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While devoting myself to reading my favorite medieval writer – De Pizan, as is my wont, I alighted on an idea to surf and not suffer.

I fed off the author’s idea of strength when I planned to go out in the sun since a human can’t stand a world of tranquility without an end. Do we? With my imagination lit by excitement and a lofty self-image, I buzzed and assembled my only two friends.

Not to mention, two people is a friendship, and three is a family. You don’t believe in its power? Watch Hangover, and please ignore Alan Garner. Wakeboarding stays my favorite watersport, and the reason why is it, while I can wakeboard behind the boat, my friends can sit in the boat and do nothing. Kidding, they can film me.

Now, what’s the secret to an ecstatic wakeboarding experience? The answer is an aesthetically pleasing, super functional board. Since we are girls, so size and aesthetics matter a lot! Well, read on to find which wakeboard suits your personality and crown it.



Best Overall

Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard

  • Item Weight: 3300 Grams
  • Color: Multi-colored


Most Durable

Hyperlite Mystique Wakeboard

  • Item Weight: 3 pounds
  • color:‎ Black, Pink

Best For Professionals

O’Brien Spark Wakeboard

  • Item Weight: 15 Pounds
  • Color: Blue, Red


Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard 2022

  • Item Weight: 7.78 Kilograms
  • Color: ‎Grey/Bamboo


Ronix Quarter Wakeboard

  • Item Weight:‎ 5 Kilograms
  • Color: Black, multi-colored

Best For Beginners

Liquid Force Arris Wakeboard

  • Item Weight: 5 Kilograms
  • Color: White, blue

6 Best Wakeboards for Women – Top Rated List

Now that I have done homework on your behalf on the top-rated wakeboards for women just to make it easy for you to pick your new companion, shall we start our Super-like pass or match game?

  1. Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard 2022
wakeboard reviews

Okay, ladies, let’s grab the waters by the lapels with this forgiving board, perfect for riders of all skill levels. With versatility its modus operandi, this ballistic board is built for the riders who want to ride the wake one moment and to Cable Park the next moment. It is made perfect for either of both and has technology that makes it insanely durable, lightweight, and press-able.

Slingshot Contrast proves to be a good shot by offering a narrow board that makes it easy to press on rails and boxes with the help of its flexible nose and tail. This capacity also makes it durable as it can stand any damages that it may encounter during its landing on rails. Add in the atomic wood core, which is laminated.  

These boards tend to offer bags of pop with carbon bedrock inserts built directly into this board. This feature gives you a spring-board-like feel every time you pop, and it also dramatically reduces its weight and improves its strength. That quick responsiveness and extra pop are also facilitated by the stiffer middle area or the deck part and exceptionally tuned hull shape.

The contrast makes a sturdy board by offering Slingshot fusion sidewalls that are strong enough to resist any side hit from a rail, as it’s made with urethane material. Not just that, the contrast’s base is made of thick bulletproof material that renders it indestructible and the most durable.

best wakeboards for women


  • Length: 134 cms, 138 cms, 142 cms
  • Construction: Atomic wood core
  • Fins: 4
  • Skill level: Beginners and professionals


If you are looking for one daring ride with a responsive board working all in your favor, Slingshot Contrast must be your pick. Its flex pattern is its biggest ‘flex.’ Believe it or not, its incorporated flex system is super responsive, and it also offers additional pop, unlike any other wakeboards out there.


Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard may feel a bit heavy on the pocket.

Slingshot Contrast Wakeboard 2022

The price of “Slingshot Contrast” varies, so check the latest price at

  1. Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard
best hyperlite wakeboard

Do you know what’s magical about this wakeboard? It’s built with layered glass, hence, as the years pass and you get pro, the wakeboard also grows sturdy. Not to mention, professionals love stunts and tricks, and so does a sturdy board. This marvelous sturdiness and swing weight are supported by its Bio3 core, which is manufactured using Dow Chemical.

Hyperlite Mystique comes with all the perks that hit all the right notes. For a comfortable ride, nothing other than a perfect rocker profile can do. The 3-stage rocker profile and 4 removable fins offer a stable platform for you to stand on while you easily navigate the waters and enjoy the euphoric ride, please add in the on-demand edge bite.

Perks of this women’s wakeboard include M6 hardware that facilitates durability, comfortability, and lighter and effortless encounters with water, thus making it one of the best women’s wakeboards.

Hyperlite makes wakeboarding easy by dissecting the intricacies of water sports. This easy-to-ride board is no less than a friend, assembled by you on your journey to wakeboarding. It makes it easier to perform tricks and grabs, do spins and stunts, and all other things. Especially if you are a beginner, make sure you get yourself one today.

best wakeboard for intermediate


  • Length: 135 cm
  • Construction: Layered glass
  • Fins: 4
  • Skill level: Beginners and professionals


This wakeboard is made very durable through a secure and damage-resistant base. I mean, who can afford to buy a board now and then?


Hyperlite Mystique Wakeboard cannot bear weight more than 130 pounds.

Hyperlite Mystique Women’s Wakeboard

The price of “Hyperlite Mystique” varies, so check the latest price at

  1. O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard
best wakeboards 2021

If you are a pro wakeboarder, you must be familiar with the fact that shallows are not your friend but deep waters, and you must be looking for a pro wakeboard. Then, O’Brien Spark women’s wakeboard is the one for you. This masterpiece was designed by Tarah Mikacich, and one can expect this wakeboard to be built with painstaking accuracy and precision.

O’Brien Spark encompasses a triple concave casting that crosses through its midsection. It also features Delta Base technology, molded into the tail and tip, in which chevron pattern channels are contoured that facilitate faster edging and diminish the drag.

Also, this water sports equipment has a variable rail with more volume in the middle of the board, making it more forgiving. This quality offers stability, unparalleled control, and more balance. Its three-stage rocker profile dramatically angles upward towards the nose and tail of the board, while it stays flatter in the center where you stand. This particular feature delivers a more encouraging vertical pop off the wake.

Besides all these promising features, custom-made wakeboard matching bindings also come along as a part of various packages of this watersport equipment. Isn’t it awesome?


  • Length: 133 cms
  • Construction: Feather core
  • Fins: None
  • Skill level: Intermediates and advanced riders


This effortlessly controlled wakeboard allows smooth transitions from edge to edge, hence, making it a perfect pick for deeper rides.


This board stands suitable only for those wakeboarders who prefer deeper rides.

O’Brien Spark Women’s Wakeboard

The price of “O’Brien Spark” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard 2022

best intermediate wakeboard

This women’s version of Shaun Murray pro model is specifically designed to ensure a good response to the female rider, but it holds all the killer attributes of a pro wakeboard for men.

It features a 3-stage rocker profile that increases your underfoot and a variable edge design that advocates consistent pop and good endurance. Hyperlite’s ladies-specific satin flex lets you pop, confirming your standards, as well as, delivering a unique snap that is ideal for good speeds.

Besides good speeds, a spoon-like hull of the board delivers a more forgiving and smooth ride and creates softer landings. It has an M6 mount, four fins, a thicker exterior, inserts, and a bio3 core. This magical core is a secret ingredient to a lightweight board when it’s made with 100 pc wood.

best womens wakeboard


  • Length: 139cms, 134cms
  • Construction: Monocoque, Biolite 3 core
  • Fins: 4
  • Skill level: professionals and intermediates


This long-lasting board supports heavier wakeboarders from 60 to 220 pounds. So, worry not, even if you have put on some extra inches, Hyperlite has got your back.


This board might come quite expensive in comparison to its alternatives.

Hyperlite Prizm Wakeboard 2022

The price of “Hyperlite Prizm” varies, so check the latest price at

  1. Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard
cool wakeboards

Do you fancy consistent pop off the wave every time you wake? This high-performance wakeboard for female riders excels in it, courtesy of its strength-to-weight ratio as well as its universal rocker line. A secret flex, being its most significant feature, is incorporated throughout the belly of the board that provides an exhilarating experience, making it the best women’s park board also.

While talking about its pop, let us have a look at its super fine construction. A concave lift on the nose and tail of the board also makes possible that smooth off the wake so that your jump remains consistent every time. Moreover, its four fiberglass 1.0” ramp fins, variable rail, and continuous outer rocker vouches for its high speeds.

Ranking high among the best wakeboards for women, this versatile board adds to your smooth and safe ride by delivering a smooth glide, a stable platform, and an excellent grip. Good grip? Yes, safety first! Ronix comes with Grip and Rip technology, essential for a safer ride. It’s a kind of a rail running on the lateral edges of the board, acting as a safeguard when you kill the challenging waves.

If you are a true love of water sports and want to enjoy the real experience of water waves, you must go with the best wakeboard ropes it helps you to enjoy the unlimited experience of waves fully safe and sound.


  • Length: 134 cms, 129 cms
  • Construction: Modello, secret flex, hybrid design
  • Fins: 4
  • Skill level: Advanced users


Made for advanced female wakeboarders, this board permits controlled and smooth rides, speedy gliding, and more rapid trips, all essential for a pro wakeboarding experience.


It features a limited weight-bearing capacity that might not allow you to share it.

Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight Wakeboard

The price of “Ronix Quarter ‘Til Midnight” varies, so check the latest price at

  1. Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard
top wakeboards

Liquid Force Arris features far-ranging qualities that any wakeboarder dreams of being in a single board. This ultimate all-rounder aims to make you aim high and chalk up your challenges. Whether wakeboarding or hitting the cable, it ensures thriving success by providing vital resilience, peppy responsiveness, soft flex, and increased strength, as well as it lets you snug as a bug in a rug.

How? By providing an easy ride, easy maneuvering, and easy acrobatics that you intend to do because who even wants to wakeboard with a turtle’s speed?

With its robust grind PU wood core base made of polyurethane, it offers reliable protection against any damages you may encounter and perfectly molds well according to your wakeboard’s contours. Besides permitting a safe journey, it encompasses a hybrid three-stage rocker that blends two curves for better performance.

That is further supported by its extraordinary stepped deck profile. This finless wakeboard is a must-have, without any doubt, if you desire sheer enjoyment.

top wakeboard brands


  • Length: 138 cms, 133 cms
  • Construction: Polyurethane wood
  • Fins: None
  • Skill level: Beginners and professionals


If you are a newbie, you must first consider the user-friendliness and comfortability of the board you want to buy, and Liquid Force Arris women’s wakeboard will not disappoint you as it holds all the attributes necessary for a lively ride. Besides being lightweight, durable, fast, and comfortable, it provides soft landings, which is a must for getting started.


Liquid Force Arris Women’s wakeboard does not come with a removable center fin, and that’s the only thing one can complain about.

Liquid Force Arris Women’s Wakeboard

The price of “Liquid Force Arris” varies, so check the latest price at

Things to Consider When Buying the Wakeboard For Women

Buying a wrong wakeboard can cost you not only a fortune but your peace of mind, so let’s not waste our hard-earned bucks and see what are the important attributes we should consider before clicking the add to cart button.


Your weight, experience, and agility determine the size of the wakeboard you should use. Normally, while buying, you are provided with a sizing chart to see for yourself what size corresponds to your weight, and you should follow the course if you are a beginner.

To summarize, longer boards are faster but heavy to lift and turn, while shorter boards are easy to maneuver, turn and lift, but they also tend to be slower as they have comparatively less surface area.

A longer wakeboard is ideal for those with more weight, while a shorter board is best for lighter folks. If you are a professional, you might want to go for a shorter board to perform various tricks, but if you are a beginner, you should opt for a larger board for stability, needless to say, only if you weigh more.

Shape and edges

Wakeboard’s shape matters. No doubt, larger and wider boards allow for speedy navigation, but it also makes it harder for you to carve through the waves. On the flip side, a shorter board may be slow, but it helps a great deal in cutting through wakes while allowing ultimate control. Remember, with a comparatively short wakeboard, you might face difficulty while jumping off the water.

The edges of a wakeboard also determine the level of control and cutting. If you are a beginner desiring more stability, you must use boards with blunt edges. Professionals often make a choice of board with smooth and rounded edges, which makes it easy for them to maneuver.


The underside of the board is called the rocker. Mainly there are three types to it – continuous, three-stage, and hybrid. A continuous rocker profile features a smooth curve from the nose to the tail of the board. This type advocates speedy and smoother rides and easier turns.

A three-stage rocker features two distinct bends on either end that level off to a flat bottom. This kind allows for higher jumps but slow navigation. Such a rocker profile is ideal for dramatic waters as it pushes into the water instead of slicing it. On the other hand, a hybrid rocker is a unique blend of above mentioned two styles.

If you are a beginner planning to surf on flat and calmer waters, you should go for a continuous rocker profile, while if you are an intermediate or advanced rider, you may want to use a three-stage rocker board to perform aerial tricks and various stunts.


A fin is like a fish fin attached to the bottom of the board. It assists the riders in directional stability and steady surfing. Beginners tend to use deeper fins to maintain balance, stability, and superior control, but it may come as a hindrance in your attempts to perform tricks or jumps. Advanced female riders, on the other hand, tend to use shallow fins for better maneuvering.

Fewer fins are ideal for higher speeds and jumps, that’s why advanced riders often go for fin-less boards. More fins offer stability and are used by beginners mostly.

The fins of a wakeboard are either removable or molded in fins. Removable fins offer flexibility when your skill level rises, while molded fins stand more durable.


How Do I Maintain My Wakeboard?

After you are done using it, rinse it with fresh water and keep your board out of the sun. Store it in a cool and dry place with a cover on it to prevent scratches and dents.

Is wakeboarding Dangerous?

Like other water sports, wakeboarding requires a certain level of caution. Try wearing proper gear like wakeboard helmets and a wakeboarding life vest to keep yourself from getting harmed. Also, make sure to stretch before and after wakeboarding, as it is a kind of physical activity.

What Wakeboard Has the Most Pop?

Ronix brand is best known for offering more female-oriented designs best for professionals and advanced wakeboarders with consistent pop and superior responsiveness. Not just Ronix Quarter til Midnight takes the lead in being the best intermediate and beginner-friendly board but also Ronix Krush wakeboard.


Wakeboarding is a highly efficient physical exercise, and indeed it also keeps your mind healthy. One must need to know their level of experience, weight, and plans, and answer queries like what is your boat riding style if you are after engaging in deeper water, or do you plan to surf calm waters only? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you in the selection of the right wakeboard.

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