Choosing gifts for kitesurfers just got easier.

Let me start by saying, I know why you’re here.

You’ve worked out that kitesurfers are simultaneously the best and worst people to buy gifts for (best because we love our gadgets and gear, worst because we’re so bloody particular about them).

As such, holiday seasons, birthdays, and present-giving occasions can be tricky to navigate when a kiter is involved. Sigh…. I’m sorry, we (kitesurfers) are trying to do better.

Here’s the thing:

Chances are, your kiter pal already has the crucial gear they need (and anyway, buying kites or boards for someone is REALLY hard — unless they’ve already given you a not-so-subtle hint about the new 2020 gear from their favourite brand). So, what’s left to give??

A fair question, and one we’re going to answer in depth in this article.

Our selection of gifts for kitesurfers focuses on the awesome added extras that will take any kite session from ‘pretty good’ to ‘freakin’ mind-blowing’. We’re going to dish out 20 awesome kitesurfing gift ideas ranging from the practical to the pretty; the cheap and cheerful to the big ticket winners.

We’ve sorted the list into categories according to price (high to low) so no matter your budget, there should be a kitesurfing gift here that your special someone’s gonna love.

On the flipside, us kitesurfers are a fairly low maintenance bunch so if you’re truly stumped, a 6 pack of Corona and a bag of kettle chips will probably put a smile on our faces too. Amiright?!

Alas, you’re not reduced to corner store supplies just yet.

Here’s our pick of the baddest and raddest kitesurfing gifts we could get our mitts on:

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Big ticket gifts for kitesurfers

Kiteboard bag

Two kiteboard bags loaded onto a saleng (sidecar in Thailand) driven by a lady and her dog
Tip: giving an adorable rescue dog WITH the kite bag will increase gift satisfaction level X1000

Whether they’re full time kite travellers or weekend warriors, all kitesurfers are going to need a kiteboard bag big enough to fit their quiver in at some point. This was one of the first “extras” I added to my gear collection after I got my main kit sorted — and my Mystic kite bag has now been to 7 countries with me! Prolimit has one we think is great; it’s big enough to fit multiple directional boards, 3 kites, a bar, and a harness. 

All round, this is a practical, thoughtful kitesurfing gift that’s going to last your buddy for years to come.

Travel bag

If the kiteboard bag idea is a wee bit too technical for your comfort zone, an awesome travel bag is a solid option. It’s something they’ll use to tote their soggy, sandy wetsuit and towels to and from the beach; and doubles as an escape bag for their trips away at the weekend.

You can’t go wrong with the weather-proof duffle bags from North Face; the quality is second to none, they’re easy to spot at airport baggage collection, and they stand the test of time (I bought mine fresh out of college before I set off backpacking SE Asia and I’m pleased to say it has survived many a typhoon and tequila-fuelled party). 

The cool AF kite/surf brand Vivida Lifestyle have a similar bag which you can get at a 10% discount by using the code EXTREMENOMADS at checkout!


3 kitesurf watches: apple watch, fitbit, and garmin

The ULTIMATE toy for salt water sessions (and ummm, for practical stuff like calling in “sick” when there’s 20 knots forecasted for Friday). A waterproof smartwatch can tell your kiter friend how long their session was, how far the rode, how high they jumped, and all the while play their favourite music to them when they’re out on the water. We’re obsessed with the Garmin Fenix F5X because it offers SO many functions for the price you pay — and it’s super hard wearing.

On a practical note, if you choose a smartwatch that has call capabilities (like the Apple iWatch 4, which is actually an awesome choice for kitesurfers) they’ll also be able to contact someone back at shore if they get into difficulty on the water. Thoughtful, useful, and frickin’ fun; a smartwatch makes a phenomenal kitesurfing gift.


a close up of a gopro with the screen showing the interface to choose image resolution. the screen reads "4k / 60 fmps"

One thing us kitesurfers can always use more of? Shots of us having the time of our lives on the water! Waterproof action cams are a staple for most outdoor adventurers, and if your kiter pal doesn’t already have one they will ADORE you for gifting them this. 

And yeah, there are tons of different brands out there — but in our experience, nothing beats GoPro. We took our Hero 7 Black with us wakeboarding, kiting, surfing, and motorbiking across Southeast Asia and lemme tell you, the insane footage we captured was worth every penny. IT’S JUST SO GODDAMN STABLE!

Read Jim’s gruelling review of the GoPro Hero 7 Black if you still need to be convinced.

Watersports sunglasses

best sunglasses for paddle boarding
Hydrophobic lenses help repel water and sweat, but are also anti-static, making it harder for dust particles to stay on.

Kiteboarders often neglect their eyes out on the water (I know I’m guilty of this sometimes) and you guys, trust us when we say you do NOT want them to get pterygium, i.e. ‘surfer’s eye’… it’s a common affliction amongst salt water lovers — but one that can be prevented just by wearing a pair of watersports sunglasses

We’re a hardcore LiP Watershades household; we freakin’ love the quality and design of their glasses (so much more appealing than SeaSpecs). Check out their most popular model, the Typhoon, which have polarized Zeiss lenses, hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings, and a crash-proof retainer system. FYI they also have a really good returns policy and customer service, should there be any problem with your order.


man wearing full hooded wetsuit carrying surfboard on kitesurfing beach
Image: Filippo Boatto on Unsplash

Now I’m not going to lie, wetsuits make tricky kitesurfing gifts because the fit is SO important — without trying them on there’s room for error. With this in mind, I’d only consider giving a wetsuit as a gift if the person has expressed to you that they want it. 

But honestly? 

Sometimes asking someone what they want is the best way to ensure you give them something they’ll actually use. If you’d be comfortable asking, then go for it! A wetsuit is a key piece of kit that your kiter mate is sure to appreciate.

We adore the eco friendly plant-based neoprene suits by Patagonia, and the classic O’Neills Psychotech suits for men and women.

Need more ideas? Check out our full guide on choosing a badass kitesurfing wetsuit.

Balance board

One for all the big kids out there.

Give a kitesurfing gift that lets them practice their board skills away from the beach. A balance board makes an awesome present for kiteboarders because it’s fun, portable, and totally inline with their main passion. 

It’s also something that a lot of people wouldn’t think of buying for themselves — which makes it even better when someone else is thoughtful enough to buy it for you!

Woo / Piq

For the uninitiated, these little devices primarily measure a kitesurfer’s jump height and then stack those scores up on local and international leaderboards. Riders can compete with their friends — as well as on a global scale — and push themselves to ride harder and jump higher than they’ve done before. The ideal gift for kitesurfers who love to play — or those who have a competitive streak!

Woo makes the most popular device, followed by the Duotone (formerly North) Piq.

Mid-range kitesurfing gifts


A super practical gift for kitesurfers who have a habit of leaving their damp towels behind in your car. Ideal. 

In all seriousness though, dry bags are a fab addition to any kiteboarder’s gear bag; they’re versatile, lightweight, and can be used on or off the water (‘on’ like for carrying your phone, money, and energy bars when setting off on a downwinder, and ‘off’ like for filling with ice and turning into a portable beer cooler at the beach — YAAAASSSS!). 

We love these simple, functional dry bags from Earth Pak; they come in a bunch of nice colours and are very affordable.


Snuggly stuff is always a winner when it comes to gift giving, and since nobody on planet earth needs more socks at Christmas time (thanks Moms) a poncho is the next step up. These things are the best to have when you finish a kite session; you can chuck it on right over your wetsuit, use it as a changing robe, or peel off the wet stuff first and use it as a towel and jumper in one.

Check out the super cool collection of kitesurf ponchos from Vivida Lifestyle (we LOVE the marbled print!) and score yourself 10% off with the code EXTREMENOMADS at checkout.

Badass apparel

Keep your kiter friend feeling the salty vibes back on land with some surf-inspired apparel. T-shirts, hoodies, and sweaters make perfect gifts for kitesurfer guys and girls — just find a cool colour/print and you’re away. 

We really dig the style of the apparel made by Vivida Lifestyle; their collection is all about beachy colour palettes and simple, quality materials. Get 10% off anything on with the code EXTREMENOMADS now!


Whether your kiter is riding in the tropics of South America or the frigid waters of northern Europe, you can bet their swimwear takes a beating (admittedly the latter is probably wearing it under a 5mm wetsuit, but still). 

Personally, I can never have too many kitesurf friendly bikinis in my life, and I know many kite chicks who feel the same! Jim is also a compulsive board shorts collector, so I’m fairly confident this transcends gender…. Just about.

Check out these reversible, crash-proof, recycled plastic (YAY for eco-friendliness!) kitesurf bikinis for women (don’t forget to use the code EXTREMENOMADS at checkout for 10% off). And for the guys, try Jim’s absolute favourite 22” boardshorts by Hurley

Beach blanket

Use it to wrap yourself up like a little sausage roll on a windy kite beach, to protect your dignity when getting changed in public (because PRIVACY, PEOPLE), or as a blanket under your bum after a tough session. 

However they choose to use it, beach blankets make super gifts for kitesurfers because they are SOOO versatile — they’ll always come in handy. Take a peek at these really nice woven beach blankets for inspiration (these are actually such good value, can’t beat it in fairness).

Battery pack

Chances are, if your kiter buddy is spending loads of time in the outdoors their devices are dead fairly often. A hard wearing portable battery pack is a game changer! They’ll be able to keep their phone charged up to snap pictures of their friends’ sessions AND give you a ring when they’re on the way to yours for post sesh beers. Boom.

And if you’re looking for a good deal on rugged and waterproof power banks, check out this link to get 20% your first order with our partner Outdoor Tech!

Stocking stuffer gifts for kitesurfers

Eco sunscreen

Still wearing commercial sunscreen? SRSLY, didn’t you watch Chasing Coral?! Eco sunscreen is where it’s at, and with so many awesome reef-safe brands on the market there’s no excuse not to go green. 

The good news is that the aesthetics of these little tubs of sun protecting goodness make sweet gifts for kitesurfers. They’re cheap, thoughtful, and good for Mama Earth — what’s not to love? Our faves are the Raw Elements creams which are reef safe, 95% organic, and cruelty free.

Microfibre towel

Simple — but so frickin’ useful — and a big level upper for any kitesurfer who doesn’t have one already.

They’re so much easier to pack away into a little gear bag than a normal towel, and bonus points for getting one that’s made of antimicrobial material (which won’t start smelling ripe if it doesn’t get washed as soon as it should, no judgement).

These bad boys from Rainleaf do the job nicely (and they come in tons of different colours, yay!).

Digital download of classic kite movies

Say whaaaaaat? Yes, it may come as a shocker that in the age of Netflix and torrents people still pay for movies, but alas IT’S TRUE. This is the model that a lot of independent sports film producers work off of (especially when the films are self-funded).

Pay a few bob and you can gift your kitesurfing friend a digital copy of some of the best kite movies ever — like the iconic Chapter One which is available on Amazon Prime.

Refillable water bottle

Kitesurfers, by their very nature, spend shiteloads of time in the water. As such, we usually find ourselves becoming advocates for the ocean in some way or another. Giving the gift of a reusable water bottle is a pretty darn cool way of showing you care and making sure they never have to buy a plastic bottle ever again. We dig the vacuum sealed stainless steel Ascent bottles, which keep drinks warm or cold and come in sizes from 12 to 64 oz.

Kitesurf world map

When we first saw these kitesurf spot maps online, we knew we had to get one for above our work desk at home — not only did it inspire (and let’s face it, educate) us on a daily basis, but it also got so many compliments from our kiter friends who came over to visit! 

These guys have done a pretty decent job of marking off the main kiteboarding locations in every country around the world. It’s the sort of thing you could spend ages staring at and still see new places each time you look at it! Every spot also has a little key next to it which tells you things like water conditions and whether or not it’s one of the ‘premiere’ kite locations in the world.

Bottom line, if there’s a better kitesurfing gift out there for less than $40, I don’t know what it is. Readers of our blog can avail of a 10% discount by using the code EXTREMENOMADS at checkout!


Alright guys, it happens. You get to the end of the list and you’re like “yeah, but no, but I dunno” about it all. In that case, you can’t go too far wrong with a voucher for an outdoor retailer where your special someone can buy whatever they want for themselves.

Pick an awesome shop like US Outdoors, or even Amazon where they can gear up on anything they fancy for their next kite session and you’re sure to win brownie points and big love.

Not sold on any of these gifts for kitesurfers? Or just not sure which one to get for your person? Hit me up with a comment below and tell me all about it; I’ll be happy to give a personal recommendation!

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