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Gone are the days when people used to start a conversation like ‘Hi, what can I do for you?’ Now is the time when you should start asking people, ‘Hey there! What can you do for me?’ It may sound funny, but we live in an accelerating world where the competition for survival is high. But what’s the heart of survival? Not giving up.

Get up, rise and shine, fight tooth and nail, and go back to sleep. Keep trying and never give up, only if you have a sound mind and body. I remember, once, while wakeboarding, I was eyeballing and performing tricks to impress the opposite gender when suddenly I fell, hit something sharp, and blacked out. So, what do you take care of after an accident? The witnesses.

It cost me three beautiful humans. Do you wonder what they and Nemo have in common? They all can’t be found.

Now, let me advise you to keep a highly performant and super durable helmet with you while wakeboarding, not to mention that it would also provide exceptional safety and comfort. Because one cannot give up on this world and date nights. I almost did, and it was horrible.

The good news is that I have compiled here some of the best wakeboard helmets, which can boost your confidence while you ride on the water.



Best Overall

Ace Water Wakeboard Helmet by Pro

  • Item Weight: ‎1.3 Pounds


SANDBOX Legend Low Rider Helmet

  • Item Weight: 1.4 Pounds

Best Performant

Pro-Tec Full Cut

  • SIZE: X-Small
  • Item Weight: 0.95 Pounds


NP Surf Watersports Helmet

  • Item Weight:‎ 0.91 Pounds

Most Durable

Tontron Wakeboarding Helmet

  • SIZE: Medium
  • Item Weight:‎ 0.92 pounds

Best For Beginners

Triple Eight Gotham water helmet

  • Item Weight: 0.92 pounds

Best Lightweight

Fooshee Helmet by Liquid Force 

  • Item Weight:‎ 0.67 pounds

How Do Helmets Work?

It’s no secret that people don’t like wearing helmets, even if it’s deemed a necessary accessory for recreational activities like water sports. But they are really missing the point here that a water landing can be just as dangerous as a landing on hard ground at high speeds.

On top of that, hitting the water at a higher speed will not only cause a concussion or a minor injury but also involves the risk of drowning after that. Ever wondered who will be there to save your arse, superhuman? Nobody, if you forget to buy yourself an exceptional helmet.

Now, let’s talk about the biology applied to the helmets by taking an example of an orange. Orange has a colored outer shell or exocarp and a thick white layer just beneath it, which helps in protecting the supreme/citrus segments encapsulated in it. Both these layers are impact resistant and keep the soft and vulnerable edible portion of an orange safe.

A helmet works on similar principles. Its structural composition involves a rigid outermost shell, an impact-absorbing inner lining, comfort/fit padding, and a retention system.

Helmets are designed to absorb kinetic (impact) energy, which is absorbed through the foam layer underneath the outer shell. Ultimately, the energy breaks the foam instead of the human skull. In return for this bad collision, the helmet gets severely damaged, and once it’s broken, it should not be used again.

Best Wakeboard Helmets7 Top Picks

The best helmet should work as a worthy attorney when you are out in the ocean. It should kill the odds and represent you against anything that may come your way, except for the Sharks.

Read on to find the particulars of each helmet and decide which one is worth your money.

1. Ace Water Wakeboard Helmet by Pro-Tec

wakeboard helmets

The king of exceptional air ventilation and superior drainage system, one can say the Ace Water helmet is an upgraded version of other alternatives in the same price range. With its 15 open vents, this highly performant helmet makes it its duty to keep the wearer out of any annoying moisture, lousy odor, and excess water.

Designed for action watersports, this helmet boasts a headlock fit, and this interior fit system supports the back of your head for maximum protection, as it rests on your head’s circumference if the size is right. So you need not worry about your helmet flying off and exposing your head to damage.

For safety and fit, one can also benefit from the adjustable chin strap and compatible detachable ear pads with water channels, separately offered by Pro-Tec. Ace water helmet is a complete package of durability, performance, reliability, and security.

This lightweight, simple, and elegant helmet offers the best protection technology one can dream of. This certified helmet passes independent safety standards and ensures your safety along the journey.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 1 lbs


Ace Water wakeboarding helmets feature 15 vents for proper ventilation and water drainage, which results in high performance and functionality.


The helmet size runs a bit small, so before buying, don’t forget to consult the size guide.

Ace Water Wakeboard Helmet by Pro

The price of “Ace Water Wakeboard Helmet by Pro” varies, so check the latest price at

2. SANDBOX Legend Low Rider Helmet

wakeboard helments

This multi-purpose helmet is a product of Sandbox, the most reliable brand when it comes to safety. If you are a beginner looking for an exceptional helmet with concern for safety in your pocket, then buy Legend Low Rider Helmet.

This user-friendly helmet has exceptional inner padding to keep the wearer from getting impacted during risky turns, tricks, and stunts. And comfort is all we yearn for, isn’t it? By ensuring quality and comfort side by side, Legend makes its mark as the best wakeboard helmet for beginners.

Users admire it for its highly functional engineering too. The helmet’s outer shell is composed of durable and sturdy plastic, while its inner liner supports EVA foam for shock absorption. In addition, the fit pads feature a polyester spandex fabric that is manufactured water-repellent and quick-dry.

You can also buy and wear compatible detachable cupping ear guards along with it for maximum protection. This amazing water sports equipment is basically a skate-style-inspired headpiece. So, it can make you take over not only just wakeboarding but also canoeing, kayaking, and other white water sports. Not to mention, you can also enjoy its services as a skateboard helmet.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs


Sandbox Legend proves to be a classic helmet with new and upgraded technology.


The chin strap may loosen a bit with time, as it’s not made that sturdy.

SANDBOX Legend Low Rider Helmet

The price of “SANDBOX Legend Low Rider Helmet” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Pro-Tec Full Cut

wake helmet

Pro-Tec Full Cut water helmet works like armor with its shell made of high-quality ABS material and a dual-density super functional waterproof EVA inner foam underneath it. The fact that it provides excellent fit vouches for its high performance and superior functionality against all odds.

The helmet also supports detachable ear guards that are being sold separately by Pro-Tec. These ear guards come with water channels that work against the water as it just drains the excess water out of the helmet and ensures your ear’s safety too.

These padded guards protect your eardrum from harm as your ears are very delicate. This accessory adds another cutting edge to this product.

Also, the helmet features a good ventilation system with 11 vents, making it more comfortable, improving the water drainage process, and enhancing air ventilation. In addition to this, for extra safety, the helmet features a multi-use rear mount strap.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 0.95 lbs


This helmet provides maximum comfort and optimum performance, proving itself to be the best wakeboarding helmet for both beginners and advanced riders.


The only issue with this phenomenal helmet is its outdated padding structure.

Pro-Tec Full Cut

The price of “Pro-Tec Full Cut ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. NP Surf Watersports Helmet

kids wakeboard helmet

With its exceptional air circulation system, NP Surf keeps you from subjecting yourself to any damp feeling, especially under the burning red sun. Not just that, it resists bacteria build-up and guarantees an odor-free comfortable ride, and this thing makes it a recommended wakeboarding helmet.

Let’s talk about its outermost layer, built with high-density ABS material. The outer shell ensures sturdiness and excellent resistance to withstand high-impacting activities. The inner side of the shell encompasses a soft EVA liner to provide maximum comfort while ensuring the security and safety of your head.

Since we are talking about security, one cannot ignore the provision of a twist closure system for this helmet available on its rear. This characteristic lets the helmet work in your favor while you are giving the waves a killer death by performing tricks.

The adjustable straps are also made available on the chin to secure it while letting you adjust the size as you desire

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 0.91 lbs


This wakeboard helmet provides competitive performance at pocket-friendly price points. So, what are you waiting for?


NP Surf runs a bit small as compared to its alternatives.

NP Surf Watersports Helmet

The price of “NP Surf Watersports Helmetes, so check the latest price at

5. Tontron Wakeboarding Helmet

best wakeboard helmet

Weighing about 413 g (0.92 lbs.), this helmet is manufactured in premium quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Carbon Fiber to facilitate your sturdiness while staying lightweight. Besides being durable and sturdy, Tontron makes sure the helmet stays comfortable to wear because comfort is the key.

Being one of the lightest helmets out there, this helmet appeals to a wide audience, tapping into their must-haves. The helmet uses high-quality, sturdy ABS plastic, tending to the needs of its users. It also supports EVA foam in its inner part for shock absorption and impact reduction, which is also water-repellent and quick to dry.

The helmet features 11 vents for air ventilation for moisture wicking, and proper heat control. Heat control under the helmet leads to more room for breathability and helps in wearing it for long hours in the water, rendering it one of the best wakeboarding helmets that stands appropriate for other water-borne activities like waterskiing and kayaking as well.

Tontron adds further relief with detachable padded ear guards to ensure ear safety because who can live without having a Van Gogh’s ear for music? The answer is that no one does. Another edge to this great product is the availability of adjustable retention strap system. For proper fitting, one can adjust the helmet fit to whatever measurement that doesn’t exceed 25mm.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Foam: EVA foam liner
  • Weight: 0.92 lbs


Tontron wakeboarding helmet offers affordable and perfect helmets for beginners.


Customers seem to complain about not enough padding in these water sports helmets.

Tontron Wakeboarding Helmet

The price of “Tontron Wakeboarding Helmet ” varies, so check the latest price at

6.Triple Eight Gotham water helmet

wakeboard helmets for sale

For optimum performance, a wakeboarder needs not only a sturdy helmet but a functional and comfy one to enjoy uninterrupted rides. Triple Eight meets your requirement for the best wakeboard helmet you can get your hands on.

The most prominent attribute of this water helmet is how durable it is. The high-density outer shell, along with EVA foam liner, secures your head from high-impact accidents, so study well about what you need, and you will surely graduate.

The three-layer EVA foam comes with soft plush fabric, making it a suitable helmet for most riders. Users seem to enjoy wearing it for its removable Velcro. It assists you in cleaning it for proper sanitization to prevent bacteria build-up. The Gotham water helmet adds further safety by providing ear guards, but you have to buy them separately.

Another option by Triple Eight is the Sweatsaver Halo water helmet which is available in various sizes since it’s suitable for both adults and kids. This water halo helmet makes it possible to ride the water effectively with ample support and comfort to keep the head safe.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 0.92 lbs


Even though Triple Eight Gotham possesses a low profile, it gives you the bang for your buck.


This watersports helmet comes with unrepairable straps that may become a nuisance.

Triple Eight Gotham water helmet

The price of “Triple Eight Gotham water helmet” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Fooshee Comp Wakeboard Helmet by Liquid Force

best wakeboard helmets

This CE-certified Foorshee helmet is a product of Liquid Force, the best water sports equipment manufacturer in town. The helmet features a unique style with Tom Fooshee’s signature, owing to his collaboration with the brand. Don’t forget that a design is the silent ambassador of the brand.

The shell of the helmet is made durable as it’s produced using superior-quality ABS plastic. Customers adore this piece of Liquid Force, for the helmet fits well with varied head sizes.

It still wins against others in the race of best lightweight helmets for wakeboarding even though the material used for its production is the same as its most alternatives. The helmet comes with detachable earflaps, thus, adding to your ease and protection.

Also, the high-quality EVA material inner foam liner is made to absorb shocks that come your way while executing tricks and acrobatics. The liner is covered with Terry fabric to provide extra comfort.

wakeboard helmets


  • Material of Shell: ABS Plastic
  • Foam: EVA
  • Weight: 0.67 lbs


The best thing about this watersports helmet is that its side covers are detachable.


Our only complaint with this extraordinary helmet is that it features fewer vents.

Fooshee Comp Wakeboard Helmet by Liquid Force 

The price of “Fooshee Comp Wakeboard Helmet by Liquid Force ” varies, so check the latest price at

What to Look for When Buying the Best Wakeboard Helmets

Choosing a helmet that provides enough protection requires paying attention to the details. A helmet’s design accounts for the foreseeable damages, risks, collisions, and impacts which could occur while wakeboarding. Let’s see what aspects stand crucial to a great wakeboard helmet.


The material used in a wakeboard helmet determines its life, its functionality, and overall quality. Helmets are constructed in a variety of materials, the most common of them are EVA foam, Bern Tech H20, and SEPP or EPP.

The high-quality EVA foam helmets possess double-layered shock-absorbing EPS in between. While the outer layer absorbs most of the shock, the inner layer absorbs the remaining impact and keeps it from transmitting to the wearer’s head.

Bern Tech H20 helmet meets the CE 1358 safety standards, and it is comprised of a high-density ABS shell, soft EVA foam liner, and brock foam technology for impact absorption.

SEPP/EPP helmets are made with the fusion of two materials – gel (SEPP) and a type of foam (EPP). These kinds of helmets are for one-time use only as they are made of single-impact material, unlike multi-impact structure helmets. So, it needs replacement after impact.

Fit & Adjustment

The material won’t matter if the wakeboard helmet doesn’t fit you properly. As material and its fit work in sync with each other. If you face any hard shocks and you are not wearing a properly fitting helmet, that helmet won’t do any good as it will fail to stay in its place.


Safety first! Water-borne activities are as dangerous as any other sport because they also come with their advantages and disadvantages. Compromising on your safety while buying a cheaply made helmet will not only get you injured, but also the money flow will be directed towards the medical procedures. And who has got time and money for that in this fast-paced world?

For beginners, maximum safety is imperative, as falling is part of the process. One needs to buy an effectively certified helmet with safety labels that meet safety standards. Some of the well-known certifications are CEN and WRSI. You should also wear wakeboard life jackets to protect yourself in water.


Every helmet should have enough holes in it for proper ventilation and drainage system. Because when you are riding the waves, you are most likely to fall and dunk in water many times. These vent holes, in return, help in draining the water out of your helmet and keep your helmet from soaking up.


How Do I Clean My Wakeboard Helmet Properly?

When you wear a helmet while wakeboarding, the helmet gets wet even though it is made moisture-wicking and also supports drainage. Wetness can ultimately lead to dampness and lousy odor production.

But as most water helmets come with removable foam liners, one should remove the pads and linings from them, soak them in baby shampoo water for 30 minutes, wash it with clean water, and let them dry. This very act removes any odor from them.

When you are done removing the liners of the helmet, soak the whole helmet body in the foam created by baby shampoo. Once it is dry, store it in a bag, out of reach of the sun. And lastly, do not paint your helmet.

Are Wakeboard Helmets Usable for Other Activities?

Indeed, a wakeboard helmet usually resembles a bicycle helmet and is made for multi-purpose activities. One can use a wakeboarding helmet also in other water sports like kayaking, kitesurfing, and windsurfing.

Is Wakeboarding Dangerous?

Just like any other watersport, there are also some safety risks associated with this recreational activity. It’s an easy sport, and it only raises eyebrows when you hit the water, fall, and get injured. So, if you want to marry someone one day, then divorce recklessness.


If you are one enthusiast wakeboarder, frequently hitting the water to have the time of your life, then you need to buy the best wakeboard helmet to keep practicing what you love. Because a body without a soul will accomplish nothing.

To stay safe is the motto, so before practicing risky water-borne activities, you should wear all the necessary protective gear you can. Otherwise, believe when I say that sharks love humans with their teeth.

And wakeboarding is a fun sport until you trip and fall from the board, or your wakeboard rope breaks, or you hit your head against the water, get a concussion, fail to swim, and meet Angels.

So, it’s always a wise decision to wear a helmet before going wakeboarding in the ocean. A high-quality helmet should include a hardcore outer shell, strong foam liner, ear pads, and a visor to expedite your journey and for eye protection.

A visor loses its importance if you have water goggles, not to mention that you can make it work with a helmet that comes without a visor.

So what are we waiting for? Put your helmets on, and let’s get rolling!

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