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First and foremost, keeping your snowboard freshly waxed and maintained is very important for the performance of your board.

Nothing can ruin a good run quicker than a sticky board that dumps all your speed-up jumps or slows you to a stop on some fresh powder. 

Over a season, I will wax my board several times to keep it protected and keep my speed and responsiveness where they should be.

I have had the opportunity to test out a fair few different brands and types. Each one has its pros and cons, I have taken the time to list them and break them down so you can decide which is best for you.

Ski and snowboard wax comes in three different types: warm-temperature wax, cold weather, and all-season or all-temperature wax. Each one corresponds to a different temperature.

The most commonly used are all-season, it is less hassle and will perform across all temperatures. With this in mind, let’s look at some of the best snowboard wax.



Best Overall

Swix F4 Glidewax Liquid

  • Color: ‎Liquid Stick
  • Item Weight: ‎0.1 Kilograms

Best Value

Demon Hyper Wax

  • Color: ‎Blue
  • Item Weight: ‎0.51 Kilograms

Best for Beginners


  • Color: ‎Green
  • Item Weight: ‎0.18 Kilograms

Best for Convenience

TOKO All-in-One Hot Wax

  • Color: Liquid Stick
  • Item Weight: ‎0.06 Kilograms

Best for Durability

Swix Red Racing Wax

  • Color: ‎Red
  • Item Weight: ‎0.23 Kilograms

Best for Warm Temp

ZUMWax Wax

  • Color: ‎Yellow
  • Item Weight: ‎0.17 Kilograms

Our Top 6 Pick of the Best Wax for Snowboards

Here is our list of the best snowboard waxes that help your snowboard running smoothly on all kinds of icy terrains to give you the right feels while snowboarding.

1. Swix F4 Glidewax Liquid

best snowboard wax

For an on-the-go and endlessly convenient snowboard wax, it doesn’t get much better than this all-in-one universal wax stick.

Simply pop off one end, apply the wax to your snowboard, buff with the other end, and you are ready to go.

This handy little container can be carried around on the slopes with you and means you won’t ever be caught with a sticky board.

This quick application wax makes a quick wax job simple, it does away with the slower process of ironing on, drying, and scraping more traditional waxes. This comes at the cost of durability.

This all-temp wax works well in air temperatures ranging from -4 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

best snowboard wax


  • Pocket-sized
  • Super easy application
  • Ready in minutes
  • Environmentally friendly
  • All-season
  • Applicator and buffer


  • A remarkably easy application means you can slap this wax on while waiting for a lift, sipping your morning coffee, or just as you get back from a day out, ready for the first lifts.
  • It is a pocket-sized all-in-one waxing station allowing you to keep it with you no matter where you go.
  • This is handy for the later seasons, where harsh conditions can affect your fresh wax. Being able to wax and buff with such ease makes it worth the price.


  • This isn’t the cheapest snowboard wax on the market, 100ml will not provide too many applications, but this is the price of convenience.
  • Being all seasons means it is not specialized to any particular temperature, but this may work for some people. 
  • A quick application, quick drying wax like this will not have the durability of a much more solid iron on job.

Swix F4 Glidewax Liquid

The price of “Swix F4 Liquid” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Demon Hyper Wax

best snowboard wax

For wax that you can rely on ride after ride, solid block iron on wax is the way to keep moving forwards.

This big, one-pound block will keep you in multiple applications and sliding fast for a long time.

For a very reasonable price, you get an all-season, scented block of wax iron that guarantees high speeds.

Demon Hyper Wax claims to have used a blend formulated in the nineties, this kind of history implies some deep industry knowledge that can be relied on.

Just make sure you’re waxing your board the night after a day on the slopes to give yourself time to apply, dry, and scrape the day before for a good wax job.

best snowboard wax


  • One pound block
  • Iron on
  • All temp wax
  • Durable design
  • Great speed
  • Scented 
  • All-season


  • For a fraction of the price of many other snowboard wax brands, you get a huge chunk of wax that is absolutely guaranteed to get you through multiple rides.
  • The durability of this iron-on wax will mean you need a lot fewer applications over a season, saving you even more pennies.
  • The lovely flowery scent when melting on is just one added bonus!


  • The large size means this wax probably isn’t the most transportable on the market. This shouldn’t be too much of an issue as you won’t ever be applying it on the slopes.
  • This iron-on wax will take some time to apply and treat before it is really ready to go. It may be a little more time-consuming than quick application wax.

Demon Hyper Wax

The price of “Demon Hyper Wax” varies, so check the latest price at

3. ZUMWax RUB ON Wax

best snowboard wax

Here we have a rub-on wax for the regular everyday snowboarder. ZUMwax focuses on the average slope enthusiast rather than claiming to be the brand for the professional.

Great for the new learner snowboarder. This really comes through with their easy-to-apply and all-season rub on wax.

You don’t need to be a seasoned professional to be able to apply it and you don’t need to be a top-level snowboarder to feel the improvements.

This wax uses pure wax components to bring long-lasting and effective wax to the masses with an easy rub-on application for great speed.

best snowboard wax


  • Push up container
  • Buffing cork
  • Easy application
  • All round use
  • Expert formula
  • All-season


  • A universal wax for the regular rider. Often, people feel that waxing your board is something best left to professionals.
  • This wax makes it easy for anyone to slap it on and get riding with its push-up design and simple instructions.
  • Its all-season usage means no matter when you hit the slopes, you’ll be riding the best board.


  • This wax is best applied on warm surfaces, their website even suggests warming up your board with a hairdryer before application.
  • This does not mean you should be using an iron to melt the wax, but you may have issues applying this wax on snow-cold surfaces.


The price of “ZUMWax RUB ON Wax” varies, so check the latest price at

4. TOKO All-in-One Hot Wax

best snowboard wax

Here we have another hot application wax for an at-home waxing session. This wax is specifically designed to be for every boarding style in every weather.

It is a no-frills design that makes wax applications as easy as possible for even the beginner snowboard waxer.

With a resealable box, this wax won’t cover whatever bag you keep it in with wax as its temperature changes, and it bounces around.

best snowboard wax


  • No nonsense design
  • Easy first-time hot wax
  • All-season
  • All-surface
  • Hot Application
  • Handy resealable case


  • This is a great way to learn how to wax your board for the first time without having to worry about if it is the correct one for your riding style, surface, or temperature.
  • The handy resealable case will make sure it doesn’t cover whatever snowboard backpack or bag you transport it in with wax.


  • This wax doesn’t specialize anywhere, it isn’t the hardest wearing, the fastest, or the easiest to apply.
  • As an entry to waxing, it is great, but beyond that, it won’t impress much. Anyone looking for something more specific will have to look elsewhere for a more exclusive type.
  • The package size is also quite small, compared to some of the previously reviewed wax blocks, this one will not be able to be used as many times over the season despite the fact it is a harder-wearing wax than quick apply sticks.

TOKO All-in-One Hot Wax

The price of “TOKO Hot Wax” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Swix Red Racing Wax

best snowboard wax

This is a wax designed for use between 14 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit. It will achieve the best results, speed, and slip between these temperatures.

Anything outside these parameters may cause the wax to stick. 

It is another hot wax designed to be applied with an iron and prepped properly before you hit the slopes.

This usually means the wax is more durable than the quick application style and will provide deeper and more permanent protection against dust and damage.

best snowboard wax


  • Optimal use between 14 and 36 Fahrenheit
  • Resealable case
  • Hot Application
  • High-speed wax
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Easy use


  • This wax is very environmentally friendly, which for the eco-conscious rider will make all the difference. It is always good to know you are looking after the environment that provides the very snow we all crave.
  • This is a racing wax that will provide the fastest speeds between the recommended temperatures.
  • If you are looking to tear up the slopes at breakneck speeds this is exactly the wax you should be applying to the bottom of your board.


  • The temperature limit on this wax means that outside the recommended temperatures, the wax may begin to stick and perform badly.
  • This just means you will have to be a little more careful when you choose to use this within the season. The temperature range is quite broad for the season.

Swix Red Racing Wax

The price of “Swix Red Racing Wax” varies, so check the latest price at

6. ZUMWax Warm Weather Racing Wax

best snowboard wax

Here to finish off we have a great wax that is designed for the warm end-of-season snow.

Anyone who has ridden end-of-season soft snow knows how incredibly grippy it is. You can hit a slope straight on and make no speed at all.

The slushy snow does not lend itself to speed or control. This is why a warm weather wax will make so much difference. 

These snowboard and ski waxes are good for temperatures between 21 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit which is significantly higher than any previously reviewed wax. 

best snowboard wax


  • Warm weather wax between 21 – 32 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Iron on
  • High Speed
  • Eco friendly
  • Small transportable size


The first and most obvious benefit of this wax is its excellent performance under warmer temperatures.

Warm weather wax makes a huge difference in the slushy spring days turning slow, slushy snow into fun, fast, soft days. 

ZUMwax’s iron on wax is resilient to dust, dirt, and protects against light surface damage. This is something that becomes more important towards the warmer end of a season as the snow thins and dirt starts to show through. 


This wax’s benefit is also its downfall. Being only suitable between such warm temperatures means in colder snow this wax will stick and make your board slow right down.

This wax is also right at the high end of the price range, its recognizable branding and specific use mean it can be priced at a premium but the best brands are often the best on the market.

ZUMWax Racing Wax

The price of “ZUMWax Racing Wax” varies, so check the latest price at

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Wax for Your Snowboard

Before you go out and buy your snowboard wax, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration. Not all wax is created equal, nor are the riders, styles, or boards.

Making sure you have the right wax for the conditions and your style will ensure you have the best time out there on the slopes. You wouldn’t want to waste that beautiful bluebird powder day, would you?

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of wax. You should also need to know how to wax a snowboard without iron.


The snow temperature is one of the biggest factors to take in when looking at what wax is right for you and your board. Warmer weather, cold weather, and all-season wax are available for anyone looking to buy, and each corresponds to different snow temperatures. 

Buying and applying wax with a specific temperature in mind can give you that edge if you’re really looking to hit some fast speeds or send it off a kicker.

This being said, if you get it wrong or the weather changes it just becomes more of a hassle. Most people will just opt for an all-temp wax to keep the protection and slick coating that will be fit for all temperatures.


These days, more and more wax manufacturers are opting for much more environmentally friendly materials like natural oils, hydrocarbon wax options, and soy based waxes in their products.

If any of us want to carry on riding perfect fluffy snow we all need to take a little time to look after the environment and that extends to the wax you use.

Keeping an eye out for wax that doesn’t use fluorocarbons is a quick way to do your part. 

Wax Type

The two main types of wax I have reviewed are quick stick style wax and hot wax that needs heating with an iron before it’s applied. Both have their drawbacks and benefits. Other options like spray on wax can also get the job done quickly.

With hot wax, your board will have a much longer-lasting coating. The application through heat really opens up the pores of the base material on the board and lets the wax get deep inside the cracks and surface.

This process not only keeps your board flying over the snow but protects against damage from little stones, dust, and dirt. The issue with hot wax is the time and extra equipment needed. It can’t just be slapped on while you’re out and about.

Rub-on wax is the quick, convenient, pocket-sized alternative to hot iron wax. It doesn’t get much easier than just rubbing this stuff on and buffing it, often with the same stick the wax is stored in.

Of course, this has its limits. The wax will struggle to get any purchase on the surface if your snowboard is ice cold or the wax is frozen solid from being outside in cold weather. It is still significantly easier to apply than hot wax and is great for on-the-go speed maintenance.

Whereas hot wax will get deep into a surface, quick application wax is much more surface level. This isn’t to say it won’t last a good amount of time but it will rub off much quicker and may not give the deep protection of its counterpart.


What Type of Wax Is Best for Snowboarding?

There is no specific type of wax that can be considered ‘best’ it all depends on what you want from your ride.

If you want quick speeds in cold temperatures then a cold weather racing wax will be best. If you’re hoping to tear up a park then all-weather, quick application wax will suit your on-the-go style.

Does Snowboard Wax Temperature Matter?

Snowboard wax temperature does matter. Both warm and cold weather waxes are specifically designed for certain snow and they won’t perform as well outside of their recommended parameter.

The best thing to do if in doubt or just want one wax for the whole season is to go for an all-season wax.

How Long Is Snowboard Wax Good For?

This really depends on how you ride and in what conditions. Slushy or very hard snow will burn through your hot wax in two or three days, and you’ll have to re-apply to keep it at its optimum level.

With regular snow conditions, four or five days can be expected before you can feel a difference. 

With quick application wax, this time is reduced by a day or so with heavy riding in harsh conditions possibly requiring a daily application.


To sum it all up, the wax you need is entirely up to how you want to ride. If you’re only going out for a few days and you can guarantee the snow temperature then it’s well worth getting a wax specific to the snow. If you have a whole season to enjoy then an all-season wax is the one for you.

Deciding if you want to take the time to hot wax your best snowboard accessories or if you just want to apply and go is all a matter of preference. Both have their benefits in speed of application and length of protection.

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