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Getting wet is all part of the thrill in water sports, especially when it comes to stand-up paddle boarding! If you enjoy the SUP like I do, then falling in is a necessity.

The biggest problem with even the best inflatable paddle boards is that there isn’t a storage area for your items.

Keys, money, and passports, among other items are just not things you want to get soaked after your trip. So, keeping these things dry is an important task.

Backpacks are a usual go-to item, but they are big and bulky, which is why a lot of professional paddle boarders like to use something more convenient: waterproof fanny packs.

Dry storage for your paddle trip is essential for stress-free water run—and more fun! Not all dry bags are created equal, and a waterproof fanny pack is a great way to keep your valuables and items that are not water friendly safe and accessible.



Double Budget Diver

HEETA Waterproof

  • Material: PVC
  • Item Weight: 7.8 Pounds

One Hologram to Fit it All


  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 7 Pounds

The Deep Diver

AiRunTech Waterproof

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Item Weight: 6.7 Pounds

Big Time Security


  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Weight: 8.4 Pounds

Cool Comfort


  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 4.9 Pounds

Crazy Kids Pouch

Smooth Trip

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 3.2 Pounds

Biker Chic

Black Large Fanny

  • Material: Nylon
  • Item Weight: 6.7 Pounds

The Top Picks for Waterproof Fanny Packs

All of the bags from my top picks are made with a waterproof material, however, some bags are only water-resistant, meaning they will protect against splashes or light rain.

Other fanny packs are so waterproof that they are “dive proof” and ready to accompany you on an underwater dive. To make sure your equipment is up to the job, always test it before use. 

Let’s get into the top picks for a durable fanny pack that you can wear as a waist bag or shoulder bag, and everything in between.

1. HEETA Waterproof Pouches

HEETA 2-Pack Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

If you can’t pass up a good deal and could use two packs instead of one, the HEETA Waterproof Pouches is a great buy. Two waterproof fanny packs for the price of one is tempting and some of the features make these pouches even more attractive.

These pouches are some of the few that you can actually dive with, and I mean dive. You can reach up to 32 feet (10 meters) without worrying about the contents of your bag.

However, don’t expect to stay in the water too long because the manufacturer recommends up to 1 hour of water protection. That’s long enough for a good swim!

These pouches come in a variety of color combinations, but the most common is a translucent color and an opaque black. The translucent pouch is touch-screen friendly, meaning you can access your phone right through the plastic material to use your phone without opening the pouch!

hip pack waterproof

The black bag is opaque, and you can’t see through it, and it doesn’t have a touch screen. This bag is better for concealing your valuables from the view of others. And with triple seal protection and velcro closure, it’s unlikely anyone will be pickpocketing you.

This bag floats! So, if you lose it when you fall off the board, it will float up to the surface. Straps adjust to about 44 inches which may accommodate many waist sizes but might not fit everyone’s chest for a cross-body option.


  • Capacity: 3.4 oz.
  • Material: PVC
  • Theft protection: Triple zip lock protection
  • Straps and comfort: 33-44 in. adjustable nylon strap
  • Design and color: multiple colors/ fold over Velcro top


  • It floats so you won’t lose it
  • Lowest price


  • Like a big zip bag with a strap

HEETA Waterproof Pouches

The Price of “HEETA Waterproof Pouches ” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Water-Resistant Neon Fanny Bags

Water Resistant Shiny Neon Fanny Bag

With the Water-Resistant Neon Fanny Bags, I feel like a water raver. Geared in this fanny pack, I feel ready for the next water music festival or I could even use it to signal for survival purposes with such a reflective hologram color.

The material feels very durable; however, this pack is not for underwater purposes. That makes it great on the water if you don’t intend to go under. It’s a great option for versatility like using it at an amusement park or wearing it in the rain.

If you are looking for fanny packs that resist a splash or two, this pouch is pretty convenient. The main compartment is big and can fit a 16-oz. water bottle in it. The second compartment can carry some small things you want to be separated, but it’s big enough for a phone.

water resistant fanny pack

One of the most psychedelic bum bags, this one’s all about the style. All around, it’s a solid pack for those wanting to keep water out of their bag but not for diving fans.


  • Capacity: 7 oz.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Theft protection: Zipper
  • Straps and comfort: 52 in. adjustable waist strap, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: Multiple colors and even clear


  • Big enough for a water bottle
  • Seconds as a reflector


  • Very Flashy
  • Thin strap

Water Resistant Shiny Neon Fanny Bag

The Price of “Water Resistant Shiny Neon Fanny Bag” varies, so check the latest price at

3. AiRun Tech Waterproof Pouch

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Since I’m a fan of diving in without stressing about placing my bag somewhere where it won’t get wet, I love a good diving fanny pack. The AiRun Tech Waterproof Pouch is your serious water sport waist pack. And for a few bucks more than the HEETA, you still get two fanny packs.

Touch-screen friendly durable PVC material makes it easy to see through the pouch, except for the black opaque one. That’s pretty convenient when you’re in the water or wet and you want to pick up the phone without getting everything inside the bag full of water.

Love to dive? You can cliff jump with these babies accommodating to diving depths up to 120 feet! And if you’re worried the buckle might unhook, these pouches float too so you won’t lose it.

fanny pack waterproof

Even though this is a diver’s pouch, you must carry out the waterproof test before use. This is crucial prior to taking it out on the water. If it’s damaged, then send it back. The company also offers free customized extenders for a larger waist, making it a great fit for all sizes.


  • Capacity: 6.7­­ oz.
  • Material: Plastic
  • Theft protection: Triple zip lock protection with Velcro
  • Straps and comfort: 33-42 in. waist strap, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: Blue, pink, clear, and black translucent and black opaque


  • Depths of 120 feet
  • Free customized waist extender strap


  • The material feels thin enough to rip

AiRun Tech Waterproof Pouch

The Price of “AiRun Tech Waterproof Pouch” varies, so check the latest price at

4. FLOCK THREE Fanny Pack Waterproof

FLOCK THREE Fanny Pack Waterproof Waist Bags

If you like a good pattern flair and prioritize security, the FLOCK THREE Fanny Pack Waterproof waist bag is the best waterproof fanny pack for you. Choose a funky pattern that suits your style.

These packs are sturdy and durable. The polyester fabric and the heavy-duty zippers are well-stitched and they don’t feel like they will tear. This pouch has three zippered pockets on the outside and one zippered inner pocket for extra security.

The back zipper pocket fits snugly against your body so nobody can see it.

Straps are thick and sturdy with adjustability up to 50 inches. The pouch is a big fanny pack that has a lot of space to fit a lot of stuff for a big packer.

colorful fanny pack

A durable pack, but be warned: this pouch shouldn’t be submerged in water. The zippers are wide-toothed and water can easily seep in if it isn’t just a splash or rainfall.


  • Capacity: 8.4 oz.
  • Material: Polyester
  • Theft protection: durable zipper
  • Straps and comfort: 15-50 in. adjustable straps, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: Multiple solid colors


  • Durable and quality materials
  • Three outer zippered compartments


  • Can’t submerge underwater

FLOCK THREE Fanny Pack Waterproof

The Price of “ FLOCK THREE Fanny Pack Waterproof” varies, so check the latest price at

5. WATERFLY Fanny Pack

WATERFLY Fanny Pack for Men Women

The WATERFLY Fanny Pack is your versatile on-water and off-water pouch. Water-resistant material doesn’t make it resistant to getting water in it. It is a great pack on the water as long as you aren’t planning to fall in!

The earphone hole is both a blessing and a curse on the SUP. It’s a great addition to be able to listen to music while on the water, but if you fall in, this is the pack’s weak spot. Water will seep in through the earphone hole and get everything wet.

Four separate pockets (2 of which are inside the main compartment) make this pouch great for keeping things organized and secure.

waterproof belt bag

What I love about this pack is its comfort. The pouch has breathable mesh padding on the back where it lies against your body, and it feels pretty good. This is certainly one of the most comfortable pouches, so for long hikes and paddles, you’re sure to be happy about this purchase.


  • Capacity: 4.9 oz.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Theft protection: zipper
  • Straps and comfort: 20-50 in. adjustable straps, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: Multiple solid colors


  • Earphone hole
  • Comfortable padding
  • Adjusts to 56-inch waist


  • Belt feels thin
  • If you are smaller, the excess straps can be annoying.


The Price of “WATERFLY Fanny Pack” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Smooth Trip Waterproof Fanny Pack

Smooth Trip Waterproof Fanny Pack

The Smooth Trip Waterproof Fanny Pack looks like a diver pouch by its design and material but is not intended for submerging in water. It comes with similar diver bag features like triple seal protection and Velcro for extra security and anti-theft.

The material is touchscreen friendly so you can access your phone without opening it. However, the material seems more flimsy and thin than the others which signals it has the potential to break over time and with heavy use.

The adjustable strap is better suited for children or slimmer people adjusting 26-39 inches. This means, if you have a small waist, you won’t have all that excess strap. Overall, this one is a basic fanny pack but gets the job done.


  • Capacity: 3.2 oz.
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Theft protection: 3 sealzipper and velcro
  • Straps and comfort: 26-39 in. adjustable strap, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: clear


  • Suited for children or smaller sizes
  • Touchscreen friendly


  • Small capacity
  • Thin material

Smooth Trip Waterproof Fanny Pack

The Price of “Smooth Trip Waterproof Fanny Pack” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Black Large Fanny Pack for Men Women

Black Large Fanny

Last but not least, I unleash the chicest bag of them all. The Black Large Fanny Pack for men and women is a cool-looking pouch. It has three outer zippered compartments and a hidden inner pocket with durable zippers. Not the largest in size but still holds a lot of stuff. It even held my camera.

It has a unique design where the main compartment zips in a downward bow shape instead of towards the body. This makes it not so bulky outward and much easier to access when slung cross-body as a sling bag. Unfortunately, things fall out a lot easier with this design.

The material is sleek. While the bag resists water in the rain or in the splash zone, it is not advised to submerge the bag underwater. The manufacturer guarantees a free replacement if you have any problems, so it certainly cuts out buyer’s remorse stress.

outdoors fanny pack

This pack looks cool and is large enough for wearing across the body. However, if you are smaller with a 35-inch waist or smaller, you’ll have a lot of excess straps to deal with.


  • Capacity: 6.7 oz.
  • Material: Nylon
  • Theft protection: zipper
  • Straps and comfort: 24-50.3 in. adjustable strap, an extension sold separately
  • Design and color: Sleek and black


  • Designed for cross-body wear
  • Lots of zipper compartments


  • Downward zip causes things to fall out

Black Large Fanny Pack for Men Women

The Price of “Black Large Fanny Pack for Men Women” varies, so check the latest price at

Features to Consider When Choosing a Waterproof Fanny Pack

Paddle boarding is a fun activity that requires minimal gear. Since your hands are busy, even with the best SUP paddle, you’ll need something to keep all your items safe. This is why a waterproof fanny pack is a great addition to your water equipment arsenal.

There are a few features to consider when selecting the best waterproof fanny pack for paddle boarding.

This list of waterproof waist packs showcases a wide range of features like water resistance, compartment size, adjustable straps, touch screen compatible material, and durable quality so you can choose the one that suits your needs.

Material and Theft Protection

The best waterproof fanny packs are made of a durable material that can handle all types of waterworks without breaking or leaking.

Waterproof materials like PVC or nylon will keep your items dry and protected, but the quality and certain features like sealable technology will determine if it is waterproof when submerged in water.

This is why a secure triple seal protection might be important for you if you want to ensure the contents inside stay dry when you jump into the water.

Water proof pack

Straps and Comfort

If you don’t intend to jump in with your pack, you might just want one that is water-resistant. These are also easier to open and close to access your belongings.

The fanny pack straps should be adjustable and comfortable. Take into consideration how you want to wear your fanny pack. It might seem obvious to wear it around your waist, but a lot of kids these days like to wear it across their chest.

A cross-body bag needs to have a larger adjustable feature than if you only intend to buckle it around your waist. If you wear a life vest, that means you’ll need extra length on your bag. Even the best life jackets for paddle boarding are lightweight but still provide some bulk.

If you have a small waist, you might also want to consider how large the adjustable waist strap is because, with some longer ones, you might find you have a lot of excess straps dangling from your pack.

You should consider the size and select one that will fit everything you need for your paddle boarding trip. A larger fanny pack with multiple pockets or compartments can help keep items organized.

Design and Color

Finally, consider the style of the fanny pack. It should match your needs and reflect your personal style.

Look for bright colors and patterns to make your fanny pack stand out on the water so your friends and family can spot which one is you. 

waterproof waist bag

Waterproof Fanny Pack FAQs

 To answer all your fanny pack questions, here are some FAQs about waterproof fanny packs.

Is It Okay to Put My Waterproof Fanny Pack in the Washer?

It’s not recommended to put your waterproof fanny pack in the washer unless approved by the instructions that come with it.

The material may not be able to withstand the hot water and tumble cycles. Unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer, washing it could damage the waterproof seal, leaving it more vulnerable to water damage.

It’s best to hand wash your fanny pack with mild soap and water. Since it’s water resistant, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about drying!

Why Use Waterproof Fanny Packs?

Waterproof fanny packs are an incredibly versatile and convenient way to keep essential items dry. So many times I’ve been paddle boarding with my bag on the board, and so many times it’s gotten wet or fallen in the water.

This is why you’ll want things like car keys and money high and dry. Fanny packs are lightweight and easy to carry, making them ideal for long days out on the water. They are also great for everyday use, and some of them are versatile to wear when you’re not on the water.

Can I Use My Waterproof Fanny Pack While Skiing or Swimming?

Yes, definitely. Like I’ve said, they’re waterproof! While skiing, you should feel confident that most of the fanny packs on this list will hold up well without soaking. Swimming with our fanny pack is another story.

If you intend to take your pack for a swim, you will want to make sure it is 100% waterproof with proper sealing. You will also want to conduct a test before you take it out with you.

What I like the most about this style bag is that it’s designed to fit snuggly against your body, so it’s comfortable and secure while you are skiing, swimming, or anything else. 

Final Thoughts

I always like to take pictures when I’m out on the water. I snap photos of the kids, a funny video of the dog jumping in the water, and maybe a selfie or two, so having a camera or my phone accessible in a safe place is an important feature when choosing from a range of waterproof fanny packs.

 Choosing the right waterproof fanny pack for paddle boarding can make all the difference. When selecting a good fanny pack, consider the material, size, straps, closure system, and style before you buy it.

You should already have in mind if you need a pack that can be totally submerged in water or if you want a versatile one that just resists water.

Personally, I like to have both kinds for different situations, one for diving in and one for every day. They are all priced so well that it makes sense to me with diverse needs. Once you’ve got your favorite fanny pack, it’s time to head out for a day of paddle boarding!

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