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The mountain is calling you, isn’t it?

You can’t wait to go up there on the peak, take a deep breath of crisp air, feel blessed by nature’s beauty and start exploring the mountain, surfing the snow. All you can think of when you see a heavy snow forecast is how thrilling your next ride will be. 

The mountain has a special way of getting us all hooked to the feeling of freedom and pure joy – up there, we realize how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the winter playground!

If you recognize yourself in the above description, congratulations, you’re ready to become a snowboard rider. You’re in for an amazing ride!

For a smooth start into snowboarding, make sure you get yourself the right snowboarding gear.

Avoid the common mistake of only focusing on finding the perfect snowboard. Any experienced rider will tell you that even the most amazing board won’t compensate if your feet are in pain because you are wearing the wrong-fitted snowboard boots.

That’s why your first mission as a soon-to-be rider is finding the best beginner snowboard boots for you.

When choosing your snowboard boots, it’s all about comfort and the right fit for your needs. The right snowboard boots will ease your start as a rider and will make you progress faster.



Best Overall

Salomon Titan Boa X

  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Lacing System: Boa®


Thirty-Two Shifty

  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Lacing System: Lace

Upgraded Features

Thirty-two STW

  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Lacing System: Boa®

Premium Choice

Ride Anthem

  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Lacing System: Boa®

Super Versatile

Burton Men’s Moto Black

  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Lacing System: Boa®

No-nonsense Design

Vans Aura OG

  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Lacing System: Boa®

Best Bang for Buck

DC Phase

  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Lacing System: Traditional

Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners – Top 7 Picks

Let’s get you properly equipped to take your first step on the snowboard journey. We are here to guide you in choosing the best beginner snowboard boots for you. We’ll take you through the main factors you should consider when choosing your boots.

In this article, we selected some of the best snowboard boots for men, specially designed for beginners. You’ll have 7 options to choose from, produced by top snowboard brands, with different lacing systems, comfort features, and the right type of flex. 

You’ll get riding from zero to hero in no time!

Check them out! 

1. Salomon Titan Boa X Snowboard Boots 2022

best snowboard boots for beginners

If you are a newbie rider looking forcomfort above all, Salomon Titan Boa X Snowboard Boots 2022 is the option for you.

They provide an outstanding custom fit, by combining All Day Comfort construction. Featuring an easy-glide patch and Ultralon multi-density foam with a heat moldable liner.

This means that as you start wearing them, these beginner boots will wrap your feet in a cloud-like hold while the liner (the inner boot part) will take the shape of your feet. Pretty amazing personalized feature, right? 

The Titan boots are specially designed to assist you progress fast: the soft, forgiving flex is perfect for learning, while the Boa® lacing system makes them very easy and convenient to use.

The biggest advantage of the Boa lacing system is that you can quickly adjust your boot fit, using only one hand, even with the snowboarding gloves on! You won’t have to worry about tightening the boots during the day, you’ll be able to focus on getting the right technique.

best snowboard boots for beginners

You’ll feel confident learning to take your first turns wearing these lightweight Salomon Titan Boa X boots, with supreme board feels and shock absorption.

Salomon offers a 2 years guarantee for this product, so you’re all set for your first two riding seasons!

The Salomon Titan Boa X Snowboard Boots are comfortable, durable, and simple to use, which makes them a really good option to start up your snowboarding journey. And they look cool, too! 


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Fit: All Day Comfort
  • Lacing System: Boa®
  • Internal Lacing System: Boa®
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Salomon Titan Boots

The price of “Salomon Titan Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

2. 32 – Thirty-Two Shifty Snowboard Boots

best snowboard boots for beginners

At first glance, 32 – Thirty-Two Shifty Snowboard Boots look like traditional snow boots.

But under the classic hood, these beginner boots pack all the comfort features a beginner rider would need: you’ll get a heat moldable liner that takes the shape of your foot, combined with a molded footbed and plush Comfy Tongue. 

The light and reliable cushioning feel is offered through a soft Evolution Foam outsole and a velcro comfort harness for your heels, preventing heel slippage while shredding.

These beginner snowboard boots come with traditional laces, which are very customizable but often loosen during the day. Still, this classic system is many riders’ favorite for easy lace replacement and a tailor-made fit.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of snowboard boots, check out our review of the Vans snowboard boots .

best snowboard boots for beginners

Long story short, these snowboard boots are built to be a cushion on your feet, offering you a super comfortable ride, all day, every day of the season. They fit like a glove, are ultra-light, durable, and very reasonably priced. 

It’s a great option for anyone who loves a soft and flexible boot, key ingredients for any rider starting his snowboarding journey.


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Fit: Comfort
  • Lacing System: Lace
  • Internal Lacing System: Integrated Internal Lacing
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Thirty-Two Shifty Boots

The price of “Thirty-Two Shifty Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Thirty-two STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots 2023

best snowboard boots for beginners

You’re in for a treat if you choose Thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots. 

These freestyle-oriented boots for beginner riders, who want to start playing in the snow park, offer all the comfort features found on Thirtytwo Shifty boots.

They come with a heat moldable liner and a moldable footbed, meaning the boots will take the shape of your feet. 

These beginner boots will give you a light and reliable cushioning feel, having a soft Evolution Foam outsole and cushy Comfy Tongue.

The upgrade, compared to the more traditional Shifty version, is the Double Boa closure system, which will allow you to quickly set a very precise fit, with one dial controlling the forefoot tightness and one controlling the upper cuff tightness.

best snowboard boots for beginners

This dual zone precision fit gives you the possibility to customize the boots for your needs, allowing the tension to be different in the lower and upper zones, while ensuring a great heel hold to assist you in pushing your limits on the half pipes.

With these light, super comfy, and flexible boots, you’ll get a predictable and very precise ride, key ingredients when learning your first tricks. These can be great women’s snowboard boots who are just starting to shred!

Thirtytwo STW Double Boa Snowboard Boots are a performant, durable, and supportive option for beginner and intermediate freestyle riders. They’ll get you hooked on flying in the snow park in no time!


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Fit: 1:1 Lasting – True half sizes
  • Lacing System: Boa®
  • Internal Lacing System: Quick-Pull
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 year

Thirty-two STW Boots

The price of “Thirty-two STW Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Ride Anthem Snowboard Boots

best snowboard boots for beginners

If you have a hard time finding the right shoes for your size, give Ride Anthem Snowboard Boots a try. You’ll instantly feel that these boots are designed to offer an incredibly precise fit.

Ride takes the fit system to the next level with these beginner snowboard boots that wrap your feet in a warm, soft, and soothing liner, perfect for riding the best pow runs.

The liner clip lets you easily and quickly cinch the liner cord down. You’ll get a uniform supportive fit, ensured by Silver Last, a performance fit designed for men, and a 1:1 Lasting system, which is a seamless liner-to-shell integration for all whole and half sizes.

The sole, made of  RIDE’s proprietary foam blend, also improves precision response underfoot.

These best beginner snowboard boots are designed for out-of-the-box premium fit and a focused ride. But they don’t compromise when it comes to comfort: their  extra plush liners ensure all-day comfort.

The boot’s inserts keep your feet warm by using a heat reflective foil, redirecting heat underneath the foot and in the toe to help keep in the toasty warmth while charging up the last chair.

With the quick, durable, and easy-to-use Boa®  lacing system, you’ll get maximum control and won’t ever have to waste time tying your boots.

best snowboard boots for beginners

However, the single central BOA system of Ride Anthem Boots tends to loosen up over a day of riding, which might cause discomfort in your ankles.

Before ordering it, try it out so that to make sure this kind of BOA system feels comfy for you. If not, choose snowboard boots with a dual zone Boa lacing system, it could be a more comfortable option for you.

If you are a beginner rider, looking for a reliable, high-quality option, you can’t go wrong with Ride Anthem medium flex boots. You should also need to know what size snowboard boot do you need actually.


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Fit: Silver Last, 1:1 Lasting
  • Lacing System: H4 Boa® Coiler Fit System 
  • Internal Lacing System: Quick-Pull
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Ride Anthem Boots

The price of “Ride Anthem Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Burton Men’s Moto Black Boots

best snowboard boots for beginners

These very light, warm, and comfortable Moto Men’s Boots are Burton’s best selling snowboard boots. They are beginners’ and park riders’ favorite for their soft, playful, forgiving flex, but also perform well for all kinds of riding. 

Burton Men’s Moto Black Boots will keep your feet warm and comfy all day in freezing conditions, due to a lightweight underfoot technology that reflects heat back to the feet.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the snow getting inside, the boot tongue completely seals the lower zone.

The quick and easy Speed Zone lacing system is considered by the riders a major improvement over the BOA, allowing you to customize the fit of the upper and lower zone in seconds.

Burton offers lifetime warranty for their virtually indestructible Exclusive New England Rope Laces;with these rope laces, your boots will be secured by the same stuff used by stuntmen, firefighters, and rescue teams. Cool club to be part of, right?

And as if this was not enough to convince you, Burton brings one more innovative feature with these high-quality boots: Total Comfort Construction, which gives that broken-in feel straight out of the box, for a fit that feels just right from the first day of riding.

Usually, new snowboard boots need several days of riding for them to pack out and form to their true size, but with Burton Moto you will be ready to hit the slopes in comfort the same day you got them.

What makes these men’s snowboard boots so comfy is their brand-new lightweight liner, assisted by a heat-moldable EVA footbed. You’ll feel the soft boots perfectly comfortable and tight all day with no adjustments needed.

Equipped with a superior cushioning outsole, for an improved board feel, you will be able to play it safe in the snow park, being confident that your boots will withstand repeated impacts and offer long-lasting shock absorption.

Burton Men’s Moto Boots will do a great job of holding your ankle in place and keeping you glued to the board. 

best snowboard boots for beginners

Keep in mind that you might need to go up one size compared to other snowboard boots, since their sizing is smaller. That’s why it would be a good idea to try them on before purchasing.

To summarize, Burton Men’s Moto is a great pair of boots highly recommended to any beginner or freestyle rider. 

You’ll be able to start playing in the PRO riders’ league without having to break the bank.


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Soft
  • Fit: Comfort
  • Lacing System: Speed zone lacing system
  • Internal Lacing System: Quick-Pull
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 Year (Lifetime on Laces)

Burton Men’s Boots

The price of “Burton Men’s Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots

best snowboard boots for beginners

 If you are looking to start snowboarding with a simple, lightweight, and straightforward pair of boots, Vans Aura OG Snowboard Boots is the option for you.

With a forgiving medium flex and super comfortable liner, these super soft boots are an easy choice for an aspiring all-mountain rider.

The design is intentionally toned down so that it won’t distract you from what matters most on the slopes: functionality, performance, and durability. 

Their Pleasurecuff system delivers a supportive, cushioned fit for your calves while the boot harness, Vans’s lightest and most simple harness, will ensure heel hold, preventing slippage during the ride. 

Your feet will be warm, comfortable, and secure, wrapped in a newly improved thermal retention layer. This Heat Retention 360º layer keeps heat in and cold out. 

With these boots’ outsole, Vans pays tribute to their original skate waffle outsole, an iconic classic.

Vans Aura OG Boots come with a single Boa lacing system, a quick and efficient closure. Instead of tightening your boots all day, you’ll save time and energy for getting the most out of your ride. 

best snowboard boots for beginners

However, If you like to have a more customized tightening, one for the upper and a different one for the lower zone of your feet, you might feel that the single Boa lacing system is not offering enough support. In this case, you can opt for a different boot model, which provides a dual-zone Boa system. 

Make sure you try on the boots before ordering, you might need to get half size higher, since this model runs a half size small.


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate
  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Fit: Pleasurecuff 
  • Lacing System: Vans Boa Coiler 
  • Internal Lacing System: None
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Vans Aura OG Boots

The price of “Vans Aura OG Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

7. DC Phase Mens Snowboard Boots Black 

best snowboard boots for beginners

The winners in the best bang for your buck category are the DC Phase Snowboard Boots.

It’s a great choice not just because it is affordable, but because these beginner snowboard boots are made for walking… with you much longer than your first snowboarding season.

Joke aside, these boots are designed with a soft but not too soft flex, to last well beyond your beginner phase.

Despite their old-school look, which is charming and somehow nostalgic, these boots will provide you a super comfy and supportive ride.

best snowboard boots for beginners

They come with a comfortable multi-layer memory foam liner that can be heat-molded, while UniLite rubber outsole ensures impact absorption and grip. The classic appearance is completed by the traditional lacing system, experienced riders’ favorite because it allows maximum fit customization.

If you are looking for a reliable, durable and affordable first pair of best beginner snowboard boots, look no further, DC Phase is the option for you.


  • Ability Level: Beginner – Intermediate riders
  • Flex Rating: Medium
  • Fit: Dialed-in
  • Lacing System: Traditional Lacing
  • Internal Lacing System: Quick-Pull
  • Binding Style: Rear-Entry, Strap
  • Warranty: 1 year

DC Phase Boots

The price of “DC Phase Boots” varies, so check the latest price at

How to Choose Snowboard Boots for Beginners

The boots can make or break your start as a snowboard rider. So let’s make sure you know what to take into consideration when choosing your first pair of boots.

Here is a short list of  the most important criteria for finding the right snowboarding boots for your needs:


The flex of the snowboard boots varies from very stiff, keeping your foot locked into the boot, fit for carving and speed to soft, flexible which offers more maneuverability for the foot. Usually, the boots dedicated to beginners are softer and more flexible.

Advanced, all-mountain riders and free-riders usually use a a stiffer flexing boot, while snow park riders go for softer flex boots.

Lacing Systems

You can opt for the traditional lacing system – which is easy to use, but it has the downside that it loosens during the day. 

The advantage of this classic system is that you can easily replace the laces if it’s the case and also you can adjust the fit according to your needs.

Another option of snowboard boots lacing is Quick-Pull –  which gives you the option of zonal lacing – that is the forefoot and ankle/lower leg can be to tightened independently from each other.

This system is faster than the traditional lacing and can be used with the gloves on.

And if you want the fastest lacing system, you need to get a pair of boots with Boa lacing, which incorporates stainless steel laces with a dial ratchet closure. You can easily adjust your boots on the go,  with one hand and also with gloves on. 


Snowboard boots should feel snug at your heel, instep, and toebox, but not to the point where they cause pain.  Your toes should barely touch the ends and you should be able to wiggle them.

Don’t worry if the boots feel too tight, because It usually takes about 10 days of riding to break in the snowboard boots and fit like a glove.

Heel hold is another important factor for board control in toeside turns. When your knee is driven forward your heel should remain in place. To keep it simple, just remember No heel lift.

Many gear providers offer online personalized snowboard boot fitting – give it a try. This way you’ll make sure you get the right fit for you, assisted by experts and technology.

Appearance and Price

Finding the right boot shouldn’t be about price or appearance, but instead should emphasize fit and maximum comfort. Buying a boot just because it’s cheap or looks cool is potential recipe for discomfort. A great fit should be your top consideration.

Before purchasing the best beginner snowboard boots for you, it’s important to make your own research. Following your friends’ advice is usually not a good idea.

What works for them won’t necessarily work for you because your feet shape and your style of riding are different than theirs.

That’s why, it’s useful to know a few things about snowboard boots’ design and construction. Below we listed the main ones:

If you need to know how to clean a snowboard boot check out our article.

Snowboard Boot Liners

A liner is the inner boot within the snowboard boot and is most commonly made of lightweight, moldable material.

The liner is an important aspect of the boot construction because it provides the cushioning, stability, and insulation (heat moldable liners) you need to ensure comfortable feet on the mountain after long days of ripping.

Some liners are removable, while others are permanently attached to the boot. The advantage of removable liners can be taken out for speed drying when they get wet.

Snowboard Boot Footbeds

A footbed or insole can be used to increase your foot’s comfort level in your snowboard boot. By supporting the natural shape of your foot. Footbeds can be a great upgrade to any pair of snowboard boots. 


If you’re into freestyling, look for a boot with lots of EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) padding or gel/air bags, which help cushion impacts.

If you’re into all-mountain snowboard riding and you are going to be hiking a lot, check out boots with more aggressive soles like Vibram.


Is It Better to Rent Snowboard Boots or Buy New Ones?

The boots play a very important role in how comfortable you’ll feel during your snowboarding sessions. And of course, they’ll impact how much you’ll be enjoying the ride.

Rental boots are not likely to fit your feet quite right. Buying boots rather than renting is always the better option, especially because your own pair of boots will take in time the shape of your feet. So, it will fit you like a glove.

Why Do My Feet Go Numb in Snowboard Boots?

Usually, this boot compression happens when the boot is too big and people try to compensate by buckling too hard to secure the foot. This applies pressure to the top of the foot causing a lack of circulation.

If your snowboard boot fits you correctly, you will have very little tension on the instep buckle across the foot.

If instead you feel pressure on the ankle bone it could be because your boots have too much padding around the heel and ankles to secure the foot.

Should Snowboard Boots Be Tight or Loose?

Your snowboard boots should fit you just right, not too tight or too loose.

If your boots are too tight you’ll feel discomfort and most likely you won’t be able to ride. 

On the other hand, if your boots are too loose, you won’t be able to control the board to take the turns, so you’ll probably fall a lot.

When you try your boots out of the box they should feel a little tight, it will take around two weeks of riding for them to pack their true shape and size.

If they fit “just right” on the first try, chances are they’ll be too loose after the break-in days.

How Many Days Do Snowboard Boots Last?

Depending on the model, their stiffness, and how hard you ride, a good quality pair of snowboarding boots should be able to last between one and two full seasons (50-70 days) of hard riding.

After this time, even if you may get more life out of them, your boots will perform less well and start to deteriorate.

If your boots wear out within a short period of time, make sure you keep your receipt of purchase and ask about the warranty.


It could be a hustle to choose from so many snowboard boots options available on the market.

But no worries, we simplified your mission to find the right boots by emphasizing the main two criteria to consider: your boots should be comfortable as heck and fit you just right. That’s it. 

Now it’s up to you to choose one of the options we hand picked for you. 

But we’re pretty sure that by making it to the end of this article, you have all the chances to find your match when it comes to snowboard boots. Also, remember, there’s a difference when it comes to ski boots vs snowboard boots.

So, let the winter adventures begin! 

Let’s get shredding!

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