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Often considered the most essential piece of snowboarding gear for any rider, the snowboard is something you will most likely spend the most time deliberating over.

There are a million different things that will need to be taken into consideration, from the camber to the size, and most definitely the design.

Thankfully, with Burton, you almost always know you are buying a board that will do you proud, and this Burton Process is no exception.

Loved by pros and newbies alike, this is a super fun, all-mountain board, designed to pop and carve in the park and powder.

BURTON Process Mens Snowboard

The price of “BURTON Process” varies, so check the latest price at

In this Burton Process review, let’s take a quick look at some of the specs to give you a quick brief on the essentials.

Style: All Terrain Freestyle

Skill Level: Intermediate

Flex: Medium Soft

Camber: Dual Camber

Weight: Lightweight

Mounting System: Channel Mount

With an initial glance at the specs, we see a lightweight, poppy board guaranteed to provide the speed and all the fun you could want across the whole slope. But there’s no point buying a board if it’s too big. Let’s take a look at the sizing chart.


most out of your riding style and ability level. A board that’s too long will mess with your balance and won’t give you the performance you need.

burton process review

Is The Burton Process Good For Beginners?

Burton has built this best all-mountain snowboard to be lightweight and floaty enough to fly over both park and piste terrain with ease. Such a soft, buttery board probably isn’t suitable for learners at the beginner end of the skill level.

For anyone who has already cut their teeth on the mountain and wants something they can mess around with, this playful puppy will bring endless joy.

The medium flex of this freestyle board is actually closer to the soft end than the hard. This allows you to really push the tail deep into the snow. If you’re the kind of rider who likes to butter around and show off your freestyle snowboarding skills, this is the board for you. 

Burton has created a board with true twin tips to allow for quick switch movements allowing for riding both goofy and regular at the drop of a hat. No matter what direction you come off a kicker, if you’re happy to ride it, so is the board.

A Deep Dive Into The Burton Process

So we’ve taken the time to break down if this is the board suited to your riding style, weight, boot size, and height. To really determine if this is the beast you want to be pounding through deep powder, we need to really take a deeper look at this Burton Process review.

This is a board designed for fun. It is much more at home in the terrain park, making the most of that pure pop camber we will take a look at later, than flying down a black slope.

The Process is versatile, but the flex and shape make it a fun board built for playing rather than speed.

All Mountain Performance

From flying down a mountain slope to bouncing around like a snow rabbit in fresh powder, you want your board to keep up with your ride as long as your body will allow. Knowing you won’t be let down is always important to any rider worth their salt.

Across the whole mountain, this is a fun board. It will take all terrain and turn it into your own little park. The versatility of the twin shape means riding in any direction is just as easy, riding switch isn’t an issue at all.

The Frostbite edges provide a little extra length in front and behind your best boa snowboarding boot ensuring both toe and heel turns have that little extra bite when carving on your ride.

The extra length in front means your edge hold is more stable and makes your turn initiation slightly more responsive, no matter the uneven terrain.

burton process camber snowboard

Clever Construction

A teardown, piece by piece, would reveal a snowboard so carefully put together and so lovingly and intricately designed, that it would leave rocket scientists scratching their heads.

Burton snowboards have carefully crafted an all-mountain freestyle snowboard that is built specifically for ultimate fun and performance.

Superfly ii Core

Under the hood, we find a super fly ii core designed specifically to provide pop with ultimate strength and the least weight possible.

The secret blend that makes up the wood core makes this board from the Burton lineup a must for anyone looking to get that gnarly airtime on the mountain.

Twin shape

Burton boards have slapped a twin flex system into the tip and tail of this board. This means no matter if you’re riding switch or regular you will have the same flex response.

This versatility means you can jib around and expect the same stable response from both ends.

Pure pop camber underfoot

All mountain freestyle snowboards have taken the science of the camber profile to the next level and the Process is no exception. They have done away with the traditional camber and instead opted for one they aptly name the Purepop camber.

This features a flat zone after the central camber leading to an early rise into the tip and tail. This camber profile lends itself to intermediate riders looking for a shape that’s a bit more responsive.

Buttery Wax

Anyone who takes care of their snowboard knows how important it is to keep it waxed and happy. Carving becomes a dream, and powder becomes clouds when you have a fresh layer of snowboard wax applied to your ride.

The Process features a sintered base that is both highly durable but also porous to really make the most of your lovingly applied wax job to keep you up to speed.

Performance Edges

burton process board

Uneven terrain and bumps become a problem of the past when you have edge hold provided by the Frostbite edges on the Process. Expertly skidded turns and best snowboard for powder carving are all well within the capabilities.

Turn initiation is all within the intermediate rider’s grasp as the slightly expanded edges grip the mountain with exceptional performance.

Playful Powder

No matter who you are or what you want out of a snowboard trip, if you see fresh powder on the mountain, there is no way you won’t want to carve it up. All snowboards need to be able to fulfill this, and the performance of the Burton Process will not disappoint.

For really deep powder, a longer, wider board is always preferable. This all mountain snowboard isn’t necessarily designed explicitly for the powder, but for some good, fun turns, depending on your ability level, this works just fine.

The flex does make the Burton Process feel like it is sinking a little, but by switching your position a little further back, the Process can become quite versatile in the lighter softer snow.

Binding Angles For an All-Mountain snowboard

Burton’s bindings are a point of contention among many riders. You either love them or you hate them. They are suitable for all bindings, but the Burton boards channel mount decidedly isn’t for everyone.

The board’s channel mount is versatile and allows for any boot size or riding stance. All snowboard bindings are able to be clipped in and positioned in any way, both switch and regular.

Stance Width

Depending what you want from your board determines how wide your stance is. For intermediate riders, slightly further than shoulder width is usually preferable. This allows for both bindings set for a jump and the stability to butter and ride switch.

Stance Setback

Riding regularly on all mountain snowboards for the day-to-day freestyle ride will have you sit slap bang in the middle of your board. This will provide you with all the speed and stability you need for a good day out.

If you decide to tear up some deep powder, then setting your bindings slightly further back on your board is a good idea to keep the nose of your snowboard out of the deep stuff.

Foot Direction

With every rider, foot direction is entirely a personal preference. A good place to start is with your front foot slightly facing forward and the back perpendicular to the board. The Process allows for a lot of versatility in foot direction.

No matter how you want to ride, or if you want to make the most of the directional twin and ride a freestyle switch setup, the Burton Process has you covered.

How Does it Handle?

burton bear board

Technology and fancy graphics don’t mean anything if the board’s handling feels like you’re driving a lorry down the mountain. All mountain snowboards need to carve and turn like a dream whilst having the flex and pop to keep your days out dreamy.

Carving & Turning

The Process is one of their flagship models. It is extremely popular not just among the crowds but also among the freestyle pros. The performance, both in the park and on the piste, makes snowboarding idyllic.

The tight frostbite edges hold the mountain with precision and confidence whilst the softer flex and twin shape on the Process leaves the mountain park open for business.

Slow Speeds & Skidding Turns

This is a board that lends itself to being thrown around with confidence. It is lightweight, responsive, and built for cutting about.

You won’t get the performance of split boards through the slower powder or the sheer speed and precision of a stiff board on black slopes but the Process will let you have fun no matter what.

BURTON Process Mens Snowboard

The price of “BURTON Process” varies, so check the latest price at

Summing up the Burton Process

The Burton Process is a top-selling product for a good reason. Whether you’re just getting into snowboarding or you have been shredding the mountain for years, this has something for you.

It ranks highly for the fun, freestyle style of rider and can provide hours of fun for anyone looking to mess around all over the mountain.

Let’s break down the scores for this board to see how it compares.

It is clear to see on the score breakdown that this board is one for the jibby, freestyle rider. If bouncing around the slop and showing off your skills is your thing then the Process is absolutely the board for you.

burton panda board

Final Verdict

This Burton Process review shows that for fun, versatility, and the ability to show off all across the slopes, the Process is the absolute do-it-all workhorse for you.

With the nontraditional camber, excellent twin tip construction, super fly ii core, and all the other additional features you will be hard-pressed not to love every minute on this board.

Don’t expect the best in any field but as a jack of all trades, the Process is head and shoulders above the rest.

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