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Ski boots may not be the most agile-looking thing to wear around the resort as you hobble across the snow without your skis on. But once you’re strapped in and sailing down the side of a mountain, the awkwardness all makes sense.

The low range of motion and stiff shell don’t lend themselves well to your regular walk but translate to beautiful and speedy downhill performance.

Ski boots come in a huge variety of styles, from the touring boot to the downhill boots built for speed and aggression.

Knowing what you’ll need can make all the difference to your enjoyment and performance the next time you take a ski trip.

Each riding style requires something different from the ski boot. I know what I want from an all-mountain boot. I can break down some of the best all-mountain ski boots of 2022 for you, using my experience to highlight the best of each.



Top Pick

Salomon Shift PRO 120

  • Brand:Salomon
  • closure type:Buckle closure

Runner Up

Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

  • Brand:Rossignol
  • closure type:Adjustable Aluminum Buckles

Supreme Responsiveness

Head Kore RS 130 GW

  • Brand:Head Kore
  • closure type:Buckles

Super Versatile

Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN GW

  • Brand:Tecnica
  • closure type:hook-and-loop closure

Great Comfort & Control

Fischer Ranger 130 GW DYN

  • Brand:Fischer
  • closure type:Ranger Free buckles

All Basic Features

Atomic Hawx Prime XTD

  • Brand:Atomic
  • closure type:cam-style closure

Jack Of All Trades

K2 Mindbender 130

  • Brand:K2 Mindbender
  • closure type:Buckles

Ultra Lightweight

Lange XT3 Tour Pro

  • Brand:Lange
  • closure type:heat moldable closed cell

Best Budget Option

Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D

  • Brand:Dalbello
  • closure type: closed cell Intuition foam

Taking a Look at 9 of The Best All-mountain Ski Boots of 2022

Shopping for that perfect do-it-all ski boot is time-consuming and quite frankly, daunting. Browsing any website and clicking on the ski boot tab

will bring up hundreds of boots and be incredibly overwhelming.

I have taken a selection of what I think are some of the ski boots for you to take a look at and maybe even grab a pair for yourself.

1. Salomon Shift PRO 120

best at ski boots

The Salomon Shift are are a boot designed to take you from piste to touring boot without having to change your gear or sacrifice your control.

They are designed for advanced skiers with their high flex rating but are relatively standard for what we will be looking at today. Despite the stiff flexibility, these also function as touring boots allowing for comfortable walking motions.

These boots feature Gripwalk soles to assist in a safer walk when wearing the Salomon Shift boots. This provides a layer of shaped rubber along the soles of the boot to prevent slipping and give a little extra comfort when ski touring.

Most skiers will know the panic of your boots losing traction on the ice and throwing you for a spin. The extra grip is a lovely addition to have when not clipped in.

The boots are designed with a medium width in mind with a very standard last of 100. (The last is the width the boot reaches its widest point.) For narrow feet, the number should be lower and for wide feet, it should be higher, 100 is right down the middle.

Both touring and downhill performance is taken into full consideration with the Salomon Shift Pro, as the 100mm liner takes comfort under its wing yet still provides power transmission through the lightweight fiberglass core frame.

With their SkiWalk and SureLock tech, you’re covered by these all-mountain ski boots.

best ski boot


These are a serious pair of boots for expert skiers. They allow for full mountain ski access providing boot features that create a comfortable boot no matter where you are.

The straps allow you to switch from ski mode to walk mode quickly and easily and not sacrifice comfort or control in either.

This is a high-performance boot not geared toward beginner skiers but packed with boot features that will impress even skiers with years of experience.

Salomon Shift PRO 120

The price of “Salomon Shift PRO 120” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

These are medium-width, heat-molded, ski boots designed for advanced skiers looking for a boot that won’t cost the world but can take the whole world into its grasp.

They have a large range of motion in the boot liners facilitating better hiking and their own technology in the shell for improved slope response.

Rossignol Alltrack Pro has dual-core technology, which constructs the shell with two materials at the same time. This creates a ski boot shell with improved, targeted power transfer, response, and control for the hard-charging skiers amongst us.

A generative design grid is implemented for a reduced weight across the whole boot while still having excellent power transmission. Lightweight boots are a godsend whilst trekking in the deep snow, you’ll quickly feel the drag of a weighty bit of gear.

For regular hiking, these boots feature the same Gripwalk sole as the previous models. The touring capabilities are also improved by the addition of a full 50-degree range of motion in the articulating lower shell. This allows these all-mountain ski boots to really work with your feet when making your way up steep slopes.

mens ski boots reviews


The Alltrack Pro is a great ski boot for backcountry skiers who want to enjoy a supportive boot that works along with the terrain and the skier wearing them.

The Gripwalk soles paired with the articulated heel pocket mean you can switch to hike mode without worrying about slipping or reduced motion. These are lightweight and ready for the whole hill without breaking the bank.

Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130

The price of “Rossignol Alltrack Pro 130” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Head Kore RS 130 GW

best men's ski boots

Compared to the rest of the ski boots we are looking at in this article, are quite stiff. With a rating of 130, they are among the most responsive on the market and aren’t suitable for intermediate skiers or below.

Gripwalk soles, along with some other clever tech, turn these up to be a great pair of all-mountain ski boots.

The first thing to talk about with these boots is the heat moldable shell developed by Head. You will often see a heat moldable liner on a pair of boots designed to fit perfectly around your feet to avoid ill-fitting boots.

These feature a different fitting process in which the boots are actually heat-moldable at your local ski shop and then custom-fit to your individual foot shapes.

Graphene has been used to construct the shell of the Kore RS 130. Head claims this material is the strongest and lightest on earth providing a ski boot shell that can keep up with even the most aggressive skiers. If you’re buying an alpine boot, you want to know it can keep up with you no matter the use.

the best ski boots


High-speed turns are no stranger to these heat-moldable shell, all-mountain ski boots. The lightweight, diamond-hard shell will fit hard-to-fit feet with a simple heating process. As a downhill boot, they will keep you locked in and flying.

They don’t feature quite as many features as I would like to see in a touring boot, but the Gripwalk soles are nice to see.

Head Kore RS 130 GW

The price of “Head Kore RS 130 GW” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN GW

best ski boots for men

Despite being sat right near the top of the flex index, these all-mountain ski boots use their brand tried and tested methods to be just at home in the backcountry as well as the resort.

This is a boot that is happy to do it all. They can switch from hike mode to resort boot without any issues to provide the support you need no matter where you are.

Tecnica uses its own CAS shell design to guarantee a great fit for any set of new boots. Similar to the heat moldable shell used by Head, the CAS system uses a heated fitting system with both its shell and lining.

Of course, no single boot is the same, so a personalized boot ensures each boot fits the foot perfectly. Just like Cinderella, right?

The Tecnica Cochise features a 45 mm power strap around the upper cuff of the boot. This is in replacement of the velcro strap that most ski boots usually will use.

The benefit of power straps over velcro is the rebound given when throwing your weight around in the boot. The power strap is elasticated and helps you rebound into each turn, assisting in the boots’ downhill performance.

ski boots reviews


These are a great pair of men’s ski boots, combining a moldable shell and liner with some really nice flex options around the heel and buckles.

Gripwalk soles and Tecnica’s own T-Walk systems allow for some great hiking ability to make these a proper hybrid boot for those all-mountain ski days.

Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN GW

The price of “Tecnica Cochise 120 DYN GW ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Fischer Ranger 130 GW DYN

Fischer Ranger 130 GW DYN

These are a complete rework from the previous seasons’ model adding a number of very impressive features that will keep you in comfort and control both on the slopes of the resort and wading through the trials of the backcountry.

The Fischer Ranger constructs its shell and cuff from an upgraded TPU designed specifically for stiffness, progressive flex, and shock absorption. The progressive flex of these boots means the further you lean into them the deeper the boot moves into its flexibility, allowing for some serious weight to be put into them.

The added shock absorption will take away the shakes and judders of a day riding through tough snow conditions.

The Fischer boot features a switch on the side for changing between walk mode and hike mode. The simple little lever can be changed to open up the ski boot depending on whether you need to focus on a downhill performance or an alpine trek. The shell loosens up and gives a wider range of movement.

top ski boots


Along with the usual additions of most of the best all-mountain ski boots, these also throw in a few of their own extras.

The TPU shells designed to take the high volume of stress and strain expected from all-mountain riding are complemented by clever walk/ride switches. They are a boot designed to meet you wherever you choose to take them.

Fischer Ranger 130 GW DYN

The price of “Fischer Ranger 130 GW DYN” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Atomic Hawx Prime XTD

best at boots

The Atomic Hawx Prime boots are made for the skier who isn’t looking for a million features and just wants a boot that can do the basics and do them well. The Atomic Hawx Prime is made with the user in mind catering to the comfort and fit you would want from a boot.

These boots have a size adjuster designed to move half a size in either direction. This isn’t just helpful for someone with perhaps two slightly different-sized feet, but also for the colder days when you have to pop on the second pair of socks.

Getting ski boot sizes just right can be a trick, but these take some of the worries out of it.

The Atomic boot has the Backland Free/Lock 4.0 ski-to-walk mechanism and Frictionless Pivot to assist with being the do-it-all boot you want when traversing the whole mountain.

The Free/Lock assists in walking while still being able to lock out for when you plan to go full tilt down a mountain. The ankle pivot can easily be cleared of snow and provides extra movement where you need it.

what are the best ski boots


Atomic Hawx Prime has made a ski boot that caters to the no-nonsense, high-skill level skier who wants a bit of ski kit that can do the basics well.

Equipped with moldable liners and good grips, adjustable ski and walk settings, and nice movement in the shell, they’re one of the best all-mountain ski boots for the serious skier without all the extra fuss.

The addition of the adjustable sizing makes the Atomic Hawx Prime great for big socks or smaller ones.

Atomic Hawx Prime XTD

The price of “Atomic Hawx Prime XTD” varies, so check the latest price at

7. K2 Mindbender 130

best at ski boots

Not only is this the one boot quiver for all your ski boot needs, but it also looks amazing to boot (Get it?).

The K2 Mindbender is a jack-of-all-trades piece of ski gear that will keep you riding all day and have your back no matter where you are on the hill.

The K2 Mindbender utilizes the Spinelock tech seen across so many of the other models allowing, with a simple adjustment, to switch between touring boot and riding the mountain. The spine gives an extra fifty degrees of motion to the foot allowing for a comfortable and versatile boot.

The boot is a full 200 grams heavier than the Atomic Hawx Prime previously reviewed but does provide a beefy 130 stiffness and some real security for your feet. The weight in part, is due to the tech inserts being built into the actual shell itself.

A lot of other companies have their tech inserts as removable clip-on items. The choice to have them built in just helps with the power transfer from boot to ski.

best mens ski boots 2021


Amazing colorway aside, these boots are the one boot quiver you need when shopping for your 50/50 ski boots of 2022. Great look, great feel, and great tech all combine to create a ski boot that will push you up the hills and help you fly down them too.

A stiff feel that is complemented by the progressive flex throughout the boot to provide a comfortable and responsive ride.

K2 Mindbender 130

The price of “K2 Mindbender 130” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Lange XT3 Tour Pro

warmest ski boots

Known for downhill performance boots, Lange has entered the market with these lightweight and versatile boots that are just as at home, tearing down the slopes as they are on a long trek up a hill.

These are alpine boots made by a company that knows how to keep you locked down and flying.

The Lange XT3 is a super lightweight boot, with each one weighing in at just over 1500 grams. This is an impressive number to say that most downhill boots are significantly heavier.

They have used a nylon-based plastic, they call Grilamid, at two hardnesses to provide an ultra-lightweight but super strong shell.

The touring soles feature their own technology to provide unmatched grip whilst slogging up a slope to the next ride.

The Vibram Iso grip on the soles provides a natural rocker to the boot imitating the natural walking motion of a shoe. The soles also provide grip all along the base of the boot.

best alpine ski boots


Great grip, excellent weight, and deep knowledge of downhill performance put these up there with the best all-mountain ski boots.

Their grip is unmatched on the trek, and their super lightweight build means you won’t be held back by their bulk.

Lange XT3 Tour Pro

The price of “Lange XT3 Tour Pro” varies, so check the latest price at

9. Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D

These are discount boots that won’t feel cheap wherever you take them around the slopes and backcountry.

Dalbello Panterra 120 are significantly cheaper than most ski boots of 2022 but still feature a walk mode, great responsiveness when you’re going full tilt, and comfortable but snug liners.

If you don’t want to be bankrupt before you even hit the ski bars, then these are a great way to save the pennies without skimping on quality.

A lot of the expected features of an all-mountain ski boot are included, leaving you wanting very little.

These are stiff boots that come with a moldable liner and adjustable frame to provide foot security and comfort no matter your size. This combines with ski and walk mode lock so you can get about the hill on your feet or on your skis.

best downhill ski boots


Save your cash and get yourself a boot that still does it all. It has all the features you would want to see on all the best all mountain ski boots without costing the earth. They will provide a versatile ride and a comfortable walk all day.

Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D

The price of “Dalbello Panterra 120 I.D” varies, so check the latest price at

What to Look For When Shopping For Your Next Ski Boot

As mentioned before, shopping can be daunting. There are a million boots to choose from, many different styles, and more technical jargon than a Ted Talk on astrophysics.

I can help break it all down into some simple pointers to look out for to thin out all the nonsense.

Ski Boot Sizing

Before getting your boots, it is a very good idea to get your foot measured. More than ever, you will notice if a ski boot doesn’t fit quite right. It’ll move around a lot, and you will really feel the loss of control.

On the other hand, if it is too tight, you can say goodbye to any feeling in your feet. Both don’t translate well to a nice day out.

High And Low Profile

Another thing to take into consideration is your foot profile. Low-volume feet need a low-volume boot, as do high.

This is how low your foot sits to the ground at the arch, boots are designed to work with this, and it’ll make all the difference when you are putting your feet through the trials of a day skiing.

The Last

You will notice the ‘last’ mentioned in the article, this refers to the widest point of the boot. It is important to make sure your boots are not too narrow for your feet.

A last of 100 is for medium-width feet, for anything different, make sure you are getting something catered to you, as some manufacturers also offer ski boots for wide feet.

Boot Liners

Get yourself a high-quality liner. Second-hand liners just won’t cut it, and honestly, nor will non-thermo-moldable ones.

Make sure you get a liner that can be shaped to your exact foot. It will make all the difference being held into your boot tightly and comfortably and translate to a lot more transferred control.

Boot Soles

The grip is everything when you’re trekking. Make sure you get some good grips. The industry standard does appear to be Gripwalk these days, and it is tried and tested, but we’re seeing companies like Lange breaking the mold and trying newer tech. Make sure you got the grip. You should also need to consider the best ski boot insoles for a perfect grip.

Ski Boot Weight

Lighter boots mean less weight to carry around while climbing the hill but also, usually means less stability while careening back down. Keep an eye out for modern materials made for lightweight strength and weigh up the pros and cons.

Walk/Hike Mode

All mountain boots feature all sorts of tech to switch from the rigidity of skiing to the flexibility of walking. You will see a lot of spine lock systems that simply reinforce an ankle hinge when skiing and loosen it up when walking. Make sure you have this when shopping.

Range of Motion

Simply put, the higher the better. Walk mode will advertise just how much you get when you’re hiking. Bigger is better but make sure it doesn’t adversely affect the actual stability of the downhill performance.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

For someone looking for an aggressive boot for downhill speed and straight-line control, a stiff boot with a flex rating above 110 to 120 would be ideal. Above this level is considered very stiff and should be reserved for expert skiers.

Softer flex ratings are better suited to both the newer skier and people looking for soft feel in the boot for powdery backcountry skiing. Of course, ski boot flex isn’t everything, but for all-mountain ski boots, it is an important factor.

All mountain ski boots need to have a number of features to be considered suitable across the whole mountain ski range.

The all-mountain ski boots of 2022 will not only excel as downhill boots but also be responsive in deep powder and even provide comfort as a hiking boot as you make your way to the hidden lines.

I consider myself to be a skier who does it all. I love my breakneck speeds requiring millisecond sharp response times and microscopic twitch changes. I also love a good trek out to deep soft snow, and of course, I like to party my evenings away, still wearing the same boots.

A Few Final Thoughts From Me

Ski hiking can be so rewarding and is a fantastic way to not only get to beautiful runs of virgin snow but to take in the mountain like never before.

Making sure you have the right gear for the day makes the difference between a pleasurable day of wonder and fun and a painful day of foot cramps and no control.

Take the time to shop around, measure your feet, and find something that works alongside you no matter what you’re doing with your day. And remember, have fun and stay safe.

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