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There’s no ‘we’ in the brutal world of snowboarding. You go solo, so better win it or cry over not being Beyoncé too!

Accidents are inevitable in this game, let’s call it fate, but make sure these are happy accidents. And it only involves flipping hair and batting eyelashes. Otherwise, girl, you will only hurt yourself, and there would be no one to be held responsible for you getting hurt. Seriously?

I mean, we are girls, and girls are always right. It should only be the board that needs to act right. So, talk to your old snowboard if you have any, and tell it straight that it used to be your cup of tea, but you drink champagne now.

Snowboarding has become quite a famous sport among the lucky colder parts of the world for what a fun sport it is. And it makes a great sport only if you have the proper equipment with you and you know your limits.

The right snowboard for a beginner babe is the one that is more forgiving, predictable, durable, and easily controllable. Well, this fails to sum up what you should be really looking for in a snowboard while buying it. So, read on to find the answer that is still waiting for you, and it is still hot.



Best overall

Salomon Craft Snowboard

  • Size: 155 Cm
  • Weight: 3.5 KG

Ideal For Newbies

Burton Instigator Flat Top Snowboard

  • Size: 160 CM
  • Weight: 4.4 KG

Best Performant

Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard

  • Size: 144 CM
  • Weight: 2.9 KG

Highly Functional

K2 Lime Lite Snowboard

  • Size:‎ 153 CM
  • Weight:‎2.34 KG

Ideal For Freestyle

Capita Space Metal Fantasy

  • Size:‎ 147 CM
  • Weight: ‎3.1 KG

Budget Friendly

Ride Agenda Snowboard

  • Size: 149 cm
  • Weight: 2.8 KG

Best Women’s Beginner Snowboards

Here I am suggesting some of the best options in the market that you can choose from and later decide to spend money on. 

1. Salomon Craft Snowboard

womens snowboard brands

A perfect pick for intermediates and beginners, Salomon Craft’s versatility makes it an all-mountain choice with its directional twin shape and rock-out camber profile. The board rests flat between your bindings for stability, offers a camber shape near bindings for better response, and rockers in the tip and tail for effective pressability.

Salomon craft snowboard runs right down the middle on the flexibility scale. It has plenty of pop to offer if you want to perform acrobatics like jumps and ollies. This twin-tipped board will not disappoint you while making sharp turns since it has an impressive side cut.  

The board features straight, and radial lines blended, running along the edge of the board from tip to tail, translating into a perfect sidecut for freestyle snowboarding. One can get benefit from these killer curves in the form of considerable agility and balance.

This directional twin-shaped board also has to offer impeccable acceleration, courtesy of its sintered base. This very quality makes it speedy, more durable, and smooth to ride on. In addition to this, the profile of this snowboard is ideal for learning to ride switch on, as it enables you to change direction without unbalancing yourself.

Not to mention, balance is all you need to start off your snowboarding journey, isn’t it? If no, you need not worry about zombies because they only eat brains and you are safe my friend.
If you need balance stability on a snowboard professionally you have to use the snowboard stomp pad while snowboarding. If you don’t know what is a snowboard stomp pad, head over to our blog!


  • Type: Free-style, all-mountain
  • Rocker Type: Rock Out Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Medium

Salomon Craft Snowboard

The price of “Salomon Craft Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Burton Instigator Flat Top Snowboard

best snowboards for women

Burton instigator snowboard aims to ignite your snowboarding career by offering you a catalyst. This board functions as a spark as it is geared towards smooth landings, fierce progression, and pleasant turn initiation.

With its directional shape and a slightly longer and wider nose in comparison to its tail, it assists in a smooth and super easy ride that is significant for not letting you lose the motivation to snowboard again.

The longer nose flat camber allows a catch-free ride as it helps in dissecting powder underneath your board, deflecting it along the edges at low speed, which is further supported by the early rise in the tip and the tail of the board.

The snowboard has a flat profile with rocker zones at the tip and the tail for a more forgiving ride. Now, being a newbie you must be looking for much stability to keep you from falling ever so often, Burton instigator got the memo by offering better balance, superior stability, and continuous edge control with the provision of kick-up tail and tip.

Now that the tip and tail of the board are identical in shape, the board offers twin flex which means the flex is the same on both sides. The soft flex gives birth to the much-needed balance, allowing you to ride the same way with either your right foot or left foot forward, however you desire.


  • Type: All-mountain
  • Rocker Type: Flat base
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Soft

Burton Instigator Flat Top Snowboard

The price of “Burton Instigator Flat Top Snowboard ” varies, so check the latest price at

3. Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard

women's snowboard brands

What’s the best thing about this board? First, it refuses to compromise our planet’s resources as it supports the principles of sustainability, and second, it encompasses a fully cambered body.  This all-rounder board features a medium flex, sintered base for snappy responsiveness, recycled steel edges that are highly durable, and a parabolic camber profile. Where are you ethical buyers?

So, what exactly is a parabolic camber profile? Arbor offers progressive system camber which means the camber changes along the length of the board. The camber progressively reduces towards both ends i.e. the tip and tail, making the leading edge less aggressive.

Being a system camber snowboard, it has a lot to offer in the avenue of pop and edge-hold. Do you fancy more pop? Say no more, as the camber in the middle of this snowboard significantly increases the amount of spring while doing jumps and ollies. So, let’s go ladies, and carve the hell out of the powder terrains with this best powder snowboard, only if you are ready for that explosive pop and stellar float.

It also expands your chances to succeed in tricks of different kinds. Since we are talking about tricks, let me tell you that this board works excellent when you have improved your skillset as it doesn’t really make for a starter board.


  • Type: Freeride, all-mountain
  • Rocker Type: System/Parabolic Camber
  • Shape: True Twin
  • ·Flex: Mid flex

Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard

The price of “Arbor Swoon Rocker Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

4. K2 Lime Lite Snowboard

best women's snowboards 2022

Pretty ladies, K2 lime lite can steal your limelight, so buy one at your own risk. This very functional snowboard provides you with the kind of independence you have been yearning for. Do you wonder how? By letting you have the best of both worlds.

Yes, you read it right. K2 lime lite snowboard features a very maneuverable true twin shape and a combination camber profile – a blend of both rocker and cambers traditional profiles. And this very deadly combo allows you to enjoy the excellent pop of camber and stellar float and predictability of a rocker profile. The rocker zones in the tip and tail of the board allow you to lock into your presses, motivating you to level up your game.

Not to mention, the Lime’s core is made from sustainably harvested timber featuring a 4/10 flex scaled specifically for women snowboarders. Its soft flex proves to be your best friend in your both best and difficult snowboarding days. And anything is possible when you have a friend there for you. Do you also agree?

As a freestyle rider, you might also want to take a look at the best park bindings for increased mobility.


  • Type: Freestyle
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Soft flex

K2 Lime Lite Snowboard

The price of “K2 Lime Lite Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Capita Space Metal Fantasy

top womens snowboards

This board is popular among ladies for what a forgiving partner it makes when you have just started learning to snowboard. The board boasts a rocker-flat-rocker profile, medium-flex, and a true twin design. This versatile piece makes a great board to progress on, especially if you aim to be a freestyle rider planning to take over snow slopes.

Capita Space Metal fantasy features a zero camber flat section between your bindings and reverse camber zones near the tip and the tail of the board, yielding to lifted tip and tail to lift the edges at the contact points. This terrific engineering works in your favor when you opt for turns and try to make your way effortlessly through powdered terrains.

It also features a radial sidecut, allowing you to start and finish a turn on the same arc. This snowboard is a slightly stiffer board in comparison to its alternatives, moreover, it deliver a bit more pop for ollies than other boards. 


  • Type: Freestyle
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Medium

Capita Space Metal Fantasy

The price of “Capita Space Metal Fantasy” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Ride Agenda Snowboard

best women's snowboard 2021

This sleek snowboard is quite soft, but it also shows good stability. It has positive camber between the feet for good pop but it tends to grow a rocker profile towards the nose and the tail of the board. The ride agenda snowboard with a true twin shape, a hybrid profile, and a mellow flex allows you to steer through any terrain you want and let you expand your horizons.

One can expect excellent pop and smooth turn initiation from this board as it is 60% camber and 40%, rocker. The early rise in the tip and tail gives an effective edge which assists in a catch-free ride and easy initiations for ollies and turns. 

The ride always takes pride in developing simple, smooth, and best-performing snowboards which is why this looks very graceful. So, here’s to fresh grace every day.


  • Type: All-mountain
  • Rocker Type: Rocker/Flat/Rocker
  • Shape: True Twin
  • Flex: Soft

Ride Agenda Snowboard

The price of “Ride Agenda Snowboard” varies, so check the latest price at

Buying Guide

Choosing the right snowboard will help you expand your horizons by providing you with the unwavering confidence you need. With a minimum of falls, fewer to no injuries, and unlimited successful attempts, the right board will boost your confidence for your next ride.

With that puffed-up confidence, you can make progress toward a new skill set every time you hit the terrain to snowboard. Let’s see what are the key features you should take into consideration while buying a snowboard for a successful career in snowboarding.


Being a beginner you should go for a bit soft flex snowboard which allows you to bend it. Because for balanced turn initiation, you will want to opt for a soft board with a deep sidecut as you will be twisting it or bending it torisionally. In addition to this, for jumps and ollies, a soft snowboard will permit you to flex it longitudinally also.

But by the time you have learned particular skill sets, you will want a bit harder or a stiffer board for tricks. And who can even afford to buy a board every now and then? To conclude, you are recommended to start your snowboarding journey with a soft flex board, but not too soft, as you will outperform it soon enough, so buy wisely.

You should consider one more factor while buying it, and that is your weight. Heavy snowboarders should go for something not too soft.


The camber of the board is built to blend along its length, and it highly impacts the responsiveness of a board. The ideal shape for a beginner is a directional twin hybrid or a flat profile. And the underlying reason is that the camber profile or a flat zone between your feet will assist you in stability, better edge-hold, and explosive pop.

On the flip side, a rocker profile is suitable for superior floatation and better turn initiation. And being a newbie, you will want to own a board that supports you more than challenges you. You will also find it difficult to maintain balance while snowboarding, so always select a more forgiving snowboard if you want to continue going down this lane.


On your first time, it will not get clear immediately if you are a regular or a goofy rider. For that very reason, it is best to pick a versatile board that you can ride both ways. And as mentioned earlier, a true twin or directional twin is the ideal shape for newbies; it allows for happy riding in both those directions.

This shape not only allows riding regular or goofy style but as well as side slipping out of tricky situations that you are bound to encounter while snowboarding. Being a versatile shaped board, it will let you explore almost all kinds of ridings, from freestyle to powder to all-mountain. Who, even on Lord’s green earth, doesn’t fancy snowboarding the whole mountain?


The size of the snowboard also has a huge impact on its performance and functionality. Shorter boards tend to make the best beginner snowboards because they have less edge length and are easier to rotate and turn.

However, for heavyweight female riders, it is recommended to use a bit longer boards for strength and security.
If you are struggling to find out what size bindings do I need, Check out our detailed guide.


What Snowboard Camber Is Best for Beginners?

A hybrid camber or a flat camber with a rocker at its nose and tail works best for beginners, as it proves to be more forgiving and more predictable than the other alternatives. It also serves well for initiations for skidded turns, ollies, slowing down and stopping, and lets you avoid catching edges.

What Is the Easiest Type of Snowboard to Ride?

A flat surface between the bindings with raised edges design tends to offer a more catch-free ride. As well as, a hybrid camber will also make your ride easy-peasy as it allows you to get away with less mistakes.


The right board will stimulate in you a passion for learning. With all its commendable user-friendly attributes, it will teach you, assist you, and push you to learn more. As it goes, learning is the product of the activity of learners. Not to mention, if a board proceeds amicably, this will motivate you to keep doing what you are doing until you get the hang of it.

Beginner boards must possess qualities like durability, versatility, excellent responsiveness, stability, and predictability, and they should be easy to control. One must acquaint oneself with how a snowboard works, how many shapes and sizes it comes in, why its sturdiness or softness matters, and many more questions like this, which I have already tried to answer in this article.

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