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Alaska is a paradise for snow buffs who love adventures in the white blanket concealing tall mountains.

Also known as The Last Frontier, it is perched on the western part of America.

No matter you are an admirer of cat skiing or night skiing, or whether you want to glide through nordic trails or explore a hidden valley right in the middle of Alaska, this place offers you all!

The Best Ski Resorts In Alaska are safe and secure and offer glorious ski runs to the snow junkies.

Our Top Picks of the Best Ski Resorts In Alaska

The peak winter season is fast approaching, and you still can’t find the sweet spot to glide through the snow in Alaska.

Not a problem!

In this article, I will walk you through some of the best ski resorts in Alaska and will put forward all their goods and bads! Once you reach the end, you will surely be able to make a decision and pick up your next vacation destination!

1. Alyeska Resort

The Alyeska Resort tops the list of the best ski resorts you can ever find in Alaska, and rightfully so! The winter activities at this ski resort are tremendous, and there will not be a single dull moment while you are on your trip!

Features Worth-Mentioning

While planning your ski trip to Alyeska resort, just be prepared to bring a few extra layers of clothing to deal with the gigantic mountain faces and the glorious glistening glaciers.

The quality of powder at the Chugach mountains is top-notch throughout the year, and the hilltop ski area is absolutely what dreams are made of!

best skiing in alaska

At the high-elevation points of south-facing slopes, the ski resort offers cross-country skiing as well as heli-skiing. With six runs, you would be able to view the snow-clad trees, the extensive moose mountain, and even the Chugach mountain range.

At this height, the weather conditions twirl between being bearable to seriously cold, so make sure to have your favorite warmers around!

With an extensive 1,610 skiable acres around Alyeska resort, you would get a diverse terrain to ski around. For experienced skiers, skidding through the twists won’t be a problem.

But, if you want some quick classes, get enrolled in the private or group lessons available for skiers of all ages.

Once you are done skiing for the day at the Chugach mountains and have returned the equipment to the rental shop, you can amuse yourself with the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts or visit the Girdwood Town Square. Both of them are a few kilometers from the resort.

The delicious coffee at Aurora café is also worth-mentioning!

This resort gives you the chance of a lifetime to experience the vast wildlife, thanks to the hospitable Chugach powder guides. If you are still wondering how you would reach this Alaska ski resort, here’s some good news. The closest airport to it is merely 51 minutes far away, which is the Ted Stevens Anchorage Intl. Airport.

One thing worth mentioning here is the aerial tram. It lets you have a panoramic view of the entire mountain in the most unique manner possible! Also, once you are done with all these adventures, simply enjoy the massage services at the spa, and you’ll feel relaxed instantly!

Though the lodges are great, and you would love their warm vibes, I didn’t really relish the food served. There is a serious upgradation needed in order to offer scrumptious food, which is hot as well, for the tired, drained skiers at the end of their adventure.

2. Eaglecrest Ski Area

Honestly speaking, Eaglecrest is not really famous. A lot of newbie skiers don’t really know about the existence of this snowboard resort, and it’s a real shame cause I instantly fell in love with the Eaglecrest Ski Area.

Also, if you are fond of natural beauty, just like me, you would be glad to know that you can delight yourself in the Alaskan wilderness through the backcountry access.

Feature To Look out For

Around 30% of the terrain at the vertical drop is composed of advanced runs. Hence, for advanced skiers, this resort at Douglas island is a dream come true! Though the Snowsports School offers lessons for a beginner, it’s better for them to enjoy a day of side country at Eaglecrest.

It’s insane how a couple of smart moves can help you save huge bucks while skiing in the Eaglecrest ski area. Buying a season pass to Eaglecrest ski resort is definitely the best way to avail yourself of some great discounts.

alaska ski season

Also, rather than buying new gear, just get it from the rental shop and save money!

These passes are based on the age of the skier, and as the winter season starts on December 3, 2022, it’s better to grab the opportunity as soonest as possible.

Wanna save on ski lifts at this ski resort in Alaska as well? Get your hands on the Flex Pass or Multi-Visit Card.

Apart from seeking the joy of looking at the mountain from this extensive chairlift in North America, you can opt for a variety of other elements of the terrain, including an open bowl, steep cliffs, and a glorious wind lip.

Dining options close to the Eaglecrest ski resort are plenty! I particularly liked the Deckhand Dave’s for its finger-licking famous breakfast burrito and the Island Pub for serving chilled drinks!

Though the option to buy the lift tickets online in advance is great, I couldn’t avail myself of any advantage by being a tech freak. Half the time, the lift lines are closed owing to extensive snowing and unfavorable weather conditions.

Maybe you, just like many skiers I have shared this experience with, would also have to come back without taking the pleasure of the ski lifts.

3. Mount Eyak Ski Area

Offering moderate to expert difficulty levels to the skiers, the Mount Eyak Ski Area offers an elevation gain of around 2506 ft, which is quite incredible. Also, what makes this resort in Alaska so famous amongst ski lovers is its year-round activity.

Features Worth Mentioning

This mountain is a small one, which has thirty trails available for skiing. You would see an endless supply of fresh powder, which is enough for you to fall in love with it! Considering your level of expertise, you can choose the trail at your convenience and amuse yourself with all the skiing.

The downhill skiing here is a great pick for intermediate and advanced skiers. With the tracks on this ski hill being well-groomed, the gorgeous powder on it is sure to take your breath away.

Don’t have the skiing equipment with you? Not a problem. You can always rent the gear from the management and make the fullest of the skiing adventure. For intermediate skiers and expert adventurers, a huge variety of options are available.

alaska skiing season

Staying here would be a total blast! There are so many things you can do here. With its location being so close to the famous Miles Glacier Bridge, it gets quite a lot of love from the tourists coming in here from all across the globe.

The spot is perfect for snowboarding and night skiing. The annual snowfall is around 350 inches, which makes this terrain park a reliable spot for all your winter sports.

Also, if you are worried about your stay in this far-off part of the planet, don’t let it make you anxious, as the place is fairly big and has a plethora of accommodation options.

I personally loved the Orca Adventure Lodge for its amazing breakfast options, the Reluctant Fisherman Inn for the exquisite rooms, and the Bear’s Den Cabins for a great view of the Eyak river.

Despite being so incredible, the resort comes with only a single chairlift. This causes great chaos when the visitors are in huge numbers, and the lift ticket lines keep moving at the speed of a snail.

4. Arctic Valley Ski Area

Arctic Valley Ski Area is the perfect go-to place if you’re planning to take the advantage of the winter snow to its fullest by skiing, riding, and tubing. The vertical drop will satisfy your adrenaline to the core, while the tree line cladded in white snow would make your aesthetic sense feel relieved.

Features Worth Mentioning

Stay right in the Arctic Valley Ski Area to get a real taste of the local life of this place, as it’s a quick drive away from Anchorage downtown.

Arctic Valley Ski Area also has the reputation of having glorious snowfall all year round. But, if you are visiting it for the first time ever and have loads of questions in mind, you would see some of the friendliest staff members glad to answer all your queries.

The hilly area of the Arctic valley itself is pretty small. If you have good skiing skills, you would be able to ski around this area efficiently. Also, if you are looking forward to a secluded vacation and don’t wanna see too much crowd, this is a great option to avail yourself of.

alaskan ski resorts

There are loads of kid-friendly activities, and your children will love being part of them. Especially, the tube park is something that they’ll surely adore the most!

A word of caution: This place can get really pricey for your expectations. Hence, if you are planning a trip to get the fullest of the peak elevation, make sure to keep a thick budget in mind.

Watching the wildlife and fresh snow would obviously require you to pay some extra bucks duh!!

5. Ski Land Ski Area

Having its peak season from mid-December to early April, the Ski Land Ski Area is surely worth planning a visit to. It has around seventeen km of slopes, and you’ll get to witness the Furthest North Chairlift on the Continent.

Features Worth Discussing

For a true Alaskan snow experience, the double chair, Sunny Side Wonder Carpet, and the Silver Star Express Lift, and the farthest north chairlift, this is one of the best ski spots to opt for.

Most of the resort terrain is suitable for intermediate level skiers. With most of these trails getting groomed on a daily basis, this is surely one of Alaska’s safest mountains to ski on.

The pure magic lies in the taste of the food offered by the hotel. I still can’t forget the delicious five-course meal I had at the Hilton Anchorage and the scrumptious breakfast at the Modern Studio in the Heart of Downtown Anchorage.

alaska skiing resorts

Planning a trip with family and want to do a lot more than simple skiing? You are in for a treat! This is one of those ski resorts that offer a plethora of activities for every member of the family.

If you plan your trip smartly, you can delight yourself with the Aurora Borealis of the Northern Lights and Chena Hot Springs Tour from Fairbanks, the Dog Sledding and Mushing Experience at the North Pole, and the Northern Lights Viewing at Murphy Dome.

The resort opens its operations for this winter season on December 16th! Make sure to book your passes and tickets NOW.

6. Moose Mountain Ski Resort

Moose Mountain has a reputation for being super comfortable and filled with amazing luxuries. What further makes it a great spot for skiing in Alaska is the system of heated buses that take the adventure freaks all the way to the resort in a super-cozy environment.

Features To Talk About

This legendary skiing and snowboarding spot in Fairbanks has gained recognition amongst tourists for its fluffy snow spread across Moose Mountain. Close to the city, it is Alaska’s best-kept secret!

Resisting the charm of Moose Mountain is impossible. If you are planning a trip to this mountain, you would be glad to know that the Fairbanks Intl Airport is closest to it. From here onwards, you can get on the bus offered by the ski resorts and reach the destination easily.

One major reason behind the rave reviews that this glorious resort has been receiving is because of its fantastic services.

ski resort in alaska

In order to provide the visitors with the best services possible, the management has limited the number of tickets sold each season. This is to match the capacity and offer un-crowded tracks to the skiers.

Hence, if you really want to delight yourself with the amazing interior of the resort and skid on the snow as a beginner, make sure to book your place now!


It’s hard to put into words how amazing of an experience it is to glide through the fluffy snow of Alaska’s mountains and lodge in the cozy ski resorts.

Also, most of the ski resorts in Alaska offer rentals, and you don’t have to worry about bringing your own gear.

If you are yearning to satisfy your adrenaline thrust and dive down the vertical drop, there is no place better than the peak elevation offered by mountains in Alaska ski resorts.

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