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We can all remember the best ski days that we’ve had in our life. Those days when the winter weather is just right. When our 360s easily turn into 720s. Whether resort skiing or backcountry skiing, there are days when everything falls into place.

Why is that? The short answer is comfort, security, and peace of mind. When we’ve got those three, we can let go of what holds us back. And no piece of ski gear has ever been able to provide me with a sense of security as well as a ski bib has.

I love a great pair of ski pants, but even the best ski pants can’t stack up to a quality ski bib. I say, why keep the good stuff to myself?

Want to have those perfect resort and backcountry skiing days? Then you are going to need one of the ski bibs down below.



Best Overall

The North Face Freedom Bibs

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:Nylon, Polyester, Recycled Nylon

Best For Durability

Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Overalls

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:Polyamide, Polyester

Best for Breathability

Quiksilver AltoStratus Street GORE-TEX

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:GORE-TEX, Recycled Polyester

Most Affordable Bibs

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:Nylon, Pertex®

Best Bib for Powder

Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:GORE-TEX, Nylon

Great Waterproof Qualities

Arc’teryx Beta SV Bib

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:GORE-TEX

Best Ski Pant

Houdini RollerCoaster

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:Polyester, Recycled Polyester

Best of the Rest

Trew Trewth Bibs

  • Length:Regular
  • Material:PNW 3L Fabric

8 Best Ski Bibs For 2022-23

The best ski bibs are the ones that solve your problems. Problems, we’ve all got them, and we all wish that they would go away. A high-quality ski bib can certainly alleviate our issues. But choosing the right ski bib for you is tricky (That’s why we wrote a whole section on it!).

Do you want quality and comfort across the board? Get one of the North face freedom bibs. But maybe what’s important to you isn’t comfort but durability. In that case, you need to get the Helly Hansen SOGN bib.

Whatever you may need, I guarantee that it’s listed down below. Unless what you need is ski pants.

1. The North Face Freedom Bibs

best ski bibs for men

The North Face is no stranger to quality. Their products consistently rank high on our lists because they take no shortcuts in the design process. The Freedom bib is another example of this ethos.

Where It Excels

Articulated knees are a feature that I believe should be a part of every bib, pants, or pair of shorts on the market. The Freedom bibs have articulated knees, and as a result, skiers of all kinds can move freely about. Unrestrained by their clothing.

Any skiing style can be experienced thanks to this feature. When coupled with adjustable suspenders, both features create an environment in which you can ride with confidence. The Freedom bib also has a countermeasure in place for dealing with moisture build-up.

A chimney venting system runs throughout the entirety of this bib. How it works, is that the hot air is funneled outward and up. Upon exiting the bib, this hot air pushes down cool air. Filling your bib with a breath of fresh air.

While the seams may not be fully taped, the polyester (both new and recycled) that is strategically placed throughout the bib, dries quickly. Even if you were to get wet, it wouldn’t be for long.

best mens ski bibs 2022


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Critically taped seams
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Main Material(s): Nylon, Polyester, and recycled versions of the two


  • Articulated knees and adjustable suspenders for maximum skier comfort.
  • Chimney venting system for expelling troublesome moisture.
  • Secure hand pockets for easy access to items.


  • Many backcountry skiers would prefer fully taped seams.

The North Face Freedom Bibs

The price of “The North Face Freedom Bibs” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Overalls

insulated ski bibs

The best way to get your money’s worth isn’t to get a bib with ten thigh pockets or an abnormally large chest pocket, although both of those things don’t sound bad at all. To get the most bang for your buck, it’s important to get a bib that’ll last. The SOGN definitely will.

More than Just Boot Gaiters

A major complaint of mine for our number one pick was that its seams weren’t fully taped. The SOGN corrects this issue. The seams are taped completely, every inch and every corner. The lining material of the SOGNs is one hundred percent polyester.

Polyester, besides being quick to dry, is also abrasion resistant. Want it in simple English? It’s not going to tear up on you. To top it all off, the SOGN has a 3-layer structure to it. Polyamide and polyester play starring roles in its membrane trilogy.

Polyamide is great at maintaining itself even as the temperature begins to rise. It’s also highly durable and cost-effective. You are getting top-quality protection without being charged an arm and a leg for it.

The best part is, that all skiers, resort and backcountry, can make great use of the 20,000 waterproof rating that this bib carries with it.

best bib ski pants


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped seams
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Main Material(s): Polyamide, Polyester


  • Fantastic three-layer durability composed of polyamide and polyester.
  • Fully taped seams for maximum water protection.
  • Very high waterproof rating of 20,000. For the wettest regions.


  • Not the most aesthetically pleasing bib.

Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Overalls

The price of “Helly Hansen SOGN Bib Shell Overalls ” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Quiksilver AltoStratus Street GORE-TEX

best snow bib

If you want a bib with its own set of lungs, then you’ll need to find one with a gore-tex membrane. Gore-tex is an amazing material that comes with three major benefits. It’s very windproof, has millions of tiny pores for breathability, and it’s waterproof.

Gore-tex is a magical material, and the AltoStratus Street bib has a membrane made out of the stuff.

Breath In

To ensure skier mobility, Quiksilver constructed the entire face fabric of the AltoStratus with a recycled stretch fabric. The amount of wearer support and mobility here goes beyond just having articulated or stretch sections throughout the bib.

Although, the AltoStratus does have stretch sections. A Lycra stretch panel makes up the gaiters on each pant leg.

In way of storage, there is a chest pocket that can double as a beacon pocket, and a thigh pocket can also be found on the right leg. Returning back to the overall build of this bib, the 3 layer gore-tex membrane is built to help you reach and sustain peak performance.

But in case, the gore-tex isn’t breathable enough for you. Mesh-lined vents run through the sides of the AltoStartus. What more could you ask for?

best ski bibs men


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped
  • Warranty: One year
  • Main Material(s): GORE-TEX, Recycled Polyester


  • Face fabric is made from one hundred percent recycled stretch fabric.
  • Gore-tex membrane for breathability and wet snow protection.
  • Jacket-to-pant attachment system for total body security.


  • Need a compatible ski jacket in order to take advantage of the attachment system.

Quiksilver AltoStratus Street GORE-TEX

The price of “Quiksilver AltoStratus Street GORE-TEX” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs

bibs for skiing

We’ve had some great bibs listed thus far, but the issue is that they may be priced too high for most beginner skiers to justify getting. That’s why the Carbides made it onto the list. They aren’t the cheapest bibs that we could find, but they certainly are the best at their current price point.

Low-price, High-quality

The Outdoor Research Carbide has fully taped seams and a lifetime warranty should the worst happen. But I highly doubt that any nasty tears will occur. It’s hard to imagine when you’ve got a face fabric that is not only one hundred percent nylon but also 40 deniers thick.

The membrane of this bib is a 3-layer Pertex piece. Pertex is just as incredible as gore-tex. Getting top marks in the essential three: breathability, waterproof, and wind resistance. However, it’s got a few other benefits to tout.

Pertex is lightweight and soft to the touch. Now you’ve got a bib that is comfortable and won’t weigh you down. Who needs gore-tex anyway when you’ve got such a high-quality material like Pertex.

Other great features of the Carbide include the dedicated beacon pocket with a safety clip and tall scuff guards. Nifty.

best ski bibs 2020


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Main Material(s): Nylon and Pertex


  • Quick-release suspender buckles for rapid equipping and removing of the bib.
  • Dedicated beacon pocket with clip for security.
  • Reinforced cuffs and scuff guards that run tall.


  • No belt loops for extra adjustability.

Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs

The price of “Outdoor Research Carbide Bibs ” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs

best ski bibs 2016

Everyone wants to ride or ski across the freshest pow, but nobody wants to have it slip under their clothing. Snow is for riding on, not for snuggling with. Patagonia agrees, that’s why they created the bib for powder slaying. They even named it as such.

Say No to Powder

So what does this bib have that makes it such a powder killer? A gore-tex pro membrane, this membrane has multiple layers and resides between the outermost layer of the bib and the inner lining.

A heavy-duty, multi-walled defense that won’t let a single speck of beautiful pow through. No matter how soft or tempting it may be. Watch out, because this membrane brought back up with it in the form of a Micro Grid backer.

This microgrid backer is incredibly thin but thanks to its bonded construction, is yet another efficient water stopper. With the lining material this good, it is easy to see why Patagonia had the confidence in giving this bib the name PowSlayer.

In my opinion, the best feature of the PowSlayer is the articulated patterning that boosts skier mobility and comfort. It doesn’t have a flexible section, rather the entire bib was made for dexterity.

Simply put, this bib is too good to pass up.

black ski bibs


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime
  • Main Material(s): GORE-TEX and Nylon


  • Waterproof zippers that won’t let a single drop through.
  • Drop-seat panel on your backside for any non-skiing emergencies.
  • Articulated patterning throughout the entirety of the bib.


  • DWR coating does lose its effectiveness over time.

Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs

The price of “Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Arc’teryx Beta SV Bib

skiing bib

Arc’teryx is another company that is no stranger to being mentioned on our top gear lists. But you would think that a ski bib that has critically taped seams and no upper portion would have no business being mentioned among the best ski bibs on the market.

How then, did the Beta SV bib make it on this list?

The Answer

The Beta SV bib made it onto this list because of its focused design. Rather than attempting to be a jack of all trades, the Beta chose to focus on being the best waterproof bib around.

With its critically taped seams, this would seem impossible, but Arc-teryx pulled it off. They did so by constructing the entire membrane out of Gore-tex Pro material. You can not go wrong with Gore-tex.

They didn’t stop there. Following up on this membrane design were watertight two-way zippers and powder cuffs. These powder cuffs fit over your boots. Creating a fresh seal that leaves powder with no choice but to slide off of your cuff and down the front of your boot.

To further enhance this pants-to-boot connection, lace hooks were also added to the bottom portions of this bib. Fully taped seams were never going to be needed.

best snow bibs for men


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Critically taped
  • Warranty: Not available
  • Main Material(s): Gore-tex


  • Fantastic build that holds up even in prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Regular fit that doesn’t run tight.
  • Comes with belt loops for extra security if needed.


  • Would have benefited more from fully taped seams.

Arc’teryx Beta SV Bib

The price of “Arc’teryx Beta SV Bib” varies, so check the latest price at

7. Houdini RollerCoaster

best mens snow bibs

The Houdini Rollercoaster makes water and moisture disappear. I know that was low-hanging fruit, but that doesn’t make it untrue. These men’s ski pants and bib hybrid are versatile thanks to the lightweight shell fabric that acts as the outermost layer. They can be worn over the base layers.

Not a Bib

Just like the previous entrant on our list, these aren’t technically bibs but rather something caught in the middle. There is no upper portion to cover your torso, but there are adjustable suspenders.

Despite their featherweight design, the Houdini Rollercoasters have a three-layer construction. As we know, anything with three layers is going to be durable and handle the elements well.

For those skiers that like to scale mountains, these pants have lower thigh pockets that are harness compatible. Secure your goods and yourself all in one swoop.

While the ski pants design won’t be favored by all, it does leave enough room for you to wear any ski jacket of your choice. They also look pretty stylish, good enough for the supermarket I’d say.

best bib snow pants


  • Fit: Loose
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped
  • Warranty: Not available
  • Main Material(s): Recycled polyester


  • The ski bib-pants design makes it easy to wear with any ski jacket available.
  • The 3-layer fabric is lightweight and yet heavily resistant to the elements.
  • Lower thigh pockets are harness compatible. Safety first.


  • Doesn’t offer the full body protection that other touring bibs do.

Houdini RollerCoaster

The price of “Houdini RollerCoaster” varies, so check the latest price at

8. Trew Trewth Bibs

men ski bibs

The Trew Trewth, so good that they had to name them twice. The default turquoise color option doesn’t speak to me but you can get them in black and tanbark brown. Available in every size under the sun and with enough customization features to fit anyone.

This is the bib for everyone.

So Good

The seam taping of the Trewths is far better than any of the bibs or pants on this list. They are fully taped but that is not all. This tape has a three-layer construction. Internally, boot gaiters are fitted with a strap accommodation and the cuffs come with kick patches.

This is a running theme for the Trewths. They are filled with tiny details that add up to a wonderful package. That’s not even mentioning the Recco reflector, and the opening side zips.

Recco reflectors are insanely important because they make it easy to locate should the worse happen. This feature alone makes these worthy of a purchase.

best winter bibs


  • Fit: Regular
  • Insulation: No insulation
  • Seam Sealing: Fully taped
  • Warranty: Three years
  • Main Material(s): Three layers of PNW fabric


  • Shoulder straps are adjustable and come with silicone grips.
  • Top-of-the-line waterproof and breathability ratings of 20,000 for each.
  • Side vents that are zippered, top to bottom openings.


  • Zippered side vents can be difficult to open if not standing up straight.

Trew Trewth Bibs

The price of “Trew Trewth Bibs” varies, so check the latest price at

My Buyer’s Guide On Choosing the Best Ski Bibs

While all of the ski bibs that we’ve just gone over are fantastic. They each excel in their own specific area. But how does a bib go from good to great? And why are some features better for you than others?

That is what this section is for. Here, we will be going over what makes the ski bibs listed above, the best of the best. I’ll also be explaining why certain features are so important. As well as, what to look for if you want maximum performance or a high-grade bib in those specific areas.

It’s about more than just having inner thigh vents. Class must be the standard throughout. They can also make a great gift for skiers.

‏How Should A Ski Bib Fit?

The fit of your ski touring bib determines how you’ll feel as you move about. You don’t want something so baggy that you feel as if you are skiing in a dress.

The inverse is also not desirable. Tight-fitting women ski bibs can constrain and prevent you from wearing additional layers underneath. Seek out a standard fit in the leg areas and your mid-torso.

Adjustment-friendly features such as adjustable waist tabs or shoulder straps should help you dial in that perfect fit. The Quiksilver AltoStratus Street bib would be my recommendation.

The only thing you should be wary of is wearing ski bibs that are too loose. A baggy fit can quickly turn into a major nuisance. Again, adjustable straps will be your best friend in avoiding these kinds of predicaments.

Keep in mind that the fit process is a two-part undertaking when it comes to ski bibs. First, you have to ensure that your legs fit well, and then you must do the same for your upper torso.

‏Insulation? Yes or No?

Ski bibs aren’t going to come with insulation. At least, none of the ones listed above do, and those are the best of the best. So what then? What are the skiers who do want a bib but don’t want to freeze to death going to do?

For those who are prone to turning into icicles, there is a way to wear a ski bib while still being warm and comfortable. Backcountry bibs, even those with a regular fit, have enough space when you wear them, for you to slip in an extra jacket or two underneath.

This is true for most bibs. They are designed in such a way as to allow the wearer to pack on the heat.

Beware! If you load up on those extra toasty layers, things are going to heat up. Annoying moisture is going to build up, and then you’ll be crying for ventilation. The next section will explain what to look for.

‏Bib Ventilation and Breathability

Do you heat up fast? Does skiing or intense riding cause you to get drenched in sweat? Yes, well then you need vents. Proper ventilation is the difference between a softshell fabric bib feeling like a plastic bag or an actual backcountry bib worthy of your time.

All the features in the world don’t matter unless you have a hardshell bib that can dump heat despite its multiple-layer construction. Thigh vents are the most common types of vents but inner thigh vents are that one step further that you should be aiming for.

North Face Freedom bibs have a chimney venting system running throughout their entire structure. Resort skiing quickly becomes a breeze when you can actually feel a cool breeze running through your bib.

As far as comfort goes, breathability is a very important area for your skiing bib to excel in.

A Bib’s Price Tag

Resort skiing is an expensive sport to get into but one that is fully worth every penny. Still, we should be looking for discounts and bargains wherever we can, but don’t head straight to the bottom of the barrel.

Remember that certain gear costs lots of money because of their quality, comfort, and protection merit such a price. Go to cheap and you’ll pick up a bib that’ll get minced the second it comes across your ski edges.

Certain convenience features such as a beacon pocket or even thigh pockets and belt loops may not be present in the cheapest bibs. Fortunately for you, we do have a bib listed above that is both affordable and worthy of a high grade.

The Outdoor Research Carbide Bib is priced fairly with great weather protection and convenience features. Resort and backcountry skiing need not feel inaccessible, and with offerings like the Carbide, it no longer is.

How Waterproof Should A Ski Bib be?

Between wet chairlift rides, wet weather, and the snow itself, I’d say that waterproof protection should be at the top of your list when it comes to looking for a ski bib. Resort skiers know the pain of having to sit and wait on lifts that are drenched.

You don’t want to go through that, trust me. It feels awful. What kind of bib protects against wet bottoms? Hardshell pants, anything with a gore-tex membrane, a 3-layer bib, the list goes on and on.

The truth is, that most bibs, such as the 3-layer Helly Hansen SOGN, have got more than enough waterproof protection to keep you high and dry.

In case, you are looking for more, then a DWR coating on the face fabric and a polyester build both go nicely with staying dry. Weather resistance is key, if it can resist the toughest weather, then it can resist what that weather leaves behind.

My Final Thoughts

Ski bibs are the kings of creating faithful followers. Once you try one out, you aren’t likely to ever want to wear just ski pants again. But make sure you get the right one. A waterproof bib with a proper outer shell and outer thigh vents for breathability.

That’s the kind of quality that you should be after. Bibs like the ones listed above are the ones that address the issues that most backcountry skiers have been complaining about for years.

Most bibs allow you to sneak an extra layer underneath, for comfort or extra weather protection. Remember, that besides comfort, ski bibs also provide their wearer with protection against the terrain itself.

Want to maximize your safety when backcountry skiing? Then you are going to need the best avalanche beacon. Don’t worry, some of the backcountry bibs listed above have an avalanche beacon pocket for you to store your new toy.

What are you waiting for? Head out to your favorite ski resorts!

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