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Clutter is the enemy of creativity. That’s exactly why you dust off your snowboarding boots before wearing them, right? And I really enjoy watching you pretending to care. Nice performance. Pardon me, I couldn’t clap properly as I have a shoe in my hand.

Alright, Jayden, enough of that wicked smile. You can take home that Oscar with thorns.

Let me tell you one thing, dusting off your boots isn’t enough. If you do them dirty, they will make you stinky and unproductive.

When you take something for granted, it leaves. And that unexpected vanishment, in return, discourages your will to put energy into anything else. Eventually, that emotional distress leads to procrastination.

So, clutter breeds laziness. And I’m sure you didn’t spend thousands of dollars on your best snowboard accessories just to throw them in the basement. Did you? By the way, I really want that Gucci Guilty perfume. But I think you need it more.

A fragrant torso and stinky feet don’t make a good combo. So, allow me to educate you on how to clean your smelly boots properly and prolong their life.

How to Clean Snowboard Boots?

how to clean snowboard boots

Believe me, it is one of the most important skills you need to learn as a snowboarder. Do you wonder why? Because your boots stink.

My straightforwardness mostly gets me in trouble, but it’s okay. It might cost me the new Gucci perfume, but it will save your snowboarding gear from rotting in the basement.

Snowboard boots are exposed to a lot of moisture when your ride, like sweating and winter damp moisture, which can lead to the birth and fast growth of bacteria. This bacteria is the potential reason behind that bad odor.

Whether it’s new boots or old winter boots, the odor can become intolerable and needs to be removed. So, better get rid of that stinky bacteria first.

Long story short, to clean your boots, you need to thoroughly clean the outer parts i.e., outer shell, laces/BOAs, and outsole, as well as the inside parts like liner and insole. The liner is crucial for cleaning as this part absorbs moisture and dirt very well. So, you have to remove and clean the snowboard liners first and let them dry.

Take a clean sponge or soft cloth to remove dirt off the exterior as well as the interior of it. After that, grab a dry towel and absorb the trapped moisture, and put it in a dry place somewhere.

Similarly, clean all the dirt inside or outside of other parts of your boots like laces, and outsole.

Well, that was a short version. You need to study the long version for some deep cleaning.

The Items You Need to Clean Your Snowboard Boots

Here’s a list of items you need for thorough cleaning of your snowboarding boots from smelling bad and appearing worn out.

  • Warm water
  • Clean sponges
  • Soft cloths
  • White vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Baking soda
  • Towel
  • Soft cloths

Steps to Clean the Boots

how to clean inside of snowboard boots

In order to fix dirty and smelly snowboard boots, you need to get rid of that stinky bacteria in the first place. But how do you do it? Below I have summarized a step-by-step guide to cleaning the snowboard boots in a fine manner.

Read on to find out the easiest possible way to get shining and shimmering snowboard boots.

First, Remove the Comfort Snowboard Liners

Most boots come with removable liners and insoles. That’s a plus as it allows you to excess every part of the boot and clean it properly.

So first of all, you need to remove the snowboard boot liners. To do so, undo or loosen the closure system of your boots, it will enable you to easily access the liner within. Hold the liner and yank it out.

The next step is to give it a good sunbath but not under direct sunlight. Air drying is a simple step that is meant to dry the boot liners. Stop whining that they are waterproof because your wet feet make comfort liners wet! This drying process is important.

Now what? It is time to wash snowboard boot liners! So, take a tub full of cold water, add a squirt of safe detergent into it, and soak your liners in the soapy water.

Let it stay soaked in the solution for 15 minutes. To quicken the cleaning process, stir the solution during the period. After 15 minutes, remove the liners from the water and rinse them with clean cold water.

Once they are rinsed, with the help of a dry towel suck the excess water out of them or simply put them to dry anywhere in an upright position. Well, placing them on a towel on a hard surface is a good idea, but one can also use a snow boot dryer as well.

Not to mention, hot water is not a good idea for cleaning the inner liners. It makes them shrink or rip as the glued area starts to loosen up.

Clean the Interior of Your Snowboard Boots

When you are done cleaning the liners, it’s time for you to give your boots a good cleaning with warm water. So, remove the inserts and let the boots dry for some time as air dry can also tackle some of the bacteria.

Take a tub and pour it with warm water, add a cup of white vinegar and one cup of laundry detergent or any dish soap or any cleaning solution of your liking, and stir it. Agitate it until you get a soapy solution.

The reason behind adding white vinegar to the solution is that it makes an effective cleaner as well as proves to be a disinfectant. It may not be the best, but it works better than many.

If your boots have developed a strong odor, then soak your boots in the solution for 30 minutes. Also, add your inserts to the solution too for cleaning up.

Meanwhile, grab a sponge, moisten it with soapy water, and start wiping the inside of the boots while thoroughly cleaning the laces as well. Soak the insoles too if you find them dirty, sponge them too until they come clean, and put the laces and insoles somewhere to dry.

The last step is to use fresh clean water and rinse the interior of the boots completely. Make sure you remove every last bit of solution from it, then dry them with paper towels to absorb excess moisture. Put your snowboard boots in a dry place in an upright position to completely dry them.

If your boots have any stains on them, get rid of them first before washing the exterior of the boots. The procedure regarding washing the outside of the boots will be explained later.

Handle Any Dirt Stains on Your Snowboard Boot

clean snowboard boots

So what do we do with the stubborn stains? Don’t worry! Stains are also an important part of the learning process of snowboarding.

I mean when an enthusiastic rider rides all the time, it gets mandatory for the snowboarder to get stains on the gear. So, let’s see how to get rid of them.

As I mentioned earlier, before you wash your boots, make sure you address every potential stain you find on the upper body, inner liners, and outsoles.

First of all, prepare a thin paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Remember, the amount should be half a teaspoon of H2O2 and one teaspoon of baking soda. Add warm water to it to get rid of its thickness.

Next, take a spare or any old toothbrush, dip it in the solution, and scrub away any stains and scuffs you see. Believe me, it works like magic! However, if it doesn’t work because the nasty stains are too rigid, tend to them individually and properly.

Clean the Outside of Your Snowboard Boots

Using the same solution you made for removing stains, start scrubbing the outside completely. Remove the loose dirt and debris from the outsoles and other affected areas as well.

Once you are done cleaning them, dry them with paper towels, and find a suitable place to leave your boots and let them dry. You can dry them under the sun or indoors too.

Deodorize Your Boots, Liners, and Insoles

Sometimes solely cleaning your snowboard boots doesn’t necessarily remove odors or any bad smells, so better tend to the matter individually.

To eliminate any lingering smell, spray some Febreze into the comfort liners, the inside of the boots, and onto the insoles of the boots.

One can also use isopropyl alcohol for the same purpose. But if neither of them is available, you can also use something similar using vinegar and water.

Final Thoughts

You have clearly noticed that cleaning snowboard boots come easy and inexpensive. It can be done easily at home without requiring you to go outside and buy any item mentioned in the list given.

So, avoid throwing your boots in the basement and get to work. Also, people looking for some shortcuts might want to put the boots straight into the washing machine, but that’s a bad idea.

Washing your boots in the machine will loosen the joints, and they won’t fit you well as before anymore. So, I’d say that hand wash is the best solution. If you want your Burton or Vans snowboard boots to last a long time, clean them the right way.

Best of Luck!

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