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Listen up! Before you dial into the snowboard the wrong way and start hitting people instead of ripping snow, allow me to educate you on the right way of strapping into your deck. Mark my words! Only nailing the basics is going to pay off, and naught else.

Haven’t you heard about not committing the daring crime of forgetting basics? Because they are the foundation of whatever you are capable of later. So, nail the basics first, detail the details later, and thank Chris Anderson for enlightening you.

Dialing into a snowboard is a basic skill that every rider ought to learn the right way. Luckily, it is an effortless task that only demands your attention for not more than a few minutes. Believe me, once you ace it, it is not even a bit harder than learning how to tie your shoelaces.

Now, it might sound stupid to cover this topic with so much concern, as for some riders, it’s a piece of cake. However, for newbies, it might be nothing but trouble. I feel for you fellas! I also busted my arse to master it.

So, let’s get down to business and learn how to strap into a snowboard!

how to put on snowboard boots

How to Strap into Your Snowboard Bindings

I know you cannot wait to put on those fancy snowboard bindings and your best snowboard boots and start carving the snow already. That is the reason why this ministering angel is here to make you familiar with every nitty-gritty detail and to keep you from getting demotivated.

Below, I have put together all the necessary steps you need to consider in order to master strapping into your coolest snowboards. Go through them patiently and execute. All the very best to you!

Put Your Boots On and Tightened

how to put on a snowboard

Before preparing your snowboard and bindings, the first thing you need to do is wear snowboard boots first. Following the steps below will have you strapped in, standing up, and saving you and your friends precious time on enjoyable days.

  • You need to pull forward the tongue of the snowboarding boots, just like you do while using regular boots, then start loosening all the laces on both the liner and outer shell to open it up.
  • After loosening it up, slide your foot inside.
  • Make sure you get your boots resting against the highback. Also, push your heels in the heel cup pocket for security.
  • Before lacing up, make sure the boot liner is tucked back in and against your shin.
  • Now, tie the inner lace first to get a snug fit. Remember, your liners should not hug your shin so tightly as to choke or too loosely. It should be tight, but it should also feel comfortable if you don’t want to worry about foot pain.
  • Then, tie the outer lacing system. How you fasten it entirely depends on the lacing system you have. It can be a Boa system, traditional, or quick-pull.
  • Before you think you are good to go, stand up and flex your both ankles in a manner of squatting and tighten the laces again if necessary.

Prepare Your Board

how to tie snowboard boots

To prepare your deck, you need to find a flat surface to put your board down with its base facing the floor. Set it perpendicular to the fall line, so it doesn’t glide down the slope.

By flat surface, I don’t mean any table or kitchen counter, but a flat piece of terrain. I’m sure you don’t want to strap in at home and desire to go to the terrain loaded on a truck.

Remember to keep a foot on it, as it can bounce back. Then, start by dialing in your front foot in your snowboard bindings, the process is explained in the next section. Before that, you need to find out your front foot or your lead foot. So, first determine your riding style.

  • If you like to lead with your left foot forward, you are a regular snowboarder.
  • If you ride with your right foot forward, you are a goofy snowboarder.

If you have any doubts regarding your stance, steer clear of confusion and learn to adjust your snowboard bindings carefully. Before strapping in and laying your board down, make sure nobody is behind you prepping to drop in. You know, those who block the way, gets pressed underfoot.

Step Into the Bindings

how to put on snowboard

Once the board is set, it is time to slip your boots into the top snowboard bindings. As mentioned earlier, you need to strap your leading foot first, so after confirming your stance, slide your boots and step in bindings. The most common type is strap bindings, if you have anything else, tend to it accordingly.

Make sure your foot is not floating inside but lying flat with your heels completely stable in the binding. Your heels should be touching the ground of the bindings completely while also touching the high back snuggly, and avoid resting on your toe edge while doing so!

Now let’s make you learn it step by step:

  • With your snowboard lying flat on the surface, put your one foot on it to keep it from slipping.
  • Before putting your boots in, make sure the high back, ankle straps, and toe straps of the bindings are out of the way to make clear the path. Also, wipe the snow off of the base of bindings if it holds any.
  • Now, step your front boot into the front binding and ignore the other foot for now.
  • Once you slide your boot inside the binding, set your heel against the high back. It should support your calf yet feel snug. Aim for proper fit, if it feels otherwise, adjust.
  • Then, ratchet down the ankle strap to set your heel in place, and then fasten the toe strap.
  • Once you are done with the first foot, repeat the process for the second one.
  • Put your snow pants on the highback and you are good to roll.

Secure and Tighten the Straps

It is time to tighten the bindings straps! Now that your foot is in the binding, you need to start buckling it up.

Start by sliding the ladder into the buckle of the ankle strap and tighten the ratchet. Make sure the ankle and toe straps are connected through the ratchet, then pull tight if necessary. Tightening come easy, you just need to grab the strap and pull it through until it gets tight.

No to mention, straps should feel tight but not so tight that it feels like your foot will fall off, but tight enough that it is not swimming around the base plate. When you are done with strapping the ankle straps, switch to the toe strap.

how to strap into a snowboard

Step Into and Secure the Back Foot

You need to repeat the process mentioned above to strap your back foot on the snowboard. However, if you are opting for a chair lift, you have to strap in your front boot only while and set the other free to skate across the terrain.

Getting On Your Snowboard Properly

You need to prepare yourself a little before getting on the snowboard. I mean, get prepped with the right accessory and the right stance.

Besides finding a suitable snowboard, you also need to look out for compatible boots. Why? Because it makes a huge difference. I mean, it’s in your hands to have a magic carpet ride or a tom and jerry ride.

Proper fitting boots will allow you to fly while offering blister-free rides, and better control. So, take your time and decide your fate. Beginners like to go for soft flex beginner’s snowboard boots for ease, while professionals might desire stiffer boots.

Besides boots, purchase a compatible pair of bindings and set them in the desired stance for a fun ride. Most bindings are offered in the strap bindings design, but it is a matter of personal preference, so decide as you wish.

Also, if you are an all-mountain rider or just a beginner, try to go for medium-flex bindings. It will prove forgiving while making you learn a lot of things.

In addition to that, wear a pair of socks to keep your feet warm. What you need to do is avoid too thick cotton socks. Socks made of synthetic materials or wool can do, as they are ideal for wicking away sweat and moisture. It’s better to understand what to wear snowboarding before deciding on your clothes.

how to take off snowboard boots

Getting Out of Your Bindings

This is easy-peasy! What you need to do is just unstrap or lift the buckle and pull it towards the direction of the end of the ladder. However, not all the bindings straps will release this way.

Sometimes you need to unstrap while riding, like while using a chairlift or getting around on flats. If the need arises, you need to unstrap your back foot binding from the very start.

Final Thoughts

Strapping into snowboards correctly is one of the simplest tasks you all need to master. Without it, one cannot make progress any further. You might be able to perform a trick or two, but that’s the end of it if you fail in the very basics.

By following the aforementioned tips and tricks, you will be able to strap in, stand up, and give that mountain a good death.

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