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“Going snowboarding without appropriate snowboarding goggles is easy” – said no one ever! Snowboard goggles are amazing pieces of technology that have developed with incredible features over the years.

This has only made snowboarders’ lives easier. There’s no need to go headfirst into the fun activity of snowboarding anymore because of fogging glasses, blurry vision, and feeling humid and uncomfortably tight with ill-fitted goggles.

Now we have technology like photochromic lenses, chromapop lenses, magnetic swap systems, and so much more to aid in snowboard journeys.

The sizes are better, the fits are better, and the materials used are significantly better! They all contribute to an amazing snowboarding sports experience.



Best Overall

Giro Method Goggles

  • Age Range: Adult
  • Lens Color: Vivid Ember

Best Low-Profile

ZIONOR Lagopus Goggles Snowboard

  • Age Range: Adult
  • Lens Color: Blue Lens

Best Functional

OutdoorMaster OTG goggles

  • Lens Color: ANTI-FOG LENS

Best Basic

Bolle Freeze Goggle

  • Age Range: Adult
  • Lens Color: Clear

Best Quality

Smith Squad MAG Goggles

  • Lens Color: ChromaPop Violet Mirror

Runner Up

Anon Sync Goggles

  • Age Range: One Size For All
  • Lens Color: Burst spare lens

Best Unique

Zeal Portal Goggles

  • Age Range: ‎Unisex-adult
  • Lens Color: Polarized Jade Mirror

Best Frameless

Oakley Fall Line XM Goggles

  • Age Range: Adult
  • Lens Color: PRIZM Snow Jade Iridium

Best Cheap Snowboard Goggles – Top 8 Picks

In this list, we have compiled some amazing options for budget-friendly snowboarding goggles that might accompany you on your upcoming ski trip.

Our choices go from under $50 all the way to over $250, but this is because everyone’s budgets look different.

Featuring reputable brands like Anon, Giro, Smith, and Oakley and many more pioneers of snowboarding gear, this list has snowboard goggles of all shapes and sizes.

We hope this list can help you figure out the best cheap ski goggles for you. Read on below to find out more!

1. Giro Method Goggles

cool snowboarding goggles

Starting our list with decently mid-priced goggles, the Giro Method Goggles are just above $100 but offer a great number of features to back up the price.

The Giro Method Goggles are some of the more affordable snowboard goggles around, considering they have nicely manufactured Giro VIVID lenses.

The fit of the Giro is pretty good, as it is not too tight nor too loose. We would put it in the medium to an average-sized category, so it is appropriate for most head sizes.

Plus, it offers a comfortable fit as the triple-layer foam padding in a thicker frame prevents any pressure points where air could flow in. While not very flexible, it performs a decent job of providing comfort.

Fitting various types of snowboard helmets with these snow goggles seems to be an easy job, as even full face helmets seemed to fit with the Giro’s. But of course, we always recommend trying out your goggle and helmet combo before committing to buying.

Swapping lenses seems to be not quite as easy in the Giro as other magnetic goggles offer, these snowboard goggles offer a “Slash Seal” system whereby you can place your lenses on a shelf that seals up and allows restricted movement and a super strong fit.

This means that you don’t have to worry about the danger of your lenses falling out or popping out while you continue your snowboarding activities, or even if you fall.

best snowboarding goggles

However, we found that finding out exactly where the lens starts and ends is difficult, as you can only see the inner lens. So if you need to swap lenses, you need to know exactly where to pull them out from, otherwise, you’ll be stuck doing it for a while.

But then again, that’s only something to worry about if you’re out in the snow for hours and hours on end.

The lens technology itself is made of the VIVID Onyx and Infrared cylindrical lenses, and provides clarity and brightened field of vision. There is little to no distortion in peripheral vision either. We also found the Giro very less likely to fog up, which is a great sign for a good ventilation system.

Overall, the Giro Method Goggles are a good option for a beginner just dipping their toes into snowboarding. With good durability, great optical quality, moderate price, and a fashionable, clean aesthetic, the Giro Method are a good pair of cheap snowboard goggles to invest in.

Giro Method Goggles

The price of “Giro Method Goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

2. ZIONOR Lagopus Goggles Snowboard

best snowboard goggles 2022

The Zionor Lagopus Ski and Snowboard Goggles are equipped with large spherical lenses that come with an anti-fog coating and ultraviolet light protection system.

With a durable pair of lenses that last you a long time, the Zionor provides a comfortable fit that would give you great peripheral vision, making these some of the best goggles on the market.

The Zionor Lagopus has a three-layer foam padding, making the ventilation system on these medium-sized goggles a well-functioning one. Further, the lenses are scratch resistant, so you will find that through all your tumbles and falls over the snow, the lenses will stay clean and neat.

Zionor markets their snowboard goggles as giving “crystal view on the slope when skiing and snowboarding”. This means that excellent peripheral vision is guaranteed, along with the eyes being completely protected from the harsh conditions of the mountains.

best snowboard goggles 2022

Helmet compatibility with the Zionor Lagopus is exceptional, as the ergonomic features have been carefully designed to make these goggles shine with other snowboarding equipment.

It features a long, adjustable and comfortable strap which will help you keep your goggles in place over your helmet.

Finally, the Zionor are designed as OTG goggles, which means that they are over the glasses, and can allow small to medium sized prescription glasses to fit inside your goggles for best vision.

Offering ultraviolet light UV protection of up to UV400, with visible light transmission options for all weather conditions and mirrored lenses with a clear coating, the Zionor Lagopus is a great option to take snowboarding.

ZIONOR Lagopus Goggles Snowboard

The price of “ZIONOR Lagopus Goggles Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

3. OutdoorMaster OTG Goggles

best snowboarding goggles

Coming in at under $50, the OutdoorMaster OTG Goggles might be one of the best budget snowboard goggles around! With around 25+ lens tint colors and styles available, it is no doubt that the OutdoorMaster made it to our list, as a highly functional yet stylish option.

The selling point about the OutdoorMaster is that they are, like the Zionor ones, OTG goggles that can be worn over the glasses. This means that prescription lenses can be worn under them.

With spherical lenses shape made of polycarbonate, the OutdoorMaster provides better clarity in the optical sector than cylindrical lenses. Included as key features is also an anti-fog coating, 100% UV Protection, and universal helmet compatibility.

good snowboard goggles

One of the best features of the OutdoorMaster is what we highlighted earlier – the 25+ colors are not simply stylish, they are functional with varying levels of VLT in different options, ranging from 8% perfect for daytime light conditions to 84% for night snowboarding activities.

However, no polarized or photochromic lens options are available. But the OutdoorMaster come with interchangeable lenses, which makes it easy to switch them in and out if need arises!

Overall, we like the OutdoorMaster OTG, as it offers high value of key features and longevity at a good price.

OutdoorMaster OTG goggles

The price of “OutdoorMaster OTG goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Bolle Freeze Goggle

good snowboard goggles

This might be one of the most polarizing options on our list. You might love this pair of snowboard goggles, or you might hate it.

The Bolle Freeze snow goggles come in 6 to 8 sizes and styles, each with somewhat separate key features. But the biggest selling point of the Bolle Freeze is the price point of under $50, even lower than our OutdoorMaster.

With the lens shape being cylindrical, the Bolle Freeze goggles allow decent peripheral vision and can be a hallmark of cheap ski goggles, considering their basic thick frame and dull optics.

These budget ski goggles are perfect if you’re tight on spending and need something to get the job done. Just remember that it has different versions which allow it to access triple-layer foam to double-layer foam in some, so the version you buy might affect your comfort.

Its compatibility with helmets is not that great either, as we found we needed to stretch the straps uncomfortably so in order to get the helmet into security.

But there are things we like about these snow goggles, basic as they may be. They feature an impressive P80+ anti-fog lens with treatment, along with a carbo-glass anti-scratch lens. Finally, the two lenses have UV protection from UVA and UVB light.

These cheap ski goggles also come in sizes from small to medium to large, making fit not a hassle. If you’re on a budget, the Bolle Freeze is some of the best cheap ski goggles to get.

Bolle Freeze Goggle

The price of “Bolle Freeze Goggle” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Smith Squad MAG Goggles

cool snowboard goggles

Smith goggles have been unquestionably a leader in the top ski goggles market for a long time. This is because they rarely compromise on quality, and the Smith Squad MAG Goggles are no different.

In fact, these might be the best snowboard goggles we have seen on this list overall. While not cheap ski goggles by any means, these are still an overall great investment. Let’s find out why and some of the key features.

For one thing, the Smith goggles contain some of the best lens technologies on the market, the super Chromapop lenses. These lenses are known to give extreme clarity and vividity to your peripheral vision, making viewing your surroundings through these ski goggles an amazing experience, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding.

frameless snowboard goggles

Combined with an amazingly efficient magnetic quick change lens system, you can conduct lens swapping in as little as 5-10 seconds. The goggles come with two high-quality lenses that are in fact cylindrical lens based. However, they are very durable.

The Smith Squad MAG are not bulky, but in fact light and fit medium sized heads. They are compatible with most helmets and provide up to 5X Anti-fog inner lenses.

Triple-layer foam is a given and coupled with an awesome interchangeable lens system, we always come back to the Smith range for their innovativeness and quality goggles. The only downside is the price. These premium goggles are pretty hard on the wallet, up around $200+. So be sure before you buy!

Smith Squad MAG Goggles

The price of “Smith Squad MAG Goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Anon Sync Goggles

best snowboard goggles 2021

With around 11 colors and styles, and hitting just shy of $200, the Anon Sync Goggles take performance, functionality, and styling hand in hand to deliver a great piece of snowboarding gear and technology that assures you enjoy your snowboard activities.

For your upcoming ski or snowboard trip, Anon Sync might be a good option. This is because of its unique features, yet unseen on our list.

The most unique feature and selling point is the MFI Magnetic facemask integration system, which only the Anon Sync has among goggles on the market.

snowboard goggles

Have you ever worn a face mask and glasses together, and felt your lenses fog up? Well, Anon won’t let that happen, as if you wear your face masks (for whatever reason!) with these ski and snowboard goggles, there will be no fogging whatsoever.

The lens shape is cylindrical, but it allows for big lenses and better peripheral vision thanks to the two lenses offered in the Perceive technology. This means that you will see better contrast, color, and terrain definition while you ride.

But the star of the show might actually be the M-Fusion quick change lens system you can switch your lenses super fast in. Simply position your new lenses near the latch and frame, and feel the magnets pull it into place. How easy is that!

Finally, the Anon Sync ski goggles feature a silicone strap, which we like because it feels comfortable against the helmet. Overall, a fabulous option for a good budget-friendly price with a lot of key features which are unique.

Anon Sync Goggles

The price of “Anon Sync Goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Zeal Portal Goggles

best snowboard goggle brands

The Zeal Portal Goggles are the first frameless goggles on our list. Coming in around 20 different colors and styles, these ski goggles are under $200.

With a medium size frame, the Zeal Portal features two large spherical and photochromic lenses which are polarized. This means that they will be able to filter light better in weather conditions where the sun is too bright.

Our glasses-testers loved putting on these goggles, and especially the quick change lens system which came in a “slider” system, which works like a rail slider.

snowborad goggles

What you have to do is to slide in and out your preferred frames while swapping lenses, by lining up the lenses on both sides with the sliders for easy removal. It has to be done at an angle, but it’s precise and quick. Not as quick as magnetic switching, but good for the price nonetheless.

This frameless goggle is a little bit less flexible than the rest of the snowboard goggles on this list, so you might have some trouble adjusting to it if your face shape is not perfect for it. The slider lock system makes it like that, as the sliders have to be stiff to suit the lens-switching feature of the Zeal Portals.

We like the Zeal Portal for its dual-lens technology, excellent peripheral vision, and slider rail lock system for easy removal and addition of your snowboard lenses. But the low flexibility and easy scratching of the frames make it a pro versus con moment to consider for the price.

Zeal Portal Goggles

The price of “Zeal Portal Goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Oakley Fall Line XM Goggles

snowboarding goggles brands

Around the same price point as the Zeal Portal snowboard goggles, the Oakley XM came in their Fall Line, and we like them because of their frameless design, making them similar in style to the Zeal Portal again.

What Oakley offers is a cylindrical lens technology with a decent field of view, and a single lens included instead of two.

The Oakley boasts an ever-present and beloved Ridgelock system to swap your lenses. We like this as once the lenses are in place, there is no air and wind flow through, keeping you nice and warm.

Featuring a triple layer of fleece foam to keep the goggles grounded, and an anti-fog coating consisting of “Dual vented Plutonite® lenses with F3™ coating”, the Oakley does a good job of keeping your snowboarding experience vivid and clear.

snowboard gogels

The “HDO® Lens Technology” offers a reflective coating on top of the goggles, giving a clear vision and astuteness to surroundings.

Good compatibility with helmets is also a strong suit of the Oakley XMs. The only thing we don’t like is that you’re not offered more than one lens at the time of purchase when competitors offer two.

But that’s okay, as the 20 different colors, comfortable fit, and functionality make the Oakley XM ski goggles a good option to buy overall.

Oakley Fall Line XM Goggles

The price of “Oakley Fall Line XM Goggles” varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide

Here is a list of all the factors worth considering while buying the best cheap snowboarding goggles.

Fit and Sizing 

Fit and sizing is a key parts of deciding a good snowboarding goggle for yourself. After all, you might wear a whole number of equipment to get ready for a day of snowboarding or skiing.

Think about it: you’ll have on your prescription glasses attached with cylindrical and toric lenses, on top of which you’ll have to wear big snowboard goggles with more lenses attached. It can get heavy in there.

The lens shape of your goggles matters, whether it’s flexible or rigid, fitted with sliders or a magnetic switch system, or has a cylindrical or spherical lens. Wide and tall lenses might be more suited to your head shape, or smaller, rounder ones might.

This will also affect your field of view, and you might experience more or less peripheral vision based on what fit you choose.

You should choose snowboard goggle that fits your face and head well, and is comfortable with your helmet. The anti-fog coating also helps as ski goggles fogging up can be quite troublesome.

Foam Padding and Comfort

Foam padding comes in double and triple-layer foam padding, which can affect your comfort level in the case of casual riding. In case you have an accident, the triple-layer foam can be quite helpful in protecting your eyes from injury. Good foam can help in making the goggles feel good and snug on your face as well.

Budget snowboard goggles might not come with good-quality padding. This means that when you sweat out on the terrain or breathe as normal, the foam will be absorbing the moisture and smell created. This might lead to it losing functionality over time and breaking down.

Multi-layered foams and even plastic foams are available in the market to help make better decisions, but a simple triple-layer foam can help in a great experience. Just please, listen to us, and never ever go for a single-layer foam.

Ventilation and Breathability

Being able to breathe while wearing several pieces of equipment at the same time is a key concern to address before attempting to buy any item. A strong feature of good snowboard goggles is having good ventilation built into them for easy breathing.

Think about it, if you breathe out during winter and fog collects over the glasses you wear generally, isn’t it a pain? Well, not only is it a pain but a dangerous occurrence that can cause accidents if the same happens during snowboarding. You want to make sure this never happens while considering your best budget snowboard goggles to buy.

One way to do this is to make sure to get double lenses. After that, see where the ventilation systems in the goggle are located: the top, bottom, or sides.

The key idea to understand is that the more air you have that rushes through the goggles, the better ventilation, and the more you’ll be able to breathe. This is because most goggles come equipped with an anti-fog coating and lots of little holes allowing breathability.

Finally, be careful not to remove your ski goggles from your eyes, as moving them up to your forehead or top of your head will make them fog up the vent holes.

As always, trying your goggles in-store with your helmet on is always a surefire way to know exactly the best option for you.


What Kind of Goggles Do You Need for Snowboarding?

Short Answer:

It depends on what you’re looking for!

The slightly longer answer is that you need to think about many factors. Think about if you want a cylindrical lens shape or a spherical lens shape, or even a toric one.

Then, think about the lens color or tint you want, and if you want a lot of ventilation or less. Think about your preferred foam layering, and how you want the goggles to sit on your face.

Frame size, frame fit, the VLT rating, the UV protection offered is all important to consider before buying. Another super important factor for buying snow goggles is if you wear glasses already, and need goggles that fit over the glasses.

All these factors, and many more, will come together to help you decide what snowboard goggles are best for you.

What Color Lens Is Best for Snowboarding?

Short Answer:

Think about lighter colors that reflect the brighter colors of the rainbow.

The key feature you’re looking for here is visible light transmission, or VLT. The higher the VLT index, the better you will see during the nighttime, but the lower it is, the better you will see during daytime.

For beginners, we recommend yellow, golden, rose-gold or green lenses for overcast and gray days, and darker colors like grey, blue and brown for bright days known as bluebird days. The latter will protect your eyes from bright sunlight, while the former will allow more light in for better visibility.

How Tight Should Snowboard Goggles Be?

Short Answer:

They shouldn’t be tight at all! Look for comfort instead.

Good quality, well-fitted snowboard goggles are never tight, but they mold to your head and face shapes. This means that they feel snug and comfortable. Ideally, it should feel like there is nothing on your face, as the goggles should feel like they have become a part of your face.

Provided you choose them right, the goggles should fit with enough elasticity over your helmet and your prescription glasses, if you wear any.

There should be enough space between your face and the foam to provide good space for ventilation and breathing. Air should go through, and so should wind.

If you feel even slightly uncomfortable, or if the snow goggles feel like they are pinching you, chances are they are not the right size or the right choice for you.


Whether it’s a bright, sunny day out or a dark, gloomy day with clouds overcast, we know that we have compiled the best cheap ski goggles with the best unique features that will protect you from bad light conditions, offer UV protection as you need, and will be a great fit on your face.

A good snowboard goggle is like a good accompaniment to a music piece – it supplements the cause. We think the best snowboard goggles overall in our list are the Giro Method, they are simple, get the job done well, over good features in an average to middle price range, and offer excellent performance.

The others are great too, but it all depends on what you want, what feels good, and what goggles take your performance from good to spectacular on the field. This will because you can see well, and judge better the entire sport experience for yourself.

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