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A New Enforcer on the Mountain

Those that reach the top of the mountain do so by working harder than the rest. They pay extra attention to detail and are never satisfied with “good enough”. Previous versions of the Nordica Enforcer line, like the Nordica Enforcer 100, have won multiple awards.

What would most do? Rest on their laurels. Fearing that any subtle changes will scare off potential buyers. In reality, it’s this way of thinking that causes your product to stagnate and die off.

Not the Nordica Enforcer.

Special care was taken to retain what made this all-mountain ski special, while still continuing to innovate on its design. The waist width of this new ski has been expanded. Adding more stability to the carving machine.

At its roots, its wood core has also experienced a touch-up. Two sheets of metal provide a bear hug of power transmission and edge grip to the core’s edges. And that’s just the start.

Nordica Enforcer 94

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Who Does the Nordica Enforcer 94 Suit Best?

First and foremost, the Nordica Enforcer 94 is the best all-mountain ski. The kind of ski for those that want solid performance, whether off-piste, on groomed trails, or on fresh snow. However, certain design choices help us better pinpoint who the newest addition to the enforcer lineup is for.

Its reinforced core edges give this all-mountain ski some serious chomping power. The stiff tail helps you steer, and the tail rocker profile further increases the ski’s mobility.

Simply put, this ski is for those that want precise turns and a daily driver that can make the most out of any run. With top marks across all heavy performance metrics, this is a total confidence ski.

nordica enforcer 94 reviewnordica enforcer 94

Something to note is that due to the heavy-handed design that placed an emphasis on carving, speed, and ride stability, this will not be your powder slayer. For anyone that wants to even attempt getting a good ride out of the Nordica Enforcer in deep snow, you need to be an expert skier.

To summarize, if you are at least an advanced skier that is looking for something that excels in carving, ride stability, and reaching high speeds, then these are the skis for you.

The Enforcer 94 In Charts

I understand that while some of you would love to sit here and read this entire Nordica Enforcer 94 review, I hope, time simply does not allow it. We’ve got you covered! I’ve got two charts for you that will give you a sampling of the Enforcer 94.

First one up will be the specifications chart. You can tell right away that this ski had based its roots on a generalist design. Although, slightly moving toward the performance end of things. A true performance-oriented all-mountain carve.

Quick Overview: Nordica Enforce 94

Ability levelAdvanced- expert
Turn radiusMedium
Core materialsCarbon, Metal, Wood
TailPartial Twin-tip

Next up is a size chart that shows you the various sizing options available. There’s more length versatility in the size options than I expected. You should be able to find your perfect fit.

Size in Centimeters165172179186
Tip width in millimeters125.5126.5127127.5
Waist width in millimeters94949494
Tail width in millimeters112.5114.5115.5115.5

The Nordica Enforcer All-mountain Skis In-depth

Now is the time to get into the business end of things. Every aspect of these skis will be analyzed, and I’ll provide you with my opinion on each one. Remember, this is only relevant to my experiences with these skis.

Every tip of the Enforcer’s construction will be looked at, as well as its control when attempting different maneuvers. I’ll say right from the start that I was left impressed. There are more playful options than the Enforcer 94, but none manage to be as smooth and stable while still retaining an aggressive edge.

best all-mountain skis 2022

The Enforcer’s Flex

Usually, with skis geared toward expert and advanced skiers, the flex rating is the first thing advertised. The stiffer something is the better of an option that it becomes for experienced skiers.

Skis with a low flex rating are much more forgiving for a beginner. They aren’t as responsive, so a novice doesn’t have to worry about their every move being telegraphed. This is especially important when you realize how wobbly and off-balance most beginners are.

Oddly enough, that wasn’t the case here. Don’t get me wrong, this ski had a fantastic flex profile. It remained consistent when needed, and it was this consistency that gave it such a great feel.

The Nordica Enforcer is by no means a forgiving ski, and you will have to put some work into it to engage with its build.

This is a stiff board and stiffer yet at the tail. This awesome flex was key to my enjoyment of the Nordica Enforcer 94. I felt confident in its rigid design. There was a stable ground for me to attempt all kinds of risky maneuvers.

For how great the flex is, I do find it so strange that Nordica wouldn’t have highlighted it more. In fact, I didn’t see mention of it anywhere. Perhaps this is yet another testament to the quality of this ski.

There is so much good here that even some of its best features can be overlooked. All the benefits that come with a stiff flex rating are present, but it was made to feel new. Top marks in this category.

Swing Weight and Weight Feel

best all-mountain skis 2022

Weight has the obvious effect of either slowing us down or speeding us up but not in the ways that we might think. Usually, we picture something that weighs more to be slower, but the opposite is true for skis. The heavier they are, the faster they’ll go.

I’ll be touching on this further in an upcoming section. For now, allow me to explain the other effects that weight has on a ski. The heavier a ski is, the more improved its edge hold and stability.

The downside to a heavier weight is that now you’ve really got to work hard to get your skis where you want them to go. Any flip or spin just gained a new layer of effort required. This may not sound very appealing, but a challenge always leaves you feeling satisfied. Of course, there are other benefits as well.

So then, where does the Nordica Enforcer 94 fall on the weight scale?

On the far right side. These skis are heavy, and while previous versions were able to shed some weight, this newest model gained a few key ounces thanks to the expanded waist and metal core edges. It’s a hard pack.

However, this weight is what makes the swing of these skis feel powerful and lethal. The Nordica Enforcer 94 is designed to put everything it has into its turn radius. My initial impressions were positive.

I never felt as if the added weight was a hindrance, and once I found the right amount of force to use, the response rate was adequate.

The Ride In Simple Terms

best freeride skis 2021

If I had to give you a general overview of the ride that the Nordica Enforcer 94 provides you with, it would be mostly positive. This quickly became my favorite ski because I enjoyed how rewarding it felt. I wouldn’t even say that it was constantly pushing me.

While this is a demanding board, especially at lower speeds, it was more about getting into a rhythm with it. When I ride with skis or a board that is marketed as being geared toward experienced riders. There is a general sense of mounting difficulty.

You got the turns down, but now you need to figure out how to best handle the edge control. Then you’ve got to figure out the power transmission and pop. None of these parts align, and everything feels segregated. Making the ride even more difficult to enjoy.

But it was different with the Nordic Enforcer 94. Different in such a unique way that I doubt that I’ll come across another set of skis that give me the same feeling. Once you properly tune yourself to work with the Enforcer, everything else quickly falls into place.

This is something that is common with the enforcer series but not to this level. Perhaps the longer length or carbon fiber had a hand in this, whatever it was, I’m glad it was there.

Syncing up with these skis feels amazing, they become a true extension of your body. Making for a ride that was powerful and yet calm, like a river. However, none of this can be applied to its performance on powder.

I’ll be going into greater detail about this later, but it was the one downside of these skis.

Titan Edge-Hold

The edges of a ski affect several things about their ride. For one, a ski’s edges will determine how fast they accelerate when going down a slope. The velocity of said ski and its consistency all fall under the domain of the edge hold.

The edges of a ski don’t just play a part when picking up speed but also when slowing down. Coming to a complete stop, how well, how fast, and how efficiently you do this depends on how much bite your ski’s edges have.

With this in mind, how good was the Nordica Enforcer 94’s edge hold?

The short answer is very damn good. It connected perfectly with the ride’s weight and was the reason why the Enforcer felt so effective when traveling at high speeds. The almost straight side cuts played a big part in this, but this kind of result was to be expected had you paid attention to the ski’s core.

You don’t place two sheets of titanal metal over your core’s edges and not expect them to have a great edge hold. Coming to a complete stop was surprisingly easy and I never felt like catching an edge was a serious possibility.

Great edge hold.

High Speeds Magic

best all mountain skis for intermediate skiers

So far it’s been nothing but good vibes for the Nordica Enforcer. Unfortunately, for any Enforcer naysayers, I’m afraid this trend is going to continue. The Enforcer 94 has got the weight to reach high speeds and maintain them.

The edge-hold to quickly accelerate when charging downhill. As well as the core build to bring it all to a stop, should the need arise.

But it’s not just about going fast. Anything can go fast. What really matters is how well something handles when trying to break the speed limit. When it comes to this, the Nordica Enforcer once again shows us how it’s done.

In fact, the stability of these skis is their second-best feature. Second only to the carving prowess that it proved to have in my time with it. If you want to read more about the Enforcers carving abilities, you’ll have to head to the last section.

Even when charging through crud, some really nasty patches, it did not let up. Still stable, and not much chatter to contend with. Yet another feature that instilled confidence within me.

In any sport, confidence is everything. Enforcer 94’s greatest ability is putting you in the right mindset to push beyond your limits.

Nordica Enforcer 94

The Price of “Nordica Enforcer 94” varies, so check the latest price at

Soft Snow and Powder

snow skiis

At last, we arrived at an area in which the Enforcer 94 did not come out on top. There are very few good things to say about the performance of these skis in deep snow and powder.

It wasn’t the worst time that I’ve ever spent skiing, but the issue is that the Enforcer 94 was so good at everything else, that its deep snow performance appeared worse by comparison.

I’ve spent all day praising the efficient use of weight, but there had to be a downside. The heavier a ski weighs, the more work is required to ride it in heavy powder conditions. Does it perform better than previous models in the Nordica Enforcer lineup?

Yes but only marginally so.

I’d say it had an average show out in deep snow conditions, but there wasn’t much more to it than that.

Ease of Turns

As is the case with most expert-oriented skis, it wasn’t easy for me to initiate a turn. It wasn’t difficult either, but I did notice that I had to put some amount of effort to get into the groove.

Of course, the feel of the turns, as with everything else about the Nordica Enforcer 94, was fantastic. But again, in case you were looking for something that required little to no effort when turning, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere.

But you really shouldn’t. These skis are worth the effort.

Powerful Carving

top skis

I saved the best for last, I had to. That’s how great the carving is on these skis. Carving can be split up into three key pieces the effort required to initiate a carve, how efficiently the edge is at tearing up what’s in your path, and how consistent a carve is through its duration.

The Nordica enforcer 94 received the highest score that I could give it in each of these phases. If you have any prior experience with the Enforcer line, this should come as no surprise. What I stated earlier about these skis retaining what made them great and improving upon everything else is truest here.

Even releasing out of a carve felt seamless. That’s one thing I want to touch on. Each stage had a unique feel to it, but they would build on top of one another. You never felt as if anything was out of place.

Don’t be afraid to try out this carving beauty off-piste either. I found that it had enough power to satisfy you when not on a groomed trail. I’m confident enough to say that this is the best carving ski that I’ve tried to date.

A Score Breakdown of the Enforcer Skis

With all of the nitty-gritty details sorted, we can turn our attention toward the final scores. For the resilient few that managed to read every word I wrote, it should come as no surprise that the Nordica Enforcer 94 basically received top marks across the board.

skis rating

The only areas that received a less-than-stellar score were anything connected to deep snow or powder. And to think that deep snow used to be my favorite condition to ski in.

This is a performance ski masquerading as an all-mountain ski. You get plenty of versatility coupled with a unique feel that instills confidence within you.

My Final Thoughts

East coast or west coast, this ski will deliver. I encourage you to ride it across all kinds of terrain to fully enjoy the consistency of its design and ride. The only condition that I would steer clear off would be deep powder.

These are skis that are better suited for advanced and expert skiers. While you may feel discombobulated at first, once you find the right rhythm, the whole ride becomes infinitely more enjoyable.

This is a unique feeling that no other set of skis has been able to make me feel. A true sense of accomplishment without the need to constantly push you to your limits.

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