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So you’ve cut your teeth on your local lake and feel comfortable standing and paddling, and have your sea legs on flat water. Maybe it’s time to give ocean paddle boarding a shot. Get out there with the advanced paddlers and tackle the open ocean.

Maybe you’re one of the experienced paddlers who are looking for your next paddle board to tackle the choppy water. Either way, this list will have something for you.

When I first started paddle boarding, I began with something far too narrow for beginner paddlers and had a hard time standing up. The narrower board didn’t provide me with the stability I needed and I spent more time off the board than on it.

The benefit was I didn’t need to reach too far to stick my oar in, and once I had the knack for it, I was able to maintain a decent speed.

For me, the best paddle board will be lightweight, match my skill level, and help me improve my confidence in ocean paddling. A great board will be resilient with high-quality construction, built for going in a straight line, and have a reasonable price tag.



Top Pick

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Nylon


Atoll Paddle Board

  • Color: Aqua Marine
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Wide Design

SereneLife Inflatable Stand

  • Color: Black and Gray
  • Material: Fiberglass, Fabric

Light & Convenient

Hala Gear Carbon

  • Color: Multi
  • Material: ‎Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Heavy Load Capacity

Peak Expedition Inflatable

  • Color: Aqua
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride

Eye-catching Style

Portal Sup Inflatable

  • Color: 10ft Beige
  • Material: PVC

A Close Look at the Best Ocean Paddle Board

Whether you’re one of the more experienced paddlers on the ocean or consider yourself one of the more beginner paddle boarders, then this list should have something for you.

We will be mainly looking at touring boards that are built for tackling ocean waves over long distances. These are paddle boards that provide more stability than other styles.

These are a great all-around board for casual paddling. These will suit beginner and experienced paddlers alike.

1. Bluefin Cruise Carbon

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

If you’re looking for an inflatable SUP that can do it all then look no further than the Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12. It comes with everything you could need, all packed into a comfortable and lightweight backpack.

This solid board comes with the complete package including a kayak conversion kit, paddle, and dual action pump.

With a simple system, this paddle board can be converted into a kayak by simply attaching the paddle board seat to the top of the deck pad. This is great if your legs ever start to get a little tired or the ocean has choppy waves that force you to lower your center of gravity.

This is a stable board with an excellent weight capacity. Touring sup paddle boards need to be rigid and support whatever weight they happen to be carrying. (You can also check out the best SUP paddles to make your journey even more memorable).

The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 12 ensures a smooth ride even in rough waters with 1000 dernier laminate and a fantastic drop stitch core. This means you can pump it to 28PSI for maximum rigidity.

You can keep the Bluefin Cruise Carbon straight with the removable fin that comes in the pack. The main benefit of these removable fins is that during transport they can be easily taken off, making transport safer and easier. Three fins take up quite a lot of room in an inflatable paddle board pack size.

This is a high-quality stand-up paddle board made of quality materials and packed with extra gear. You get an included paddle, pump, and even a kayak seat.

ocean paddle board

This is the stand-up paddle board for someone looking for the do-it-all option that can carry you, your luggage, and even your furry friend if you decide to bring them along.

As a little extra bonus, for every Bluefin Cruise carbon 12 you buy, the company plants a tree. It’s always nice to know you’re taking care of the environment you’re paddling through.


  • Length – 12′
  • Width – 33″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC & Pro Weave Drop Stitch
  • Max Weight – 309lbs

Bluefin Cruise Carbon

The price of “Bluefin Cruise Carbon” varies, so check the latest price at

2. Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Paddle Board

Atoll 11' Foot Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Whether you’re looking to do some deep sea fishing, a little ocean paddling, or just fancy some calm water cruising, then the Atoll has you covered. It has a wonderfully sturdy design with strong double-layer PVC and a higher weight capacity than a lot of other boards.

The dual-layer PVC provides almost unmatched strength throughout the hard board giving enough stability for even lighter paddlers.

The high-end construction allows the paddle board to take a beating, dealing with whatever the ocean throws its way. The Atoll is a durable board that won’t have you pulling out your repair kit in a hurry.

A three-fin system keeps the paddle board cruising straight and true whether you’re on ocean waves or flat water. The middle fin is removable for easier transport whilst the two fins on the outside are fixed to prevent them from being lost.

best ocean paddle board

The pointed nose of this stand-up paddle board has a slightly rockered shape helping you to cruise over the chopper water on the ocean. The board plays a big part in how well you can stay on your feet and this shape keeps you moving with a smooth glide over rough water.

The large storage backpack comes with everything you will need. You are given a three-piece aluminum paddle, dual flow hand pump, a coil leash, and of course the inflatable board. This is everything most paddlers will need from an all-around stand-up paddle board.


  • Length – 11′
  • Width – 32″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – dual-layer PVC
  • Max Weight – 400lbs

Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

The price of “Atoll 11′ Foot Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board ” varies, so check the latest price at

3. SereneLife Inflatable Paddle Board

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This is a wide board made for good stability, big waves, and easy-going paddle boarding.

The wide design provides good balance for the beginner or some extra reassurance for the intermediate paddler who’s looking to get out there on the ocean waves. It comes with a plethora of accessories all packed into a handy dry bag.

Taking an unexpected tumble is never the best part of a day out on touring boards but with the Serenelife Free Flow, you may just find it a little easier to avoid the inevitable.

The board makes sticking to the deck pad easier with a soft, anti-slip coating across the whole top of the board. This will make the inevitable fall on the learning curve a little less painful.

The wide design of the inflatable stand-up paddle board does provide great balance but makes pushing a lot more effort. Other models are narrower, and this provides an easier paddling experience with more speed, but less stability.

The width is all down to personal preference and is about finding the best paddleboard for your skill level and planned day out on the ocean.

In the storage bag, you will get the paddle board, a repair kit, an upgraded aluminum paddle, a coiled ankle leash, and a dual-flow hand pump. It’s everything you’ll need to be cruising along on your new touring board.

best ocean paddle boards

This is not the best option for advanced users as they will usually want something a bit more narrow for speed and maneuverability.

This would be the best stand-up paddle board for someone just starting out on the ocean who maybe isn’t quite as confident as they would be on calmer water. This will be able to keep you steady even on small waves.


  • Length – 10’6″
  • Width – 32″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – Reinforced Engineered PVC & Drop Stitch core

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The price of “SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ” varies, so check the latest price at

4. Hala Gear Carbon Paddle Board

Hala Gear Carbon Straight Up Paddle Board

As all-around boards go, the Straight Up does a great job as a one-board quiver. It is smaller than most boards.

It is designed with a smaller rider with a lighter weight capacity than other inflatable paddle boards we have looked at. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a rigid board that can’t handle long-distance paddling.

The board is made with carbon fiber stringer technology for added rigidity throughout the board. This mechanically welded design is extremely durable in all paddling conditions. These high-end materials won’t quit on you over many years of ocean paddling.

The paddle board comes with carbon paddles which really reduces the weight limit of your whole pack. This makes it a good board for extended days out. You will really start to feel the weight of heavier paddles if you’re out for a long period.

The paddle board features a pointed nose with a slight rocker on it so it can easily cut through and ride over waves. The Straight Up sports a squared-off tail and raised stomp pad on the deck pad. This helps with really locking in your turns. No need to worry if you don’t know what is a stomp pad. We even have an article for that!

The Straight Up comes with all the extras you need for a big ocean trip. The rear D rings allow you to attach your choice of ankle strap for security.

best paddleboard for ocean

On the top of the board, you will find bungee straps for locking down dry bags for paddle boarding, or a water bottle. There are grab handles on the front and rear of the board that allow you to move the board around easily on land.

If you are out paddling for a while, the bungee cord on the front of the board allows you to take some much-needed sustenance out on the ocean. You can even use it for fishing gear which makes the board great for a fishing trip.


  • Length – 10′
  • Width – 33″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – Carbon Woven Dropstitch Construction with Welded Seams and Carbon Stringer
  • Max Weight – 275lbs

Hala Gear Carbon Straight Up Paddle Board

The price of “Hala Gear Carbon Straight Up Paddle Board” varies, so check the latest price at

5. Peak Expedition Inflatable Paddle Board

Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Take a friend, your pet, or some extra luggage along with you on the Expedition ocean paddling board.

The long, durable design is made to carry a heavy load and comes with some serious carrying capacity. You can rest assured you’re one of the best stand-up paddle boards for a heavy weight capacity.

Military-grade PVC is used to reinforce the inflatable frame of the longer board from Peak. It helps it support such a high weight capacity resulting in a better board for those shared trips when you maybe want to share the paddling.

The military-grade PVC is topped with a brushed EVA stomp pad across the top improving grip whilst ocean paddling. Across the back and front of the board, bungee cords wrap from side to side.

You can use the front or rear bungee system to strap down a paddleboard food cooler of your favorite beverage or some camping equipment if you’re planning on riding that isle surf into a camping spot.

Like most of the best paddle boards, the Expedition has a grab handle at the front for easy pulling out of the ocean. The rear also features a carry handle right next to the D-Rings for quick leash connection.

best paddle boards for ocean

On the underside, you will notice the side fins and a much larger center fin. The 9″ central fin is removable and does provide an excellent, consistent performance when tracking.

For a decent price, the Expedition comes with a few nice extras in the pack. You get the board, a waterproof phone case, a tough paddle with a nylon blade, a pump, and an ankle leash. All this comes in a handy pack with padded shoulder and waist straps.


  • Length – 11′
  • Width – 32″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – Drop stitch and lightweight military-grade PVC
  • Max Weight – 350lbs

Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The price of “Peak Expedition Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board ” varies, so check the latest price at

6. Portal Sup 10″6′ Inflatable paddle board

Portal Sup 10"6' Inflatable paddle board

Portal has made a board that is just as at-home ocean paddling as it is if you want to paddle lakes. Both the top and the bottom are made of great PVC, which keeps its overall weight nice and low whilst still being durable and stiff.

Sup is a real eye-catching model with a funky retro color scheme across the deck and over the base. It sports a matching anti-slip EVA pad to prevent the ocean water from making the deck like an ice rink.

Inflating the board is a cinch with the simple valve tool at the rear of the deck pad. You can use the supplied pump to inflate the whole board in just ten minutes or release the valve to completely deflate in just five minutes.

best paddle board for ocean

An sup electric pump would make this job even quicker and save you the hassle so you can be out on the ocean sooner.

Like a lot of the paddle boards looked at today, the central fin is removable for easier storage and to stop damage during transport. It all fits into a handy carry bag along with the pump, paddle, water-resistant phone case, and ankle leash.


  • Length – 1o’6″
  • Width – 33″
  • Thickness – 6″
  • Construction material – High-Quality PVC
  • Max Weight -300lbs

Portal Sup 10″6′ Inflatable paddle board

The price of “Portal Sup 10″6′ Inflatable paddle board” varies, so check the latest price at

What to Look for When Buying Your next Stand-up Paddle Board

Cutting through all the advertising jargon and getting down to the essentials is the first step to making sure you’re getting the best board for you. There’s no point in spending loads of money on something you don’t need.

I can break down the essentials, so you can shop like a pro.


There are two main shapes of stand-up paddle boards. The first is all around. These are round-nosed boards with a slight rocker to the front, lifting the deck slightly above any chop or ocean waves. They are often wider than the other style and are great for steady ocean cruising and beginners.

The second style is touring boards. These are the best SUP for people with a little more experience and wanting to do some longer distances, hence the name.

They feature long pointed noses and narrower shapes. This makes them great for speed, straight tracking, and long distances. They do lose out on some stability, so aren’t really suited to beginners.


The majority of paddle boards are between 10 and 12 feet long. They can be as short as 8 feet and even over 14, but this is unusual.

In general, shorter boards are used for ocean surfing or for children and the shorter paddler. They are quick to turn and can be moved about in the ocean easily.

Longer boards support the taller person and can still be moved about with ease. Width has much more effect.


How wide you choose to have your board is usually down to experience or what you plan to use it for. The wider the board the better the balance. The issue is that a wide board does not glide through the ocean as well as a thinner one.

With a wide board, you can take it slow and steady. Many people love the wider board for things like fishing, camping trips, learning, and yoga. The extra stability makes it a breeze to move about.

Thinner boards are for the long distance and speed paddler looking to use minimum strokes for maximum distance. Figure out what you want before you buy.


Board thickness makes little difference. Board thickness really only affects maneuverability a tiny amount and varies from 5 to 6 inches. Thinner boards will struggle to support someone over 200 lbs.

Construction Material

Keep an eye on this. Lightweight materials and bad seam construction can result in holes. That isn’t something you’re going to want if you’re a few miles out in the ocean. Make sure you look up reviews when buying to make sure that there aren’t reports of leaking.

Paddle Construction

When buying a paddle you want something durable and light, you’ll be swinging it around a lot, and it’ll be what gets you home after a long day.

Materials like aluminum and the much more expensive carbon fiber are great options. A fiberglass paddle is always an option but is often prone to snapping.

Deck Pad

The deck pad is what will keep the ocean water from turning your paddle board from turning into the slippiest thing you’ve ever tried to stand on. Buy something with grip and good water resistance.

A Few Questions about Inflatable Paddle Boards

I’ll answer these commonly asked questions now so you don’t have to search for them later.

How Do I Stand on a Paddle Board?

Once you are on the board and on your knees facing towards the nose, place one foot forward to where your knee was, bring the second foot to the same place, so you are in a crouch, and rock backward into a standing position.

Use your hands to balance yourself and keep your knees bent.

How Heavy Are Inflatable Paddle Boards?

On average they weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. They are remarkably light for how much weight they can carry. They’re easily carried on a back.

Is Inflatable Better than Rigid?

Overall, an inflatable paddle board is better. They are lighter, more resilient to damage, much more transportable, and much softer when you fall and hit the deck. The only real benefit of an epoxy board is for surfing and competition.

If I May Stick My Oar In

As sports go, paddle boarding is one of the most serene and calming pastimes you can indulge in. I have seen many people using their boards to perform yoga and stretches in the beautiful calm water of an evening or fresh morning ocean.

Personally, I don’t have the balance or flexibility, but it looks stunning.

If you’re looking to go out on a coastal holiday, you could do a lot worse than packing a lightweight board in your luggage and giving it a go. Picking it up is really easy, they aren’t hard to stand up on at all, and getting the basics is a breeze.

Get yourself a couple of paddle boards, strap some lunch and some cold beers under the straps, wear your paddleboarding shoes, and head out with your mates on a nice sunny day.

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