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Planning a ski trip can be very exciting. Deciding what terrain you want to ski on, what style of skiing you want to practice, and what day you want to go on. It all builds anticipation masterfully.

However, in all of the excitement, it is easy to forget a very important thing. How do you plan on staying comfortable in the cold weather? Even on warmer days, a little extra protection definitely won’t hurt.

Our feet are covered by the most comfortable ski boots, our torsos are covered by the warmest ski jackets, and our legs are covered by ski pants. But what about the most sensitive part of us all, our face? This is where neck gaiters come in.

The best neck gaiters keep your face warm and provide style to your overall look but there is more. Merino wool, moisture-wicking goodness, and sun protection. Sounds like you won’t have to sweat the cold days any longer.



Best Overall Neck Gaiter

Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer

  • Manufacturer:Turtle Fur Group
  • Fabric:Original Turtle Fur

Best Relaxed Fit

BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear

  • Manufacturer:BUFF ‎
  • Fabric:95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Best Versatility

Tough Headwear Neck Warmer

  • Manufacturer:Tough Headwear
  • Fabric:100% sherpa polar fleece

Best Budget Option

Achiou Neck Warmer Gaiter

  • Manufacturer:Achiou ‎
  • Fabric:high quality soft material

Best Adjustability

Botack Neck Warmer Gaiter

  • Manufacturer:Botack
  • Fabric:100% Acrylic

Best of the Rest

CUIMEI Fleece Neck Gaiter

  • Manufacturer:CUIMEI
  • Fabric:Polar Fleece

The 6 Best Ski Neck Gaiters

A solid neck warmer is made out of top-notch materials that can withstand the harshest cold temperatures that winter can throw at them. However, there is more to a gaiter for skiing than just insulating layers.

Sure, that extra warmth is nice but another great feature is that you can easily wear glasses and adjust your fit with an elastic drawstring. This is something that even the best ski face masks can not do.

We’ve ranked the best ski neck gaiters for you down below but don’t get too hung up on their number order. Remember that the best neck gaiter for you is the one that fits your specific needs and skiing style.

1. Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer

best neck warmer for skiing

Take a look at this neck cover, what do you see? The perfect companion for those cold days? Yes, but there is something more. Keep looking. Is it the dual layering of fleece that creates a chamber in between the two layers where heat is stored?

While that sounds amazing, and this winter face mask does feature that, it’s not that either. Give up? Fine, I’ll tell you. I’m talking about that cute little turtle emblem at the very top seam of this face cover. Now that is something that most neck gaiters don’t have.

But there is more. As I mentioned previously, the Turtle Fur warmer is made up of two layers of fleece. One on the outside and another that rubs up against your skin. The middle is purposely left empty in order to trap warm air and use it to your benefit.

It’s a great feature and what makes it even better is that maintaining this warmer is easy as can be. Simply toss it in your washer and dry and let the machines do the rest. Don’t worry, the turtle will still be there when all is said and done.

best ski neck warmer


  • Adjustable Drawstring: No
  • Build Materials: Turtle fur fleece
  • Key Feature: Heat is trapped in between two pockets of fleece
  • Warranty: Not available


  • A solid design that has two layers of fleece sandwiching your heat.
  • Has a universal fit that can be comfortably worn by adults of all sizes.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, machine washable.


  • No warranty with purchase.

Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer

The price of “Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer” varies, so check the latest price at

2. BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear

best gaiter for skiing

I’ve got to start this off by pointing out the awesome materials that were used to make the BUFF original. Working in tandem we have quick-drying polyester and magical elastic Elastane.

The Elastane is what gives this headcover an immense two-way lateral stretch. What other benefits can a gaiter for skiing reap from having Elastane in its makeup? For one, I’d say the loose fit of the Buff is something to applaud.

This loose fit combined with the polyester gives you a refreshing feel. It’s incredible how you can feel warm and as soon as you begin to heat up. The Buff goes to work on cooling off your face.

It’s a soft and comforting feeling that I would akin to silk.

Let me refer back to the two-way lateral stretch. This stretch allows us to wear this as a beanie or a neck cover. That’s where the “multifunctional” in the name comes from.

Sure, there are skiers that prefer tighter-fitting face coverings but I’m sure many will enjoy the relaxed fit on offer here. You can count me among them.

best neck gaiters for skiing


  • Adjustable Drawstring: No
  • Build Materials: Polyester and Elastane
  • Key Feature: Has two-way lateral stretch
  • Warranty: Not available but has a free return policy


  • Can be worn as a neck gaiter and a makeshift beanie.
  • Has a loose fit and lets you breathe easier.
  • Comfortable and soft fabric feel.


  • Some skiers will prefer tighter-fitting neck gaiters.

BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear

The price of ” BUFF Original Multifunctional Headwear” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Tough Headwear Neck Warmer

best skiing neck gaiter

What does it mean to be tough? Is it having high durability and being abrasion resistant or being able to fight off the cold? While the Tough headwear neck warmer does have all of those features, what makes it tough is its versatility.

The best neck warmers ought to be able to fit all kinds of styles and individuals. That’s what the Tough headwear neck warmer does best. Let’s break down just what exactly versatility means here.

This neck warmer can be worn in two different ways. The default option is the one in which you have soft and warm fleece on the inside, brushing up against your face, and smooth microfibers on the outside.

Should you ever tire of the fleece, all you need to do is turn this warmer inside out. Now your skin can enjoy the smooth microfibers, while the fleece layer traps heat and sends it back down to you.

It’s this versatility that puts the Tough headwear on par with other quality options, such as the Exio winter neck warmer. To top it all off, it’s four-way stretchable.

best ski neck gaiters


  • Adjustable Drawstring: No
  • Build Materials: Sherpa polar fleece
  • Key Feature: No slip fit
  • Warranty: Not available


  • Can be worn two different ways, with soft and warm fleece on one side and smooth microfibers on the other.
  • Four-way stretch that is sure to fit anyone.
  • Secure the heat with the sherpa polar fleece that makes up this fleece neck warmer.


  • Pattern design may not be liked by some.

Tough Headwear Neck Warmer

The price of “Tough Headwear Neck Warmer” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Achiou Neck Warmer Gaiter 

best buff for skiing

What’s better than a great quality warmer that is made from polyester and spandex? How about that same warmer that I just described but at an insanely affordable price? The Achiou warmer could not be better if it tried.

How can you beat something that was made from anti-static fabrics? No longer will you have to worry about annoying shocks and tingles. The Achiou warmer also has moisture-wicking capabilities. Now, you can also cross off dirty sweat from your list of worries.

The Achiou warmer even has a response to those merino wool elitists. This warmer has enough length to it that it can be folded into itself. Giving you two layers of protection and warmth.

Double the layering, twice the fun!

This isn’t some thin structure that we are talking about here. The Achiou warmer is burly and made for the harshest winter days. Let’s not forget that all of this is available at an insanely low price.

Seriously, it costs less than a hamburger and fries!

best neck warmers for skiing


  • Adjustable Drawstring: No
  • Build Materials: Polyester and spandex
  • Key Feature: Can be folded into a double layer
  • Warranty: Not available


  • Is made up of anti-static and moisture-wicking fabrics.
  • Provides protection from cold weather, wind, and even the sun’s rays.
  • Very thick and burly design.


  • Does not have a seamless construction.

Achiou Neck Warmer Gaiter

The price of “Achiou Neck Warmer Gaiter” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Botack Neck Warmer Gaiter

skiing gaiters

Finally, at last, our adjustable hero has arrived. Don’t get me wrong, the other neck gaiters on this list have been fantastic so far. However, the Botack neck warmer has something they don’t. An adjustable drawstring.

For so long, we have had to contend with “one-size fits all” dynamics but no longer. The easy-to-use drawstring may be the main attraction but there’s more on offer here. The build quality of the Botack is also something to marvel at.

Have you ever heard of Acrylic fabric? It’s okay if you haven’t but allow me to enlighten you. This fabric is durable and resistant to sunlight. That’s right, you aren’t just getting frost protection but sun protection as well.

It’s also a great moisture-wicking fabric and one that resists shrinkage. Wash it and handle it as much as you want because it is not going anywhere. There’s a lot more to say about Acrylic but the point is, that this is the fabric to beat.

While Acrylic serves as the front line of defense, pressed up against your face is a non-piling knitted layer. This layer won’t irritate your face even when wearing this warmer for extended periods of time.

Comfort, security, and built to last, the Botack has it all.

neck gaiters for skiing


  • Adjustable Drawstring: Yes
  • Build Materials: Acrylic
  • Key Feature: Acrylic face fabric and polar fleece lining
  • Warranty: Not available


  • Superior build quality with a front-line defense of Acrylic.
  • Can be worn as a skull cap, a neck warmer, or a face mask.
  • Has a non-piling knitted layer that won’t irritate your face.


  • Not many design options to choose from.

Botack Neck Warmer Gaiter

The price of “Botack Neck Warmer Gaiter” varies, so check the latest price at

6. CUIMEI Fleece Neck Gaiter

gaiters for skiing

At last, we have reached the last gaiter on our list. There have been plenty of best neck gaiters but if none of them have convinced you, then the Cuimei gaiter is the one for you. This is because the Cuimei gaiter combines features from our previous entries.

For one, it’s made up of polar fleece. Polar fleece is incredibly warm and non-irritating. The issue with most fabrics is that your skin beings to get a rash if brushing up against it for too long. Especially in cold and dry environments. That is no longer an issue.

As if that wasn’t enough, a thick layer has also been added in between the seams. This insulation pairs nicely with the polar fleece, granting you the ultimate protection. Capable of standing against Jack Frost himself.

The seams themselves have been sewn using four needles and the seams are six-threaded. I don’t care how hard you pull on this warmer, it is not tearing apart on you.

The only downside here is that there is no lovely adjustable drawstring to pull on. However, the one-size fits all style marks its return and it does so in a winning fashion. The CuiMei is a solid pickup, what more can I say?

neck warmer for skiing


  • Adjustable Drawstring: No
  • Build Materials: Polar Fleece
  • Key Feature: Has thermal insulated fleece layer
  • Warranty: Not available


  • Has a thick insulating layer that retains warmth.
  • Despite the insulating layer mentioned above, still a very breathable face mask.
  • Six-thread sewing using four needles for durable seams.


  • Has no adjustable drawstring.

CUIMEI Fleece Neck Gaiter

The price of “CUIMEI Fleece Neck Gaiter” varies, so check the latest price at

How To Choose The Best Neck Gaiter for You

I’m sure you are eager to get your hands on the Turtle Fur Fleece Neck Warmer and call it a day. I wouldn’t blame you, it is the best neck gaiter on the market but wait just a minute. Every skier is different. We all ski in different terrain, different weather, and even different countries.

If you want a winter neck gaiter that is tailor-made for your needs, then you’ve got to do your research. Below we’ve outlined everything you need to know about neck warmers. From their durability to how warm or breathable they are.

What Is Your Neck Gaiter Made Of?

Top-quality neck gaiters such as the Buff original and the Botack neck warmer gaiter are made from polyester and acrylic. You’ll find similar materials in the other best neck gaiters on the list.

As I have stated before, polyester is quick to dry and very breathable. Acrylic is a highly durable and low-weighing fabric. It also performs consistently, even with constant temperature variations.

Other materials such as Elastane and spandex, are flexible. When a neck gaiter is made out of these materials, you can rest assured that you are getting a one-size fits all neck warmer.

Decide what matters to you most: durability, warmth, or flexibility, and proceed from there.

The Warmth of Your Neck Gaiter

A wool or fleece neck gaiter will provide you with more warmth than you can handle. These are true neck warmers, and a solid pickup would be the Cuimei fleece neck gaiter.

While you don’t necessarily need these materials for a warm neck gaiter, the best neck gaiters incorporate these materials into their build. But how warm is too warm? This is an important question to answer because you’ll be wearing your neck gaiter as you ski.

The issue here is that if your neck gaiter is too warm, then your cold winter chill could turn into an uncomfortable sweat. Moderation is key!


The more layers your neck gaiter has, the warmer it’ll be but there is more to stacks than just warmth. Think of each layer as an extra coat of armor. Even if the first layer or two get ripped, there should still be another layer down below to protect your skin.

In essence, the more layers to a neck warmer, the more durable it becomes. Durability isn’t just important for your protection. It’s also important for your wallet and breathability.

You wouldn’t want your hard-earned cash going to something that splits apart on its first day. Right?

Adjustable Neck Gaiters

Being able to adjust your neck gaiter or any piece of ski gear for that matter is vital. Think about how annoying it must feel to not be able to adjust the size or fit of your neck warmer.

Keep in mind, that just because your neck warmer doesn’t have an adjustable drawstring, doesn’t mean that it isn’t adjustable. Neck gaiters that are made from Elastane and Spandex are incredibly flexible.

This stretchy fabric allows a neck warmer to conform to your face and neck size. You may not be in total control of the fit, but the gaiter is adjusting itself as you wear it.


What Is the Best Fabric for a Neck Gaiter?

The best ski neck gaiters are usually made out of either merino wool or a polyester microfiber. Wool is chosen because it is both comfortable and it keeps you very warm. Polyester is a fabric that is very breathable and quick to dry.

This means that it’ll warm you up and cool you off, depending on the conditions that you are skiing in.

How Do I Keep My Neck Warm While Skiing?

Of course, if you are reading this then you know that a neck warmer is the best way to keep your neck warm. However, there are also face ski masks that extend all the way down to your shoulders. Either a neck gaiter or a face mask will do the trick.

Are Neck Gaiters Good for Skiing?

Neck gaiters are excellent for skiing, snowboarding, and all winter sports in general. Besides keeping you warm and providing you with some level of UV protection, they also don’t obstruct your vision or movement.

You can turn your head and wear goggles without having your neck warmer get in the way. Neck gaiters are an extremely versatile piece of ski wear.

My Final Thoughts

A great ski mask (or face mask) can provide you with the full face coverage that cold days require. However, a quality neck gaiter for skiing can do the same without having you struggle to put on your full-face ski helmet over it.

Remember that the materials that a neck gaiter is made out of determine their durability, comfort, and how well they keep you warm. If you want a neck gaiter that you can wear over your whole head, then you’ll need a neck warmer that comes with an adjustable drawstring.

Otherwise, there are plenty of options for you above and none of them will mess up your hair, perfect!

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