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My first time snowboarding was a miserable experience. Not even the majestic sight of the snow-covered mountains and endless Jeffery Pines could alleviate my dreary feelings. Between the constant falls and crowded ski resorts, I felt more out of my element than ever before.

To top it all off, my own gear was beating me down. The highbacks were tall and stiff, leaving me feeling too rigid and constrained. It was a niggling feeling that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried to adjust myself.

Needless to say, it wasn’t fun, and I only made it worse because I hadn’t used a set of beginner bindings. Don’t be like me. Proper research can go a long way to setting yourself up for success.

That is what this post is for, to show you which beginner binding pair is right for you. As well as the reasons why they would make a great match. The best pair of snowboard bindings are those that provide you with adequate support and a great riding experience.



Best Choice

Ride C-2

  • Ability Level:Beginner-Intermediate
  • Flex Rating:Soft

For Beginner – Intermediate

Burton Mission

  • LENGTH:12in
  • WEIGH‎t:7 Pounds

Affordable Price

Nitro Staxx

  • LENGTH:12.57in
  • WEIGHT:‎2 Kilograms

Best For Comfort

Salomon Rhythm

  • LENGTH:1in
  • WEIGHT:4.98 Pounds

Great Design Choice

K2 Sonic

  • Ability Level:Beginner-Intermediate
  • Flex Rating:Soft

Best Choice For Kids

Burton Chopper Snowboard + Binding

  • Ability Level:Beginner-Intermediate
  • Rocker Type:Flat

Best Package Deal

Chamonix Lognan Snowboard + Binding

  • Age Range:Adult
  • Size:152cm

Best Beginner-Friendly Snowboard Bindings

Special care has been taken below in order to create a list that is truly geared toward the novice.

While experienced riders may not believe that they can learn anything from this post, an important aspect to keep in mind is that the bindings below could suit your riding style.

An advanced rider could also use this list to choose snowboard bindings that are a great fit for their loved ones or friends looking to get started. Without further ado, let’s begin.

If are you interested to buy snowboard bindings for women then check out our list to steer your research in the right direction!

1. Ride C-2

top snowboard bindings

If I could go back and choose another pair of bindings to wear on my first time snowboarding, it would have been the Ride C-2s. These are the right bindings for the best overall choice.

They have a soft flex rating, like most bindings on this list, and their all nylon highbacks provide you with excellent comfort.

With no aches and pains, you get to focus fully on your performance and nothing else. This is what I always wanted as a beginner, and I am sure that most beginners feel the same way.

You needn’t worry about poor power transfer support because the composite baseplate fitted into this model is more than suited for the job.

One ankle strap and a much smaller toe strap work in tandem to keep the bindings fastened onto your boots.

Be warned! These bindings are an excellent choice for new riders looking to complete their all-mountain binding set, but they should be avoided by anyone looking to free ride. There are better options on this list for that category.


  • Fitted with a responsive nylon highback that is on the soft side.
  • A basic strap-in system is used for securing onto the boot and getting a tight fit.
  • This equipment is geared toward performance more than anything else.
  • Don’t use these if you wish to engage in any freestyle riding.

Ride C-2

The price of “Ride C-2 ” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Burton Mission

best freeride snowboard bindings

I’ve long had issues with some of Burton’s design choices in the past, but these bindings, the Burton Mission, deserve all the praise that I am about to give them.

It seems that Burton set out to consider every aspect of a beginner binding in order to deliver one of their best products yet. From their Fullbed cushioning system to their baseplate design and overall build quality. Everything here is class!

The fullbed cushioning system provides you with a blanket of padding that extends across the entire boot area. Not only does this improve your stamina, but it also gives you a surprising amount of shock absorption.

The baseplate is made up of one single component, which enhances durability and handles all kinds of terrain with ease. If you wish to avoid any forward lean, then pull the trigger and purchase these today because there isn’t any of that here.

Be warned! Don’t pick burton bindings as your first-ever snowboard binding. Get around a week of practice and then transition to these.


  • Thanks to all the cushion support, expect a playful feel, like cloud hopping.
  • Best used for the beginner-intermediate looking to improve their performance level.
  • Medium flex that is slightly softer than most others, fit for beginners.

Burton Mission

The price of “Burton Mission” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Nitro Staxx

good snowboard bindings

Everyone is on a budget these days, and it is often understated how much of a critical role the price point is when deciding on a final purchase. Especially when your ability level is not enough to justify spending exorbitant amounts on a binding alone.

Don’t worry, the Nitro Staxx has got us all covered. This binding is a great freestyle focused offering that won’t leave you with any buyer’s remorse. Although you should keep an eye out for the ankle straps.

The ankle straps could be tighter because these bindings have been known to not feel as secure as other competing bindings. This shouldn’t be enough to discredit them, and the following list of features will show you why.

The heel hold on this bit of snowboarding gear is a solid fit thanks to the A-frame base and Hammer highback. These great additions add a boost in strength, but fortunately, they avoid the all too common pitfall of added weight.

Strapping in the Nitro Staxxs is surprisingly easy due to the user-friendly entry buckles and ratchets. This is something that even more advanced riders can appreciate.

snowboard bindings brands
  • A freestyle binding with a softer flex than other bindings that are freestyle aligned.
  • A price that won’t scare you away, unlike many men’s bindings.
  • Beginners will appreciate the EVA dampening cushion, which staves off fatigue.

Nitro Staxx

The price of “Nitro Staxx ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Salomon Rhythm

best snowboard binding brands

This snowboard binding is all about responsive feels and freestyle pinings. Freeride snowboards are a great entry for beginners that are looking for an easy fit that will let them fit the ground running.

Like most entries on this list, extra cushioning is provided by an EVA base pad. There are two reasons why so many beginner bindings and even stiff bindings for those with a higher ability level carry this feature with them.

The first is because, of course, all snowboarding equipment should be comfortable. Creating the right user experience is everything. But also, the less fatigued you are, the more time you spend improving your skills, and the greater you will feel.

The Salomon Rhythm knows this. It is why they come with a rhythm highback that gives your ankles extra support and a stellar integrated mounting system that keeps your disk screws in place.

Beginners may not understand why this is a big deal but just know that you never want to have any screws loose anywhere. It’s dangerous.

  • Good flex rating for beginner bindings.
  • Disk mounting system that is universal and with great security.
  • A rhythm highback gives your ankles the support they crave during these high-intensity activities.

Salomon Rhythm

The price of “Salomon Rhythm” varies, so check the latest price at

5. K2 Sonic

best snowboard bindings for park

This tool-free, fully adjustable binding provides you with an elite soft flex experience. As mentioned, the straps, highbacks, and even the buckles can all be adjusted without the need for tools. Talk about a user-friendly piece of equipment.

Expect a performance boost thanks to the PC ProFusion Chassis, which despite its tough build quality, is surprisingly lightweight. A canted footbed helps your legs remain in proper position even as you mountain freestyle.

What I love most about this softer flex binding is that the straps around the ankles can be centered with the pop of the lever. It is this kind of ingenuity in user design that should always be praised and rewarded.

Any intermediate to advanced rider knows that often, manufacturers can get caught up in the aesthetic design while forgetting all about the actual user experience. Fortunately, K2 is not one of these companies.

lightweight snowboard bindings
  • A perfect fit strap for the toe is compatible with all boot toe shapes.
  • A temperature-resistant highback that is durable.
  • Excellent aesthetic design. Looks and feels sleek.

K2 Sonic

The price of “K2 Sonic” varies, so check the latest price at

Great Beginner-Friendly Snowboards + Bindings For All Ages

We’ve gone through the beginner snowboards and bindings that should be on your radar. The selections above are suited to your particular ability level, and any beginner should be using one of them.

Now allow me to give you some recommendations for a couple of snowboards that beginners at any age should appreciate. With our recommendations below, you and your children will be scraping off the top layer of powder snow in no time.

1. Burton Chopper Little Kids Snowboard + Bindings

best mens snowboard bindings

The Burton Chopper Flat Top and best kid Snowboard has a groovy wave design that is multicolored. If there is one thing that kids love, it is colorful designs. This board is best suited for an all-mountain environment, although it can be used for park riding with the use of park bindings.

This board comes with the Mini Grom snowboard bindings which are fitted with a soft flex rating of two. These single component-based bindings are lightweight and have a consistent feel throughout their structure.

This is because only one material was used to construct the base plate, bomb-proof Polycarbonate.

One issue I take with the bindings is that they only have one ankle strap. However, your child should not be pushed to do anything extreme at this level. As a result, the lack of extra security shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

A one-year warranty is included with the board. This should ease your mind should any misfortune or defect occur.

This board is beginner friendly because the edges are upturned, and the softest flex possible was applied. The reason why upturned edges are a must-have on a children’s board is that the edge is less likely to get caught in the snow.

When a snowboard’s edge gets caught in the snow, it could lead to a violent and painful accident. Not a fun experience at all.


  • A flat profile from end to end leads to better balance and control for the rider.
  • A Riglet accessory can be attached so that your child will find it easier to haul around their board.
  • The upturned edges help prevent serious injury.

Burton Chopper Little Kids Snowboard + Bindings

The price of “Burton Chopper Little Kids Snowboard + Bindings” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Chamonix Lognan Snowboard + Bindings

best park snowboard bindings

There is much that can be said about this snowboarding combo. Let me begin by saying that the option to buy this board in four interest-free payments is a great one. It helps alleviate the sting on your wallet.

The board is composed of a Reply Laminate which is lax. Fortunately, the responsive snap was not lost due to the laminate’s forgiving nature. This is a board that can be used year-round and with little need for upkeep, all while giving you the feedback that is essential to beginners.

The Lognan bindings included have a dual strap setup: the omnipresent ankle strap and an adjustable toe strap.

These bindings have a medium flex rating, so they won’t feel as forgiving as the other entries on this list. Rest assured that the Lognan bindings are suited for beginners and this Chamonix packaged deal contains everything you need to hit the slopes in stride.


  • Bindings have heel padding for enhanced comfort.
  • The board has a Directional Twin shape.
  • Versatile and not demanding when it comes to maintenance needs.

Chamonix Lognan Snowboard

The price of “Chamonix Lognan Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

Choosing the Best Beginner Snowboard Bindings – Buyer’s Guide

Here it is, the trusty buyer’s guide that only exists to impart you with the knowledge that will lead you to a satisfactory purchase. Below, we have chosen the four most important qualities that define what a binding really is all about.

All About the Flex

You should know by now that as a beginner, any gear that you pick up should always have a low flex level. The reason why low flex levels are better suited for beginners is that they allow for easier landings.

Bindings with a higher flex level are not as forgiving, and as a result, an improper landing could prove to be a painful experience. With a low flex level, you have greater room for error, and this is why free-stylers prefer a low flex. It allows them to practice their sets without harsh reproach.

I can not stress this enough, as a beginner, you need a pair of bindings with a low flex rating.

Love Those Easy Adjustments

In time, you will want to tweak the many parts that come built into your gear. That is, if you want to make full use of its features. This is why you should always choose bindings that are either tool-free adjustable or that won’t require the use of a forge just to get started.

Tool-free adjustable equipment gives you a great learning platform in which you can mount your bindings on the fly. This will teach you valuable lessons about what the different parts of your bindings do and what they are good for.

This knowledge will prove invaluable as you move on to more advanced bindings for higher skill levels.

Strap Style

There are two different strap styles to choose from for your beginner bindings.

The two-strap system is the most common, and it is what you will find on all beginner-friendly bindings. The two-strap system is easy to use and secure. One strap is around the ankle, and the other is for your toes.

Rear entry bindings are easier to use than two straps, and they will be talked about in greater depth in the following section.

Entry Methods

You are probably accustomed to the strap-in entry style that we have discussed above. they are secure but cumbersome. They can take a while to constantly fasten and remove as needed, but they are reliable.

Let us switch our focus towards the other entry method, rear entry. This type of entry is much easier to slip in and out of, but it is more difficult to learn how to put these on because they are best equipped while standing.

When worn loosely, you won’t have to constantly make adjustments, and this means more time spent snowboarding. But keep in mind that it also has more parts that could need repairs or replacements.

Personally, I love the security of the strap-in system, even if it can be a bit annoying to remove.


Here you will find a couple of questions that I have answered with crucial information for all novices to the sport. If you have any additional questions, then leave a comment below, and they may be added to this section.

What kind of snowboard bindings should I get?

Any bindings with a low flex rating are ideal for beginner snowboarders because they provide you with greater room for error. Screwing up while wearing these is a much more painless experience. This is important because we learn best from our mistakes.

Are Freestyle Bindings Good for Beginners?

Freestyle bindings are ideal for beginners. Their flexibility and forgiving designs are a godsend in a world of firm highbacks and stiff overall structure.

My Final Thoughts

My first snowboarding experience could have been a lot better had I decided to use bindings with a low flex level. Unfortunately, because I failed to do my research, I didn’t even know what a flex rating was, and so I needlessly suffered.

If I could do it all over again, I would have chosen the Ride C-2s and then eventually transitioned to the K2 Sonics. I would also use a board with upturned edges in order to avoid any seriously painful face plants into the cold mountain snow.

Don’t be like me, consult our buyer’s guide and then make a choice from the list above. You will be glad you did.

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