Looking for a review of the best wakeboards and bindings packages, written by someone who actually wakeboards? Look no further.

Check out my list of the best wakeboards with bindings for sale right now, learn absolutely everything you need to know about wakeboards, and best of all, score some great discounts on the 2020 sales on Evo e Buywake, but also on the brand new Collezione 2021! We’re in the middle of clearance season so it’s the best time of the year to find cheap wakeboard packages.

Sure, brands love to throw around all those neo-tech, half-made-up-but-copyrighted-so-its-legit terms each year to present the new collections, but let’s be real, wakeboarding today is a mature industry. We rarely get to see major innovations year to year anymore, especially on the decks (except for Slingshot, by far the most avant-gardiste brand of the bunch these days), so if you like the look and the reduced price of a 2020 package, I say don’t sweat it and go for it!

Another great place to find huge discounts on gear at the moment is at La casa. They’re obviously having a wakeboard clearance sale and some of the stuff is down 50-60% off.

best wakeboards
I’ve been riding the Liquid Force Picco in 142 for 4 years now, an impressive durability for a 200 pounds lad, my previous Peak lasted 4 years too. I’ll switch to the 146 this year to see how it feels on the rails.

Man, that winter felt like it’d never end, right? That first session I’m going to have after 6 winter months with 2 in lockdown is going to be epic. After 5 consecutive years abroad, I came back to France in the middle of the pandemic and found a little flat in a 1000 years old town near Aix-en-Provence, with 3 cable parks I’ve never tried yet all around me… I’m chewing my own feet really.

It seems France is becoming a serious hub for wakeboarding these days, and the south’s cicadas, rosé vineyards, and hot summer nights surely give it that unique vibe you won’t find anywhere else. I’ve been thinking about writing a new post on the best wake parks in the south of France for a while actually, please let me know in the comments if that’s something you’d be interested in as I’d need to try out a few more especially west side over Toulouse and the Pays Basque.

Edit 4th April 2021: Just had my first session of the year at TNX Cable Park, such a great spot! And by the way, if you want to give cable parks a try this year but have never been to one, you can get ahead and read my complete guide on how to learn wakeboarding at a cable park.

I’ve been wakeboarding myself for over 20 years, first behind the boat (I was a yachtie for years and used to teach and tow guests all around the west med), and later shifting towards cable parks as they’ve started popping up everywhere in my 2 home countries: France and Thailand. From both my experience and some additional research, here’s what I think are the best wakeboards with bindings on the market right now.

Whether you’re a complete beginner buying a wakeboard for the first time, or you’re looking to replace your old stick and want to know where it’s at, there should be at least a couple of options for you to choose in here. And if not, don’t hesitate to call the shops and tell them exactly what you’re looking for, there’s nothing better than personalized advice!

In both sections, I’ll list different good fits for beginner wakeboards, intermediate wakeboards as well as a couple of high-end, advanced boards for the most hardcore of you. Although these are packages, nothing stops you from going for a different pair of bindings, as long as you remember about the different mounting systems and their compatibility, which I’ll talk about at the end of this post.

wakeboard packages clearance

I migliori Wakeboard per barche e Cable Park Wakeboard

Ok, questo potrebbe sembrare autoesplicativo, ma ci sono ancora alcuni dettagli che vale la pena menzionare:

Quando si sfogliano i wakeboard in vendita, si vedrà che i modelli sono costruiti per i cable park, le barche o in alcuni casi, entrambi. Mostly due to obstacles, wakeboards for cable parks will always have a special base and stronger edges. They also tend to have a softer flex on average, often with a continuous rocker and sometimes even a channels-free base (like many of the Slingshot boards), ideal for pressing hammers on those rails. While boat boards will be stiffer and have at least channels if not a whole fin set for the beginners, as they need to edge fast and aggressively towards the wake and keep a solid direction, also they will be more adapted to a moderate chop in general.

If you’re into obstacles but also air tricks at the park, you may want to consider a cable board with channels to help with pop, but if you only do obstacles, then a flat base Slingshot might rock your world. In fact, cable boards could be used behind the boat occasionally (if not too soft), but a boat board should not be used on obstacles, as without a reinforced base, it’ll deteriorate too quickly.

With regard to bindings, you’ll notice that the entry-level pairs listed in the boat category are “open toe”, while any pair in the cable category will be “closed-toe”. That’s because boat riders do not (usually) ride obstacles and often share a single setup with their crew. Having closed-toe boots in the parks is just indispensable, even for beginners. You really don’t want to lose any crucial bits whenever crashing on or off those obstacles, especially if your local park staff rarely check for loose screws. Ever knocked a pinky on the living room table? Then you know what I’m talking about.

If you can afford a pair of closed-toe bindings for boat riding and don’t plan on sharing your setup with your mates, I highly recommend it as well as even beyond safety, closed-toe boots offer such better hold and precision, you’ll never want to go back to open-toe after that, I swear.

It’s for the same safety reasons that wakeboarding helmets are mandatory in cable parks, just like life jackets or impact vests. Although they’re always available for free as part of the park deals, it’s still nice to have your own gear as the gear at disposal is usually only replaced every 5 years or so, and you have no idea how many hits those helmets already took or how strong the jacket paddings still are.

What’s the difference between life jackets and impact vests? A life jacket is only made to float and will be CGA stamped (approved by US coast guards), as these have to be sea-worthy. Impact vests on the other hand (also called comp vests) will offer less floatability but aren’t as bulky so you have freedom of movement while having much higher impact protection, crucial for park riding.

You can ride a CGA life jacket at the wake park, but wearing an impact vest at sea is actually illegal, in the US anyway.

Find more detailed info on what to look for when buying a new wakeboard like a size chart, the different types of rockers and fins or how to properly position your boots at the end of this post

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Best Boat Wakeboards

Best Beginner Wakeboard: Liquid Force Trip + Index bindings

  • Flex: Morbido
  • Bilanciere continuo
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: Canali affusolati
  • Sizes: 130, 135, 139, 144
  • Tutti i livelli
best beginner wakeboard for the boat

Maybe the most popular entry-level board from Liquid Force, the Trip has been around for a while now and this 2020 package is actually proposed by Evo with a huge 30% off! For just 350$, you get yourself a ready-to-ride setup from a tested & trusted wakeboard brand that will serve you well for many years to come (provided you give it a good rinse after every use). Plenty of sizes to choose from, and the Index bindings are comfy enough, super user-friendly, and with a fairly soft flex that makes the whole setup even more forgiving.

The M6 mounting system also leaves the door open to try any brand of bindings the day you feel ready for an upgrade, like getting a much better fitting pair of closed-toe boots with that extra precision.

Best beginner wakeboard #2: Hyperlite State 2.0 + Remix Boots

  • Flex: Morbido
  • Bilanciere continuo
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: Canali affusolati
  • Sizes: 130, 135, 145
  • Beginners – intermediate

Built for new wakeboarding converts willing to commit to the sport with an easy to handle, quick to grasp wakeboard, the Hyperlite State offers the traditional beginner mix: a soft flex with a continuous rocker and tapered channels in addition to your good old fins. If you’re looking for a cheap, but not that cheap wakeboard that you can share with your friends and guests whatever their level, this simple setup should serve you well. Especially since Evo lists the package with a 20% off discount, hard to ignore knowing this is a brand new 2021 set up.

Continuous rockers have the advantage of being fast on the water and allow smooth carving, which makes this board great for practicing those wide turns far out the wake, an indispensable step needed to later be able to approach back in with enough speed and pop your first airs off the wake. Extra juju points: it also makes your landings much softer and more forgiving.

Bindings-wise, the budget-friendly Remix bindings from Hyperlite might not be the highest performance boots out there, but if all you need is comfort, durability, and sharability, then, by all means, save the bucks and go for these. With tightening lace points both at the ankle and upper-end point, and a soft footbed laid on the whole inner part of the base arch, your heel will stay nicely down there and your sole comfortably supported.

Best intermediate wakeboard: Attacchi Liquid Force RDX + Classic 6X

  • Flex: medio rigido
  • Dondolo a 3 stadi
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: Canali
  • 133, 139, 144
  • Da intermedio ad avanzato

Per prima cosa, se non avete mai sentito parlare del fenomeno del Quebec Raph Derome, date un'occhiata al montaggio qui sotto! Personalmente, penso che questo ragazzo sia la personificazione dello stile, e mi ricorda anche un po' lo stile di Shane Bonifay ai suoi tempi migliori.

Questa è in realtà la RDX del 2017 che sta cavalcando in questo LF edit. Il modello pro di Raph è una tavola che porterà il rider intermedio a nuove altezze e confini sconosciuti. Con un flex medio-rigido e un rocker aggressivo a 3 stadi, trova l'equilibrio tra accessibilità e prestazioni.

Anche se viene fornito con una pinna centrale rimovibile, la mia ipotesi è che non sarà nemmeno necessario metterla, in quanto le pinne già quad modellate in ogni angolo, oltre ai canali, dovrebbero essere più che sufficienti per arrivare alla scia con una presa veloce ma ferma e far saltare quella ciliegia come se fosse il 1969.

Per eguagliare la statura della RDX, questo pacchetto viene fornito con Attacchi LF's Classic 6x, a medium-range, closed-toe pair of boots with a sexy-sounding “Honeycomb Cushioning System” under the sole, dual lacing points ankle – top, medium flex, and a slightly wide fit. Personally, I’m falling for the dark leathery shell and seriously tough-looking chassis.

Ora, se il budget non è un fattore e stai cercando la versione di livello superiore di questo setup, allora potresti anche dare un'occhiata al RDX: versione Aero. In parole povere: C4 Carbon sulla parte superiore e sulla base, nucleo leggero divinycell, 1 kg più leggero (2,2 lbs), molto più alto. Ma anche il sistema Flex Track e Attacchi a punta chiusa Idol 4D (in questo pacchetto), anche quello di Raph, quindi sapete di essere in buoni rapporti.

A similar alternative to the RDX, check out Hyperlite’s Murray + Team OT wakeboard package, all-time legend, pro wakeboarder Shaun Murray’s own pro model is back on the lineup this year with a great board for intermediate to advanced boat riders.

Spingi i tuoi limiti: Slingshot Pill + RAD Bindings

  • Flex: Rigido
  • Dondolo a 3 stadi
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: Canali
  • Taglie: 138, 142, 146
  • Intermedio - avanzato

You may have noticed by now, whenever Slingshot tries something new, they just go full-on. No half-measures. La pillola potrebbe essere l'unica tavola da barca nella loro lineup, ma amico, non c'è compromesso, nessuna pietà, nessuna resa. Rigida come la tua virilità dopo una pillola di Viagra (in realtà mi chiedo se è da lì che viene il nome), e con un rocker aggressivo a 3 stadi, questo concetto all-in di una tavola ti farà saltare più in alto e più lontano di qualsiasi cosa tu abbia provato prima.

Forse l'unica tavola di tutta questa lista che non consiglierei a un principiante assoluto, richiederà un minimo di abilità ed esperienza per rivelare i suoi veri poteri.

Venendo con la pillola in questo pacchetto di wakeboard è un paio di Attacchi RAD, the flagship performance model of Slingshot’s bindings range. Synthesizing everything they’ve learned until today into this pair of low profile, no B.S boots, the particularity here is that they’ve combined 2 closing systems: laces all around and an additional gummy strap over the top, allowing for the closest adaptation to your foot, ankle, calf, and tibia as possible.

Finally, as the alpha boot of the herd, the Rad is of course closed-toe, for maximum precision and responsiveness. Although I’ve listed the 2021 package here, I hear there are still a few 2020 sets laying around in the backroom with a nice little discount!

Best women’s wakeboard with bindings: Firma + Firma attacchi da donna

  • Rigidità: Rigido
  • Dondolo a 3 stadi
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: canali 
  • 132, 136
  • Intermedio - Avanzato

La firma is Ronix’s intermediate to advanced women’s board, but I have a feeling she’d be accessible to slightly less experienced riders as well. In fact, I’m kind of surprised this comes only in 132 and 136cm, there are probably many ladies out there who might be too tall for a 136 in my opinion. Like, in the Netherlands, for example, just a 4 hours drive from here; what about Dutch girls? You’re just going to ignore them, you slippery oysters! (But hey with all of Belgium to cross, sounds like a great road trip right?).

Ok, sono andato alla deriva.

Il flex di Signature che si appoggia sul lato più rigido, combinato con un rocker a 3 stadi, è in realtà piuttosto radicale come tavola da barca. La base concava e cosa? Il flex segreto?... E cosa ci faccio adesso?

Quindi, base concava sia: questo ha un effetto sulla morbidezza dei tuoi atterraggi. Fare grandi voli è bello e tutto, ma arriva un momento in cui devi atterrare questa roba, e con un rocker a 3 stadi, vuoi una sorta di effetto cuscino per facilitare i grandi atterraggi.

Il relativo Attacchi firmati che arriva con questo set non è solo qui per addolcire l'affare, è lo stivale femminile più avanzato di Ronix nella loro lineup, scolpito con tutta la finezza necessaria per dare giustizia alle calzature di kick-butting della femmina.

Tasca sul tallone, c'è. Schiuma più morbida, c'è. AutoLock, fatto. Design malato, c'è. Salta dentro e vai avanti.

Cable Park Wakeboards

Best beginner wakeboard: Liquid Force Reverse + attacchi Tao 6X

  • Flex: medio
  • rocker a 3 stadi
  • Sistema di attacchi: M6
  • Base: Canali
  • Taglie: 138, 143, 148
  • Tutti i livelli
wakeboard per i parchi a fune

La prima della lista è la tavola preferita di Tom Fooshee, la Invertire. Although it’s being ridden by the pros, this is actually a very fine choice for quick learning beginners and intermediate riders, thanks to a progressive 3 stage rocker and medium flex, as well as light channels that will help you keep your edges in place whenever you feel ready to ditch the fins. This board is just a great all-rounder at the park and will serve you well all along your learning curve.

Insieme al Reverse in questo pacchetto ci sono i Attacchi Tao 6X. With a wide fit and featuring a super quick lacing system, these are Thai ripper Daniel Grant’s pro bindings. Daniel basically grew up on a cable park and has become a truly explosive rider who’s just good at everything. Kickers, rails, air tricks — the guy even wins some comps in the wakeskate category… So it makes sense that his boots are able to handle it all.

Anche se è chiaro che propendono per il lato più morbido, quando si accoppiano con il rocker a 3 stadi del Reverse, si finisce per avere il meglio dei due mondi: un posizionamento del piede super flessibile e confortevole, con una tavola reattiva che ti manderà in orbita come i razzi di Elon.

Opzione alternativa: Slingshot Terrain + attacchi RAD = Super soft wakeboard per principianti

Best intermediate wakeboard: Slingshot Coalition + Rad Bindings

  • Flex: Medio morbido
  • Bilanciere ibrido
  • Sistema di attacchi: M6
  • Base: Rotaie rivestite
  • Sizes: 145, 149, 153, 157
  • Tutti i livelli

Soprannominato il "coltello da burro più caldo della cucina", il Coalizione is one of Slingshot’s flagship park boards. With a medium-soft flex and a nearly flat base (chined rails only), it’s designed with a slight preference for rails but can still hit just about anything. Whether it’s a brand new, oil slippery obstacle, an old dodgy-looking kicker that screams 10-inch stitches, or a 20 feet long set of bricks, it will eat it all and ask for more. The hybrid rocker is really what makes it a great all-rounder here.

Much appreciated from Slingshot is the wide range of sizes available as well as additional 5th inserts on the inner side. In Europe and France especially, the trend is now shifting towards longer boards ridden with stances that just keep getting narrower and narrower (The “skinny” stance). Many youngsters these days seem to love the extra help in pushing those presses on the rails or spinning faster rotations off the kicker.

Per quanto riguarda il Rad Bindings, do not get confused by the K9 label; this actually refers to Slingshot boots’ side rails where the screws come, which are M6. The Rad boots are meant to be the easiest and quickest boots of the Slingshot range, and that’s mostly achieved through a closing system made of 2 simple but strong as hell gummy straps. These are made of high-tension Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Basically the speed and simplicity of water-phobic Velcro, without the inevitable loss of stickiness over time.

Molto interessante è anche quello che Slingshot chiama "direct connect". Togliendo il guscio duro sulla maggior parte della parte interna della base dello scarpone e sostituendolo con 2 grandi suole morbide, si ottiene una flessibilità più profonda sotto il piede e una connessione molto più intima con la tavola. Niente scherzi ancora per favore, non abbiamo finito!

Learn air tricks: Attacchi Liquid Force Peak + Peak 4D

  • Flex: Medio rigido
  • rocker a 3 stadi
  • Attacchi: Flex Track (ottimizzato per il 4D ma compatibile con qualsiasi attacco M6)
  • Base: Canali
  • Taglie: 138, 142, 146
  • Intermedio - Avanzato
cable park wakeboards Liquid Force Peak con attacchi Peak

Ah, eccola che arriva, l'amore della mia vita. Ho cavalcato il Picco da circa 6 anni. Ho comprato prima il modello 2014, e poi il modello 2017, che sto ancora guidando fino ad oggi. Anche se mi piace testare le tavole degli altri di tanto in tanto, questa bellissima tavola si adatta perfettamente al mio stile, e una volta trovata quella giusta, sai, è difficile non affezionarsi.

Ora non consiglierei questa tavola ai principianti assoluti; è leggermente più rigida dal punto di vista del flex e il rocker a 3 stadi si sente decisamente in ogni situazione.

Ma ecco perché penso che questa sia la tavola perfetta per un rider che ha superato le basi ed è pronto a sperimentare air tricks e kickers. Imparare a fare air tricks, specialmente, può essere un osso duro; quei primissimi raileys sbagliati possono sicuramente togliere un bel po' di fiducia, quindi avere una tavola che metta davvero tutte le possibilità dalla tua parte può essere un cambio di gioco.

Anche se si comporta bene sulle rotaie, questo non è proprio il suo modo preferito di espressione. Richiederà più impegno e abilità per raggiungere il pieno potenziale lì, rispetto a un continuo rocker softie.

German ripper Nico Von Lerchenfeld’s pro model also comes with pretty sick graphics this year, hand-drawn by the man himself. Nico’s a good example of someone whose board-particular flex doesn’t stop him from shredding whatever comes his way.

Per ottenere davvero il meglio del Liquid Force Peak, non esitate a prendere il corrispondente Attacchi Peak 4D inclusi in questo pacchetto. Oltre ad offrire il setup di stance più preciso grazie al sistema Flex Track, mi piace particolarmente il fatto che questi siano avvitati con un angolo di 45° e non perpendicolare alla tavola, perché spesso è un dolore dover manipolare il cacciavite quando è così vicino al guscio dello scarpone. Non è un problema quando non si tolgono mai gli attacchi dalla tavola, ma se si viaggia spesso e si deve smontare regolarmente il proprio setup, questa semplice idea può essere molto utile.

The Peak bindings lean just slightly on the softer side for a comfy but still firm enough hold, and feature removable liners for cases where you don’t want to walk around barefoot (obviously you can also leave them in the boot’s shell, it’s all up to you). Finally, the fit inside these boots is indicated as a medium, so it will welcome most feet shapes.

Best womens wakeboard package: Attacchi Liquid Force Virago + Vale 4D

  • Flex: medio morbido
  • Bilanciere continuo
  • Attacchi: Pista Flex
  • Base: Canali
  • Taglie:137, 142, 147
  • Tutti i livelli
Cable park wakeboards

Il primo modello pro di Anna Nikstad è, secondo me, una grande scelta per voi ragazze che vi siete davvero appassionate al wakeboarding e vi sentite pronte ad impegnarvi con una tavola che rimarrà rilevante lungo tutta la vostra curva di apprendimento.

Con un flex medio-morbido e un rocker continuo, è molto maneggevole per i principianti, farà meraviglie sui tuoi primi rail e kicker, e grazie ai canali a triplo concavo, ti permetterà anche di togliere le pinne e sentire ancora un po' di grip quando ti fai strada dentro e fuori.

Come al solito con le schede a cavo Liquid Force, il Virago Viene anche fornito con la base di macinazione sinterizzata di LF in modo da non doversi preoccupare di danneggiare lo scafo sugli ostacoli.

Accoppiate il Virago con gli eleganti attacchi pro di Anna, il Vale 4D, designed with women’s foot in mind and a medium flex for a firm but comfortable foothold, and you get a park ripping machine that’ll see you improve faster than ever.

Like the Peak 4D, the Vale also comes with removable walk-out liners, an advanced lacing system, and a medium fit that’ll welcome most foot shapes. Just remember that if Flex Track boards can accept both 4D and M6 bindings, 4D bindings are only compatible with Flex Track boards.

Ritorno al futuro: Slingshot Space Mob + Attacchi Space Mob

  • Flex: Medio (naso morbido)
  • Bilanciere continuo
  • Attacchi: M6
  • Base: Piatto - senza pinne
  • Asimmetrico
  • Dimensione: 160
  • Tutti i livelli

Se il Mafia spaziale fosse un'auto, sarebbe probabilmente la Delorean di Doc e Marty. Questa cosa è venuta fuori dal nulla, retro AF, ma in realtà è diventata uno dei best-seller di Slingshot quest'anno, che ci crediate o no.

Se vi sentite nostalgici ricordando il vostro primo skurfer e sono desiderosi di una sessione di blast from the past, o un adolescente appena cresciuto e annoiato dal conformismo che vuole provare qualcosa di totalmente diverso, lo Space Mob potrebbe benissimo afferrarti - e chissà, anche diventare il tuo bastone preferito nella tua faretra.

In the true spirit of Slingshot’s out-of-the-box, don’t-take-yourself-so-seriously philosophy, this is a board made for fun, and fun it delivers. Put the super tunable Attacchi Space Mob su quella directional-asymmetrical-slash-gender-neutral-weirdo e cavalcarla come una pistola a polvere fresca, o non farlo e andare con un piede in aria come se non ti importasse. Mandaci le foto però e potremmo inserirle qui accreditando il tuo nome o la tua squadra.

Is a bigger wakeboard better?

wakeboard size chart

Regarding wakeboard sizes, you can use the wakeboard size chart above as a reference (for the US anyway, right now in 2021 in Europe you can add 10 cm to all these numbers easily), just keep in mind that personal preference also has a lot to do with what size of board you should go for.

Se sei un wakeboarder intermedio, allora potresti già sapere se ti piacciono le tavole grandi o normali, e quale larghezza di stance ti piace guidare. (stai lontano dalle tavole che sono chiaramente troppo piccole per il tuo peso il più possibile)

Come principiante che prende la sua prima tavola, le consiglio di attenersi alla tabella di cui sopra o, ancora meglio, alle tabelle delle dimensioni specifiche delle tavole che di solito si trovano sulla pagina del prodotto del nostro partner. Puoi andare per una taglia più grande di quella suggerita se sai che ti piace quella galleggiabilità extra o semplicemente vuoi provare questa vecchia tendenza del continente, ma di nuovo, non vuoi davvero andare più piccolo.

Continuous or 3 stage rocker?

Il rocker del tuo wakeboard si riferisce semplicemente al suo tipo di costruzione. Un rocker continuo va dalla coda al naso in un'unica curva, come una banana, mentre un rocker a 3 stadi assomiglia più a un moderno skateboard, le punte sono ancora curve, ma la base è piatta.

Questo è indipendente dal flex della tavola (di cui parleremo tra poco) e influenza soprattutto il pop, la velocità e il controllo della tavola.

Un rocker a 3 stadi ti darà quel rimbalzo in più nel tuo pop, poiché rende la tavola più reattiva ai salti; ma la rende anche un po' più lenta, poiché tende a spingere acqua invece di tagliando attraverso è. Una base piatta significa un po' meno controllo nelle tue curve, poiché rende le pinne e i canali meno efficaci, ma rende anche i tuoi atterraggi un po' più intensi.

Tieni presente che i rocker continui sono in genere più adatti a colpire i rail, poiché la forma ti aiuta effettivamente a spingere in quelle pressioni nose e tail, mentre un rocker a 3 stadi lo rende più impegnativo.

It would then make sense that beginners would prefer continuous rockers, as they are just a bit easier to handle. But in reality, starting out with a 3 stage rocker isn’t that bad, and if you’ve never tried such a board I’d honestly suggest giving it a go. If you already have a basic level and feel more attracted to kickers, air tricks, or boat riding, then don’t hesitate to go for 3 stage rockers.

A quick edit I’ve done while utterly bored in yet another lockdown. I’ve lived in Pranburi, Thailand for most of the last 10 years

Do all bindings fit all wakeboards?

Even though I’ve only listed wakeboard + bindings packages here (so you won’t have to worry about whether they are compatible) it’s still important to know the different bindings systems that exist for the time you’ll want to buy bindings by themselves. Bindings usually don’t last as long as the decks, so that time will inevitably come.

Per mantenerlo semplice, in questa lista troverete sia il classico Inserti M6 o un sistema ferroviario chiamato Flex Track (per la scheda) o 4D (per gli attacchi) di Liquid Force. L'M6 è sicuramente il più comune per molte marche, ma alcuni modelli offrono il sistema a binario, che permette una maggiore precisione nell'impostazione dello stance (stance = larghezza tra i due piedi), e presumibilmente una migliore tenuta.

Fatto importante: puoi mettere gli attacchi M6 sulle tavole Liquid Force Flex Track, ma non puoi mettere gli attacchi Flex Track sulle tavole M6. Idealmente, però, vorrai gli attacchi Flex Track con i loro corrispondenti attacchi 4D.

It seems to me that all the major wakeboard brands are shifting to a mix of a proprietary mounting system while still offering the universal M6 option. Hyperlite also has its own system which is similar to snowboard bindings, with the structure of the binding staying on the board permanently, with only the boot liner coming out so you can walk around in wet sloppy boots. No need to say I don’t find these especially attractive… unless your local park chose gravel to line up the walk of shame. Sick bastards.

How to position your bindings?

First you need to know whether you’re regular or goofy, regular means having the left foot forward while it’s the right foot for goofy. Typically it is your strongest leg forward, if you’re not sure which one that is, try jumping on one leg repeatedly and see on which one you feel better control over. Then you should try to find your favorite stance, which is the width in between the 2 bindings.

A good way to experiment is simply to fit your boots in without screwing them on and just test a few different stances, and then confirm that with a little session. Some like narrow stances (The new breed of European riders), while others like a wide stance (the old school US way which I prefer, I’m at a 60cm stance for a 6’2 height).

Finally, you can decide what your angles will be. Again it’s good to experiment with this, but as a starting point, I would advise between -8° and 0° on the back foot and between +12° to +16° on the front foot. Once you’re comfortable with that and feel ready to tackle riding switch (so any foot forward), you can try having the same angle on each foot, such as -18° and +18° which are my own angles.

Remember this is all very personal and you may only find your perfect settings by trial and error and a bit of experience.

How do fins and channels work?

Wakeboard fins serve a simple function, to add stability and lock in your board in the direction you’re going, which is very useful for beginners still grasping the sport. But you will find that once you’re past a basic level and are ready to experiment and really improve, they can quickly become more annoying than helpful. This is why all fins are easily removable. Obviously, you’ll also have to take them off before you start hitting any kind of obstacle.

Channels, on the other hand, are a bit different. Molded into the board, they’re here to stay — but are much more mellow than fins. Some boards have them, others not, no matter the level. Usually, soft, continuous rocker boards made to hit obstacles (rails in particular) will have a perfectly flat base to make sliding as fluid as possible; while stiffer, 3 stage rocker boards may feature light to moderate channels to help with carving and especially air tricks, helping you to lock in your edge and pop stronger and higher.

Who makes the best wakeboards?

Ho scelto di presentare le seguenti marche perché o ho cavalcato ampiamente il loro materiale, o ho testato alcuni dei loro modelli (tranne Hyperlite). Il mio setup preferito negli ultimi 7 anni è stato il Liquid Force Peak con gli attacchi Ronix One e poi Kinetik. Ho anche cavalcato tavole Ronix e Slingshot qua e là, testando occasionalmente i setup degli amici.

Ronix Wakeboards (fondato nel 1990) è un marchio costruito da un paio di leggende del wakeboarding, in particolare Parks Bonifay e Danny Harf, e ha una forte inclinazione per la guida in barca, realizzando tavole esplosive sulla scia.

Oggi Fionda (fondata nel 1999) produce tutti i tipi di attrezzatura, sia per il kitesurf, SUP, foiling e oltre. Ma la sua gamma di wakeboard è veramente esplosa con l'aumento dei cable park, dato che Slingshot produce quasi esclusivamente tavole da park. Sono particolarmente noti per i loro mostri che colpiscono i rail cavalcati da artisti del calibro di Shredtown, James Windsor o Steffen Vollert.

Forza liquida (founded in 1995) might be the best-known wakeboarding brand out there, thanks to their determination to make gear for absolutely everyone, boat and cable, air tricks and rails, wakesurf and wakeskate. Whatever you need, they’ll have it. I have been riding Liquid Force boards for a while now — 3 stage rockers mostly — and can tell you with total confidence, their boards are flawless, tough as hell, and will follow you til’ the end, for better or worse.

Finalmente, Hyperlite has been on the front scene of wakeboarding for ages now and is very popular with yacht captains and owners for some reason. Having worked as a deckhand on quite a few 100 ft + ships and always being the one in charge for wakeboarding tours with the dinghy, 90% of the time, the gear is either Hyperlite or O'Brien. Entrambi sono arrivati un po' tardi nella rivoluzione dei cavi, ma sicuramente fanno dei bastoni da barca dannatamente buoni.

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