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It’s hard to go snowboarding without an epic pair of gloves; without a good pair, you will be left out in the cold. The first time I went snowboarding and got the wrong gloves, I went home early, and that’s a disappointment I don’t want you to have to face.

It’s not even about grabbing warm gloves or mittens but making sure you also have properly fitted gloves or, better yet, best-heated glove liners.

Gloves vs. Mittens: What is Better for Snowboarding and Skiing?

When it comes to snowboarding and skiing, the debate of gloves vs. mittens has been around for years. So, what is the best option for these winter sports? Now, it really depends on personal preference, but there are some pros and cons to each option that you should consider before hitting the slopes.

Snow gloves offer more dexterity and are likely to cause cold fingers since they aren’t all crammed together like in a mitten. However, snowboarding mittens are warmer since they trap your body heat better. If you tend to get cold easily, mittens might be your better option to keep your fingers warm.

Another thing to consider is the material your gloves or mittens are made of. If you plan to be in the snow for a long time, you’ll want something waterproof and breathable to avoid being sweaty and uncomfortable.

 Ultimately, the decision of gloves vs. mittens comes down to personal priorities. Consider what is most important to you – warmth, dexterity, or style – and choose accordingly. Whichever option you choose, enjoy your time on the slopes and stay warm!

why do snowboarders wear mittens

Best Snowboarding Gloves

Many different types of gloves can be used for snowboarding and skiing, but there are also specific wrist guard snowboarding gloves. When choosing gloves, the most crucial factor to consider is how well they protect cold hands in extremely cold weather.

If you wear thinner gloves that will not provide enough insulation, gloves that are too thick can make it difficult to grip your poles or handle your ski bindings. Don’t fret, you can find a removable liner glove to give you added protection.

The most popular type of glove for snowboarding and skiing is the insulated glove. These gloves are made with various materials, such as down or synthetic insulation. Insulated gloves are lightweight gloves that provide a high level of warmth.

Finally, there are waterproof gloves, which are essential for any snowboarder or skier. Waterproof gloves keep your hands dry and warm, even if you fall into the snow. My favorite part is having nice toasty hands so I can rip those mountains all day long.

Best Snowboarding Mittens

gloves vs mittens snowboarding

Mittens are the best gear for cold weather, especially when it’s biting cold. You want to purchase properly fitted mittens to ensure your fingers are thoroughly protected.

They are usually made from a variety of materials, such as wool, fleece, or down, and typically have a thumb and two or four fingers.

Mittens are often used for snowboarding and skiing, providing more warmth than gloves and allowing the fingers to move more freely.

Lobster Mitts

Lobster Mitts is a ski and snowboard brand founded in 2010 by Dwayne Wimmer and Janis Neumanis. The brand is based in Vancouver, Canada. Lobster produces high-quality, innovative snowboards and skis that are designed for all levels of riders.

The company’s goal is to provide riders with the best possible experience on the mountain, whether they are just starting out or are experienced riders.

If you want to wear mittens, these are one of the best designs to go with whether you choose this particular brand or not. Lobster mitts will keep your finger warmer against the cold air but aren’t great for grasping as heated ski gloves would.

3-in-1 Mitts

gloves or mittens for snowboarding

3-in-1 mitts allow the user to enjoy snowboarding and skiing with one piece of equipment. This is a best skiing glove and gives you the benefits of what properly fitted gloves provide.

This equipment is ideal for those who want to enjoy snowboarding and skiing, as it eliminates the need to carry two separate sets of equipment.

Are Gloves or Mittens Better For

Let’s compare gloves and mittens against various features:

Mobility Gloves

When handling objects that need finesse, gloves are preferable, but they won’t give you that toasty feeling and won’t keep you as warm in cold temperatures as mitts would.

Any of these snowboarding tasks would be very challenging when wearing mittens. This is because, like an oven glove, mittens have rounded tips. Since there is nothing to cushion the knuckles, you can only utilize so much of each finger.

You have little fine-motor control and can only open and shut your hand and grasp items in a primitive fashion. If this is what you’re looking for, it’s mittens win!

Freedom of movement is important to a lot of snowboarders, gloves are superior and will allow you to grip a ski pole better.


In a head-to-head comparison, mittens are often considered warmer than gloves because they trap air between the wearer’s hands more effectively than individual fingers do.

This is because the warm air in the pocket may be more evenly distributed, and your fingers can share the warmth. It also means less of the surface is exposed to the weather. Water-resistant gloves are a great way to keep your hands dry and warm.

How gloves are created determines how warm they will be, and there’s a clear difference between snowboarding gloves and mittens. Whether you go for gloves or mittens, a fleece lining like Burton will help keep your hands toasty and your core warm.

Many gloves and mittens feature a long cuff that goes over or inside your jacket sleeve to make a perfect seal.

Breathing and Waterproofing

Gloves offer better breathability and are more water resistant than mittens, although this may vary depending on the materials used and the glove’s design. When I make a choice, it comes down to comfort and warmth.

Touchscreen Capability

ski gloves vs mittens

Gloves with touchscreen compatibility include materials on the fingers that enable you to control phones or other touchscreen devices, such as a camera, while wearing your gloves.

This means you can make phone calls, snap photographs, and use electronics without exposing your naked skin. That implies the mountain will be warmer.

Most gloves lack touchscreen connectivity, most common in light to medium-weight winter gloves with appropriate dexterity to handle a smartphone. So, don’t compromise warmth for touchscreen capabilities unless you need this function.

Wearing touchscreen-compatible glove liners as an option enables you to cover up exposed flesh while increasing dexterity. It’s more important to have your hands warm, than technology or zippered pockets.

Gloves vs Mittens for Snowboarding

Many snowboarders use mittens since they don’t require the additional dexterity to handle poles and may benefit from maximum warmth.

Many snowboarders wear gloves, which makes taking off and putting on bindings at the beginning and conclusion of each run much simpler. However, since the fingers don’t need to be perfect inside each pocket, many people find putting on and taking off mittens simpler.

I have found mittens claustrophobic and restricting at times, but I enjoyed the added warmth and comfortable feeling they bring. Every snowboarder has their preference, so if you possess a set of gloves and are thinking about switching, take a run in a friend’s mitts and see how you like them.

Gloves vs Mittens for Skiing

Most skiers wear gloves because they make them more flexible and easier to handle their equipment. But you can ski just fine with mittens on, though it might take a little while to get used to how the poles feel in your hands.

Skiers can hold their poles with mittens on and place the grip between their thumb and index finger. The grip won’t be as firm as when you wear gloves, and it may feel strange at first, but you can do it.

Lobster mittens, which have a separate thumb and index finger pockets, would be the best compromise. This gives you much more control because you can put your thumb and finger together without using the other three fingers.        

We know there are pros and cons to both, and you will have to make that decision on your own. The huge benefit to mittens, as we’ve said, is that they’re warmer, but gloves are easier to take on and off, and you can grip items. Now, the decision is, what is more important to you?

What to Look for When Buying Mittens and Gloves for Skiing and Snowboarding?

There are a few things to look for when buying ski and snowboard gloves and mittens. Firstly, you want to make sure that the gloves are waterproof. This is important because you don’t want your hands to get cold and wet while on the slopes. Secondly, you want to make sure that the gloves are warm.

Thirdly, you want to make sure that the gloves fit well. This is important because you don’t want your hands to be too tight or too loose in the gloves.

Lastly, you want to ensure the gloves have a good grip. This is important because you don’t want your hands to slip off the ski poles or the top snowboard.

gloves vs mittens skiing

Gloves or Mittens in Spring

There are several reasons why gloves are better than mittens in spring. Gloves are generally more comfortable than mittens, allowing for more dexterity and independence of movement for activities like biking or gardening.

They also provide more protection from the elements, keeping your hands warmer in cold weather and dryer in wet weather. In addition, gloves are less likely to get lost than mittens, and they come in various colors and styles to match your spring wardrobe.

If you’re a skier or snowboarder who wants to attempt either activity for the first time but already have a pair of gloves, there’s no need to spend money on mittens. You can ski and snowboard in the same set of gloves.

It’s worth investing in a new pair of snowboard gloves only if you’re serious about the sport and would benefit from the additional protection or warmth.

Final Words

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you choose mittens or ski gloves. Whatever makes you happy, snowboarders! First and foremost, do what works for you rather than what seems to be hip. Keep warm and enjoy the scenery.

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