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Anyone willing to zoom down the snow slope knows that ski goggles matter greatly when skiing or sliding on your snowboard. But without proper care, your snow ski goggles can quickly become smudged and dirty, obscuring your vision and leaving you vulnerable in the snow.

It’s irritating when your vision is disturbed due to dry water drops or when your goggles are fogging. Whether or not you are an expert skier, you must clean your goggles to work well on the slopes.

Cleaning your goggles properly will prevent the goggles’ fogging and protect your eyes from the snow elements. And so to keep them in good shape, you must clean your goggles regularly. Don’t worry! It’s not too complex but rather very simple.

We’re here to give you tips that will work so well that your goggles will last you for many seasons. And along with that, we’ll also answer your questions.

Can’t I Clean My Ski Goggles Like I Would My Sunglasses?

how to clean smith goggles

I wish. But it’s not really a good idea. Or a right one.

To better understand, let me tell you that ski goggles differ in construction and purpose from sunglasses. And when you clean your ski goggles, you are cleaning more surfaces on glass or plastic lenses.

Ski goggles prevent damage from impacts from all angles due to the nature of skiing, especially against glare and wind gusts. In contrast, sunglasses are more flexible and are generally only used for protection against the sun.

Storing them is not a big concern, but that doesn’t happen with ski goggles. Instead, they have rubberized interior lens frame materials that often need attention. In addition, they have special foam padding around each lens to ensure comfort and water resistance.

Many high-quality pairs of ski goggles also feature an integrated airflow system. It’s stored inside them, which keeps air flowing freely through their interior lens. Consequently, it helps to reduce fog significantly.

So, How Exactly Do I Clean My Ski Goggles?

how to take care of a snowboard

The best part about cleaning your ski goggles is that you don’t need extra chemical additives or undergo a complicated process.

You can maintain your goggles with convenient and easily available things—for example, warm water and a microfiber cloth.

Though there are a few ways to clean your ski goggles, you can use any of the following to ensure that your goggles are properly cleaned and maintained.

Option 1: Using a Cleaning Cloth To Clean Your Goggles’ Interior Lens

fire water snowboard cleaner

First, use the cleaning cloth or a microfibre specifically designed by manufacturers for cleaning ski goggles. This soft cloth effectively works to rub dirt, fingerprints, or smudges without damaging the interior lens or frame.

If you use water to clean it, dry them with gentle dabs so it doesn’t store in the lens. You can gently wipe dust or oil from the inside of the lens.

However, I recommend inspecting your inner and outer lens surfaces after every wipe. Also, ensure not to leave lint smeared on your pair of Oakley.

And the good thing about this cloth is that it’s easily available in any ski store or online retailer. So you don’t need to hustle to locate a cleaning cloth.

how to change ski goggle lenses

Option 2: Using a Goggle Bag To Clean Your Pair of Goggles

Despite your carefulness, I know the cleaning cloth can escape to some hidden realm. I have lost many microfibre cloths for my glasses too.

ski goggle bags

Don’t end up using paper towels to clean your ski goggles. They are too delicate for the scratched and improper cleaning solution. Your outside lens and the inner lens deserve better than that temporary fix. So instead, use a goggle bag.

Since most goggles come with a storage bag, you can easily clean your goggles’ lens with the goggle bag.

Do the same as you would with a cloth. Use circular motions to properly clean your goggle lens.

Most goggles’ bags contain anti-fog treatment designed to keep your lenses clear even in extreme cold temperatures. Additionally, keeping the lenses moist with the anti-fog protector helps minimize the chances of a scratch or debris.

Storing your clean goggles in the bag is always better for protection; you can even store your goggles in a hard case.

Option 3: Using Cleaning Solution To Clean Goggles in Specific Cases

snow goggles case

If you have hard-to-remove stains, you may need a cleaning solution to clean your pair.

It can be rubbing alcohol or household cleaners diluted with water (1 part cleaner, 2 parts additive-free water).

Take Care of Anti-Fog Coating:

how to change lens on smith goggles

Make sure not to use acetone or anything abrasive that could damage your anti-fog coating.

Using anti-fog spray on your goggles is always better for creating and keeping that anti-fog coating intact.

Spread it lightly on the microfibre towel and rub it on the lens. Make sure to do it gently because you don’t want to damage the anti-reflective coatings too.

If ice is on your lenses, warm it up in your skiing coat or under warm water. You can shake it off, let it air dry, and then wet it with your cleaning solution.

Don’t use your t-shirt or paper towels to wipe the goggles; you may damage the coating with scratches, which will be beyond repair.

how to wear ski goggles

How Can I Keep My Goggles In Good Shape?

Your anti-fog ski goggles have an anti-fog coating that prevents fogging due to your warm face or the sweat that works up during rigorous activity.

You can gently spray the anti-fog on the goggle bag and wipe it on your goggles. It will help remove any residual oil and dirty elements.

Wiping isn’t a good idea if you want to clean your inside lens. If it’s wet, air dry it or use a hand dryer/blow dryer instead.

Your goggles’ safe place is your goggle bag! Always store your goggles in its goggle bag after the ski or snowboard session for maximum protection. That is to prevent a scratch or unwanted wiping. We don’t want our Oakley ruined.

Never leave them out in the cold. Always store them in light conditions.

ski goggle lens case


Follow the steps above and experience riding your snowboard or skiing down the slope with dry, spotless goggles and clear vision!

Conquer all the snow slopes with your clean ski goggles!

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