. But a cool design or dope colors can make your paddling experience more fun


What type of hand grip should my SUP paddle have?

The most common paddle hand grip options are the Palm handle, T Grip, and Power Grip.

The Palm handle follows the unique shape of your palm, making it comfortable for long sessions.

Best for: Recreational flatwater and sup racing, beginner paddlers

The T-handle consists of a curved back and flat front in an asymmetric shape

Best for: Surfing

The Power Grip handles have a wider and flatter back than Palm Grip and T Grip

Best for: Long races 

What type of blade should my SUP paddle have?

There are two main blade shapes for a paddle:

Tear-drop blade: blades with this shape are widest at the bottom, which means a strong stroke

Best for: Surfers, slow-cadence paddlers

Rectangular blade: Rectangular shape blades are narrower at the bottom, meaning a gentle stroke

Best for: Higher-cadence paddlers

What blade size do I need?

Blade size usually ranges from 85 to 95 square inches (216 – 241 square centimeters. You need to choose a blade size that directly correlates to your body weight. The larger you are, the wider the blade should be.

How Long Should a SUP Paddle Be?

Generally, to choose the right paddle length, you need to add 9-10 inches (22-25 cm) to your height. This is for average recreational touring. If you’re into SUP surfing, you might need a shorter paddle length, while you will need a longer paddle if you prefer racing.

Final Thought

Now that you have all the info on how to find the best SUP paddle to go with your paddle boards and so many options to choose from, we’re sure you found your match for the perfect stroke.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the ride!

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