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I love snowboarding! Pristine sun, endless white snow, feather-like flakes – it all melts my heart! The feeling of adrenaline rush counters the chilling winds of ice-capped mountains while you run down a snowy hill! The sheer joy of strapping your feet on your boards and moving on the brilliant canvas of nature; this very thought is enough to make me ecstatic!

Snowboarding had been a male-dominated activity, but more and more girls taking an interest in this daring sport has led to a rise in female-oriented snowboard paraphernalia!

Are you excited about snowboarding? And want to find the best women snowboard bindings to ensure a comfortable ride?

We’ve got you covered. Thankfully, there are plenty of solid options to choose from. We’ll talk about the best women snowboard bindings and different features to be aware of to get the perfect fit for your riding style.



Best Overall

Union Trilogy Bindings

  • Black
  • Item Weight: ‎5.5 Pounds

Most Flexible

Burton Escapade Bindings

  • Color: Fade to Black
  • Item Weight: ‎4.8 Pounds

Affordable Option

Rossignol Gala Bindings

  • Color: Black and Purple
  • Item Weight: ‎7 Pounds

Durable and Comfortable

Union Juliet Bindings

  • Color: White
  • Item Weight: ‎5.5 Pounds


RIDE Cl-6 Bindings

  • Color: Lilac
  • Item Weight: ‎6 Pounds

Universally Compatible

Burton Step On Bindings

  • Color: ‎Black
  • Item Weight: ‎5 Pounds

Best for Beginners

Union Rosa Bindings

  • Color: Mint
  • Item Weight: ‎5 Pounds

7 Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings

We’ve compiled seven of the best women snowboard bindings to help you more easily decide which best suits your needs.

Each of these bindings features solid craftsmanship and is manufactured by trusted brands known for being reliable. There are women’s bindings for advanced riders, intermediate riders, and beginners.

When selecting the right gear for your needs, be honest about your current skill level. Finding bindings for your specific riding style will ensure you get the best performance and avoid potential discomforts such as sore feet and ankle abrasions.

1. Union Trilogy Snowboard Bindings

best womens snowboard bindings

The Union Binding Company is a solid choice if you’re looking for quality construction at almost any price point. The company has fantastic reviews across its entire line of bindings, with an average of over 4.5 stars.

The Union Trilogy Women’s Snowboard Bindings are ideal for intermediate to experienced riders, providing mid-range flexibility with a high durability frame.

Other bindings features include a Duraflex baseplate constructed for snowboarding any terrain, a medium flex highback better suited for more advanced riders who want a more supportive ride, and rigid exoframe ankle straps.

Are you interested in learning more about the Union Atlas? Read this review to learn if it’s right for your needs.

best womens snowboard bindings


  • Medium stiff binding
  • Union camber disk type
  • Magnesium buckles
  • Stiff exoframe ankle straps
  • All-terrain baseplates


  • Lifetime baseplate and heel cup warranty
  • Balanced rider profile for all terrains
  • More rigid profile for intermediate users
  • Available in four different colors


  • Some complaints about squeaking
  • May increase foot fatigue for new riders

Union Trilogy Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Union Trilogy Bindings” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Burton Escapade Snowboard Bindings

best womens snowboard bindings

Burton is an early mover snowboard company well known for bindings that provide a high-quality ride and a solid level of durability. The Burton Snowboard Bindings are a mid-level board good for the intermediate rider that wants to strike a balance between flexibility and control.

Some top features of the Escapade Snowboard Bindings include a canted highback design for a more natural feel, flex mounting hardware that improves flexibility while reducing weight, and double-take buckles for quicker strap engagement.

The company also offers a lifetime warranty on their binding baseplates and a one-year warranty for straps and high backs from the date of purchase.

best womens snowboard bindings


  • Canted highback design
  • Universally compatible mounting systems
  • Single component baseplate
  • Medium level stiffness
  • Forward lean adjustment capabilities


  • Lifetime warranty for the baseplate
  • Lightweight all mountain bindings
  • Flex mounting hardware compatible with all major brands
  • Highback designed for a more natural fit


  • Fewer color options than other bindings
  • More expensive than other options

Burton Escapade Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Burton Escapade” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Rossignol Gala Snowboard Bindings

best womens snowboard bindings

Rossignol is a French manufacturer of winter sporting equipment and has a generally good reputation among riders. The company has been around since 1907 and has had plenty of time to perfect its boards and other equipment.

The Rossignol Gala Women’s Snowboard Bindings are an excellent and affordable option for less experienced snowboarders who want maximum comfort while learning the ropes.

Some core features include a more forgiving soft flex for beginner riders, all-mountain binding for increased control and consistent response, padded toe and heel pads, and mainframe highbacks for support.

best womens snowboard bindings


  • Amp-tek auto-turn rocker
  • Soft flex
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Padded toe and heel pads
  • Puffy pad footbeds


  • More forgiving for newer riders
  • Stable board connection
  • Minimalist toe strap for a lighter design
  • Plenty of padding for a comfortable ride


  • Limited color and customization options
  • Better suited for beginner riders

Rossignol Gala Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Rossignol Gala” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Union Juliet Snowboard Bindings

best women's snowboard bindings

The Juliet line of women’s Snowboard Bindings is another reliable binding option from the Union Binding Company. These bindings offer an instant edge-to-edge responsiveness that will be appreciated by intermediate and advanced users alike.

The Juliet line offers some of the best all-mountain bindings with a full bed cushioning system for a more comfortable ride. The bindings are an easy choice for riders of all skill levels looking for maximum performance with taller highbacks and stiffer ankle straps.

Other features include good shock absorption and consistent response, stable board connection, universal mounting hardware, and a balanced flex profile.

Are you interested in learning more about the Union Strata? Read this review to learn if it’s right for your needs.

best women's snowboard bindings


  • All mountain bindings
  • Balanced flex profile
  • Vibration dampening EVA bushings
  • Duraflex highbacks
  • Universal mounting systems


  • Multiple color options
  • Burton lifetime warranty
  • Extra padding for a more comfortable ride
  • Balanced rider profile for beginner to advanced users


  • Some users noted bindings easily scratched.
  • Lifetime warranty is limited to baseplates.

Union Juliet Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Union Juliet” varies, so check the latest price at

5. RIDE Cl-6 Snowboard Bindings

best women's snowboard bindings

RIDE is a popular manufacturer of snowboards and snowboard bindings. The company has been around since 1992 and quickly gained popularity on the backs of creative boards and designs.

Their RIDE Cl-6 women’s snowboard bindings offer a minimalist and lightweight frame suitable for beginner to advanced users. It comes in two colors, lilac and black, giving you some customization options.

Some features include a composite chassis, one-piece ankle strap, minimalist toe straps for lighter weight, canted footbeds, and a reversible strap designed to be worn in two positions.

best women's snowboard bindings


  • Reversible ankle strap designed for two positions
  • Forward lean adjuster
  • C-series EVA basepad
  • Canted footbeds
  • Forward lean adjuster


  • Slimeback material damps vibrations
  • Lightweight materials and design
  • Good for freestyle riding
  • Solid boot to binding connection


  • Minimal color choices
  • Less durable than some other options

RIDE Cl-6 Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The price of “RIDE Cl-6 Bindings” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Burton Step On Snowboard Bindings

best women's snowboard bindings

The Burton Step On is unique from the other snowboard binding options listed so far. The design differs from the traditional strap-on binding. It utilizes a boot-to-binding connection making it easier to get set up and ready to go.

Some core features of the Burton Step On include flex mounting systems that improve board flex while reducing weight, a single component baseplate construction, a fullbed cushioning system for improved comfort, and the ability to pair the bindings with any step-on boots.

One other benefit is the bindings are universally compatible with all current snowboard mounting systems, including 4×4 systems, 3D systems, and the channel system. These also feature a trap door design for easy access to the mount.


  • Universal mounting system
  • Step-on boot to bindings
  • Fullbed cushioning system
  • Forward lean adjuster
  • Quick release system for easy exit


  • Trap door design for easy access to mounting hardware
  • Lifetime warranty from Burton
  • Easy to use boot-to-bindings system
  • Compatible with any step-on boots


  • It may be uncomfortable for some users

Burton Step On Women’s Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Burton Step On” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings

best womens snowboard bindings

The final recommendation for womens snowboard bindings is one of Union Binding Company’s introductory offerings. Union’s Rosa Snowboard Binding is geared toward beginner snowboarders looking for the right balance of performance and ease of use.

Some features that help beginner users include a medium soft flex that helps when learning basics such as turning and stopping. Users can also benefit from the minimalist design that keeps the weight low while ensuring a good response.

The Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings are one of the best options if you want to find bindings that work all season long and give you plenty of control without a huge price tag.


  • Aluminum buckles
  • Multi-positional anti-slip toe straps
  • Duraflex highbacks
  • Extruded 3D aluminum heel cup
  • Thermoformed EVA bushing
  • Forward lean adjustment


  • More forgiving for beginner riders
  • Multiple color options for better customization
  • Less expensive than other binding options
  • Universal binding mount


  • It may be too flexible for a more advanced rider.
  • Lifetime warranty limited only to baseplates and heel cups.

Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings

The price of “Union Rosa Bindings” varies, so check the latest price at

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Women’s Snowboard Bindings

While the above snowboard bindings represent some of the best for women to choose from, you will need to do some work to figure out which one is right for you.

If you are just getting into snowboarding, it’s critical to understand the different factors that influence how bindings feel. When you hit the powder, the last thing you want is rigid bindings you’re not used to or ready for that leave blisters and make it challenging to ride.

Each of the bindings mentioned above features elements that are good for both beginners and more advanced snowboarders. So, familiarize yourself with these features to ensure you choose the women snowboard bindings that are comfortable for your level and needs.


snowboard bindings

First on the list of considerations is the material the bindings are made from. Different materials have different levels of flexibility, strength, weight, etc. This significantly affects how your bindings will perform and how comfortable they will be.

You should also be aware that different bindings parts will be made from different materials.

The highbacks, for example, are typically made from carbon fiber or plastics. At the higher end, carbon fiber highbacks will provide more stiffness and better response. But, this will cost more and is less forgiving if you make mistakes.

Generally speaking, most lower-end bindings will use a lot of cheaper plastics. In contrast, higher-end bindings typically use better materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum alloy and higher-end engineering plastics such as polycarbonate.

Pay particular attention to the marketing terms companies use to make traditional materials sound good. An example is the term DuraFlex from the Union Bindings Company, which is their way of marketing a nylon composite.

While the term makes it sound better, there is likely little difference between this and nylon-based composites used by other women snowboard bindings manufacturers. So, don’t let the marketing fool you into thinking one binding is better than another when they are using the same materials.

Flex Rating

The flex rating is one of the most important things to consider when first getting into boarding. This describes how stiff or soft the bindings are and will impact how comfortable the bindings are and how well they perform.

The rule to follow is that more stiff bindings will provide better response and make it easier when you need solid performance, such as riding through trees or performing tricks.

Softer bindings, however, will offer more comfort and forgiveness when first getting started. They aren’t as responsive and less likely to leave you crashing from slight movements. Typically, softer bindings are better for going down open terrain, as most beginners will do.


best womens snowboard bindings

The highback is the binding part that extends up on the back of your leg. These are responsible for energy transfer from your calf to the boot and then through the highback to the board. Highbacks are one of the most critical parts of bindings, and you must understand how to choose the right ones for your style.

Many factors affect how well the highback performs, from the shape to the materials. Each of these differences will significantly impact your ride, so getting one that matches your needs is essential.

For example, some highbacks have wings that extend inside or outside the calf, providing greater control when performing freestyle tricks or presses. Others are more straight or angled in specific ways to conform better to your legs and provide a more ergonomic feel.

You also have rear binding styles, which have hinged bindings that make it easier for you to drop your boot into the bindings. These are better for beginner riders and make it easier to get in and out of the bindings.


best womens snowboard bindings

With most snowboard bindings, you have two different straps that hold the boot in and help you control the board, an ankle strap on your upper foot and a toe strap on your lower foot.

These straps can be made from different materials, which can impact how comfortable they are, among other things. Some bindings have no straps, called Step-On bindings, which will be discussed more below.

  • Ankle Straps

This is the large strap on the top end of the binding that pulls your ankle into the heel cup. Your ankle strap is responsible for keeping you attached to the binding and, therefore, should fit comfortably and securely.

Modern straps are made from molded materials as opposed to stitched fabrics. This means a greater potential for creating straps that fit boots more snuggly and more evenly apply the pressure across the strap for better comfort.

  • Toe Straps

The toe strap is the smaller strap that goes over the toe of the boot and keeps the lower portion of your foot securely in place. This strap can come in one of two styles, a strap that goes over the toe area or a cap that firmly locks the boot into place.

With the cap, you will have more control over the board and better response when turning as your foot is positioned more securely to the board. On the other hand, the toe strap will provide a softer response and allow for a bit more movement in the bindings.


best womens snowboard bindings

The final thing to consider when looking for womens snowboard bindings is the style of the binding. There are three different bindings styles, each with pros and cons, making them more appealing for different users.

  • Two Strap Bindings

The two-strap bindings are more traditional, with an ankle and toe strap that holds your feet into place against the binding. With the two-strap binding style, you slide your foot into the binding and secure the straps.

A significant downside of two-strap bindings is that they can be a pain to get into and secure as opposed to the other two options. However, these are often lighter weight than rear entry binding types.

  • Rear Entry Bindings

Rear entry bindings offer a beginner-friendly way to get in and out of bindings. These have a hinge on the highback that lowers away from the binding, allowing you to slide your boot into the binding easily.

The downside of this binding style is they are generally heavier side. However, these are an optimal choice for beginner riders who want to get in and out of the bindings quickly before and after each run.

  • Step On Bindings

The final style of womens snowboard bindings is the Step-On Bindings which are unique to Burton. These are a specialized type of binding that require purpose-made boots to work correctly.

Burton Step-On Bindings work by allowing you to step on the board and click the heel fastener into place. This makes them one of the best snowboard bindings for beginners and advanced users due to their lightweight.

One downside to the Step-On bindings is they are more expensive than other types as you need both the bindings and specialized boots.


What Size of Snowboard Bindings Do I Need?

When selecting the correct size of women snowboard bindings, you need to consider both the size of your boots and the size of your board.

Snowboard bindings typically come in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large

While there are no standard sizes across the industry regarding boots and bindings, a good rule is to purchase your boots before getting the bindings and board.

This way, you can fit the bindings to your boots and get a board with the correct width for your bindings.

What Are the Best Snowboard Bindings for Beginners?

The best snowboard bindings for beginners vary but typically have a soft flexibility rating and are less stiff. This allows the binding to be more forgiving to beginner mistakes and motions. Many beginners also prefer rear entrance bindings that are easier to get in and out of.

Check out our list of Best Beginner Snowboard Bindings to steer your research in the right direction!

How Much Should I Spend on Snowboard Bindings?

How much you spend on new women snowboard bindings depends on what features you want and what materials the bindings are made from. Most women snowboard bindings will fall into a range of $150 up to around $600.

Specialized bindings, such as the Step-On styles, and those made from highly durable materials like carbon fiber and aluminum alloys, will cost more. While more typical bindings such as the Burton Lexa will be on the lower end.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no one size fits all solution for women snowboard bindings, the above seven options cover most riders’ needs. The key thing to ensure is that you understand your specific requirements in a binding to get the option most comfortable for you.

The last thing you want is to get out on the mountain for a fun-filled day of riding only to have it ruined by uncomfortable bindings that put too much pressure in the wrong places and cause blisters.

Make sure you understand what sizing you need, the flex level best for your style of riding, the ideal weight, and the style of binding you’re looking for. Once you’ve accounted for each of these, picking the perfect women’s snowboard bindings will be a breeze.

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