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If you have noticed skiers’ ski poles, you may have found them a bit funky. Trust me when I say, those bodies are made for a purpose. And no, no one bent them out of shape.

The very form of the ski poles can create a huge difference in your downhill skiing. So of course, if you are willing to do such an activity, then these bent ski poles are your best choice.

Believe it or not, straight poles are not as effective for downhill skiing as bent ski poles are.

Why Is a Ski Pole Crooked & Not Straight?

Wondering why are ski poles bent? To answer the question in one word: Aerodynamics.

If you are using a bent pole during your downhill skiing or during a downhill ski event, then they can boost your performance by a lot! These curved ski poles create a major advantage for skiing.

Especially as a skier, the curved poles allow you to decrease the amount of air resistance you face during your downhill skiing with better control of your aerodynamic stance.

A skier’s upper body position is angled forward in a tuck position when skiing downhill. And so, these downhill ski poles match their body position.

It increases their speed because their upper body position becomes aligned with the shape of these crooked poles. Then, the skier nicely speeds through their turns and transitions into flat areas during their downhill events.

why are ski poles crooked

Now, when you add onto the acceleration with the poles tucked in your arms and smoothen your turns, you cross the gates of the perfect alpine skiing experience. And that is thanks to these ski poles’ curved design.

Why Are Ski Poles Lighter Today?

Generally, ski poles tend to be lighter because their usage is to add to the speed of skiers. Instead of being a burden to them in the snow, the downhill poles are a subtle gear that boosts the skiing acceleration on flat ground or snowy slopes.

A bent pole or straight pole used during skiing sport can help with the stability of the skier. And so, the lighter the ski pole, the better the stability. It also helps to push forward on flat ground and not go too deep in the snow.

Moreover, when a skier wants to speed up their aerodynamics and win through the physics of skiing, lighter ski poles are the perfect start. But that also depends on skiers’ ability to choose the perfect size of ski pole for their skis.

When in a competition, every ski racer is looking for advantages. For example, a powerful start to winning with inches of difference. So lighter ski poles give them the desired edge.

From holding the balance to sliding down the mountain with as less contact as possible, lighter folded poles become an essential part of gear for professional skiers.

Whether it is a slalom or free sliding, lighter poles are always going to allow the skiers to have increased speed. This way, they can easily glide on the hill without any hurdles. And if a skier is racing, then lighter poles will not weigh them down.

Nowadays, aluminum ski poles are made for shedding weight and making them more durable. But carbon fiber has long since dominated the ski poles’ market. So, it really depends on the right size and material and you will slide the whole mountain without a tumble!

But if you are wondering whether to use curved or straight ski poles, then you can understand their usage as explained in the following:

why are ski poles bent

When Are Bent Ski Poles Used?

Expert ski racers willing to win giant slaloms or those who seek alpine skiing are the best examples of skiers using bent poles.

Whether during a downhill skis event or for an adventurous thrill, bent poles are the gear for those who know what it is used for. And that also includes the people who have experience in using them.

You have to keep in mind that these poles are not to stop you from falling over. If you are beginning your ski adventures, then it will be a little difficult for you to get the hang of the curved ski pole. Yes, they can stop your fall, but that is not their initial purpose.

It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to use them for snowy slopes or the winter Olympics. As long as it involves alpine skiing or super giant slalom, you should use curved poles and you will conquer your downhill ski event.

Thanks to science, with the downhill ski poles, you will surely feel higher speeds, less resistance, and a notable time difference at the end of the ski race. But if you just wish to thrill yourself on the snow tracks of the East Coast, you are welcome to do so with any pole of your choice.

When Are Straight Ski Poles Used?

If a curved ski pole allows so much advantage then why does everyone use the straight ones? The reason for that is minor. It’s just personal preference and the traditional use by the majority of skiers in search of just the sport.

When checked under calculated circumstances, the difference in speeds during the racing has been minor. Albeit the minor difference is considered important in skiing. Even then there are a lot more factors that come into play where ski racing is concerned.

Many people would prefer straight poles over folded poles when it comes to free skiing. Because they are typically better at pushing you forward on the flat range. But that doesn’t mean they fit the same performance expectations on different snow tracks.

bent poles

Do You Really Need a Bent Ski Pole?

Generally, for professional skiers, curved ski poles can tuck under their arms and become the point of accelerated speed and smoothed curve form on the tracks. That is why they have been a huge hit.

Nowadays, manufacturers produce aluminum curved poles to allow ski racers to take advantage of the gear. That is because the determined downhill skiers engage in lighter weight and fast momentum. Hence, ski poles are bent for giant slalom skiing.

The crooked shaft is the pivoting point for skiers to gain a speed boost and reach the win of the racing event. On the other hand, they can easily cruise through the ski course without sinking their poles too deep.


In short, to be a fast skier on the hill or to be the winning racer with a secret technique, you should be pushing for curved ski poles.

So, get ready to slide through the snow range with your friends and reach first the gates of the giant slalom with fractions of inches.

Be a part of the winners who have learned all the disciplines of using the right gear to win skiing events. You will be keeping a minor factor in check yet you will become an example of a popular notion!

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