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God knows you might be the next Shaun White, but the ungrateful human gave up before even putting it to the test. So, get out of my way or repeat after me: “You are lucky only when you are ready.”

A hundred suspicions don’t make a proof, so better not try making it sound logical. Now allow me to unveil the very first lesson: one cannot assume anything about this sport before putting it through its paces.

Okay! I get it. Now stop screaming that you have tried it and branded it hard. If you say so, I’m here to tell you a little secret recipe to a successful snowboarding journey.

The ingredients to that promising how-to are patience, an agile body, and the right gear. One more thing, the presence of all these three will be the death of terrains. So, don’t you dare skip even one!

When I see people wearing zero patience but a hundred dollars gear I say out loud: “a pretty armor doesn’t make a warrior.” And I don’t care if I have to buy OTC Tylenol on my way back home for the black eye.

Now let me prepare you for this physically demanding sport and be your guiding angel. Read on to find out what partakes in demotivating people on their first few days and how to tackle those fears.

How Hard Is It to Snowboard the First Time?

how hard is snowboarding

The first day might prove daunting for some but it’s not always the case for everyone. But if it did for you too, there are some common reasons behind it.

Firstly, you fall a lot like you spend the better part of your day eating snow and wiping it off your face, and getting frustrated. Secondly, you didn’t take snowboard lessons or even properly read about snowboarding basics. Thirdly, you are impatient, and fourthly you don’t want to look like a newbie.

Shoo away! I don’t need a helping hand, I’d rather get a fractured hand. Sounds like all brawns and no brains to me.

Let me state one thing clearly, if you are impatient by nature then try taking lessons instead of teaching yourself on your own. Why? Because you need it and learning snowboarding requires learning all the basics on time before you lose hope. Check out the complete guide on how to snowboard like a pro!

In most cases, harsh weather also adds up to your troubles. So, put on the right clothing and take over the snowy terrains!

What Makes Snowboarding Hard?

Nothing but your own mistakes. Yes! I mean when I say, it is the product of your mistakes and it is all in your head. It is a mental block that is keeping your from achieving excellence. Explode that block and get it done with.

Now let’s see what it looks like? That block is made of fears and mistakes, and it feeds upon it. I have made a list of mistakes that newbies make on their very first days that totally shatters their confidence and that’s exactly what makes snowboarding hard. Then, I’ll shed light on the fear part and other factors.

Not Giving It Time

Take things slow with the right attitude. We all are different, and we learn at our own pace. So the next time somebody boasts about mastering the sport in a week, ask them how to master any sport they don’t know a thing about. Wink-wink!

Give it time and allow your body to coordinate. Remember! Patience is the key here. Once you hit the breakthrough point, everything will fall in place and you will start going in a positive direction. Bingo!

Being Out of Shape

As you know, snowboarding demands full body engagement it gets necessary for you to gain some level of muscle strength and endurance. The fitter you are, the farther you will go in this avenue. So, the quick tip is to build stamina and warm up a bit before getting on the board.


Snowboarding can be tiring for weak bodies. It may look effortless but believe me, it’s kind of a workout. It utilizes a whole range of body muscles, mainly focused around the legs and core. The torso will bear a lot of pressure whenever you fall and push yourself to get back up on your feet.

So, better get in the proper form before hitting the snow. But if you are naturally coordinated, sturdy in the core, and have strong body awareness, you are good to go!

Wearing the Wrong Gear

Owning any snowboard boots, and snowboard bindings don’t complete the equation. Your gear accessories should be bought compatible with your style, weight, terrain, and abilities.

Just keep one thing in your mind you are just a beginner, so choose your gear accordingly. For further queries about the right snowboarding gear read our article.

Not Getting Lessons

What really amazes me is seeing people with not even a rough idea about this sport trying to hit the snow. No doubt, that’s the very reason they end up hitting the snow literally.

If you love extreme sports like snowboarding, you might be familiar with the fact that getting a solid understanding of such a sport is as important as buying the right gear for this sport. How do you acquire the particular knowledge?

You can benefit from a snowboard instructor providing snowboard lessons to save your arse from getting spanked by the snow every second. Because they know all the challenges newbies have to face.

how hard is snowboarding

If you cannot afford private lessons, at least practice carrying the board, learning the basic techniques, basic movements, and other necessary skills from friends who have aced this or other board sports.

Not Sitting Down When Strapping In

One of the common mistakes new snowboarders make is related to fastening their feet on the snowboard. Being new to this recreational activity, aloof to basic techniques, and unaware of what’s going on, you should not try imitating the professional riders and dare to fasten your feet while standing up.

The correct way is to sit down fasten the boots and hold the waist of the board for standing up instead of pushing the ground with both hands.

Getting Frustrated

Perseverance is the key. You know it always seems impossible until it is done. One needs to show some patience especially while going through the first stage of falling a lot. Tasting the snow isn’t all appetizing, trust me!

You better keep cool and understand that all the people gliding the piste weren’t born with a snowboard in their hands. We are humans, not Pokémon. Secondly, each sport possesses its own unique challenges, give it time.

Not Falling Safe

Yes! You heard me right. Falling safely is also a technique you should master along other skills. And believe me when I say you are going to spend your most time falling.

By falling incorrectly, what I mean is that you need not stick out your arms or wrist as this can harm your body parts.

If not hands, then what? What good your hundred dollars clothing and gear is for? I mean, besides keeping you warm.

Yes! You got me right and what you are thinking is exactly what I meant. Do not catch your fall with your hands! Instead, let your clothing cushion it for you. Now, stop giving me that look because that’s the safest option. Happy falling!

Secondly, to avoid falling, set a centered stance on the board as it will provide better control and balance board.

You should also need to know how to adjust snowboard bindings because snowboarding requires balance. Mind it!

How Long Do You Need To Learn Snowboarding?

There are no hard and fast rules. Usually, it costs you three to four days to learn the snowboard basics. However, it doesn’t work for everybody as each individual will learn according to their ability. People who are good with coordination will probably ace it faster as compared to others.

Also, the right attitude paired with the right gear will ultimately take you places you’ve never been before, literally!

How Do I Get Over My Fear of Snowboarding?

how hard is snowboarding

Fear restricts progress, and I’m here to guide you on how to keep your fears from taking their toll. One can say self-doubt and fears are intrinsic parts of snowboarding. Everyone feels it.

Some master the art of suppressing it, and some fall victim to these two primal feelings. Your ability to tackle these feelings will dictate how much fun you can have while snowboarding.

As we know, our mind and body work in sync with each other, so if fear takes its toll, it takes control of your mind, and eventually, your body ceases to work. No doubt, you cannot eliminate fear or self-doubt, but you can master it for sure.

I have jotted down a few helpful tips for you to try and see what big difference it can make this time when you go as a snowboarder.

High Vision

You must have heard to dream high is the very first step to achieving dreams. If you can’t picture it, you cannot have it.

If you feel anxious or nervous, articulate your vision very high, visualize it, and drive it to completion. A quick tip is to try easier tricks to boost your confidence.

Remember one thing, imagining things can go wrong will also help you prepare for worse but don’t let it get the best of you.

Stay Mindful

When you get nervous or afraid, your body goes into a fight or flight mode. Then your breathing becomes sharp leading to bags of stress in the body.

how hard is snowboarding

That’s exactly what you need to avoid. You need to be mindful of your breathing. Close your eyes and take conscious breaths. This thing will calm your nerves and keep you from screwing your first day.

Positive Reinforcement

It means positive affirmations. A negative mind will never produce positive results. However, with the right attitude, good intentions, and a positive mind, you can suppress the feeling of fear and self-doubt.

Take Some Rest and Get Help

If your fear is taking the best of you, try walking away this time and coming back later. Do not let it frustrate you to the point of giving up. Try something different, like any already learned trick to get back the confidence and eliminate self-doubt.

Do a bit of self-reflection session and next time bring someone to guide and motivate you. You can also try group lessons, as surrounding yourself with newbies will also motivate you.

What To Wear Your First Day Snowboarding?

You need to come prepared and ready for whatever might come your way on your first trip. Besides the right gear, make sure you are donning the right clothing for a safe and fun ride. If you are wondering about proper clothes, what to wear snowboarding can prove a good starting point.

Secondly, To further simplify it for you, when you come to snowboard, you should be wearing a warmest base layer to keep you warm and moisture free, a middle layer to trap air for insulation, and an outer layer to repel moisture and save you from getting cold. Besides all that, a pair of gloves, goggles, warm socks, and a helmet will do the work.

When you hit the snow with your right armor, put all your efforts into practicing snowboarding. Proper preparation will make the learning process of snowboarding easier and more enjoyable.


To put it in simple words, snowboarding might be harder to learn for you but take my word it is a hell of a lot easier to master it. Once you ascend the learning curve following the right footsteps, you are going to want to explore new tricks every passing minute.

I’d advise you to take snowboarding lessons as a beginner. It will not only save you time, but it will also keep you from giving up. Once you have achieved a good skill level, besides tricks and stunts you will be trying new styles and find the most befitting.

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