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Say goodbye to painful, cold feet while skiing! Nothing ruins an amazing day on the slopes faster than frostbitten toes and your urge to go inside to get cozy and comfy, away from the cold.

But you are also away from your skiing buddies who can enjoy the whole day on the mountain. That’s a bummer you are missing all the fun!

If you have been struggling to find a solution for your always freezing toes, this article is for you. You tried everything when it comes to finding a solution for keeping your feet warm in your ski boots, but nothing seems to work, isn’t it?

This is not a reason to lose hope that your feet will ever be cozy and comfy while riding, but instead it means it’s time to step up your game: try ski boot heaters. 

Wearing the heated ski boots will take you to the next level of comfort, and you’ll feel warm throughout the full ski day. Your riding missions with your friends will be as long as you want them to be and much more enjoyable, without having to worry about cold toes.



Best Overall

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

  • Brand: Thermacell
  • Material: Steel

Runner Up

Hotronic Footwarmer

  • Brand: Hotronic
  • Material: Polyester


HotHands Toe Warmers 40 Pair

  • Brand: Hothand
  • Material: Iron

Long-lasting Option

Thermic C-Pack Set 1700

  • Brand: Thermic
  • Material: Rubber

Affordable Option

Dr.Warm Heated Insole

  • Brand: Dr.Warm
  • Material: Polyester

Premium Quality

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

  • Brand: Thermrup
  • Material: Polyester

Best Ski Boot Heaters

There are a lot of different options on the market: from heated insoles with a rechargeable battery-powered heat component, to heated insoles without built-in batteries or even chemical heated packs that you can stick to your ski socks.

We chose to review for this article the best ski boot heaters, five solutions that really work, to help you decide which one is the right one for you. 

Check them out, and get ready for the snow!

1. ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

First on our list is an elegant high-tech wireless solution from ThermaCell: a rechargeable foot warmer operated with wireless remote control.

Its high-tech technology makes this heated insole really convenient, you won’t have to deal with wires, extension cords, external batteries mounted to your ankle, or battery strap brackets or Velco straps.

You just have to make sure you charge their Lithium-ion battery packs embedded in the warmer before your ski day, set the insoles in your ski boots, use the remote to set the temperature to your liking (out of the three heat settings), and you’re good to go.

You’ll have toasty heat to warm your feet for all your ski adventures. 

The ThermaCell warmers work really well in cold temperatures, the heat source is located closer to the toes and is very noticeably warmer even on the medium setting. You won’t need the higher setting very often or for very long.

The battery lasts all day, providing you a warm and comfy ride. On a medium setting, you won’t run out of battery charge in a 7 hour ski day.  

At the end of the ski day, pulling the insoles out of very cold ski boots could be challenging. But it will be a bit easier if you let the boots get warm first.

best ski boot heaters

Keep in mind when ordering ‎this heated Insole that the Thermacell inserts are very thick and can make your ski boots feel too tight.

You might need to remove the original ski boot insoles first. Because they are stiff, not soft and flexible, and can’t be trimmed on the heel part, they work best in very roomy boots. So make sure your ski boots are not too tight in the first place.

Also, if you wear the boot size of 6 1/2 – 8 (US sizing), you should consider ordering a size “small” for the warmers.

The only downside is that unfortunately, there is no feedback mechanism showing how much juice was left in the batteries, it would be useful to know how long it can last before the next charge. 

Other than that, ThermaCell foot warmers are a great product which will transform any cold day in the mountains into an amazing ski experience. 


  • Batteries: Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer batteries 
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Battery life (as advertised by manufacturer): 2500 hours
  • Brand: ThermaCell
  • Weight: ​​1.05 pounds/pair
  • Included components: ‎Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole (Small) 

ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole

The price of “ThermaCell Rechargeable Heated Insole” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Hotronic Footwarmer

Hotronic Footwarmer

Say goodbye to painful, frostbitten toes with Hotronic’s Foot Warmers, a product designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather even in extreme conditions down to -30C.

This warmer uses a heating element, to keep the blood circulation open, maintaining comfort and warmth in your foot, providing effective coverage of the toes, too.

The product comes with rechargeable Ni MH batteries and offers four heat settings for warmth, the fourth setting will give you an extra blast of heat, if you need it. 

The Hotronic’s work wonderfully, they act like toe warmers, meaning you’re not going to feel the heat, but you’ll feel them working. You’ll be able to enjoy a full day of skiing, not having to worry about your feet being cold or to adjust after turning them on.

The warmers will do their job and the long battery life will probably outlast you on the slopes. You’ll be able to ski with no breaks if that’s your style, the heat on the low setting will keep you warm for over 10 hours, while on medium setting will last up to 6 hours.

The warmers feature easy to read LED lights indicating the recharging mode, the setting selected and the battery charge status. 

Another cool feature is that the Ni MH batteries included in the package don’t have a “memory effect”, so they don’t need fully discharging before fully re-charging.

Also, you can travel worldwide on your skiing journeys, you won’t have to worry about compatibility with the charging system: Hotronic’s advanced global charging technology senses when the batteries are charged and protects them from overcharging damage by switching to trickle current re-charging.

heated ski boot insoles

One tricky part could be the installation of Hotronic’s warmers in the insoles of your boots, if you choose to do it yourself and not in a local skiing shop. The process could be easier if you warm your boots the night before.

For installing the warmers, you’ll need to cut a hole in your insoles, large enough to fit the end of the cord through, then thread the cable out and up along the spine of the boot to the top. 

You can choose the position of the battery pack, you can hold it with clips on the side of your boot on the velcro strap, or you can click it on the backside of your boot.

Keep in mind that these batteries are a bit bulky, about the size and weight of a pack of playing cards, so make sure that you account for that if the legs or gators of your ski pants are at all narrow.

The only downpoint is that the attaching mechanism is not secure enough, the batteries could loosen from your boot during chairlift rides, or while jumping, so you would risk losing them. So it would be great if Hotronic would offer more secure options for mounting them on the ski boots.

After you manage the installation part, the Hotronic’s Foot Warmers work like a charm, ensuring warm feet for the entire day, even in the coldest temperatures.

It’s a great product, highly recommended if you are struggling with cold toes while skiing and you need a top solution.


  • Batteries:  rechargeable Ni MH batteries 
  • Battery life: 6-10 hours
  • Brand: ‎Hotronic
  • Weight: ​​‎1.95 pounds 

Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom

The price of “Hotronic FootWarmer S4 Custom ” varies, so check the latest price at

3. HotHands Toe Warmers 40 Pair

HotHands Toe Warmers 40 Pair

One different and super convenient option for keeping you warm during your skiing escapes is HotHands’ Toe Warmers:  single-use air-activated heat packs with full adhesive on one side that sticks to your socks and helps them to stay firmly in place. 

HotHands warmers are made of natural materials, including iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal, and wood fiber. When exposed to air, these materials react together to produce heat through an extremely fast oxidation (or rusting) process.

To activate these toe warmers, you need to take it out of the package, shake it, wait for 15-30 minutes for the warmer to heat up and reach an optimal temperature, then apply it to your socks.

Simple as that, easy to use, you won’t have to worry about recharging, wires, or mounting, acting like heated ski socks.

The Toe Warmers will provide you up to 6-8 hours of warmth; one pair will cover you for one full ski day. After use, you can dispose of it with regular garbage, the ingredients will not harm the environment.

The package includes 40 pairs, with a shelf life of 3-4 years, so you can use them for a few skiing seasons.

These warmers really work great, they stay where you stick them, thanks to their ultra thin adhesive backing, keeping your toes warm all day. You can rely on these in cold conditions, they will generate enough heat to keep your toes from freezing. 

heated insoles for ski boots

If you have low volume boots, you should apply them across and underneath your toes – making sure that they don’t go under the ball of your foot that would make your boot too tight and thus create a pressure issue.

Apply the warmers just under your toes and around and up and slightly over them to make sure that your low volume ski boots still fit.

However, you should be aware of the legal disclaimer displayed on the product description: HotHands’ Toe Warmers contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 

Other than that, HotHands’ Toe Warmers, offering long-lasting warmth, it’s an easy choice for any skier looking to find a solution to cold feet during freezing skiing days. 


  • Batteries: no
  • Heating time: 6-8 hours
  • Brand: HotHands
  • Weight: ​​NA 

HotHands Toe Warmers 40 Pair

The price of “HotHands Toe Warmers 40 Pair” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Thermic C-Pack Set 1700

Thermic C-Pack Set 1700

If you are looking for a long-lasting option to keep your feet toasty for your skiing adventures, Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit might be the answer. 

The Therm-ic Insole Set, including a pair of high-tech heating insoles and a pair of Therm-ic batteries, will keep you riding in comfort and constant heat for up to 17 hours. That’s more than enough even for the longest backcountry escape, right?

You can easily install the ultra-fine heating element into your ski boot insole and you can choose between three heat settings and control the heat remotely with your smartphone.

You’ll be able to adjust with ease the heat setting on the slopes while taking a photo or a video with your phone. That’s quite a convenient Bluetooth function!

The insoles you’ll get in the Therm-IC kit are provided in a single size to fit most boot insoles, they are designed to be used with a Custom insoles or aftermarket footbed. Also, the package includes a footbed cover to protect the heating elements, while the batteries have a built-in clip to attach to your boot strap. 

For recharging the Lithium ion battery packs, you can use a USB charger included in the Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit. The wall charger is not supplied with the kit, but any standard USB wall plug is all you need for this device.

best ski boot warmers

You can confidently explore the mountains all day long in cold weather, without having to worry about freezing toes, you won’t feel the need to end your ride and go inside because of feeling cold.

On the contrary, if you use the insoles on the high setting for too long, you could feel them uncomfortably hot on the pads of your feet, but the good news is that you can easily switch it on at lower heat at the press of a button on your smartphone.

Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit is a solid choice for any skier who wants to enjoy extra warmth and comfort in long adventures on the mountains. It is a pricier option, but it’s worth it.


  • Batteries:  C-pack batteries
  • Remote control: Bluetooth function to control the heat remotely with your smartphone
  • Battery life: 17 hours
  • Manufacturer: The Soze Group
  • Weight: ​​1 pound
  • Included components: ‎a pair of high-tech heating insoles and one pair of Therm-ic batteries, a USB charger (Wall charger not supplied)

Thermic C-Pack Set 1700 BT 2020

The price of “Thermic C-Pack Set ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Dr.Warm Heated Insole

 Dr.Warm Heated Insole

Dr. Warm Heated Insoles are a more affordable option for any skier who struggles with cold feet. The kit includes a pair of heated insoles made of comfy, soft elastic EVA polyester, a pair of high-quality heating elements, and a 1.5-meter extension USB cable. There is no built-in battery for this product.

What makes Dr. Warm Heated Insoles extremely convenient is their ultra-slim and lightweight design, which won’t make your ski boot feel any tighter or heavier. You’ll enjoy maximum comfort and warmth skiing with these.

Also, you’ll find it easy to trim the thin insoles to fit your ski boots. Their thickness is 1 cm, and they come in a single size that can be adapted to your shoe size.

Another convenient feature is that the insoles are hand washable and reusable, because of their slim design, you can easily bend them at 180 degrees without any damage.

You’ll have three options to charge Dr. Warm insoles, using the included USB cable: you can connect it to the USB port of your computer, power bank, or power adapter. If you are going to use the heated insoles outside of the US, you might need an adapter or converter, so it’s a good idea to check compatibility before purchasing.

heated ski boot liners

Dr. Warm insoles heat up fast, and you’ll feel your feet toasty, diffusing the heat evenly throughout your entire foot. This is an efficient device to keep your feet warm while skiing. It also enhances your blood circulation and help you relieve foot fatigue, very useful features after a long day on the slopes.

Unfortunately, there is not a temperature setting, such as high and low, so you would have to constantly turn them on and off when your feet get too hot.

Dr Warm Heated Insoles is definitely the best bang for your buck on our ski boot heaters list, delivering a convenient and efficient solution to keep you warm on your skiing trips.


  • Batteries: no
  • Brand: Dr. Warm
  • Weight: ​​2.4 pounds
  • Included components: ‎one pair heated insoles, one pair heating elements, 1.5 meter extension USB cable

Dr.warm Heating Insoles

The price of “Dr.warm Heating Insoles” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

ski insole boots

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles are a premium quality, innovative product made in Germany. The main innovation consists in a waterproof and sturdy rubber heating element that ensures that the entire surface of your foot is evenly supplied with pleasant warmth.

The insoles are quite thin (6 mm), so they won’t take up a lot of space in your boots. They are easy to insert in boots, and the long cord makes it convenient to put the gaiters on, plug them in, and turn the battery on.

You can easily switch between 4 heat settings, using a LED display that shows the heat level and the charge status of the battery as a percentage. Most likely you’ll only need the low setting (displayed as 25%) because the insoles provide enough heat to keep your feet nice and warm for up to 6 hours.

They do a really good job even in the coldest temperatures, so you’ll be skiing in comfort all day long.

The fact that batteries are attached to your leg with gaiters is a game changer, allowing you to have maximum freedom to move on the slopes. Also, it is very practical for you to either recharge or replace the batteries with fresh ones, in case your batteries run out in the middle of your ski session.

With Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles you won’t have to remove your ski boots, you could buy a second set of batteries and charge them all up and only have to slip out of the battery pocket on the band that goes around your leg. That’s it, you are all set with fresh batteries. This is a huge advantage compared with other heated insoles which have batteries deep inside the boots.

best ski boots

The only downside of Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles is that the cables connecting the batteries to the insoles are thin and easy to break or bend if you’re not careful. 

The insoles have an excellent design and are made of waterproof materials. Another super convenient feature is that you can easily wash the insole by hand or in the washing machine.

If you are looking for a durable, high quality product that you can count on even in the toughest weather conditions in your ski adventures, you can’t go wrong with Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles.


  • Batteries: Li-Ion Battery
  • Battery life: up to 6 hours
  • Brand: ‎Thermrup
  • Weight: ​​0.6 kg
  • Included components: ‎a pair of heated insole, a pair of Li-ion battery (2500mAh), a charger, a pair of gaiters, a pair of gaiter extensions, instruction manual

Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

The price of “Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles” varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide

When deciding which ski boot heater is best for you, there are few criteria you’ll want to consider:

Battery Life

It is one of the top considerations, if you are interested to be covered for the whole ski day. Most ski boot heaters are powered with rechargeable batteries (NiMH batteries, Lithium Ion) or disposable AAA batteries.

How long the batteries last depends on the size of the battery pack and also on how high you set the temperature. Of course, if you set it up on the highest heat, you’ll have a shorter battery life. 

Also, you’ll want the batteries to be light, you don’t need extra bulky devices in addition to your ski gear, You’ll just need to find the right balance between the battery size and the battery power.

If you are going to spend all day on long skiing adventures, you’ll need a strong battery with heat lasting up to 17 hours, Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit is the best choice if you want a long-lasting boot heater. 

You’ll find the battery info and battery pack weight, and estimated size in the ‘Features’ section for all the products reviewed in this article.

Ease of Use

Another important factor when choosing the best ski boot heaters for you is how easy it is to use. Some boot heaters require installation, and you might need some crafting skills since you are supposed to attach the wires and batteries to your ski boots.

So before purchasing a product, make sure you are aware if it requires any installation or not. 

Among the heaters reviewed in this article, HotHands Toe Warmers is the easiest to use, since you just need to stick it to your ski socks, and there is no installation process, recharging, wires, or battery packs.

ThermaCell heated insoles also excel at convenience, they use wireless technology to connect the insoles to the battery, making it possible for you to set up and remotely control the heat settings.

Also, Therm-IC Insole Heat Kit has a really convenient Bluetooth feature that allows you to control the heat settings using your smartphone.


When it comes to budget, there are heating solutions available for all pocket sizes: starting from 32 USD for HotHands Toe Warmers 40 pairs pack to over 200 USD for the Hotronic upgraded foot warmers. 

It’s a good idea to invest in your well-being and comfort on the slopes, but if, for example, you’ll end up losing a pricey battery pack due to a mounting system that is not secure enough, it can get frustrating.

You’ll need to find the right balance between the price and the durability of the product, there are excellent options with a good quality-to-price ratio on our list. 


Do Ski Boot Warmers Work?

Yes, ski boot warmers work by delivering a nice toasty temperature to your toes. The heated insoles, and battery-operated heating elements installed under your foot, block the cold, maintaining good blood circulation, relieving foot fatigue, and offering extra warmth to your feet.

How Long Do Boot Heaters Last?

The duration depends a lot on the ski boot heater’s technology, type of battery or heating system. Also, it depends on how high you set the heating level. 

A standard ski boot heater offers 6 to 8 hours of heat, while there are products, like Thermic C-Pack, which can offer you up to 17 hours of heat.


Desperate times call for desperate measures! Some skiers also prefer to use a dryer to pre-heat their boots before heading out. So it’s a wise idea to invest in the dryer and warm socks for an extra dose of warmth. Ski boot heaters make ski boots more comfortable to wear.

Now that you have all the criteria to consider when choosing the right ski boot heater, you are ready to enjoy a comfy and warm ride on your next adventure!

Happy skiing!

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