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If you have ever seen professional skiers skiing over a mogul field, you must have noticed how effortless they make it seem. But in reality, it is not that. You really need to practice, focus and follow tips and techniques. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

When I first started practicing it, the first couple of times, it was pretty hard for me to balance myself and figure out the right spot for pivoting. I’ll give you some pro tips, so you don’t have to go through all of it by yourself.

So, without any further ado, let’s begin understanding the best techniques for mogul skiing.

Overview of Mogul Skiing

Being a skier, best mogul skis is a must for you. This will take your skiing experience to the next level. Moguls are considered to be one of the most challenging terrains. They can give you a tough time if you don’t consider the right technique.

For so many people, moguls tend to be a challenge, but having the right momentum can make things easier for you. Actually, there are a lot f things that you need to keep in mind.

skiing moguls tips

These include everything from the bumpy terrain to your position, location, and pivot point. All of this will help you gain speed and maintain balance with perfection.

But all of it comes later. First, you need to consider what a mogul actually is. It is very different from your regular skiing terrain. Your knowledge of moguls will help you ski better.

What are Moguls?

While skiing on the groomed slopes, you would have noticed bumps. Those bumps are called moguls. Moguls can be natural. They might be formed at the sloping sites by the skiers due to sharp turns. Each time a skier takes a sharp turn, he carves snow from the path. The next turn on the same spot can reinforce it even more.

skiing moguls

That’s how man-made moguls are formed. In some mogul fields, moguls are formed on purpose. While on other terrains, they are completely natural. A whole sequence of moguls of snow ahead of each other forms a path that can be a challenge to ski on.

Notice that each mogul has a downhill ski side, an uphill side, and a flat top part too. Multiple moguls are present next to each other. The parts with scraped snow that are present between one mogul and the next mogul are called troughs.

How To Improve Skiing Moguls

Now that you know what skiing moguls are let’s move on to the next step. Here are some of the things that you need to practice and keep in mind while learning how to ski moguls better:

Speed Is Key

Your speed is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while skiing moguls. That’s what professionals are really good at. They know how to effortlessly speed down by aligning their legs the right way.

moguls snow

That is the best way to maintain balance too. You need to keep it slow initially and be prepared for the upcoming bumps.

Pick Your Mogul Line

When you are practicing as a beginner, make sure to imagine a mogul line with similar mogul sizes, with a pole plant. This will help you be on track. As a result, you will have a steady rhythm.

how to ski moguls better

And when you are moving towards a trough, take a turn over the bump of the slope, and keep your lower body in a fixed line straight down.

Don’t Be Afraid of a Challenging Mogul in Your Path

snow moguls

Confidence is the key to getting better in this game. If you are a beginner and haven’t practiced enough, the first few trials might be tough. But once you are past that stage, you can easily ski moguls. Don’t worry. A bump of snow would do no serious harm to you.

Find Your Mogul Line Rhythm for Downhill Ski Moguls

When you are on top of the hill, you need to consider a good sequence of moguls that you think would create a good rhythm. When you are at the top of the bump, just choose your light and follow the same direction. This technique will surely help you focus better and hence balance yourself.

Add the Pole Plant

mogul skiing tips

To maintain the balance of your body and keep your feet and ankles aligned, you need to plant a pole, considering the peak. Make sure to consider the distance that you need to consider. The aim, according to your contact with the snow, is at the top of the bump, along the same line.

Be Patient

You might not very good at it in the beginning. But you will practice and spend more time skiing over the moguls. Your body will become more flexible, and will definitely say that skiing moguls weren’t as hard as they seemed to be, Just be patient, practice, and trust your ability.

Once you get better at it, it is worth it. Because not only is it fun and gives you the adrenaline rush, but it also burns calories.

Some Pro Tips For Mogul Skiing

Here are some of the pro tips that will not only take your experience to the next level but also help build up your confidence when you know how easy it is with these techniques.

Analyze The Moguls

Understanding moguls is as important as practice. All the moguls are different, and all of them require different techniques for short turns, adjusting over a bump, and maintaining a good balance with confidence.

how to ski bumps

Take Breaks

This is the type of sport that requires good stamina. You have to use a lot of energy. So make sure you have eaten before starting skiing over your favorite slope. You don’t have to do it all at once. Make sure to take good breaks in between.

Twist To Turn

mogul skiing technique

Lock your knees and try to twist your body to take a turn over the bumps. The highest point of the mogul is the best part of taking turns. While doing so, look ahead. And your ankles, knees, and hips should give you stability, and your knees absorb the impact as you extend and flex your legs.

Maintaining Level Head

Keeps your head level in a line above your toes to help you ski effortlessly, just like you are on the run. Control your speed over a trough that comes in your line.


If you have a good skiing teacher by your side, he/she can encourage you and help you to stick to it and get better at adapting to different ski moguls. Overall, skiing on moguls tends to give you a fun time.

I hope you now know the tricks and techniques and can easily get better at them. All you need is some practice to become a pro at it. You can also teach your friends these techniques, to help them make a difference.

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