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What’s worse than paying good money for expensive gear and then having it stolen from you? Let me tell y’all that when my favorite ski company (Dalbello) drops their latest new pair of skis, there is nothing that could possibly stand between me and swiping my card on that gear!

But with all the craze and passion for purchasing new flashy and exciting sports gear, you must also be quite careful and watchful about how exactly you plan to secure these items.

Snowboard locks, a ski key, or tether locks are all amazing options to protect your new skis wherever you are headed.

Although most resorts that I have been to provide premium-level security, you can never be too careful! Read on to find out about some cool and affordable locks you can get for your gear.



Best Overall

Dakine Cool

  • Mechanism: 4-digit combination system
  • Cable length: 3-foot (94cm) cable

Most Affordable

Bosvision Ultra-Secure

  • Mechanism: 4-digit combination
  • Cable length: 3-foot retractable cable of 2.4mm thickness

High Quality

Burton Cable Lock

  • Mechanism: 3-digit  system
  • Cable length: 2.5-foot cable

Easy to Use

Lock 2 mm x 700 mm

  • Mechanism: Three-digit combination
  • Cable length: 2.2 feet x 2 mm diameter braided steel cable.

Most Durable

Northcore Viper-X

  • Mechanism: 3-digit combination locking mechanism
  • Cable Length: Approx 3-foot cable

Most Secure

M-Wave Lock ‘N’ Roll

  • Mechanism: 4-digit resettable combo lock
  • Cable length: feet x 2.4 mm cable

Great Convenience

Allnice Portable Lock

  • Mechanism: 4-digit resettable combination lock
  • Cable length: Approx 4-foot non-retractable

Our Top Picks For The Best Ski Locks (2023)

Here are our chosen options for the best ski and snowboard locks.

1. Dakine Cool Lock with Cable 

ski locks

Dakine has established its name in the markets and in every household as a trustworthy outdoor brand, and the Dakine micro lock doesn’t fall short of that reputation at all.

best ski lock

It is compact, highly practical, features impressive cable length, and comes in handy in emergencies. A true lifesaver to keep in your car at all times.

My Opinion

Without hesitation, I can confidently say I absolutely love the compactness of this cable lock. It’s quite handy to stash in a jacket/trouser pocket and have all that safety just hanging out with me at all times. I wouldn’t really change anything about this cable lock.


  • Material: 50% ABS, 40% Steel, 10% TPU
  • Mechanism: 4-digit combination system 
  • Cable length: 3-foot (94cm) cable

Dakine Cool

The price of “Feeder Robot” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-digit

best ski locks

Bosvision is a popular company that I was trying out for the first time, and safe to say it played its part fairly well. This ski lock was my first choice because of its admirable specifications, given the price range.

My Opinion

The Bosvision retractable cable lock comes with a plastic housing with a little circle at its bottom. I like to use that as my key ring, and the lock practically becomes my keychain during skiing months.

easily set password benefits)

Overall it is an affordable and practical multi-use ski lock. However, the numbers on the dial are quite tiny and hence hard to read sometimes.


  • Material: Alloy steel body
  • Mechanism: 4-digit combination locking mechanism
  • Cable length: 3-foot cable of 2.4mm thickness that is retractable
  • Cable material: Vinyl-coated steel cable

Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-digit

The price of “Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-digit” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Burton Cable Lock

snowboard lock

You may know the Burton company through its high-quality snow and ski boards that are in almost every winter sports store. It only makes sense that they manufacture ski locks too! This small Burton cable lock is suitable for both ski and snowboard use.

My Opinion

The lock has a small and pocket-friendly design. The biggest issue I have with this Burton cable lock is the cable length. Although the company claims the lock works as a snowboard lock and a ski lock…the cable length wasn’t adequate with certain ski racks.

ski cable lock

So it’s really unreliable to have to hope the cable length is enough when arriving at different skiing spots.


  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Mechanism: 3-digit combination lock system
  • Cable length: 2.5-foot cable

Burton Cable Lock

The price of “Burton Cable Lock” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Master Lock 2 mm x 700 mm

snowboard lock review

The Master ski lock exceeds expectations in all fields as every last specification is one you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. Although there is nothing remotely complicated or fancy about this, I enjoyed just how seamlessly everything came together with the help of this cable lock.

My Opinion

The wire of the Master ski lock was, in my opinion, quite inadequate, given that I wanted to lock 2 sets of skis but ran out of cable. Moreover, although the steel cable is braided and made of high-quality material, it is still fairly thin and susceptible to snapping under tough conditions.

ski locks cables

It is already common knowledge that these ski locks aren’t exactly meant for top-notch security, but still…the wire can be a little thicker.


  • Material: Vinyl and Alloy Steel
  • Mechanism: Three-digit combination
  • Cable length: 2.2 feet x 2 mm diameter braided steel cable.
  • Special Feature: Resettable combination lock

Master Lock Lock 2 mm x 700 mm

The price of “Master Lock Lock 2 mm x 700 mm ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Northcore Viper-X

snowboard locks review

Made to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining its quality, the Northcore Viper is advertised as a snowboard lock, but it is, without a doubt, one of the best ski locks.

My Opinion

There is really nothing that disagrees with me when it comes to this ski key lock, as it brings you everything you need in one little package. This cable lock has adequate cable length and an easy-to-set lock combination and comes at an inexpensive rate.

lock for skis

They also allow a multi-purpose use for luggage, bikes, and other ski equipment.


  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Mechanism: 3-digit combination locking mechanism
  • Cable Length: Approx 3-foot cable

Northcore Viper-X

The price of “Northcore Viper-X ” varies, so check the latest price at

6. M-Wave Lock ‘N’ Roll

The purpose of the Lock N Roll cable l0ck is to provide you with some peace of mind as you take a short break from your skis. That isn’t to say you’re bound to receive maximum security with this combination lock, but it sure is a relief knowing your best ski poles are safe from would-be thieves.

My Opinion

I’ve heard from close friends that this lightweight cable lock is an excellent choice as one of the best snowboard locks they’ve tried.

So it comes across as no surprise that this secure cable lock can easily safeguard two sets of skis at a time and keep them secure without any hassle. It has a protective external casing to prevent scratches on your ski and snowboard


However, in my personal opinion, the external casing of this good lock would’ve been a better choice if it was metal and not plastic. As much as it may prevent scratching, it would stretch its lifespan double.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Mechanism: 4-digit resettable combo lock
  • Cable length: feet x 2.4 mm cable
  • Special feature: M-Wave display card

M-Wave Lock ‘N’ Roll

The price of “M-Wave Lock ‘N’ Roll” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Allnice Portable Lock

locks for snowboards

The black sheep of this collection, but for good measure! This cable lock features unique specifications that make it both the best selection and a convenient and durable option for securing your skis.

Regardless of which ski company you have purchased your gear from, this cable lock is bound to save you time and energy

best retractable cable lock

My Opinion

A longer cable is a breath of fresh air and much needed where the length of the cable is highly important. The zinc alloy body with 47 inches of stretchy cable available to bind around your gear makes this key lock an extremely popular choice.

I especially love how, although the long cable can’t retract back within the body of the lock…it still doesn’t take up too much space.


  • Material: Zinc alloy with PVC coating
  • Mechanism: 4-digit resettable combination lock
  • Cable length: Approx 4-foot non-retractable

Allnice Portable Lock

The price of “Allnice Portable Lock” varies, so check the latest price at

Easy Steps for an Enjoyable Vacation

You can follow the below additional tips to make your trips more memorable.

Travel Insurance 

Travel insurance is of multiple kinds. There’s one that protects you in case of any injury (medical insurance), and the other type covers you in case you are the victim of any sort of theft. I advise you to bag them both because no one can predict what will happen on your eventful ski vacation.

Most of the time, when rental companies do offer insurance, it is quite expensive and more of a last resort kind of option. Make sure you get your insurance before heading off to your vacay, and remember…read the fine print!

Serial Numbers

clark cable lock

If you are not bringing your own skis to the resort, then take the proper precautionary steps when renting them out. With bigger resorts, there are multiple rental shops, and you could forget where exactly you rented out from.

Therefore it is crucial that you take a picture of the ski serial number and rental company to keep a record of it with you. You never know when any sort of mixup or mishap could happen, and suddenly you’re ski-less and have absolutely no proof of whether you even had skis on you.

On the other hand, if you bring along your own skis, this method is still your best shot at proof. In order to prevent ski theft, you should always keep proof that you brought skis with you to the resort.

Take a picture of the serial number(s) on the ski(s) and the shop you purchased them from.

Mark Your Equipment

In the case of your equipment getting lost, this is an important step to take. Find a place on your skis where you can write your name, cell number, and preferably an address to reach you.

These details come in very handy if anyone comes across your skis and finds it in their good heart to return them to you.

Misplacing your skis at a resort is more common than you think. One time I left my skis and ski equipment near a cafeteria and popped in for a hot coffee.

As I was new to the place, I ended up leaving the cafe from another entrance (not the one I entered from) and soon enough found myself lost and didn’t have any of my equipment on me.

Later a maintenance guard ended up shifting all equipment parked outside the cafe to another spot, so it was a whole hullabaloo of an experience trying to get my stuff back.

So…moral of the story. Mark your equipment!

Keep Your Rental Receipt

easily set password benefits

When renting any equipment from the rental stores, you usually will receive a receipt marking your transaction as valid and successful. This receipt is important in more ways than one as proof that you have rented out that specific set of skis.

I always tell my peers that you never know what to expect on a ski vacation. All sorts of things could come up that you didn’t anticipate or expect. Maybe you could get yours mixed up with someone else’s!

Believe it or not, but one time I had a screaming match with a 54-year-old lady who was convinced that the skis I had paid a lot of cash for just the other day…were hers! If I had my receipt with me…the screaming match would’ve ended 45 minutes earlier.

Stolen Equipment

I wouldn’t wish this unfortunateness on any soul…not even the 54-year-old lady who called me a thief for paying for my own skis!

However, if your equipment gets stolen at the resort, you need to immediately notify the police and relevant authorities. Many ski resorts take immediate measures and start the search early.

However, if, even after a rigorous search, your equipment wasn’t recovered, then that usually means the stolen goods have left the resort grounds, and you need to resort to the next and final step.

Get your hands on a police report, which will come in handy when making any insurance claim.


Are These Little Cable Locks Good Enough?

The answer to this depends on how long you plan to leave your skis. If you’re nipping into the resort cafe for a pick-me-up, these are your best choice to deter any stealthy robbers.

However, where you’re staying the night and leaving your skis out, these cable locks can be cut through with bolt cutters or hacksaw blades.

But during broad daylight in the middle of a ski resort, no one is about to whip out a hacksaw blade from their trench coat pocket (Peaky Blinders style) and saw through your ski locks.

The main purpose of these amazing little inventions is to deter and discourage thieves from nicking your skis off the ski rack.

How Long of a Cable Do I Need on a Ski Lock?

Preferably, above 36 inches! Most ski locks come with a sheathable cable within the range of 30-36 inches. However, the issue with 30 inches of retractable cable is that they can hardly wrap around your skis and also be fastened to a ski rack.

Not just that, but there’s no uniform length/height of ski racks. Depending on different ski resorts and their preferences, the ski racks differ in dimensions.

Therefore it’s best never to take the risk with a cable that is too short. Because you definitely don’t want to leave your skis stranded unlocked. Where you can find 36-inch or higher cable locks…always go for them.

How To Keep My Skis Safe Without Ski Locks?

A smart, well-known, and easiest way of double-crossing those nifty little thieving rascals is by swapping one ski of yours with your friend. In that way, you have one ski of your friend’s and your friend has your other ski.

No one can make two different skis work together. Also, ensure that you place your odd pair and your friend’s odd pair quite a distance apart on the racks so no one can do the math in a jiffy.

Nevertheless, this method depends on whether you are partnering up at the ski resorts. If you’re going solo, then you will need a reliable lock to be your friend for the time being.

Final Thoughts

There are never enough precautions you can take to protect stuff that you have paid good money on. I can never rely on the goodness of people’s hearts, so I always keep a ski key on me wherever I’m headed during the winter. You probably should too!

Happy ski adventure!

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