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Oh, how we love Colorado. Known for its scenic views, Colorado ski season is anticipated far and wide by all people, US citizens or otherwise. This is because Colorado ski resorts boast a comfortable stay, some of the most beautiful mountain slopes, and ski areas that keep people coming. Skiers of all types wait patiently for the season to start.

This article will let you know exactly when to start planning your ski trip for the state. There is an in-depth look at exactly which ski resorts to go to without ever breaking the bank.

We have conducted thorough research into all the popular Colorado ski resorts, finding their opening and closing dates, which we can conclude for certain will remain confirmed for the rest of the winter.

Some resorts open in early 2022, while some around the end of December, going on until March to May of 2023. Read on to find more, and let us guide you!

When Does Ski Season Start in Colorado?

colorado ski resorts closing dates 2022

The ski season in Colorado begins on a variety of dates, mostly dependent on the level of snow received on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains found in the state.

Most resort opening times lie between Mid-October to December of the season, going on until March to May of the following year. These, as you might guess, encompass the timings of when children and university students get their winter and spring break from their schools.

Typically, by November, the popular and widely known resorts are all open and ready to hit by kids and families around those times. Depending on the weather conditions, dates can be subject to change, and the level of snow can impact the length of the season.

Regardless, most of the general ski resorts are open for business and ready to be run by November, extending into April. Most of the season continues till May, depending on how busy the days can get if there are lots of people.

However, it is very rare that the season extends to June, since mid-year, the snow levels start to deplete.

Below, we have compiled an up-to-date list of all active Colorado’s ski resorts and ski areas and their functioning dates. Some dates are tentative and have been marked as TBD.

This list includes resorts from Arapahoe Basin to Copper Mountain and Breckenridge to Steamboat Springs and Vail Mountain Resorts.

As seen in the table, most Colorado ski resorts open in late fall in October, some in November, and some in December. They continue till February, March, April, May, and very few till June. This time around, Arapahoe Basin is the first to open in 2022, opening on October 23, 2022.

SR. NO.Resort NameOpening DateClosing Date
1Arapahoe Baskin Ski AreaOct23, 2022
Jun01, 2023
2Aspen Highlands Ski resortDec 10, 2022Apr 09, 2023
3Aspen Mountain Ski ResortNov 19, 2022Apr 16, 2023
4Beaver creek ResortNov 23, 2022Apr17, 2023
5Breckenridge Ski resortNov 09, 2022May30, 2023
6Bluebird Backcountry Ski AreasDec 29, 2022Mar 26,2023
7Buttermilk Ski ResortDec17, 2022Feb 02, 2023
8Durango Chapman Ski ResortDec 14, 2022Apr 16,2023
9Copper Mountain Ski ResortNov14, 2022Apr 02,2023
10 Created butte Mountain ResortNov23, 2022Mar 19,2023
11Cuchara Mountain Park Ski ResortDec17, 2022Apr 16,2023
12Echo Mountain Ski ResortDec10, 20022Apr 16,2023
13Eldora Mountain ResortNov11, 2022Mar 19,2023
14Hesperus Ski AreasDec16, 2022
Mar 26,2023
15Howelsen Hill Ski AreasNov26 ,2022Apr 02,2023
16Kendal Mountain Recreation Ski AreasDec 17, 2022Apr 16,2023
17key Stone Ski ResortOct 28,2022TBD
18Lake City Ski Hill ResortDec 24, 2022Mid-March
19Lee’s Ski Hill ResortDec20,2022May 07,2023
20Loveland Ski AreasNov 03, 2022Apr 16,2023
21Monarch Ski and Snowboard AreaDec 01, 2022
May 07,2023
22Powderhorn Mountain ResortNov19, 2022Apr 02,2023
23Purgatory Ski ResortNov 19,2022Apr 16 ,2023
24Silverton Mountain Ski ResortDec 01,2022
Apr 02,2023
25Ski copper ResortDec 07,2022Apr 16,2023
26Ski Granby RanchDec 10, 2022
Apr 09,2023
27Snowmass Ski ResortNov 19,2022Apr 02,2023
28Steamboat Ski ResortNov 23,2022Apr 02,2023
29Sunlight Mountain Resort and SkiDec 9, 2022Apr 16,2023
30Telluride Ski ResortNov 26, 2022Apr 02,2023
31Vail Ski ResortNov 11, 2022Apr 16,2023
32Winter Park ResortOct 31, 2022May 02,2023
33Wolf Crew Ski AreasNov 04,2022Apr 16,2023

When Is the Best Time To Go Skiing in Colorado?

The best time to go skiing in Colorado, to best enjoy the season and ski to your heart’s content, varies from person to person.

For some, it might be around Christmas until late January, when they can expect lots of busy streets and an enjoyable, lively trip. However, they will face extremely high prices during those times, as monetary values tend to increase around holidays and weekends.

For those who are patient enough to avoid the peak season, going early in the season may be fruitful, as price tags will be lower, and they will miss the extreme rush when all tourists arrive.

Quickest Ski Resort Opening Dates

The ski resort that opens the earliest for the 2022/23 season is Arapahoe Basin this time, beating last year’s Keystone Resort. However, Keystone follows on October 28, and the last one to open is Winter Park Resort on October 31.

breckenridge closing date 2022

By November and late December, all resorts gradually open until the last ones open on December 29. These include Bluebird Back-Country Ski Resort and Silverton Mountain Ski Area.

Avoid Peak Ski Season & National Holidays

A crucial tip we can give you while you plan your trip is to avoid the peak season and national holiday times! Christmas is fun on the slopes, and so is New Year, Martin Luther King Day, and President’s Day, but they fall under the peak season.

Peak season is when the prices are highest, usually, it’s the weekends, and ski resort areas are bustling with people. And not in a good way.

Do not subject yourself to the peak season of late December until Mid-March and opt for going early, such as in Mid-October. You will find that lift tickets and other leisure activities will have hefty price tags too.

when do ski resorts close in colorado

Visit Less Crowded Ski Slopes

One more thing you will want to check up on before going would be what slopes you are actually visiting. Some of the mountain peaks are much busier than others.

Avoiding them might make your trip less stressful. If you book a resort near big Colorado cities like Aspen, Breckenridge (close to Denver), etc., chances are the crowds will be huge there.

when do colorado ski resorts close

So, you can avoid that by driving a little longer to smaller, homey towns like Telluride, Crested Butte, and Snowmass Village to experience the true charm of the winter mountain of Colorado.

What Are Some of the Best Resorts To Go to in Colorado?

Some of the best Colorado Ski resorts and mountain accommodations include the ones in Arapahoe Basin, known for its spring skiing and good value for money.

colorado ski resort closing dates

The Vail Resort is also widely renowned for having great weather and terrains.

Finally, Keystone and Telluride are household names because of their fun resort accommodations and skiing varieties.


So, now you know exactly when does Colorado ski season start! Do not visit Colorado ski resort areas during peak season, but go early or mid-season. Make an itinerary, and know the best resorts and the best places for lodging. You also need to know what to bring on ski trip.

Finally, planning your trip according to the times that suit your peace of mind is key. Eat a lot, take skiing and snowboard lessons while there, take a ton of photos, make memories, save your hard-earned bucks and have a great winter vacation!

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