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A good friend will always stand by you no matter what. Just like that, your shining, shimmering, splendid snowboard always has your back while you explore a whole new fantastic point of view.

However, when it comes to your turn to show loyalty, you end up having its back literally. Yeah! I do mean a broken worn out snowboard.

Sounds like a betrayal to me. Anyway, so when the first snow hits, you rush to the market to buy a replacement. But remember, my friend, you are not X Æ A-Xii, and even the devil hates betrayal.

Don’t you know? For every moment spent organizing, an hour is earned. Positive behavior towards your sports gear will save you dollars, last-minute work, and your marriage. Remember? You are not Elon Musk.

So, allow me to save you time and money, as well as guide you on how to store your essential snowboard gear. This article gives you insights on the best way to store your gear by following the given step-by-step guide.

How to Store a Snowboard over Summer?

The key to proper storage is cleaning, drying, and waxing your snowboard before packing it up. To protect your investment, you should properly store your snowboard gear because, without proper protection, there is zero performance.

Below I have covered every step one needs to take for properly cared snowboarding gear. So, read on! My autograph can wait. Before this process, you just need to know how long the snowboard last on average.

Clean it Up, Dry It Off

The very first step is to give your snowboard a good wipe-down. Check for minor and major damages, such as shallow or deep gouges. If you see a scratch less than .5mm deep, you need not care.

The good news is, If you notice a shallow gouge that is not near the edge of the board, you can repair it yourself.

Do you wonder how? With the help of a torch or lighter or a P-tex candle. It depends on the severity of the gouge. I mean, a deep gouge definitely needs some mending at your local shop. So better not to try to mess with it yourself as you will end up screwing it even more.

Alright! If your snowboard is damage free, begin with a solid wipe. Use a splash of citrus-based cleaners like Jay Base Cleaner or Goo Gone, along with a damp cloth and some grease. Start by scrubbing the base clean.

Okay! Now, don’t hesitate to tell me that you don’t own any of the aforementioned base cleaning solutions. I may be too elite to understand this peasant joke, but I feel you. You know, I’ve got a good heart but this mouth…Nah.

But guess what? I have got other options for you too. Windex is one solid substitute. You need to simply spray the solution on the board’s base, use paper towels, wipe it off, and let it dry for a few minutes.

OKAY! I got it! You don’t own a Windex, either. Stop screaming already peasant! You can use dish soap too! Yes. A mild household cleaner, like any dish soap, warm water, and a cloth rag can be used to wipe the dirt off the snowboard and bindings.

One can also use a bit of alcohol for wiping off any debris or dust, but remember it isn’t a base cleaner. Anyway, use whatever of the above-mentioned solutions are available. After a good cleaning, completely dry the snowboard, and then come the next steps.

Sharpen Those Edges

Tune it up! It is normal and okay for your snowboard to get rough edges but you need to fix it before it slows you down on the mountain. Moreover, removing the burrs will keep them from catching rust.

So, to whip it back to its original shape, get out of your bed and get some diamond or gummy stone or some edge sharpener. It always helps to learn how to sharpen snowboard edges.

If you end up buying an edge sharpener, believe me, you are lucky. Why? Because it allows you several angle options – 90 degrees, 89, 88, and 87 degrees.

Once you choose your edge angle, use a marker to draw down the side edge. Now, start using the file guide and make sure you run it along the edges from nose to tail in long strokes to sharpen it.

Focus on removing rust, gouges, or uneven edges. Graze the edge with your fingernail, if you feel it is sharp and crispy, you have done a good job.

Give Your Board a Generous Waxing

how to maintain snowboard

Leaving a thick layer of wax over the board will keep the base from drying out over the off-season. The amount of wax to be applied also depends on the snowboard base type.

A sintered base snowboard needs more wax due to its porous nature. Since they need more wax, they tend to be faster than the extruded boards because it slides better.

However, an unwaxed snowboard with a sintered base will prove slower than an unwaxed extruded base snowboard.

Follow the following steps for waxing your board properly to keep it secure till the next snowboarding season arrives:

  • Buy warm weather or all-temperature wax if you are doing it yourself, or let the shop know the purpose behind waxing it. Tell them to use a summer wax or storage wax because you are storing it for the next season.
  • Lay your dried snowboard on a flat surface with its base facing up.
  • Bring an iron, put it on low heat (ensuring the iron doesn’t produce smoke when wax touches it), hold it over your snowboard, about four inches above.
  • Press a piece of wax against the bottom of the iron, let it melt and drip it onto the base.
  • Move the iron and wax gradually all over from tip to tail, so it evenly covers the whole surface area.
  • After you are done putting enough wax on the base, put your iron directly onto the base surface and evenly spread the wax with smooth strokes.
  • Add a few more drips if you find it insufficient.
  • Never hold the iron for too long in a place.
  • Lastly, try to cover the edges of the board too.
  • Remove the excess wax and leave the board and allow it to cool at room temperature (preferably in a warm room). Put it into a dry storage snowboard bag, and store your snowboard bag in a safe place.Now, what makes a perfect place for storage? Read the heading below to find the answer.
  • Storing Place

A snowboard and its other equipment are ideal to be stored out of direct sunlight. A cool, safe, and dry place or you can say a dark place without any direct sunlight and normal humidity level.

Do not store the board bag in basements, attics, or places that receive direct sunlight. However, a bedroom wardrobe can do if you want to store it for a prolonged period of time.

An ideal place is one with neither super high humidity nor super low humidity. The reason is that high humidity can cause rust, while low humidity can dry it out.

So, for proper snowboard storage, first put your snowboard into a zipper bag with a lock, or simply wrap it using plastic wrap. Then, dry out and pack the other snowboard equipment also like boots, snowboard bindings, and other accessories.

Stick them to the snowboard bag, so you don’t have to face the hassle of finding them at the start of the new season. And remember, putting it in a cool dark place will save you money.

Storing Position

Put your board in an upside-down position, which means it should be standing up on its tail. Make sure you haven’t put pressure on its camber or rocker sections, as it can flatten it.

Secondly, make sure nothing is leaning against it. You can also put a piece of rug under the tail, so there is less pressure on the board. Following these steps can prolong the life of the board.

Don’t Forget Your Boots and Bindings

Store a Snowboard over Summer

Snowboards are made out of durable materials and designed in a way to bear good beating. They are also made easy to clean.

So, first, remove the liners and insole if they are removable. Take a soft surface fabric or a rag and wipe the boot outside and inside using warm water and laundry detergent. You can also soak them in vinegar water for 30 minutes for a good cleaning.

How Do I Keep My Snowboard in Good Condition?

To enhance the life of a snowboard, it is essential to keep it properly maintained. Taking good care of it, either when in use or not, is the key to a long life of it.

I have explained in this article how to preserve it during the off-season, however, taking care of it while it is in use is also important. So, try to ride slopes with few natural hazards. This way, you’ll keep it from breakage or other damage.

how to maintain a snowboard

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, you owe your snowboard good care until the next season. And maintaining it is not rocket science if you follow the guidelines properly.

This way, before the first snow hits, you will be all ready to enjoy it at a perfect time without wasting your time and money.

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