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If you are one of those skiers always looking for freshly-powdered mountains to ski on, chances are that you are currently looking for an appropriate travel destination for this winter season.

New England offers spectacular resorts when it comes to skiing.

Most offer balanced terrains, family-friendly services, and well-groomed ski areas.

The perfect skiing resorts in New England for an experienced adventurer would definitely be those that are perched on its highest peak mountains!

Our Top Rated New England Ski Resorts

Still, confused about picking out a ski resort to head toward this fall season? Here are some of the most gorgeous New England ski resorts to choose from!

1. Okemo Mountain Resort Ski Resort

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With the tallest peak in the area and the largest ski area in Southern Vermont, this resort is a bucket list item for skiers, along with Stowe and Mount Snow. Once you get here, you will be able to enjoy New England skiing owing to the numerous features it possesses!


You will find the Okemo Mountain Ski Resort right above Ludlow, and it receives the best snow quality during the peak ski season. If riding lifts interests you the most, the good news is that you will easily get lift tickets.

Sachem Ski Lift and Black Ridge Ski Lift are all within walking distance from the resort. To avail the benefits of the ski season to the fullest, you can visit the fun zone with your kids, check out the Vermont river valley, and choose the cross-country skiing option for yourself.

Also, you won’t have to travel a long distance to reach the ski camp. The Ski shuttle is close to the resort, which makes traveling easier! The top spot of this highest mountain is the favorite part of even the New Englanders who love to visit it over the weekends!


Despite being a great resort, the terrain parks are not groomed enough for the experts. Being an adventurous skier, I found this place to be lacking in expert terrain. Also, during the peak season, the weekends are super-crowded, and the ski area is packed!

The ski areas here are pretty high, and if you are an intermediate skier, you can travel all the way to Jay peak for easier slopes!

Opening and Closing Dates

This is probably one of the best family ski resorts you can ever visit. This time around, it opens on Nov 19, 2022, and extends its adventure offerings all the way to Apr 17, 2023.

Famous For…

This biggest ski resort in New England offers great choices for food lovers. Tom’s Loft Tavern and The Killarney have amazing options on their menu; both are even less than half an hour’s drive from the resort.

To grab a quick bite, head over to Sweet Surrender Bakery, and it won’t disappoint you! Also, this resort offers quite a variety of beginner and groomed terrain. Hence, no matter your skill level, this ski resort would be a great pick for you during this fall season!

2. Loon Mountain Resort

best resorts in new england

If you are looking for the most family-friendly services to make your trip comfortable, there is no place better than the Loom Mountain Resort. It is a condo that sits along the Pemi river in New Hampshire, offering great indoor and outdoor adventures.


If you want privacy, you can have an entire condo for yourself, and you would love it, as these condos are really well constructed. In addition, these condos have an outdoor pool, family restaurants, as well as extensive ride lessons.

Alongside many features, this resort provides its visitors with hot tubs, a sauna, indoor pools, and a fitness center, which make this place one of the best ski resorts in New England.

Looking for extensive adventure activities après ski and don’t just want to stop after a ski session? The Loon’s adventure center at the White mountains offers everything from Snow Tubing to cross-country skiing and Gondola Skyride.


The interiors of the resort are not impressive! It needs a make-over to match the superior outer facilities that it offers.

Opening and Closing Dates

The Loon mountain resort initiates its winter activities on November 23, 2022, and extends till April 16, 2023.

Famous For…

This one is a great ski resort in New Hampshire that will entertain your whole family through various activities and events apres ski. Swift lifts and easy trails on the terrain are enough to impress your kids.

Also, the Franconia Notch State park is merely 20 miles away, so families can visit that easily!

3. Killington Resort

best resorts in new england

The family rooms and suites offered by the Killington resort have a great view of the mountain. Getting to this place is also pretty easy, as Rutland Airport is merely 11 miles away from it.


This is one of the many resorts in New England that offer free shuttle services to tourists.

What I loved the most about the Killington skiing area in Vermont was the top-notch amenities it offered at the lodging sites. You can get rented condos with kitchens, jacuzzi, private balconies, and so much more.

It has everything from the outdoor pools to exquisite scenery and from fast lifts to friendly staff! Recent improvements to the Snowshed family adventure center made it more family-friendly. You may know how much a ski lift costs.

Being easily accessible, you can visit it for snowboarding and dog sledding as well, if you are a non-skier


There is no on-site restaurant, causing quite some inconvenience for those staying in this region. Hence, apres ski, you’ll have to travel a bit to fill your empty belly!

Opening and Closing Dates

The Killington Resort started its snow adventures on Thursday, November 17, and would extend it to May 28, 2023.

Famous For…

You will never get bored at the Killington Resort. There are so many activities that even non-skiers stay entertained the whole time and have easy access to them.

You can have a pampering session while sitting on the heated seats at the spa or spend time at Pico mountain with your folks. 87 miles away from it is Mount Washington, and you can ski on its slopes as well!

4. Wachusett Mountain Ski Area

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The Wachusett Mountain Ski Area has some of the best skiing slopes and trails in New England. As an easily accessible ski area in New England, its well-groomed terrain park offers night skiing along with other adventures.


Experts skiers will surely fall in love with the well-groomed snow at this resort. The modern lifts, such as High-Speed Quads, let the adventures have a good view of the entire mountain.

In case you are on a trip with your kids, a daycare is there to take care of your kids as you ride the snowboard.


If you visit it during the peak season, you may end up slugging in long lines just to buy a single lift ticket. The resort has the potential to get crowded by families pretty fast!

Opening and Closing Dates

The resort announced its opening date to be November 25, 2022, and would close its winter operations on April 03, 2023.

Famous For…

The prime location of Wachusett Mountain Ski Area sets it apart from others! It’s close to the Redemption Rock historical site and the Great Wolf Lodge waterpark. Hence, get an epic pass, and your family vacation will turn out to be super fun!

5. Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

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Staying at the Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort means having an extremely comfortable stay and availing yourself of some really amazing amenities while lodging there. The suites provide separate kitchenettes, where you can cook anything of your choice!


After a long family skiing session, you can relax by hopping into the outdoor heated pools or having a relaxing massage at the spa.

Also, if you love shopping, Just Jiminy, an amazing logo shop pretty close to it, lets you buy cute souvenirs, while at Mountain Sports by Potter Brothers; you will get to see great winter gear too!


Food options are limited and are at a distance from the resort itself. Also, if you want to avoid the crowded lift ticket lines, you would be on the safer side if tickets are purchased online.

Opening and Closing Dates

The resort opened its trails on November 25, 2022, and would extend it all the way till April 02, 2023.

Famous For…

Located in the rural area of New England, you could witness the locals’ real life if you stay here!

resorts new england

Also, the Williamstown Theatre Festival and Barrington Stage Company are two of the most prominent tourist attractions, and families really love witnessing them! Also, the seated zip line at the Jiminy Peak Adventure Park is worth trying!

Final Thoughts

New England offers amazing resorts from north to south! They are so good that you may end up feeling confused while choosing one.

The dining options are quite good, the trails are groomed, and you would surely love to stay at lodging facilities close to the towns.

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