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Champ de Mars has its grace, but even it couldn’t throw cold water on my plans to have fun in the lovely Seine. Jump cut – my hair is blowing in the wind as the sun drops in the sea, adrenaline rushing while I ride. Have you ever tried wakeboarding in majestic armor-like boots while listening to Conquest of Paradise? Legit af!

For a sport as good as wakeboarding, don’t let your boot selection be a spoilsport. Because wakeboard binding to a board is like Dr. Watson to Sherlock – the ultimate partners. 

Believe it or not, potential risk factors in wakeboarding include equipment, environment, level of experience, and health. Most wakeboarders get themselves injured by falling due to somewhat poor equipment selection. When you are riding on the wakeboard you must have to carry a wakeboard life jacket it protects you while riding.

The most befitting wakeboard boots must provide comfort, security, and adjustability as it facilitates your good performance, better maneuverability, and fun wakeboarding experience.

This article will help you in deciding for best wakeboard bindings. So, pay attention and decide for yourself which one is specifically designed for you and your family! 



Top Pick

Ronix Women’s Wakeboard Bindings

  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe

Highly Performant

Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Binding

  • Ability Level: Intermediate-Advanced
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe

Most Comfortable

Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings

  • Ability Level: Advanced-Expert
  • Binding Style: Closed Toe

Most Functional

Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings

  • Size: 9-10
  • Closure Type: Buckle

Budget Friendly

Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings Women’s

  • Ability Level: Beginner-Intermediate
  • Binding Style: Open Toe

Most Exquisite

Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Binding

  • Length: 15in
  • Weight: ‎3.5 Pounds

Best wakeboard Bindings

We have put forth a number of options for you and your friends that we deem groundbreaking. Let’s take a look! 

1. Ronix Women’s Wakeboard Bindings

wakeboard bindings cheap

Ideal for riders who love throwing caution to the wind, pushing the limits, and having the time of their lives. Our overall top pick is Ronix Rise women’s wakeboard bindings that encompass innovative baseplate and liner. These wakeboard boots comprise of Ronix stage 3 liner, which itself is made of triple density foam that molds in accordance with your foot shape. 

It has the best engineering, its liner has reinforced foam in areas where it is required for the binding to stay stable while reducing foam where it has no apparent function. Such structure makes it more maneuverable. Ronix wakeboard bindings are lightweight even after the added J- bars, which make it possible for superior heel hold to come off. 

The icing on the cake is its ability to adjust as per your foot size as the skeleton shrinks and expands naturally. Ronix has infused its Brain Frame technology into these wakeboard bindings, which makes the upper part of the binding work in sync with the baseplate for instant energy transfer. This way, the rider benefits from reduced leg fatigue while boarding. 

If you are looking to buy a best wakeboard for women check out our article.


  • Weight: 99.7 grams
  • Binding style: closed-toe
  • Binding closure: automatic lock technology
  • Fit: custom fit- heat moldable intuition and liner
  • Baseplate: Brain Frame technology 
  • Skill Level: advanced and intermediate riders 


  • It is ideal for advanced riders for its lightweight quality and stiff flex as it aids in enhanced response. 


  • Our only complaint is how much it costs. But isn’t it worth it?

Final Verdict:

Being the master of its game, Ronix Ride bindings are absolutely worth it for the tech built into it. With its flex rating of 6 (1 soft- 10 stiff), it simply beats the others.

Ronix Ride Women’s Wakeboard Bindings

The price of “Ronix Ride Women’s Wakeboard Bindings 2022” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Binding

mens wakeboard bindings

Specially made for the core cable park purist, closed-toe Slingshot would be worth all your bucks! Our second best pick is designed for intermediate and advanced wakeboarding; its most salient feature is the provision of bags of customizability.

The tri-Zone lacing system allows you to custom fit the lower, middle, and top parts of the bindings. The authority, security, and freedom it provides actually let the rider live to their heart’s content. It also comes with gummy straps with colorways, which will provide the level of tension you desire. 

The outer liner of Space Mob wakeboard bindings is removable, as they are designed like comfy high-top boots that permit walking when not riding. The liner uses a strap closure system instead of a traditional lacing system. It has triple density EVA footbed soles that protect your feet. It also has J bars, which hold the ankles and heels firmly. Well, that superior heel hold is all we need!

These wakeboard bindings lack any baseplate, a frame stands in place of a traditional baseplate which is a kind of new style. The tongue of the binding’s shell is also removable, allowing a melded flex zone. You can easily switch to softer or stiffer flex. Lastly, its K9 mounting hardware system allows you to dial in a perfect stance while keeping you locked to the surface.


  • Weight: 3728 grams
  • Binding style: closed-toe
  • Binding closure: Tri-zone lacing system 
  • Flex: custom flex
  • Fit: gummy strap closure system
  • Baseplate: bottomless base system
  • Skill level: intermediate, advanced


  • The freedom of customization it offers gives it an edge against other competitive items. 


  • Its quality of being heavyweight may become a nuisance when you maneuver.

Final Verdict:

If you are on a hunt for the perfect wakeboard bindings for cable park rides, you have just found it! Space Mob wakeboard bindings, besides being highly performant, is aesthetically pleasing too – crème de la crème, I’d say!

Slingshot Space Mob Wakeboard Binding

The price of “Slingshot Space Mob” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings

wakeboard bindings and boots

For neophytes and intermediates, Hyperlite offers the best beginner wakeboard bindings with loads of beginner-friendly features. Who can come to expect such a soft plush feel in an open-toe design? Well, the inner-lining of Hyperlite remix bindings delivers a hyper plush flex zone. Along with a heat moldable tongue, the inside of this binding is lined with EVA foam, which helps to customize the fit according to the foot shape. 

These bindings comprise of dual lacing system for better customization. It also has straps to get rid of laces if you want and assist in easily getting in and out of bindings. 

Another exclusive feature of these wakeboard bindings is their ability to be shared. It has an open-toe bindings system that enables adjustable sizing. The mounting system of these bindings includes an aluminum claw insert to ensure better stability and good grip. The weight is pretty low because it is built on top of a lightweight Hyperlite LP2 Pro Plate System. The result of which is a better wakeboarding feel and a very good stance.


  • Item Weight: 2722 Grams
  • Binding style: open-toe
  • Binding closure: dual lace closure
  • Flex: mid-support level
  • Fit: adjustable sizing
  • Baseplate: low pro plate system
  • Skill Level: beginner, intermediate


  • Its most prominent attribute is how user-friendly it is. Easy entry and take-off quality, along with adjustable sizing prove it very promising for beginners. 


  • Some users seem to complain about the inflexibility of its flex zone. This may slightly lower its performance level when you ride. 

Final Verdict:

Beginners should not compromise on safety while learning. The right equipment like Hyperlite Remix Binding can act parentally while you are learning.

Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings

The price of “Hyperlite Remix Wakeboard Bindings” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings

adjustable wakeboard bindings

At an insanely low price, Liquid Force Transit delivers the much-needed functionality, stability, and comfort. The open-toed wakeboard binding features a comfy EVA and honeycomb flex padded footbed that assists in shock absorption and softens your landings. The zonal lacing system further makes it easy for you to adjust the upper and lower portion of the binding for a custom fit. 

The baseplate of liquid force binding is made of 6R chassis – frame rail wing geometry for stability and stiffness and a two-stage cushioning system comprising a honeycomb flex floor and EVA base pad to absorb high-impact landings.

This structure helps heal bruises and displaces high shocks. Honeycomb flex floor allows medium flex along with a flex zone that helps in different natured movements.


  • Item Weight: 680 Grams
  • Binding style: open-toe
  • Binding closure: dual locking lace zones
  • Flex: medium flex
  • Fit: wide fit
  • Baseplate: 6R-Chassis
  • Skill Level: intermediate, advanced


  • These bindings have a principal shock absorption feature which really saves the day.


  • For some riders, these wakeboard bindings may not prove promising regarding stability and flex when they reach the intermediate level. 

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for pocket-friendly bindings with high performance and supreme comfort, then Liquid Force Transit is your pick. It enables sharing with the family as it can fit all wakeboards. 

Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings

The price of “Liquid Force Transit Wakeboard Bindings 2022 ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings Women’s 

universal wakeboard bindings

The Women’s Hyperlite Allure wakeboard boots are perfect for novices who demand quality boots at low price points. These are perfect bindings for anyone on the boat whose foot size falls within a women’s size from five through ten. The inner side is lined with plush soft material that unfolds beneath and above your foot. 

The low pro plate system used in it is made durable and lightweight, which prevents the binding from coming loose while you ride. The quick cinch lace zones and hyper-plush rear flex zone allows adjustable floating toe design and reduce abrasion. 

The lacing system is a simple pull and lock system that means you can simply set your desired tension. Perfect for all entry-level women, the Hyperlite Allure bindings have all the key features for a beginner.


  • Item Weight: 3670 Grams 
  • Binding style: open-toe
  • Binding closure: quick cinch lace zones
  • Flex: hyperplush rear flex zone
  • Fit: one size fits all
  • Baseplate: baseless design
  • Skill Level: beginner, intermediate


  • The quality of being very reasonable and pocket-friendly without comprising any prime features is its best quality. If you are a beginner and ready to go wakeboarding without having it cost you a fortune, this is for you!


  • The one thing we would like changed in it is its single lace system which sometimes makes it harder to fix the tension as per one’s liking.

Final verdict:

Hyperlite Allure wakeboard bindings do the work for neophytes without compromising on any key feature. It is budget-friendly, and a one size fits all, thus, allowing everyone on the boat journey to get its benefits.

Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings Women’s

The price of “Hyperlite Allure Wakeboard Bindings Women’s 2022” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings

open toe wakeboard bindings

The best in town for your kids would be Ronix Kid’s boots. Besides being ridiculously attractive, it is also very comfortable to wear. These wakeboard bindings have an auto-lock system for binding purposes, making your kid feel secure. 

The liner of these bindings is made with stage-1 liners; in addition to this, built-in J bars make the product more secure and more durable.


  • Item Weight: 1587 Grams 
  • Binding style: open-toe
  • Binding closure: auto-lock
  • Baseplate: baseless system
  • Skill Level: beginner, intermediate


  • These bindings with an auto-lock system and built-in j bars lessen your insecurities. Its super engineering lets your kids enjoy the sheer pleasure they are expecting from their first ride. 


  • Children may not like the design as it is a matter of personal choice. 

Final Verdict:

Children mostly like playful things. Ronix offers one-of-a-kind bindings for your kids to opt for and enjoy. Out of its numerous fascinating features, auto lock instantly catches your attention as safety for kids is always our top priority.

Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings

The price of “Ronix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings ” varies, so check the latest price at

What To Look For When Buying Best Wakeboard Bindings


One needs to inspect multiple binding types to dial in the perfect fit, for each type has its own pros and cons. The simplest of them all is sandal bindings. It comes cheap but scores lower on the safety scale for advanced riding.

On the contrary, open-toe wakeboard bindings are a tried and tested design. It is not as flexible as the former, but provides your toes with breathing room.

For a more secure fit, closed-toe bindings take the lead. It allows more control, warmth, and copious leverage, but it is a big ticket. Another type of wakeboard binding that permits customized fit is system wakeboard binding.

It encompasses a high back frame with attached straps to tie across the ankle and toes and engages the entire leg, thus, resembling your boots. 


Flex should most importantly be considered, like your must-have breakfast jam pennies. If you love maneuvering, go for a softer flex boot perfectly geared for such tricks.

Softness offers more agility and allows room for some exceptional moves, while stiffness provides a good lock and great ankle support while you skim over the waves.

If you love to flunk out of the water by the actual waves you must need a best wakeboard rope.

Go through the product flex rating before buying, as it is a matter of personal choice. 

Closure system

Each closure type complements a different ride. Analyze your tolerance level, decide your place, and then find what you hold dear while wakeboarding. 

Laces, in all likelihood, are the most common closure type. Most lace closures either utilize single lace or double lace closure. Well, the key is to go for a dual lace system for better results.

Velcro closure systems tend to act most amicably because you can adjust as you want with two or three straps in a snap. As long as it does not wear out, you can avail yourself of the opportunity of getting different flexes out of this closure system. 

Designed for strength and ultimate speed, Boa incorporates airship-grade stainless steel laces along with a dial ratchet closure. Boa keeps your binding as tight as you desire until you decide to take them off. It comes with a lifetime warranty and is worth every penny.

As the name suggests, gummy straps stretch like gum when force is applied. It really stretches the length you want to tighten your boots.

If you want to learn how to mount bindings on a snowboard check out this guide.


You must have heard a product costing a fortune will also be a product of the best quality; well, to some extent, it is true. But for riders who are new to wakeboarding, this would mean nothing.

It should rather matter a great deal only when you are trained enough for this particular water sport. 


How do I find the right wakeboard bindings?

The binding will fit right only if it’s tight. But not too tight to make you uncomfortable, though. It should embrace your feet in a relaxed manner.

Do you need to invest in expensive wakeboard bindings?

If you are new to wakeboarding, you need not buy any exorbitant wakeboard bindings. You can buy cheap ones for a trial and get the first hands-on experience, then decide further. You can switch to expensive bindings anytime once you have developed the required skills.   


A perfect wakeboard boot and a complementary board complete your equation for this water sport. How to find your perfect match? The answer is not the most expensive binding but the one that fits you well.

One must first explore his/her riding style before deciding on any particular bindings. The best wakeboard bindings for you are certainly the most comfortable, performant, and responsive bindings. Focus on your priorities and ride confidently. 

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