The first cable park in all of northern Thailand


That’s it!

Chiang Mai’s Canyon Wake Park now joins a dozen other cable parks in Thailand, all spread between Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin and Phuket.

In the last decade, Thailand has built itself as the most popular destination in Asia for wandering wakeboarders and wakeskaters, thanks to a world famous easy-going vibe and warm winter season, right when Europeans, Russians and Americans tend to escape their coldest months.

In the last 20 years, wakeboarding has seen a real rebirth thanks to quickly evolving cable technology making it more affordable, more eco-friendly, and heaps more fun due to the obstacle revolution accompanying it.

In fact there are now more than 1000 cable parks in the world, and it’s still growing strong thanks to emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, South America and Southeast Asia.


Now Chiang Mai is making a jump in the wake wagon as well, with a brand new 2.0 cable park located in a great spot just 25 mns from town, thanks to the team at Canyon Wake Park. If you’re looking to get fit while also having a blast in the water, this one’s for you!

2.0 systems are basically made up of only two towers with the cable carrier running back and forth, and can only carry 1 rider at a time.

They are more and more often preferred to full size cable parks (typically 5 or 6 towers making a loop and carrying up to 10 riders at once) due to a much lower initial cost of investment as well as the fact that they are much more adapted to beginners or riders looking to train hard on a new trick, as it’s designed to stop the cable whenever the rider falls, bring the handle back to him/her, and start again.


About 200 meters long (a generous length compared to most 2.0 systems), and built by cable manufacturer Spin, Canyon Wake Park offers attractive prices, from 200 baht for a 10 mn set, 400 baht for an hour pass (where you share the cable with up to 3 other riders for 5-7mn sets each), and 750 baht for a full day pass including access to the massive water park located on the same lake.

You just got to pick you weapon and go, wakeboard, wakeskate, donuts, whichever floats your boat!


For advanced riders, the air pop seems definitely legit from the pictures, and the first kicker is expected to arrive as soon as this month! (March 2018). The backdrop is quite original and should make for some stunning shots, so be sure not to forget your camera gear.

Visiting digital nomads will also appreciate the spacious bar – restaurant already equipped with decent wifi, as well as sun beds, showers and lockers. To learn more about extreme sports and outdoor activities in Chiang Mai, check out our dedicated Extreme Nomads guide to Chiang Mai.

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